The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Need A Massage?

Chapter 49 Need a Massage?

“You’re welcome. That’s what I’m here for.” Qin Haodong said carefreely.

Zhang Wanlu usually had a bad temper, and that was probably because of her spine. Now being cured, she smiled and beamed brightly.

“Doctor Qin, it’s not usual for such a young doctor like you to have such excellent medical skill, and you’re so handsome. It’s a pity my daughter is only ten years old, otherwise I’ll make you my son-in-law.”

Zhang Wanlu sighed when she said that, as if she felt pitiful for not having the chance to be Qin Haodong’s mother in law. Soon, she said, “I heard it has been years since the infirmary had a salary raise. I’ll promote that when I go back. Good doctors like you deserve more.”

Zhang Zhijie looked on from the sidelines in astonishment. He couldn’t believe what he saw. It was like a dream that this intern before him cured Zhang Wanlu, and the infirmary would obtain a salary raise.

And he didn’t process it until Zhang Wanlu left and closed the door.

“Little Qin, I was wrong, please forgive me.”

Qin Haodong wore a carefree smile on his face. “It doesn’t matter!”

His main purpose being here was to protect Lin Momo, so he didn’t care about other things so much.

“Little Qin, I want to explain, I had my own reason.” Zhang Zhijie said. “Several day ago, after the wrong diagnosed Doctor Liu, many people suggested we close the infirmary. Fortunately, President Lin did not accept that.”

“I understand the situation I’m in, and if fired, I would never have the chance to find a job as good as this one. My mom is in her seventies, my son just started primary school and my wife doesn’t have a job. I don’t know how to live if I lose the job.”

“That’s why I didn’t want you to diagnose Director Zhang. But it turned out I worried too much, your medical skills are hundreds of times better than mine, and I am now completely convinced!”

The honest talk of the straightforward fat man left a good impression on Qin Haodong. “Don’t worry, Brother Zhang, the infirmary will never close as long as I am here.”

“Thank you! I must learn from you if I have the chance in the future.”

Zhang Zhijie said earnestly.

After chatting for a while, the two became much closer.

The moment the door opened, a young girl in her twenties walked in. It was a employee of the group, Zhao Xiaoyan.

“Fatty Zhang! Get me some medicine, now!”

Zhao Xiaoyan was an outgoing person, and familiar with Zhang Zhijie, so naturally she spoke very impolitely.

“Xiaoyan, why not have a massage if you don’t feel well?”

Zhang Zhijie was now completely convinced by Qin Haodong’s massage skills. He tried to talk Zhang Xiaoyan into it. But Zhang Xiaoyan flushed and yelled in anger. “Fatty! What are you saying?”

“Xiaoyan, I’m not joking. My brother had the best massage skills which could cure whatever ailed you!”

“Fatty Zhang! I’ll go and tell the president if you don’t shut up!”

Zhao Xiaoyan played badminton with friends last night. And she pulled her pec major because she wasn’t officially trained and tried too hard. She came to the infirmary for some Red Medicine, but unexpectedly, Zhang Zhijie offered her a massage. Obviously, he sought to take advantage of her.

Zhang Zhijie had no idea what went on. He was confused because he did a promotion and introduction for Qin Haodong, was he wrong?

Seeing Zhang Zhijie embarrassed, Qin Haodong tried to spare him and said, “Hello, I am Qin Haodong, the new doctor in the infirmary. Anything I can do for you?”

Zhao Xiaoyan bickered with Zhang Zhijie until she saw Qin Haodong next to him. She didn’t know where this handsome guy came from, but she was sure that he was her Prince Charming. Her eyes filled with loving stars.

“Do you need any help, Big Sister?” Qin Haodong asked again.

“Ah… In fact, I am only 24 years old. You don’t have to call me big sis, just call me Xiaoyan…”

Zhao Xiaoyan’s eyes filled with excitement. “Are you the massage doctor the Fatty just mentioned?”

“I suppose. I am good at massage.”

“I pulled my right pec yesterday while playing badminton. Can you give me a massage?”

Zhang Zhijie opened his eyes widely and finally knew why Zhao Xiaoyan took it out on him just now. What’s happening now? She asked for a massage initiatively! Is it because I am not as handsome as Qin Haodong? Of course, short ,fat, poor men don’t deserve human rights!

Qin Haodong already saw Zhao Xiaoyan’s injury, and said, “It’s nothing serious, I’ll cure it soon.”

After that he grabbed Zhao Xiaoyan’s right arm, pulling and stretching it. Then he treated the injured part with Green Wood Genuine Qi.

“Okay, you can go back. But next time, remember to do a warm-up before you start exercising.”

Zhao Xiaoyan stretched. She was afraid to move because of the pain in her chest, but now the pain vanished, and she felt comfortable on that part.

“Doctor Qin, you’re really good at massage! Can you do it on me for awhile?”

Zhao Xiaoyan now respected Qin Haodong even more, her eyes became as gentle as water.

Zhang Zhijie watched indignantly. You took me as a pervert when I offered you the massage, and now you’re asking for it? That’s so unfair!

Qin Haodong grinned slightly and said, “You’re in good condition now, and there’s no need to massage!”

“Fine, but Doctor Qin, do you have time this evening? I would like to buy you dinner as thanks.”

“That’s unnecessary. This is part of my job, and I have things to do tonight, so I’m unavailable.”

As her request was refused, Zhao Xiaoyan had no reason to stay in the infirmary any longer. She left the infirmary repulsively.

Zhang Zhijie came over and patted Qin Haodong’s shoulder. “Brother Qin, there are plenty of female employees in this company, and you’re so handsome and talented, soon you’ll be busy.”

In fact, troubles fell in much sooner than they expected.

Zhao Xiaoyan had a big mouth even as a kid. She spread the news about the handsome new doctor in the infirmary as soon as she went back. In no time, boy-crazy girls from various departments flooded in.

“Excuse me, is Doctor Qin here?”

A young and tall woman walked in. She was an employee of the group, Gao Feifei.

“You’re looking at him, what’s your trouble?” Qin Haodong asked.

There were even more loving stars in Gao Feifei’s eyes than Zhao Xiaoyan when she saw Qin Haodong.

“Cute! Too cute! Even cuter than Korean pop stars! Is this because of my prayer last night? Is he the super handsome guy she asked God for last night?”

“Hey, what’s your trouble?”

Qin Haodong asked again.

Gao Feifei awakened and answered in gentle voice. “Doctor Qin, just help me check out what’s wrong with me.”

Zhang Zhijie knew it clearly that the woman was not sick at all. She came for Qin Haodong.

He poured himself a cup of tea and sat quietly, watching the drama unfold. Ever since Qin Haodong was here, their salary raised, and the infirmary grew more crowded than ever.

Qin Haodong surely saw that the woman could never be healthier, so he said, “You’re fine, just keep it.”

“Doctor Qin, isn’t it too sloppy? Just run a little check on me, like… listen to my heart beat.”

Gao Feifei held up her plum chest on purpose as she said that.

“That’s unnecessary. I am a Chinese medicine practitioner. And the whole point of Chinese medicine is to look, listen, question and feel the pulse. I can diagnose as soon as I take a look on you.”

“Chinese medicine practitioner? How about feeling my pulse?”

Gao Feifei said. Then she stepped forward and grabbed Qin Haodong’s hand.

Qin Haodong felt awkward. Are you going to let me feel your pulse, or you’re feeling mine?

He had to put his hand on Gao Feifei’s wrist, hoping she would leave soon. Later he said, “You’re really healthy, without any problems.”

“Really? But I do have problems.”

Gao Feifei’s long and flirting eyes stared closely at Qin Haodong, ready to dig into his flesh.

“Fine, then tell me where the problem is!”

“I…I…” Gao Feifei held it for a long while and finally said, “I had a small pimple here, can you treat it for me?”


Zhang Zhijie coughed intensively as soon as he sipped the tea. Usually people begged for health, but this woman begged for illness. That little pimple on her mouth corner was nearly invisible to near-sighted people, so that didn’t count as a problem.

Qin Haodong was at the end of his wits facing the woman, and couldn’t get angry because of it. Therefore, he grabbed Gao Feifei’s wrist and sent a clue of Green Wood Genuine Qi.

With the help of Green Wood Genuine Qi, beneath Gao Feifei’s forehead smoothed, and the small pimple faded away.

“Okay, you can go back.”

Gao Feifei took out a small mirror and checked. She found it a surprise that her skin looked better.

“God, Doctor Qin. Your medical skills are excellent! How can you cure me so soon…”

Gao Feifei seized the opportunity, but unfortunately, seven or eight young women rushed into the infirmary at the same time.

“Now your disease is gone. Just leave! Someone’s waiting in line!”

Those women pushed Gao Feifei out while saying that, then surrounded Qin Haodong.

“Doctor Qin, my boobs are small, can you….”

“Doctor Qin, I always feel empty, lonely, and cold, can you help me to find a way…”

“Doctor Qin, I feel hard to fall sleep alone at night. Are there any ways to solve it? How about you come to my home and treat me at night…”

As time went by, more and more women crowded into the infirmary, and at last, Zhang Zhijie pushed into the corridor.

Qin Haodong was deeply stuck in the trouble. It turned out that few of those women were here to see a doctor. Most of them merely took advantage of him, and that bothered him much.

Finally, it was noon. He sent all those women out, and went to the group’s canteen for lunch with Zhang Zhijie.

“Brother Qin, just sit here. It’s my treat today. Our infirmary is on fire today because of you.”

Zhang Zhijie said as he went to the food windows. Qin Haodong didn’t refuse him. He was unfamiliar with the place since this was his first day, so he picked a table at random and sat down.

But after he sat, it didn’t take long before a group of women surrounded him.

“Doctor Qin, I had braised pork at noon, how about we eat it together?”

“The braised pork is too thick, I have steamed fish here. Doctor Qin, fish is good for your health…”

“Fish has too many bones, and what if the bones get stuck in his throat? I have braised prawns…”

In a short time, the women of the Lin’s Group encircled Qin Haodong. In front of him, all kinds of delicious dishes.

When Zhang Zhijie came back after bringing the dishes, he found it in surprise that there was no place left for him.