The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 490

Chapter 490 A Sea

Chapter 490 A Sea

Seeing Qin Haodong and Nalan Wuxia walk towards one side, Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang started to snoop around and peep at them.

Zhi Fubao said with confusion, “Isn’t the case closed? What does this female officer want with the boss?”

“You idiot. The female officer is not talking to the boss about the case, but about their relationship.”

Tian Boguang said with an expert expression, “From my years of experience, this policewoman must have fallen in love with the boss. I can see from her eyes that she has loved the boss for a while.”

Zhi Fubao glared at him. “Please. Don’t bully me for being single. Do you think this is a TV show? Can you fall in love with the boss at a glance? Although the boss is pretty handsome, he can’t be this inhumane…”

While Zhi Fubao spoke, Nalan Wuxia had suddenly kissed Qin Haodong’s face. Zhi Fubao was immediately dumbfounded; his mouth opened so wide that it was big enough to stuff an apple inside.

Tian Boguang was also stunned. Then he proudly said, “See? I was right. This policewoman is in love with our boss.”

The other three girls also saw it happen. “This pervert,” Li Meiyu said angrily, “Hooking up with women everywhere, even a police officer.”

Zhou Xinzhu’s expression was very strange. The young man’s performance had often exceeded her expectations. He really was an interesting person.

There was no change on Su Hui. It was as if she had not seen it. She was instead thinking about how to learn medicine skills from Qin Haodong. She didn’t care about anything else.

Qin Haodong rubbed the cheek that got kissed and said with a wry smile, “How will I explain this to my classmates later?”

“This is a seal; it proves you are mine.”

Nalan Wuxia stuck her tongue out at him, then turned around and left.

As soon as Qin Haodong returned to the ward, Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang immediately pounced on him.

“Boss, it’s amazing to be able to get the policewoman to kiss you after meeting for the first time. From today on, you are my idol!”

“Boss, how did you do it? Hurry up and teach a few tricks to us brothers. I don’t want to stay single anymore.”

Looking at Zhi Fubao, all he was missing was to lie on the ground while hugging Qin Haodong’s leg.

Tian Boguang said, “Stop making things difficult for the boss. I’m afraid the woman you will crush to death hasn’t been born yet. Even immortals can’t save you!”

“You dare say that about me. I, fat brother, will fight you!” said Zhi Fubao as he pounced towards Tian Boguang. Qin Haodong ignored the two clowns and said to Zhou Xinzhu, “Miss Zhou, I still need your help to take care of things later.”

“Don’t worry, I will take care of it. I will immediately send someone to take old lady Zhang to the nursing home. Tomorrow morning, I guarantee that you will be able to see your classmate.”

“Thank you Miss Zhou!”

“You don’t need to call me Miss Zhou in the future, it sounds like a bit too much. Call me Xinzhu!”

Zhou Xinzhu smiled at Qin Haodong, then left with the others.

As soon as she left, Su Hui said to Qin Haodong, “I want to withdraw my challenge. I admit defeat, my medical skills are nowhere near yours.”

Qin Haodong breathed a sigh of relief. This was for the best, otherwise it would be problematic if she continued to chase after him for a challenge.

However, before he could become happy, he heard Su Hui continue, “I want to be your disciple and learn medical skills from you.”

“This… We are classmates, so this is not appropriate. Also, your grandpa is extremely skilled, you can learn more from him.”

Qin Haodong had no intentions of accepting an apprentice, let alone a female apprentice even if he did.

“School and personal issues are different. Being classmates doesn’t hinder me from being your disciple. Also, my grandfather’s medical skills are not as good as yours.”

“This… It’s still not appropriate.”

“What’s not appropriate about it?”

“Because there’s a rule in our sect. We only pass it down to males.”

When faced against a girl as stubborn as her, Qin Haodong could only make up such a reason.

“I don’t care. I want to learn medical skills from you.”

Su Hui’s eyes were firm, and her persistence was beyond Qin Haodong’s imagination.

“Uh… let’s head back first. We can talk about this later.”

With the principle of dragging this out as long as he could, Qin Haodong took the others out of the hospital and said to Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang at the entrance, “You two send Su Hui back to the girls’ dormitory. Meiyu and I will take a taxi.”

“Don’t worry boss. We will definitely complete this task…”

Zhi Fubao’s favorite thing to do was to be a chaperone. However, before he could finish speaking, he heard Su Hui say, “You two take a taxi back by yourselves. I will go with them.”

Qin Haodong said with surprise, “Who are you going with? Where are you going?”

Su Hui said, “Of course I’m going with you. I will always follow you until you take me as your apprentice!”


Qin Haodong was speechless. How could this woman do this again, following him around if she disagreed!

“Boss, we will leave first. Good luck!”

Zhi Fubao and Tian Boguang waved at Qin Haodong, then left in a taxi.

“Get in,” Su Hui said, as she opened the door of her BMW.

Qin Haodong helplessly shook his head. He knew that he would be unable to get rid of her that day, so he could only take her home.

At least there would be three women at his home, including Li Meiyu. Things would not be too awkward.

After he returned home, he introduced Su Hui to Jia Shihan. Then, he turned around and went to take a shower and sleep.

Unexpectedly, when he returned to his room, he was surprised to see Su Hui sitting at the end of his bed.

“You… what are you doing? This is my room.”

“I know this is your room. I just want to learn medical skills from you.”

Su Hui’s tone was bland, but her eyes showed stubbornness. In all her life, Qin Haodong was the first man who could make her submit.

“Sister, it’s almost midnight. Let’s go to sleep first and talk about it tomorrow, okay?”

“I don’t care. If you don’t teach me medical skills, then I will stay here forever.”


Being faced with such a coquettish beauty, Qin Haodong could not help but scold. There was nothing else he could do.

“I already told you, our sect has a rule that says it cannot be passed down to women.”

This time Su Hui seemed to be too lazy to speak. She turned her face to one side and was determined persist until she achieved her goal.

“Okay then. You win!”

Qin Haodong had no way to deal with this woman. He turned towards the desk, took out a pen and some paper, then wrote something.

After 10 minutes, he gave two pieces of A4 paper filled with writing to Su Hui, “This is for you. Take it back to practice first.”

Su Hui’s face was overjoyed. She took the A4 paper and saw a few big characters written on it, “Nine Magical Needles of Plum Blossom.”

That kind of acupuncture technique was obtained by Qin Haodong from the Cultivation World. It came from a female cultivator named Meihua Xianzi. It was one of the few acupuncture techniques in his memory that was not based on Genuine Qi. It so happened that Sui Hui could learn it.

Su Hui took the A4 paper and looked at it. She was a medical genius. She quickly saw the mystery of this acupuncture technique. She became immediately overjoyed and said, “Thank you, master!”

Qin Haodong quickly said, “This acupuncture technique is not mine. I am only giving it to you to learn. You don’t need to treat me as your master. We are still classmates.”

Right then, Su Hui didn’t care about it so much. She hurriedly took the Nine Magical Needles of Plum Blossom back to her room and began to earnestly study it.

Qin Haodong breathed a sigh of relief. A problem had finally been solved.

Early the next morning, as soon as he went out, he saw Su Hui standing in front of the door with two panda eyes and the two pieces of A4 paper in her hand.

He asked with surprise, “Were you awake all night?”

Although Su Hui looked a little haggard, she was very excited. “These Nine Magical Needles of Plum Blossom are so profound,” she said, “I managed to commit them to memory after studying all night. There are a few areas that I don’t quite understand. Could you explain to me…?”

Qin Haodong approved of her diligent and studious spirit. He let her into his room and began to talk about them one by one.

Finally, Su Hui solved all the questions she had. Looking at the handsome face in front of her, her heart was filled with admiration. She originally thought that her medical skills were enough to be proud among people of the same age. Unexpectedly, Qin Haodong had surpassed her by so much that he was more than capable of being her teacher.

“Thank you, teacher!”

Qin Haodong quickly said, “Don’t say that. It would be difficult to explain if someone else heard this. Just call me Qin Haodong.”

“It’s impolite to call you by your name. I will call you Brother Haodong.”

“That’s fine.”

Qin Haodong nodded in agreement. Right at that moment, a knocking sound was heard at the door.

“Quickly get up and make breakfast.”

It was Li Meiyu knocking at the door. Any other dish had become dull ever since she had tasted Qin Haodong’s cooking skills. Therefore, she had arrived early to wake him up and tell him to make breakfast.

Qin Haodong opened the door as Li Meiyu said, “What time is it now? Why are you not making breakfast? Be careful or I’ll tell your secret to Shihan…”

Just then, she suddenly saw Su Hui sitting at the head of his bead. First she opened her mouth wide in surprise, then she said angrily, “You pervert. You hooked up with someone yesterday, and now you’re sleeping with Su Hui? You said you would go after me, you big liar!”

Qin Haodong had said that just as an excuse; he never had such thoughts. In the beginning, Li Meiyu had not taken it seriously, either. But for some reason, she felt a little uncomfortable inside when she saw Nalan Wuxia kiss Qin Haodong the previous day.

And just then, early in the morning, she saw Su Hui sitting in his room. She thought they had slept together, and a sour feeling emerged in her heart. Then, she exploded.

“I didn’t, you are mistaken. It’s not what you think…”

Qin Haodong didn’t want Li Meiyu to misunderstand. Not only would it become a disadvantage to complete the task, it would also damage Su Hui’s reputation.

However, Li Meiyu had not given him a chance to explain as she said again furiously, “You still deny it? See how Su Hui looks now after being bullied by you. You must have stayed up all night…”

In her eyes, Su Hui’s panda eyes were due to Qin Haodong making her suffer.

“Where is this going? Can’t you listen to me?!”

Qin Haodong stretched out his hands, then pressed Li Meiyu’s shoulder tightly and shouted, “Su Hui just came. She asked me to teach her about the acupuncture technique. Stop speaking nonsense.”

At that moment, Su Hui also brought over the A4 papers and said, “Last night Haodong gave me this acupuncture technique. There were things that I didn’t understand, so I came to ask about it this morning. Don’t misunderstand.”

“Ah?” Only then did Li Meiyu return to her senses. She looked at the A4 paper filled with words, then looked at the two of them who were neatly dressed. They really didn’t look like they had turned and tossed around in bed. Suddenly, Li Meiyu became extremely embarrassed.

Luckily she reacted quickly by saying with sarcasm, “Su Hui, don’t take it to heart. I am just joking around with everyone.”

“I’m fine. As long as the misunderstanding has been solved, it’s fine. I will go back and study this acupuncture technique again,” said Su Hui, then she left and went back to her room.

Qin Haodong looked at Li Meiyu playfully and asked, “Are you sure you weren’t actually jealous just now?”

“Oh please, why would I be jealous of you? You can sleep with whoever you want. What does it have to do with me? Quickly go and cook for me.” Li Meiyu put her hands on her hips and shouted at Qin Haodong, “I want to eat fried eggs with a lot of vinegar!”

“Got it. With a lot of vinegar!”

Qin Haodong smiled playfully as he walked into the kitchen….

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