The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 495

Chapter 495 I'm Going To Challenge

Chapter 495 I’m Going to Challenge

Due to Senior Su’s relationship, Su Hui could be said to have grown up in the Shanghai Medical College. Zhang Xiaoyan was very familiar with her and knew that she would not lie.

Su Hui told what Yan Feiyu had done during the military training. She told the whole story about how he insulted Zhi Fubao. Then she told her why Qin Haodong said that Yan Feiyu was not qualified to be an instructor.

“Teacher, that’s it.”

Hearing this, Zhang Xiaoyan frowned slightly. The Medical College and the school of Chinese Medicine had no requirements for the body shape and weight of their students. Yan Feiyu really went too far in insulting Zhi Fubao’s body shape.

As a teacher of Chinese medicine class, she was reluctant to see her student being called a pig, and she felt that Qin Haodong’s words were reasonable. In her heart, she was already supporting Qin Haodong.

However, she was only a teacher and did not have the right to punish the instructor, so she turned to look at Hou Wenbin and the battalion commander next to her, Duan Bailian.

Hou Wenbin also heard clearly that Yan Feiyu should be held accountable for this matter. He breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, but he still remained silent. This matter would be better handled by Duan Bailian.

Duan Bailian took two steps forward and glared at Yan Feiyu. “What did I tell you when we were on the way here? They’re students, not normal soldiers. You have to change your teaching methods… have you forgotten to teach based on their abilities? Go back and write 2,000 words to review your mistake!”


Yan Feiyu immediately gave a military salute.

After scolding Yan Feiyu, Duan Bailian turned to Qin Haodong and said, “You are good. I have punished Yan Feiyu. I believe that he will be mindful about how he speaks in the future.

“But it’s still okay to let him be your instructor. In terms of standard, Yan Feiyu is a very good instructor. I’m sure he will help you to get good results.”

In other people’s opinion, Duan Bailian’s way of dealing with this matter was reasonable, but it was completely different in Qin Haodong’s eyes. He was obviously protecting his soldier.

Yan Feiyu had insulted Zhi Fubao. As his superior, he simply reprimanded him lightly. Yan Feiyu didn’t even apologize and the request to change the instructor was denied. Wasn’t he just trying to protect his soldier?

Moreover, according to Yan Feiyu’s performance, that guy was not a kind-hearted person at all. He would certainly teach them a lesson later.

Seeing that he was unconvinced, Zhang Xiaoyan said quickly, “Qin Haodong, Commander Duan has already reprimanded the instructor, let’s forget about it and train.”

She also understood Duan Bailian’s way of doing things. If an instructor was replaced in such a short time during the military training, the special forces in the military region of Shanghai would lose face.

In her opinion, as a student, Qin Haodong had earned enough respect to get this result. He should accept it.

Unexpectedly, Qin Haodong took a step forward and continued, “President Hou, Commander Duan, I still insist on my opinion. This person is not suitable to be our instructor. I ask you to replace him.”

Hou Wenbin said, “Qin, Commander Duan has already taken measures. I think it’s enough, maybe we don’t need to change the instructor.”

The headmaster had already spoken, but Qin Haodong did not give in. He continued, “President Hou, I stick to my idea. This person is not suitable to be the instructor of our Chinese medicine class.”

Fang Zhaoping and the others sneered secretly. They thought that this guy was so stupid by daring to talk back to the headmaster. The headmaster would definitely become furious.

However, things were out of their expectation. Hou Wenbin did not show any signs of anger; he kept silent. He meant to let Duan Bailian deal with this matter.

Duan Bailian frowned. Of course, he didn’t want to change the instructor; this was related to the face of the Special Forces of Shanghai.

“Student, although Yan Feiyu’s way of doing things is a little wrong, it has not reached a point to justify his removal, so I can’t agree with your request.”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Qin Haodong’s face. Zhi Fubao kept winking at him, suggesting that he should stop since the matter had been settled.

Qin Haodong ignored Zhi Fubao’s eyes and said to Duan Bailian, “Commander Duan, how can the requirement for replacing him be met?”

Duan Bailian’s face instantly darkened. This student really didn’t know that he should be satisfied with what was proper.

He said coldly, “According to army regulations, there is only one condition for changing an instructor: you should be stronger than him. Otherwise, you have no reason to propose changing your instructor.”

This matter was originally his own fault but it could not be dealt by this stubborn student, so he wanted to use this harsh condition to scare him.

Unexpectedly, Qin Haodong said without hesitation, “In this case, Qin Haodong, student of the Chinese medicine class, request to challenge the instructor, Yan Feiyu.”

His decision was greatly beyond the expectation of Hou Wenbin and Zhang Xiaoyan. Zhang Xiaoyan rushed forward and said, “Qin Haodong, don’t be impulsive.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I’m not impulsive. I think I’m indeed much better than that guy.”

Yan Feiyu’s expression changed. Although he was a little harsh, his military quality was beyond ordinary. He was actually one of the best among all the instructors present.

And yet, the student not only continued to pick at his faults, but also proposed to challenge him, which annoyed him greatly.

Duan Bailian looked at him and said in a deep voice, “Young man, you have to think about it. Our challenge is not a math exam, but military projects.”

Qin Haodong said indifferently, “No problem, I will challenge him no matter what!”

Duan Bailian’s face turned darker. In his opinion, the man in front of him didn’t know how to advance or retreat.

“In our army, there is a condition to challenge the instructor. If you win, we will change the instructor. If you fail, you will be expelled from the military.”

Qin Haodong said, “No problem. Expel me if I fail, President Hou.”

As soon as he said this, the faces of the people around him changed. Zhi Fubao said, “Boss, this is absolutely impossible.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “There’s nothing that I can’t do. No one can insult my brother without paying the price.”

Zhang Xiaoyan was flustered as she spoke, “Qin Haodong, are you crazy? It’s not easy for your parents to support you in college. How can bet your career like this?”

Qin Haodong said confidently, “Don’t worry, teacher. I won’t lose!”

Although he was very confident, the students around him were not optimistic. No one thought that he was better than Yan Feiyu in terms of military quality.

The four people in room 510 were even sneering, waiting to see the self-righteous guy being expelled from the Medical College.

Duan Bailian became angrier. Since the guy didn’t know when to stop, he would teach him a lesson.

He turned to Hou Wenbin and said, “President Hou, what do you think?”


Hou Wenbin was in a dilemma, and he didn’t know how to decide.

He didn’t think highly of Qin Haodong, either. How could a new student, in terms of military quality, be better than the instructor of the Special Forces in Shanghai? There was no doubt that he would lose the challenge.

If he lost, should he expel him from the college?

He couldn’t afford to offend Miss Zhou if he expelled Qin Haodong. But if he did not expel him, it would definitely cause Duan Bailian’s dissatisfaction and would also affect the relationship that was being built-up between the school and the military region of Shanghai.

As if Qin Haodong had seen through his mind, Qin Haodong said, “President Hou, please approve. I will bear all the consequences.”

“Well… All right then!”

Seeing Qin Haodong’s firm attitude, Hou Wenbin could only nod and agree, but he had already begun to make another plan in his heart. He was thinking about how to get rid of him.

Since the headmaster had already approved, Qin Haodong turned to Duan Bailian and said, “Now we can start. How do we compete?”

Duan Bailian turned to Yan Feiyu and said, “This student wants to challenge you. Do you dare accept his challenge?”

Yan Feiyu took a step forward and shouted, “Commander, I accept the challenge!”

He was already full of anger; he swore to teach that arrogant student a lesson and have him expelled.

Duan Bailian said, “Well, let the challenge officially begin. The competition will include three rounds. The first round is to stand in military position, the second round is about physical push-ups, and the third round is about fighting skills.”

For the competition, Duan Bailian gave it some thought, so he included all the military skills, physical strength, and fighting skills.

In his heart, he didn’t want his soldier to lose to a student, because it would make the Special Forces in the military region of Shanghai lose face.

After the challenge details were confirmed and neither side posed any objections, the challenge officially began.

The uproar had attracted the attention of other training squads. They had never heard that a student would challenge an instructor. If it weren’t for their instructors’ restraint, they would have gone there to join the fun.

Even so, other students took the initiative to look at them.

The competition was on the scene. The first part was to stand in the military posture. In order to show fairness, Duan Bailian, Zhang Xiaoyan and Hou Wenbin would be the judges and they would hold the competition together.

Duan Bailian said to Qin Haodong and Yan Feiyu, “Now, let’s start the competition. Who wants to come first?”

Yan Feiyu proudly said to Qin Haodong, “I can give you the chance to do it first.”

“No, you’d better come first. I haven’t stood in the military posture before. I need to learn from you.”

Everyone around him was shocked by Qin Haodong’s response. He had never stood in the military posture and had never received military training. He even directly wanted to challenge the instructor. Was this guy crazy?

Yan Feiyu almost choked. “What the hell is going on? A guy who doesn’t know anything wants to challenge me and wants to learn from me on the spot.”

“What is he thinking? Does he think it’s as simple as drinking water?” It seemed that standing in the military posture was simple, but without years of hard work, you would not understand its quintessence.

Since the challenge had already begun, so there was nothing he could do. He could only go first and perform.

As Duan Bailian said, Yan Feiyu’s military quality was still very high. He was proficient in the military posture do he stood very straight.

Duan Bailian nodded slightly. As a soldier, although Yan Feiyu had some defects in character, his military quality was still good.

Hou Wenbin and Zhang Xiaoyan really didn’t know what to say at this time. On one hand, Yan Feiyu was an excellent instructor, and on the other hand, Qin Haodong was a new student who didn’t know how to stand in military posture. There was no comparison between them at all.

However, it was Qin Haodong who proposed the challenge, which was like hitting a stone with an egg.

Qin Haodong ignored other people’s thoughts and looked at Yan Feiyu carefully.

It was true that he had never stood with the military posture before, nor did he know the essentials for standing in the military posture, but it was impossible for him to lose this game.

Who was he? He was the Emperor Green Wood; his spirit was beyond powerful. At the moment, he had seen every key point of Yan Feiyu’s posture. He could even see Yan Feiyu’s muscles clearly.

After his observation, he would at least not lose to Yan Feiyu. However, he was not satisfied with this. He wanted Yan Feiyu and Duan Bailian to admit defeat.

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