The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 496

Chapter 496 Devil

Chapter 496 Devil

The time spent standing in a military posture was not too long. It was limited to three minutes. Yan Feiyu soon ended his performance.

He was very confident in his military posture. He turned towards Qin Haodong and said, “Your turn.”

“Don’t rush. I haven’t finished learning it yet!”

Qin Haodong said to Duan Bailian, “Commander Duan, could you please tell me the essential points of the military posture?”

Fang Zhaoping shook his head behind them and whispered to Zhang Zhichao, “It’s hilarious. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone compete in military postures with the instructor. How can he win? Even if us brothers go up there, we would be a hundred times better than him.”

Zhang Zhichao said, “I thought he was someone amazing, but it turns out he’s an idiot.”

As someone who went through more than ten years of arduous training, Duan Bailian naturally did not think that Qin Haodong could understand the essence of his military posture. But since he had been asked not to be too stingy, he began to talk about it.

“The basic essentials of standing in a military posture are feet and heels close together, with a 60 degrees angle between them. Legs straight with thumbs placed on the second joint of the index finger. Hands are hanging down naturally, close to the creases on your pants…”

After listening to him, Qin Haodong said, “Commander Duan, what I want to learn are not these basic essentials. Can you tell me about the highest state of a military posture?”

Duan Bailian frowned. In his eyes, it was already good enough for Qin Haodong to be able to learn the basics in such a short period of time. Why talk about a higher state?

However, in order not to become a subject of ridicule for the others, he said, “The highest state of a standing military posture is called a Third-rate One Breath. A breath to get flat shoulders while standing upright. When the wind blows the sand, you do not blink. When the sky falls and the ground cracks, your expression remains the same.

“One breath of air protects the body. Like steel, the body stands like a proud human being, with a soul of an iron-blooded soldier.

“One breath of air grabs the ground and splits the earth, pulling out mountains and rivers. The wind and rain do not move.”

After Duan Bailian spoke, he slightly shook his head. This type of Third-rate One Breath state was even difficult for veterans who had retired for more than 10 years. Even for him, who had just reached the beginning of the Third-rate One Breath state, he had not yet gained its essence, let alone Qin Haodong, who was just learning it.

“Commander Duan, is this what you mean?”

After Qin Haodong spoke, his entire aura suddenly changed. Looking at his body, it was in line with the basic essentials Duan Bailian had mentioned. His chest was out and eyes straight, looking ahead. His expression was extremely firm.

Looking at his aura, his entire body was as tall and straight as green pines; like a javelin, a mountain.

“Third-rate One Breath state? How is this possible?”

Duan Bailian was suddenly stunned. Although he had not fully understood the state of the Third-rate One Breath, he had seen it from other Soldier Kings at other military areas. It was exactly like what this young man had displayed. It could be said that his aura was even more powerful.

He could hardly believe it. After a brief explanation, the young man was able to understand the Third-rate One Breath state. Was he human or a devil?

At this moment, even if Zhang Xiaoyan and Hou Wenbin did not understand military essentials, they could still see the difference between the performances from Qin Haodong and Yan Feiyu.

If Qin Haodong’s military posture was like green pines, then Yan Feiyu’s was just a small blade of grass. There was nothing to compare between them, as there was an obvious difference.

Yan Feiyu opened his mouth wide. He only returned to his senses after a long time. As a soldier, he could see more clearly than the others.

He said to Qin Haodong, “You lied. You are definitely a Soldier King from a military district. Or, the director of a military district. Otherwise, it would be impossible for you to stand in a Third-rate One Breath state.”

Qin Haodong finished his military posture. He smiled slightly at Yan Feiyu, “You lost, so you should admit it. What’s wrong with that? Furthermore, I don’t have any reason to lie to you. I have never served in the military, nor am I a director of a military district. This is indeed my first time standing in this military posture.”

Qin Haodong ignored the pale-faced Yan Feiyu, as he turned his head and said to Duan Bailian, “Commander Duan, can you announce the results?”

“You win! You are much better than Yan Feiyu!”

Although Duan Bailian did not want to say such words, however the truth had already been displayed. Qin Haodong had already achieved the Third-rate One Breath state. Even if Duan Bailian wanted to protect Yan Feiyu, he couldn’t.

The students around them had also just come back to their senses. Then, there was an uproar.

Qin Haodong won! He really won! He won even though it was the first time he attempted that posture. What kind of devil was this guy?

Zhi Fubao, Tian Boguang and Dai Hongbing were extremely excited. They shouted excitedly, ignoring the teacher and principal who were there.

“Boss is almighty!”

“Boss, you are so amazing!”

“Boss, let me worship you!”

Qin Haodong did not care about all of that. To be honest, challenging Yan Feiyu with his strength was really bullying him, so there was nothing to be happy about.

He said calmly to Duan Bailian, “Commander Duan, let’s start the second match!”

The second match was about fitness. Duan Bailian knew his soldiers very well and directly set the content as push-ups, Yan Feiyu’s specialty. They had a time limit of three minutes, and the one who did the most would be the winner.

He didn’t want to lose again. If Yan Feiyu lost 0:2 to Qin Haodong, then the Shanghai Military Special Forces would lose face.

Qin Haodong remained uninterested about those matters. Whether they were competing in push-ups or any other activities, they were just processes, since the result would be the same. That is, he was bound to win.

Yan Feiyu glanced at Qin Haodong and said, “You go first this time!”

Qin Haodong said, “I think it’s better if you take the first turn. If I go first, then I’m afraid you won’t have the courage to even get down.”

Seeing that Qin Haodong had looked down on him, Yan Fei said angrily, “Don’t boast. I want to see how you plan on intimidating me!”

“You said it yourself. Don’t regret this.”

After Qin Haodong spoke, he signaled to Zhang Xiaoyan next to him who was timekeeping and said, “Miss, we can start!”

He got down on the ground and held his body up. All eyes were looking at him.

Push-ups were Yan Feiyu’s strength. He still held the push-up record at the Shanghai Military Special Forces Camp. No one had been able to break it for years.

Therefore, he was dismissive of Qin Haodong’s performance. He raised his head proudly and looked up at the sky.

With Zhang Xiaoyan’s start sound, the second round match had officially begun.

“1… 2… 3… 4… 5…”

The surrounding students shouted loudly to help Qin Haodong count. Yan Feiyu was stunned for a moment. His speed was too fast. Only a few seconds had passed yet they had already counted to “12…13…14…”

He quickly lowered his head to look. Suddenly, his expression changed. He saw Qin Haodong’s entire body rise and fall rapidly on the ground, as if he had installed a spring on him. The speed was too shocking.

Yan Feiyu was sure that he had never seen such a fast push-up in many years. It was even faster than the people counting.

The most important thing was that the movement was perfect. Qin Haodong’s entire person was like a flat board going up and down, held by only two arms on the ground.

The students of the Chinese medicine practitioner’s class became more excited the higher they counted. Especially Zhi Fubao, Tian Boguang and the others, their shouts broke through the sky.

“35… 36… 37…”

So fast. It was extremely fast. Even Fang Zhaoping and the others were impressed with Qin Haodong’s speed.

Li Meiyu said with surprise, “Why does it seem so effortless for him?”

Nalan Wushuang said, “He doesn’t need to put any effort into such a simple movement.”

Qin Haodong was a level three supreme power realm expert. To him, push-ups were as easy as eating and drinking water. If he wanted to, he could continue doing them forever.


As time passed, the shouts here became louder and louder. It made the surrounding classes more and more curious.

It was just that Qin Haodong’s figure was being blocked by other students, therefore anyone outside of the group was unable to see a thing, let alone know what was happening inside.

“Look at how easy their training is. They just need to gather together and count happily. Unlike them, we need to bitterly stand here like pillars in a military posture…”

With a lot of envy in everyone’s eyes, Qin Haodong had completed exactly 120 push-ups in a minute.

Yan Feiyu’s face was pale. With his current performance, he could never win against Qin Haodong. Although push-ups were his specialty, he could never do them that fast.

His only hope now was that Qin Haodong would have a terrible endurance and would slow down in the next two minutes.

However, a scene that shocked him appeared. Qin Haodong felt using two hands to do push-ups was nothing difficult, so he directly placed his left hand behind his back and only used his right hand.

“One handed push-ups!”

The people surrounding Qin Haodong became stunned. It had to be known that doing push-ups with one hand was a lot more difficult than using two hands. How much power did this require?

But afterwards, they noticed that his speed had not changed, even though Qin Haodong was using only one hand. He was still going up and down very quickly.

After using his right hand, he used his left hand. After his left hand, he used two fingers. After two fingers, he used one finger.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they looked at Qin Haodong changing his push-ups. Was he still human?

After three minutes, Qin Haodong had finished his performance. He kept his speed, although he had changed to many different difficult ways of doing push-ups. 305 push-ups.

The number was shocking. It had to be known that the Guinness Book of World Records had 108 push-ups in one minute. Yan Feiyu’s record per minute was 98, and his best record for three minutes was 240.

Qin Haodong had controlled his speed to stay within this range, as he did not want to appear too amazing.

In his words, it would be better to keep a low profile.

The problem was that his low-profile performance had already shocked everyone.

At this moment, Yan Feiyu wanted to cry but had no tears left. He even felt a burning pain in his cheeks. He had gotten slapped in the face extremely hard.

As Qin Haodong had said, Yan Feiyu had no courage left to get down. Putting aside the difficulty, it was impossible to catch up with the amount alone.

Duan Bailian realized that his soldier had lost the competition. Yan Feiyu had been thoroughly torn to pieces. Qin Haodong’s performance was so amazing that it was difficult for Duan Bailian to believe it.

However, the competition still had to be carried out accordingly with the rules. Qin Haodong said to Yan Feiyu, “It’s your turn!”

The muscles on Yan Feiyu’s face twitched as he said with difficulty, “I admit defeat in this match!”

Duan Bailian’s expression became dark. According to the rule of two wins out of three, Qin Haodong had successfully won two games in a row, and the promise was to change instructor if he was victorious.

“Now, I announce…”

When Duan Bailian was about to announce the results of the competition, Yan Feiyu stepped forward and said, “Commander, I want to compete in the third match with him.”

“You already lost. Is it necessary?”

“Of course it is. For honor, I have to compete another round with him.”

Yan Feiyu was feeling discontent. Although he had lost, he wanted to win at least in one match. This was better than losing all three matches.

Duan Bailian understood Yan Feiyu’s feelings. However, Qin Haodong had to agree to this. He turned and asked, “This student, what do you think?”

Qin Haodong waved his hand. “I don’t mind. If he wants to compete, then let’s compete. It’s only a difference of losing three rounds instead of two!”

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