The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 518

Chapter 518 Xuan Yuan Divine Sword

Chapter 518 Xuan Yuan Divine Sword

“You can go play with auntie later. I need Tang Tang’s help with something.”

Qin Haodong said, as he arrived in the basement with the little fellow in his arms. This was the alchemy room he had set up. There were defense formations placed around the room.

After he placed the little fellow down, he took out an elixir furnace. Then, he took out the small sword and threw it into the furnace.

The little fellow asked curiously, “Papa, what are you doing?”

Qin Haodong said, “Tang Tang, you just need to spit fire into the furnace, like how you refined elixirs.”

“Okay, Papa. I haven’t refined elixirs with you in age. Mama won’t let me spit fire when you are not at home. I can finally have a bit of fun.”

With that, the little fellow opened her mouth excitedly. Then, a stream of fire rushed into the furnace.

Looking from the outside, one could see the flame of the Phoenix Fire seemed to be much more restrained than before. It turned from a pillar of fire to a stream of fire. However, Qin Haodong could feel that this stream of the fire contained extremely powerful energy, much more wonderful than before.

It was as expected of his daughter who had the Phoenix Physique. Her flame had improved again in such a short period.

After the Phoenix Fire entered the furnace, the little sword that was originally lying at the bottom suddenly seemed to have come alive. It jumped up, as if wanting to avoid the hot flame.

However, it was trapped inside the furnace, so it could not escape. Soon, it was surrounded by the Phoenix Fire.

Qin Haodong was happy when he saw the small sword’s reaction. It seemed that this strange seal really was afraid of the Phoenix Fire. Qin Haodong might be able to break through the seal with this method.

The Phoenix Fire started to burn violently after it surrounded the small sword. Black Qi was suddenly emitted from the small sword as it started to fight against the Phoenix Fire.

However, the Phoenix Fire was not an ordinary flame. Its temperature was extremely high. Soon, the black Qi was slowly suppressed, as it gradually shrank back onto the surface of the black sword within the burning flames.

Qin Haodong said to the little fellow, “Tang Tang, spit out another stream of fire.”

“Okay, Papa!”

The little fellow replied. She then spat out another stream of powerful Phoenix Fire into the furnace.

At last, the black Qi could not bear it anymore as it began to dissipate. It also let out dreary cries and screams.

Around five minutes later, the black Qi was burned out by the Phoenix Fire. Then, a small cracking sound was heard, as the seal broke. This was followed by the sound of a dragon’s roar. Afterward, an ancient sword with a golden light appeared inside the furnace.

“Success. There is indeed a treasure inside!”

Qin Haodong quickly stopped the little fellow from spitting out more fire. When he opened the furnace, the ancient sword that was filled with spirituality flew out and stopped in front of Qin Haodong.

“Tang Tang, go play with Mama and the others!”

Qin Haodong got the little fellow out of the basement. Then, he reached out and grabbed the ancient sword. He held it in his hand and examined it carefully.

The sword was around one meter long, with a hilt around 30 centimeters long. It looked very simple and majestic, with powerful pressure.

The sun, moon, and stars were engraved on one side of the sword, while mountains and trees were engraved on the other side. On the hilt were two characters, “Xuan Yuan”!

Qin Haodong was overjoyed. This was the most famous Xuan Yuan sword in Huaxia.

According to legends, this Xuan Yuan sword was not only the Sword of Emperors held by the Emperor, but it was also the Sword of Divine Path. It contained infinite power and slew demons. The gods mined the copper in the mountains and forged the sword for the Emperor.

The legend of Huaxia said this was the sword the Emperor used to chop off Chi You’s head during their battle.

Later, the Emperor’s concubines went up to the heavens and the sword was lost. Qin Haododng did not expect it to land in his hands today.

Right at that moment, a light shadow rose from the sword and turned into a middle-aged man mid-air.

The man was dressed in green clothes and had his hands behind his back. Although he was only a soul remnant, it was still possible to feel his powerful aura.

“Youg man, from now on, you are the master of this Xuan Yuan sword. Since you have received my sword, you will be responsible for protecting Huaxia in the future. Don’t fail to live up to this divine sword and don’t let the strange clan occupy my Huaxia land!”

With that, the soul remnant slowly dissipated.


Qin Haodong still had a lot of questions he wanted to ask. However, the middle-aged man had already disappeared.

Qin Haodong sighed. It seemed the Xuan Yuan sword was sealed for too long. The divine knowledge left behind by Emperor Xuan Yuan was seriously eroded, leaving behind such a simple message.

Although he was surprised that he got this divine sword, he now had a lot more questions.

Didn’t the legend say Emperor Xuan Yuan had gone up to the heavens? Why was the Xuan Yuan Sword sealed? Also, who was the strange clan that the Emperor mentioned? Did it refer to the Chiyou Jiuli Clan, or was there someone else?

Where did this strange seal come from? Who had dared to seal Emperor Xuan Yuan’s divine sword?

It seemed that the Emperor had not gone up to the heavens. Also, things were not as simple as what the legends said. However, this mystery from thousands of years ago could no longer be solved. It could only remain in Qin Haodong’s heart.

Once again, he turned his attention to the Xuan Yuan Sword. Generally speaking, when a divine sword accepted a master, it would be difficult to be subdued by others.

But now that Emperor Xuan Yuan had completely erased his consciousness from the sword, making it masterless, subduing it should be much easier.

Qin Haodong cut his index finger and dripped a drop of blood on the blade of the Xuan Yuan Sword. The fresh blood was immediately absorbed by it. Like when the water had fallen onto the sand, the blood soon disappeared.

Immediately after, the Xuan Yuan Sword let out a small sound. The sword was covered in gold, as it fiercely shot toward Qin Haodong’s forehead.

Qin Haodong did not dodge, as the Xuan Yuan Sword disappeared into his brain. Immediately after, a glittering little sword appeared in his consciousness. It was the Xuan Yuan Sword.

It turned out that the famous Xuan Yuan Sword was not an ordinary sword, but a flying sword of a cultivation artist.

As soon as his mind flickered, the Xuan Yuan Sword appeared in front of Qin Haodong’s forehead. He raised his hand and pointed to the wall. The Xuan Yuan Sword suddenly disappeared and pierced a hole in the wall.

Invincible, fast, and powerful. It was too powerful.

He put away the Xuan Yuan Sword. This discovery made Qin Haodong ecstatic. It was difficult to refine a flying sword with the materials on earth, and his current cultivation had not yet reached the Nascent Soul Realm, so he was not able to refine a flying sword.

But today, he accidentally picked up a ready-made ownerless sword. This raised his combat power by a level.

With this Xuan Yuan Sword as his trump card, he could kill experts in the medium Gold Core Realm. In other words, he could even kill an expert at the level six Supreme Power Realm with one move.

It was a pity that he had not yet reached the Nascent Soul Realm. Otherwise, he could fly on the sword and travel around the world. When that time came, there would not be anyone on earth who could be his opponent.

When he walked out of the basement, the girls had already left the pool and returned to the living room. Nalan Wushuang and Qi Waner were playing with the little fellow, while Jia Shihan and Li Meiyu sat on the sofa watching television.

Qin Haodong asked, “Tang Tang, where’s your mom?”

The little fellow said, “Mama said she is busy. She’s in her room.”

“You continue to play. I will go check on your mom.”

With that, Qin Haodong pinched Tang Tang’s face lovingly. Lucky the little fellow was here today, otherwise, he would not have been able to receive the Xuan Yuan Divine Sword.

He crept into Lin Momo’s room. What was Lin Momo writing on the paper for her to be so absorbed in it? She had no idea Qin Haodong was in her room.

Qin Haodong crept up behind Lin Momo, then stretched out his arms and wrapped it around her. Then, he kissed her hard.

Lin Momo instantly became nervous. She only relaxed when she realized it was Qin Haodong. She placed her arms around his neck, letting his two big hands take her body.

The two of them had been separated for around 20 days. They had not been intimate ever since Qin Haodong left. Now that they were finally together, there was a lot of fire burning inside of them.

A while later, Lin Momo breathlessly pushed Qin Haodong’s big hand away and said feebly, “There are still a lot of people outside. Don’t misbehave.”

Qin Haodong also knew that now was not the time to solve the pain of lovesickness. He could only give Lin Momo a gentle kiss on her red lips, before parting reluctantly.

“How is work going today?”

Lin Momo sorted out her messy clothes and said, “It’s going well. Half of the group members have arrived. The rest will arrive today with Saber.

“I have completed the registration procedure. The renovation company has settled in and started renovating the building. According to the plan, it is expected to officially open in 10 days.”

Qin Haodong said, “Not bad. You’re very efficient. We won’t start working on Tangmen Pharmaceutical until we finish working on Lin’s Group.”

Lin Momo said with concern, “Haodong, do you think Lin’s Jewelry can succeed when it’s right opposite Xue’s Jewelry? Won’t there be a lot of pressure?”

Qin Haodong slightly smiled, “As soon as our Lin’s Jewelry enter Shanghai, we will be competitors of Xue’s Jewelry. No matter where we open the store, we will be enemies, so we might as well open the store directly opposite them.

“Also, I have already looked around Xue’s Jewelry. The overall feeling is that they look good on the outside but is actually messy on the inside. Although they are very famous, their internal management is in chaos. The performance-to-price ratio of their goods is not high.

“Especially when it comes to the jade products, their price is twice as high with the same products at our Lin’s Group. The management can’t seem to keep up and the price does not give them any advantages. In the end, it will be our Lin’s Group that wins.”

Hearing what Qin Haodong said, Lin Momo became more confident, “Haodong, it’s good to have you here. Without you, I really don’t know when I will bring Lin’s Group into Shanghai.”

“Then, how are you going to thank me?”

Qin Haodong said with an evil grin as he started to make a move again.

Just then, quick footsteps could be heard outside the door. “Papa, Tang Tang is here. Tang Tang is tired and wants to sleep.”

The little fellow said as she pushed open the door and entered.

Qin Haodong lifted her up in his arms and spun a few times on the spot. Then, he said, “Let’s sleep then!”

The little fellow pulled his hand and said, “Papa, Tang Tang wants to sleep with you, just like back home.”

Qin Haodong said, “Tang Tang, be good. I still have things to do. You have to wait a bit longer before I can stay with you and Mama.”

After he finally settled the little guy down, he left Lin Momo’s room.

There was no noise in the living room as the television had been turned off. Everyone went back to their rooms to sleep.

Qin Haodong returned to his room. When he opened the door, he got frightened. He saw Li Meiyu, dressed in a pink laced nightdress, sitting at the head of his bed, as her two long and smooth legs emitted an attractive shine.Read more chapters at L

He looked at the decorations in the room and confirmed that he was in the correct place. “Why are you in my room?” Qin Haodong asked.

Li Meiyu said with a serious expression, “I haven’t asked you yet. Where were you just now?”

Qin Haodong said, “I went to Sister Lin’s room to discuss some things.”

“What things?”

Li Meiyu stood up and walked up to Qin Haodong as she asked while staring at him.

“What else is there? It’s about the Sun Family’s building.”

Li Meiyu said, “Why do I feel like the relationship between you two isn’t simple? The way Sister Momo looks at you is different. Is there something you two are hiding from me?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “You’re thinking too much. Also, it’s because I am too handsome. Haven’t you noticed that the way Sister Wushuang and Wan’er looks at me is also different?”

Li Meiyu thought about it and realized it was true. Then, she asked, “Then, when do you plan on pursuing me?”

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