The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 528

Chapter 528 The Most Miserable Guy

Chapter 528 The Most Miserable Guy

On the other side of the ring, Piao Zaixiang, who felt extremely wronged, had just gotten up. He spat a mouthful of blood after hearing Qin Haodong’s words.

This was not because he had been beaten, but because he was too angry.

Seeing this, Qin Haodong patted Li Wanyong on the shoulder and said, “Well, I didn’t say it.”

At this time, the audience came back to their senses. They didn’t expect that the Huaxia Martial Arts club, which had been defeated over and over again, would finally win a match, and it was quite a beautiful victory. Immediately, cheers resounded through the whole Taekwondo club.

Everyone was cheering for one person. The fight had been clearly seen by everyone. It was Qin Haodong’s random instruction that made Li Wanyong punch’s defeat Piao Zaixiang.

The cheers gradually dissipated, and the score on the field turned to 1:0. The Huaxia Martial Arts club had a good start.

Seeing that the opponent who had been beaten by him had won just then, Li Shangen said, “President, let me handle the rest of the competition. I have experience.”

“OK, fight on the second round,” Jin Yingquan promised, but he still warned, “I think things are a little weird. You must be careful.

“What’s more, did you notice how Qin Haodong just made Piao Zaixiang fight with his man? This was a way to provoke us.

“In this match, you must change your style. You should mainly dodge and find a chance to beat him with one blow. Don’t fight recklessly.”

“I got it, president.”

After Li Shangen finished speaking, he went to the ring full of confidence. He had defeated seven students of the Martial Arts club by himself moments before. He believed that the result would be the same.

Since the other side had already sent people to fight, Qin Haodong glanced at the students of the Martial Arts club and asked, “Who’s going to fight this time? Is there anyone who wants to take revenge?”

“Boss, I’ll do it.”

A tall young man stepped forward. His name was Cao Yang and one of his eyes was swollen. Just then, he had been punched by Li Shangen as soon as he entered the ring. He was full of anger in his heart.

The reason why he dared to take the initiative to stand out was that Qin Haodong had given him confidence. Li Wanyong’s strength was worse than his and Li Wanyong was able to defeat Piao Zaixiang with only one punch.

Therefore, he felt Qin Haodong had a magical power, and he could definitely help him to get revenge.

“Yes, you’re brave!” Qin Haodong whispered a few words in Cao Yang’s ear, and then patted him on the shoulder. “Go, you can do it.”

The onlookers were stunned again. Qin Haodong had just taught a punch skill to Li Wanyong, and yet he didn’t even need to do this at the moment. Could Cao Yang really do it? Li Shangen was a great master who had won seven rounds in a row!

Cao Yang felt the support of the Almighty King Kong Talisman; he immediately walked to the ring with great confidence. He pointed to Li Shangen and shouted, “Shameless b*stard, come here. I will teach you a good lesson now.”

Li Shangen smiled coldly. “Do you still want to provoke me? There is no way to do that. I am not going to be fooled.”

He said, “Loser, make your move!”

“Take this!” Cao Yang shouted and threw a punch toward Li Shangen’s face.

This scene was very similar to what was seen on the previous fight, but Li Shangen did not choose to fight recklessly. He took a step forward with his left foot and was ready to dodge Cao Yang’s attack.

However, it never occurred to him that Cao Yang’s punch was a feint. He took back his fist after half a strike and then he kicked Li Shangen on his left side.

It seemed that Cao Yang had made a plan to kick in advance. Almost as soon as Li Shangen moved, he kicked out. They almost stood in the same position at the same time.

That was to say, in the eyes of others, Cao Yang gave kicked the air, and Li Shangen got close to him and was kicked by him.

When Li Shangen discovered this, his body had completely lost its control, and it was impossible for him to change his position.

In desperation, he swung his right fist and smashed it against Cao Yang’s foot.

It turned out that his attack was useless. Cao Yang was already under the support of the Almighty King Kong Talisman. This kick was extremely powerful. How could Li Shangen counter it with a punch?

As the fist and the kick met, Li Shangen’s fist was forcefully kicked back with a bang. The remaining force of the kick had yet to dissipate, and then Cao Yang left a big footprint on Li Shangen’s face.

Li Shangen was kicked into the air and then he fell outside the ring.

Seeing Cao Yangwho did not have the strength to fight back just thenbeating Li Shangen in the blink of an eye, everyone was shocked to the extreme.

What happened? Who was this young man? Was he an immortal? How could he turn Cao Yang’s defeat into victory with just a few words?

Li Shangen got up from the ground. His cheek had swollen with a footprint over it, which made him feel ashamed and angry.

This time, he felt utterly wronged. It seemed that the opponent had already figured out everything about him. First, Cao Yang tricked him with a feint, and then he kicked him. Cao Yang had already known that he was going to dodge to the left. How could that be possible?

If he were willing to ask, Cao Yang would definitely give him a satisfactory answer.

Because at the moment before the kick, Qin Haodong told him to kick the left side, and that was how he hit the target.

Qin Haodong used a secret voice-sending skill to win the second round.

When Cao Yang stepped down the ring, all the people present were excited. According to the previous agreement, if they won two fights, it meant that the Huaxia Martial Arts had already won this round of gamble.

Qin Haodong said to Jin Yingquan, “You lost. Honor your bet.”

Jin Yingquan’s face changed slightly, and then he said, “Who said we lost? It was said that we will have five rounds; there are still three that have yet to be fought.”

Seeing that this guy was so shameless, Zhi Fubao jumped up immediately and shouted, “What the f*ck! I’ve lived for so many years, but this is the first time that I’ve seen someone as shameless and as self-righteous.”

Tian Boguang shouted, “I’ve seen shameless people, but I’ve never seen someone as shameless as him.”

Then, shouts and curses could be heard all around.

“Shameless guys, get out, you lost already…”

“What you said was “two out of three, not three out of five…”

“Get out of the Medical College and Huaxia. You are dishonest…”

Qin Haodong had long heard that these people were shameless, but he didn’t expect that they would be shameless to that degree. No wonder Jin Yingquan, the president of the club, didn’t show up in the second round. It turned out that the guy had been prepared to renege on their bet.

A sneer appeared on his face. “Since you want to fight, I’ll fight with you.”

Jin Yingquan seemed to have no feelings for all this. He stepped on the stage and said to Qin Haodong, “Come here and fight with me if you have the ability.”

Qin Haodong shook his head and said, “You don’t deserve to be my opponent!”

He turned around and said to the members of the Martial Arts club, “Who wants to fight in this round?”

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it. It’s my turn!”

“Why should it be you? It should be my turn…”

"Why dont you let me do it? I lost in the most miserable manner in the last match…"

“You’re not as miserable as I am. You were just kicked in the ass, but I was vomiting blood at that time. I’m in a bad shape, so you’d better give the chance to me…”

“What’s the deal with vomiting blood? You just lost a tooth. I suffered internal injuries…”

A scene that made people feel both funny and annoyed came to pass. The students who had lost all their courage before were filled with indignation at this time. They had all rushed to compete with Jin Yingquan.

Although they knew very well that the man in front of them was the president of the Taekwondo club, they didn’t care about it. As long as Qin Haodong helped them, they could defeat Jin Yingquan in one move.

It was because of this thought that they were competing with each other. They hoped that they could learn skills and take revenge. Who would let go of such a good opportunity?

Jin Yingquan’s face turned green. “What’s going on? Am I an idiot? Can anyone beat me?

“Moreover, those students lost in the other round. It means that they are weaker. Even though they are in such a state, they still want to fight with me. Do they still look down upon me?”

At the same time, he also felt a great deal of pressure. When these people rushed to the stage, it also showed how useful Qin Haodong’s instructions were.

He secretly gritted his teeth and thought, “I can’t lose. If I lose, I’ll really go to the Martial Arts club to do cleaning.”

Just as he was thinking about it, Qin Haodong had chosen an opponent for him. The student was beaten black and blue; his face was swollen, his mouth and eyes were slightly crooked, and blood was still on the corner of his mouth.

As the student stepped onto the ring, Jin Yingquan and An Qixuan, Piao Zaixiang, and Li Shangen were all stunned. According to their general impression, no one in the Martial Arts club was injured this badly.

“Why was he injured so badly? Did he beat himself like this just then because he wanted to go to the ring?

“It must be so.” Jin Yingquan instantly confirmed his idea.

“This guy deliberately made him like this just for the purpose of competing with me. Otherwise, it would be unable to explain his injury at all.”

At this time, the most miserable opponent said to him, “I’m Bi Can, let’s begin!”

Bi Can? Jin Yingquan really wanted to ask what they would get out of this wicked name.

“Go ahead, kid. I’ll make you even more miserable.”

After saying that, Jin Yingquan adopted a Taekwondo fighting stance, and then he punched Bi Can in the face, absorbing the experience of the previous two failures. He wanted to try taking the initiative to attack and see how the opponent would react.

He was worthy of being the president of the Taekwondo club. He was quick and fierce. In the blink of an eye, his fist was already in front of Bi Can’s face.

To everyone’s surprise, Bi Can neither blocked nor dodged, but then he punched at Jin Yingquan’s face.

“What the hell! How could he fight this way?”

Jin Yingquan didn’t expect that Bi Can would use this kind of fighting method. If he didn’t take retract his fist, even if he hit Bi Can, he would also be hit. With the great strength shown by Li Wanyong and Cao Yang just then, he was afraid that he would be hurt seriously.

Seeing Bi Can’s determined eyes, Jin Yingquan was afraid; he quickly withdrew his fist.

It was no wonder that Qin Haodong chose Bi Can. This guy was really ruthless. He was quite cruel to himself. What couldn’t he do?

He retreated, but Bi Can didn’t stop and continued to punch Jin Yingquan in the face. He was still fighting in a way that would hurt both sides.

Jin Yingquan dodged and continued to fight! As for Jin Yingquan’s counterattack, he overlooked it and simply continued to fight.

In this way, although Jin Yingquan had the cultivation of the ninth level of the Overt Power, he was being suppressed by Bi Can. He kept dodging on the ring; it was impossible for him to launch a decent attack.

He didn’t expect that Qin Haodong would design such an offensive tactic for Bi Can. Although it was very roguish, it was very practical.

Compared with Bi Can’s strength, it would be difficult for him to launch an effective attack if he didn’t want to be hit by his opponent’s fighting style that would hurt both sides badly.

After more than a dozen fighting moves, Jin Yingquan was still retreating. There was a chorus of laughter under the ring.

“What a shame! Give up if you can’t do it. Don’t make a fool of yourself on the stage…”

“You don’t even have the courage to fight, why are you still fighting?”

“After seeing the beginning, I already guessed the result. You are too bad…”

“Damn it, it’s too wronged. I’ll fight with you and see what you can do.”

Jin Yingquan finally couldn’t bear the grievance in his heart and stopped dodging. He suddenly gave a powerful side kick to Bi Can’s chest.

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