The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Blood Tracing

Chapter 53 Blood Tracing


Zhang Dazhi couldn’t afford to piss off Nalan Wuxia, so he backed off, however; he wouldn’t just let Qin Haodong go without a fight, so he secretly poked the bald man beside him.

The bald middle-aged man read the sign immediately. Whoever Nalan Wuxia was, after all, she was police, and he was a victim who had lost his car.

He stepped forward and said, “Madam, that is my car and that man is a robber, so you can’t just let him go.”

Zhang Dazhi secretly smug. He was really glad to see how she would collect the mess because a policeman shall never let go of a robber before a victim.

“How much is your car?” Nalan Wuxia asked coldly.

“250,000!” The bald man replied subconsciously.

“There is 300,000 yuan in this card. I’ll pay for the car. Now back off.”

After that Nalan Wuxia gave the card to the bald man. Then she pushed him and cleared out the way.

Qin Haodong couldn’t care more. He hit the gas and the Honda rushed out.

Zhang Dazhi was so angry. His eyes were opened wide and he wondered what magic trick the gigolo boy had played to enchant girls from the Nalan family so much that Nalan Wuxia could give away 300,000 for him without hesitation.

The bald man did have spent 250,000 yuan for the car, but that was one year ago. The car was worth 200,000 yuan at most. Now that he was paid 100,000 more, he was so happy that he could barely close his smiling mouth. And surely, he wouldn’t say anything more.

Once again, Qin Haodong pushed the speed of the car to the limit. Five minutes later, the phone rang next to him.

He slowed down and answered the phone expressionlessly.

Dongfang Liang still sounded arrogant on the other side of the phone. “Qin Haodong, how about that? Are you enjoying the game?”

“What was what you’re calling me for?” asked Qin Haodong coldly.

“Of course not. I am just trying to tell you that we’re here in Yulong Lake again, just hurry up to come. You’ve got 20 minutes. Take your time or you’re going to see a beautiful naked picture.”

Dongfang Liang hanged up the phone after that. Qin Haodong hit the brake and stopped the car in the middle of the road, with drivers behind him cursing and swearing.

Qin Haodong almost went crazy because of the feeling of being controlled by someone. Moreover, he couldn’t find out where the enemy was. But he was sure that the address Dongfang Liang gave him this time was still a fake one. That guy was trying to fool him.

There was no way he could save Lin Momo and the little girl if keeping being fooled around like this. He had to come up with a way.

He realized he had been too impulsive recently, losing his original way of rational thinking. Therefore, he took a deep breath to calm down, and tried to figure out the solution to the current situation.

As time went by, an idea crossed his mind that back to the days when he was in the Cultivation World, he had learned a secret skill named Blood Tracing from the Blood Sect.

This secret skill’s one and only function was to trace those sharing the same blood. He almost forgot it because he had never used it before.

He was reborn in another body now, but the soul in his blood was supposed to be the same as his last life. He wasn’t sure if he could connect with the little fellow through Blood Tracing.

Thinking of that, he bit his fingertips decidedly and cast the Blood Tracing.

Blood flowed off his index finger, but miraculously, instead of streaming down, it floated up and suspended in the air.

Qin Haodong bent his finger and chanted once more. Then he pointed to the Blood Ball suspending in the air. The red light grew sharply, and then the face of the little fellow appeared in the Blood Ball.

“It works!”

He blissed because he had succeeded in connecting with the little fellow through blood tracing, and he could feel clearly where Tang Tang was.

“Damn, what a bastard Dongfang Liang is! It turned out they were hidden just nearby, and I am fooled to circle around.”

Now that he knew where the little fellow was, he would no longer be fooled around by Dongfang Liang. He drove his car and left fast.

In the room, the little fellow seemed to have felt the presence of Qin Haodong. She whispered to Lin Momo, “Don’t be afraid, mommy, papa is coming to save us soon.”

“Well, of course, he is. Be a good girl, Tang Tang.”

Lin Momo tried to comfort the little fellow, but the hope was vanishing inside her. Apparently, Dongfang Liang didn’t tell Qin Haodong the real address. And there was no way that Qin Haodong could find them, unless he was a god.

Although they were speaking quietly, Dongfang Liang had heard it. He laughed and walked to the mother and the girl, and then he said, “Why aren’t you giving up yet? Are you waiting for your little lover to save you? Stop dreaming! He could never find us as long as I don’t want him to know we are here!”

He was confident because he had served as a mercenary for many years, and had the ability of anti-reconnaissance. He would turn off his phone each time he made a call so that it would be impossible for the police to locate him.

Dongfang Liang stood up and took a greedy glance at Lin Momo’s well-shaped body, and then he swallowed and said, “Ten minutes later we’re going to see each other naked. I can’t wait!”

“Didn’t you just say 20 minutes?” Lin Momo argued in panic.

“20 minutes is too long to wait. 10 minutes will be perfect, for your lover can witness our show when he arrives.”

Dongfang Liang laughed proudly after he said that.

It was a shanty town in the suburbs of Jiangnan City which had already been included in the demolition scope by the government. All the residents had moved out, and there were nothing but old buildings to be demolished.

On the roof of a building, two mercenaries were sitting, eating and drinking. Two black sniper rifles lay beside them.

“Third Brother, I think that’s enough. We shouldn’t drink too much. We’ve got a mission to finish later.”

Said a mercenary in a camouflage vest.

“What’s the rush, fifth brother? Our big brother said the man wouldn’t be here with one hour, and we still have 15 minutes. And it won’t take us much to kill a little doctor. Stop being nervous and let’s have two more cups.”

“Third Brother, I heard the man has got serious power, I think we’d better take him seriously.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. He knew nothing more but some Kungfu. We’re snipers, and we can send him to hell in one shot no matter how powerful he is.”

“Really? How about I send you to hell first?”

As soon as the mercenary had just finished talking, a cold laugh came behind him. Before he could turn back, his neck was snapped.

“You, you…”

The other sniper called fifth brother was scared out of himself when seeing Qin Haodong’s sudden presence on the roof. He was wondering how he could find the place.

He reached out to his waist for the gun, but before he could pull it out. His neck had been strangled by a big hand. He lost consciousness immediately.

Qin Haodong was furious at this moment. He showed no mercy and killed the two snipers within shorter than an eye-blink.

After solving these two threats, he did not stop. His body turned into a shadow and rushed downstairs.

In front of an old building, a mercenary with yellow hair walked to the corner, humming an unnamed song. Then he unbuckled his pants and started peeing.

Like the two snipers on the roof, this one also thought that Qin Haodong couldn’t possibly be here because it was too early. So he was not on the alert.

As he took out his stuff and was ready to pee, he heard a snapping sound and lost consciousness.

After snapping the neck of the mercenary, Qin Haodong put his body on the ground and walked silently into the building.

It was more than easy for him to kill these unwary targets since he had an extraordinary perception.

On the second floor, the two mercenaries were guarding and smoking, with guns in their hands. Suddenly, two cold rays flew out of the smoke and disappeared in the middle of their forehead like flash.

The two mercenaries died immediately and fell backwards. A shadow supported them in a hurry, and put them down on the ground silently.

Qin Haodong killed the two mercenaries with silver needles. He calculated that Dongfang Liang had 8 mercenaries as his fellow and he had killed five of them. There were three left.

On the third floor, three mercenaries were playing poker. The young mercenary who was just beside Dongfang Liang said excitedly, “Big Brother said we could do that chick moment later. And we can do her after him. Now let’s play poker, and the winner gets to do it first.”

A mercenary beside him said, “That’s great. I’ve been thinking about it ever since I saw her yesterday, and now I can finally do it…”

After that and before the slutty smile on his face faded, he rolled his eyes and fell backwards.

“Six brother, are you OK?”

The other two mercenaries had already felt something going wrong, but before they could react, Qin Haodong had grabbed their necks. He slammed their heads together, and the two heads collapsed like smashed watermelons.

In the room, Dongfang Liang drove the young mercenary out. Then he took off his shirt, revealing his strong muscle.

He looked at Lin Momo, who was shrinking in the corner with the little fellow, and smiled.

“Little chick, just give up struggling. Your little lover is human, not god. There’s no way he could find you here!”

Although the little fellow was scared when she looked at Dongfang Liang, she couldn’t help but argue when hearing he speaking ill of Qin Haodong, “Shut up, you bad people! Papa will come and save us!”

“Stop being so childish, little girl. Your father was fooled around by me like a dog. He’s too busy bumping around on the road. I can call him for you if you don’t believe that.”

After that, Dongfang Liang turned back and looked at Lin Momo. He said with a slutty smile, “Call him and let him hear how much his woman would enjoy it later.”

He picked up his phone on the table and dialed the phone number of Qin Haodong.

When the call was connected, a clear ringtone came from the door. Dongfang Liang was startled and turned back to check the door in panic.

“Who? Who’s there?”

Upon he finished his words, the door boomed and was kicked off. A figure showed up at the door, standing straight like a spear. Golden rays of the setting sun made him look like a god descending from heaven.