The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Mercilessly Defeat The Beauty

Chapter 539 Mercilessly Defeat the Beauty

Kim Yankwon stepped into the ring and shouted at the members of the Huaxia Martial Arts Club, “Zhou Tao, I don’t know what trick you and that toy boy used to plot against our Taekwondo Guild Club.

“Today, I invited my cousins to show you what true Taekwondo is.”

Zhou Tao suddenly burst into anger and shouted, “Bah! You didn’t admit defeat and even put the blame on me. Don’t you Koryo people feel ashamed?”

The audience burst into an uproar. “These guys are too shameless. They turn around and didn’t admit that they were defeated.”

“Shameless! How shameless they are! It turns out that they are too thick-skinned…”

“Teach them a lesson. Since they are not convinced, then give them a hard slap in the face…”

Kim Yankwon cried out, “You’re not convinced, are you? Then you can come here and experience how powerful my cousin is.”

After listening to him, Li Wanyong, Bi Can, and the others immediately gathered around Qin Haodong and said, “Boss, please help us, let’s go to the ring and teach this guy a good lesson!”

Previously, they had shown their faces on the stage, but when they went back, they found that the strength in their bodies had disappeared. Their cultivation had only improved slightly.

These people knew that it must have been Qin Haodong’s help, so they came again to ask for a fight. They wanted Qin Haodong to help them again.

Qin Haodong waved his hand and said, “It’s useless. That guy has reached the level of Covert Power. It’s useless for you to go and fight with him. In martial arts, you still have to rely on yourself to practice hard. External forces can only help you for a short time, not for a lifetime.”

The King Kong Talisman could improve people’s strength and defensive ability, but it was only at the Overt Power Realm. To fight the masters of Covert Power it was useless.

Listening to what he said, Li Wanyong and the others could only nod and silently step aside.

“Don’t worry, brothers. I am here!” Zhou Tao said in high spirits, “Today, I will teach these guys a good lesson for you.”

After he said that, he jumped onto the ring and cried to Kim Yankwon, “No matter who comes today, I’ll fight with him alone.”

With Qin Haodong’s help, he reached the third level of Covert Power overnight. This made him feel refreshed and confident.

“Boy, don’t be so arrogant. My cousin will teach you a lesson.”

After saying that, Kim Yankwon stepped down from the ring and Kim Jisung stepped onto it. He glanced at Zhou Tao with a look of disdain.

He had seen the video from Kim Yankwon. The guy in front of him was at most in the eighth realm of Overt Power cultivation, which was several levels lower than his first realm of Covert Power. Zhou Tao was no match for him at all.

He said proudly, “Boy, I don’t want to bully you. I’ll let you have the three first moves.”

Since this guy was so arrogant, Zhou Tao smiled coldly and said, “Well, you said it. No regrets.”

Kim Jisung said, “You must be joking, it’s not a big deal for me to manage an opponent at your level even if I let you have 30 moves first. But it would waste too much time.”

Below the ring, Kim Jihyun frowned again. It seemed that her brother didn’t listen to her, and he was still underestimating his opponent. She didn’t know the reason why but felt that the young man in front of her wasn’t so simple, giving her a sense that a great crisis was looming.

“Since you’re willing to do that, then I won’t stand on ceremony.”

After finishing his words, Zhou Tao made a gesture of the Eight Extremes Boxing, and then punched fiercely.

Kim Jisung raised his left hand and gently pushed it out. In his opinion, it was enough for him to deal with an Overt Power level’s opponent by using half of his strength.

Although he didn’t use all his strength this time, when his palm touched Zhou Tao’s arm, he felt it was like a mountain. He couldn’t move Zhou Tao’s arm at all.

“What’s going on?” Kim Jisung suddenly panicked. Seeing that Zhou Tao’s fist was approaching him, he panicked and forgot the promise of letting Zhou Tao make three moves. He raised his right hand and also punched.

With a thud, the two fists collided with each other. Kim Jisung felt that his fist had hit the head of a train that was flying towards him. A huge force hit him and he was sent flying into the air, then directly fell out of the ring.

Kim Jisung, who had just been arrogant, was beaten down from the ring by just one move.

Seeing that Zhou Tao won so easily, all the audience cheered.

“The world’s best martial artist…”

“Boss, how was it? I did a good job, didn’t I?” Zhou Tao proudly asked Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong rolled his eyes at him and said, “Don’t be proud of defeating such an arrogant good-for-nothing. I will ask Saber to teach you more when we go back.”

“Uh… ”

Zhou Tao grimaced all of a sudden.

In the stands, Zheng Hongda said, “When did this guy become so powerful? If he can defeat all his opponents, it won’t be easy for you to carry out your plan.”

Sun Jin said, “Don’t worry, I have another plan. I’ll let Qin Haodong come to the ring and then send him to prison.”

When Kim Yankwon stepped down from the ring, he had turned back and wanted to see how his cousin taught Zhou Tao a lesson. Before he could see the situation in the ring, he saw Kim Jisung fall in front of him with a splash.

“What… What’s going on?”

He couldn’t believe his own eyes. Kim Jisung was known as a martial arts genius in Koryo. Although he couldn’t compare to the genius girl Kim Jihyun, he was definitely one of the best guys amongst his peers since he had reached the Covert Power realm at such a young age.

Yet he was knocked out of the ring as soon as he came into it. When did Zhou Tao become so powerful?

Taekwondo Club and Huaxia Martial Arts Club had been fighting against each other for so many years. He was very clear about Zhou Tao’s skills. How could a person who was worse than himself defeat his cousin who was at the level of Covert Power in a twinkling of an eye?

“Toy boy, it must be that toy boy. If it weren’t for him, Zhou Tao would never be so powerful!”

Kim Jisung was lying on the ground. First, he took a blow, and then he fell heavily. His whole body was in great pain. After struggling a few times, he could not stand up.

He was a person who was extremely proud. Zhou Tao not only injured his body, but also his inner heart.

When he saw Kim Yankwon standing there in a daze, showing no intention to help him, he couldn’t help but vent his anger on Kim Yankwon. “What are you doing? Help me, now!”

Only then did Jin Yankwon come to his senses. He quickly helped Kim Jisung stand up and guided him to sit on a chair.

Kim Jihyun walked over and asked with concern, “Brother, are you alright?”

“I’m all right. I don’t believe that I can’t beat this boy.”

Kim Jisung struggled to stand up and wanted to go into the ring again. He really didn’t accept his loss.

“Well, Brother, you are indeed not a match for that person.”

She could see very clearly from below the ring. Although Zhou Tao had won by trickery, Kim Jisung was still no match for him if they were to fight head-on.

Kim Jisung stopped and cried, “Sister, you must avenge me!”

Kim Jihyun turned to Kim Yankwon and asked, “Are you sure the video you gave us was the latest one?”

“Cousin, those videos were recorded last Friday. It’s absolutely true,” Kim Yankwon said.

Kim Jihyun frowned and said, “It’s really strange. Why did this person’s skills improve so much? Even if I came to fight with him, I wouldn’t have the confidence to win.”

Kim Yankwon gnashed his teeth and said, “It must be that toy boy’s trick. The last time we lost to him, too.”

At this time, he felt very strange. Qin Haodong had not even been in the ring, but the Taekwondo Club’s members were defeated by this person’s trick one after another.

Kim Jihyun looked at Qin Haodong, who was holding beauties with his two arms. She had seen this man in the video last Friday. With just a few words of guidance, he helped the Huaxia Martial Arts Club to defeat the Taekwondo Guild Club. This magical ability was really amazing.

Now she met Qin Haodong himself, but she just couldn’t see any aura of a martial artist. If he had really improved Zhou Tao’s cultivation from Overt Power to Covert Power in only two days, how powerful would this person be?

If she had known that it took Qin Haodong only two hours to upgrade Zhou Tao from the eighth realm of Overt Power to the third realm of Covert Power, she would have been very surprised.

Kim Jisung cried, “Sister, you’re too cautious. If that guy hadn’t cheated, I wouldn’t have lost. You’ll surely defeat him.”

“I want to try.”

At this point, Kim Jihyun could only choose to go to the ring and fight.

Zhou Tao stood in the ring and saw this beautiful woman. He smiled playfully and said, “Beauty, do you want to send flowers to me or ask me for my signature? Do you want to pursue me because of my performance?”

“Cut the crap. I want to challenge you,” Kim Jihyun said and made a beginning gesture of Taekwondo.


Zhou Tao said, “Is there no one in your club? How can they even let a woman come here? I’ve never beat a woman.”

“If you don’t beat me, you’ll admit defeat!”

“Well, I’ll make an exception for you.”

After finishing his words, Zhou Tao used the Eight Extremes Boxing’s gesture.

Without further ado, Kim Jihyun moved with great speed. In the blink of an eye, she had arrived in front of Zhou Tao, and then with a sharp whistle, she mercilessly kicked his face with her long and slender leg.

Zhou Tao was inwardly shocked. This woman’s cultivation was even higher than Kim Jisung’s. Judging from the strength of her kick, it was not worse than a man’s.

He quickly lowered his head and avoided the kick.

Kim Jihyun’s change of moves was very fast. After a kick, she didn’t retract her foot. Instead, she drew a beautiful arc in the air and turned it into a side kick to his chest.

Zhou Tao leaned back 90 degrees to avoid this kick once again.

Then, Kim Jihyun used her left leg and struck Zhou Tao with a full twist in the air.

“Oh my god, this little girl is really powerful.”

As soon as Zhou Tao raised his head, he saw another kick coming towards him. It was impossible for him to dodge it this time, so he could only hit upward with his fists to take the kick directly.

As the fists and the leg collided, he was forced to take two or three steps back. He was secretly shocked by Kim Jihyun’s moves. If it weren’t for the devil training of the Divine Mercenaries last night, maybe he would really be defeated by this girl.

Then they continued to fight. Kim Jihyun’s cultivation was one level lower than Zhou Tao’s, she had cultivated for many years and had a lot of experience in fighting. For a time, she was tied with Zhou Tao.

Only then did Zhou Tao put away his contempt, calm down, and slowly exert his advantages in terms of cultivation.

After more than ten minutes, he slowly familiarized himself with Kim Jihyun’s moves and began to gain the upper hand.

“Just throw in the towel, beautiful lady. Otherwise, I’ll beat you badly.”

“If you can win, then just beat me.”

How could Kim Jihyun give in so easily? On the contrary, she increased the speed of her attack.

Zhou Tao was in a bit of a dilemma. Facing a great beauty, he couldn’t bear to put his fists on her face, plus he felt that it was not polite to attack her chest and hips. Even though he held the upper hand, it wasn’t an easy task for him to win.

Finally, he found a suitable opportunity to slap Kim Jihyun’s back. He threw her into the air and she crashed into a guardrail.

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