The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 542

Chapter 542 I Broke My Leg

Chapter 542 I Broke My Leg

Nalan Wuxia was not afraid at all. She looked at the pistol in Pan Shijie’s hand coldly and said in an icy voice, “How dare you point a gun at me?”

Pan Shijie said excitedly, “Give him back to me. Don’t push me.”

Nalan Wuxia said lightly, “I bet you dare not shoot.”

Pan Shijie suddenly raised his pistol and yelled at Nalan Wuxia, “Give him back to me now!”

Nalan Wuxia said with a murderous look, “So what if I don’t?”

She had reached the fifth level of Covert Power, and she could completely avoid her vital parts being shot under full attention. As long as Pan Shijie dared to shoot her, she would kill him immediately!

The policemen next to them were all stunned. The captain of the crime squad in Xicheng District pulled out his gun and pointed it at the captain of Dongcheng District. This had never happened before.

Just as the situation reached an impasse, a siren sounded all of a sudden. Four or five patrol wagons drove into the yard of the Criminal Police Unit.

After the cars stopped, Dong Bicheng jumped out of the car, followed by Zhou Xinzhu, the young master of the Zhou family.

“Put down the gun. Pan Shijie, are you crazy? How dare you point that gun at your own colleague?”

After getting off the car, Dong Bicheng saw the scene in front of him and immediately flew into a rage. He waved to the two policemen behind him and said, “Give me his gun.”

The two policemen stepped forward and reached for Pan Shijie’s pistol.

Seeing the director coming, Pan Shijie couldn’t insist anymore. After handing over the pistol, he said with an aggrieved face, “Director, you can’t blame me for this. Nalan Wuxia went too far. She even took people from our Criminal Police Unit.”

While speaking, he cast a glance at Zhou Xinzhu who was standing beside Dong Bicheng. He naturally knew she was the eldest daughter of the Zhou family. Yet, he didn’t know what Zhou Xinzhu was doing by bringing Dong Bicheng here. Could it be that she came here for that Qin Haodong?

He was following Zheng Hongda’s orders. Zheng Hongda only told him that Qin Haodong was a college student with good skills. At the same time, he had a deep relationship with Nalan Wuxia. He knew little else.

If he had known that Qin Haodong’s Daddy Security Company was bigger than the three major families’ companies and had a deep relationship with Zhou Xinzhu, he would not have arrested him so calmly.

“Damn, you can’t pull out your gun at your own colleague,” Dong Bicheng said angrily, “Tell me what’s going on.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “He casually arrested people in my jurisdiction and handcuffed him. I came here to take him away but Pan Shijie didn’t want to hand over him to me. I had no choice but to get him back by myself.”

Pan Shijie said, “This boy is a suspect. He broke a man’s leg at Shanghai Medical College. And his relationship with Captain Nalan is unusual. Naturally, I couldn’t hand him over to her. Otherwise, she is very likely to let him go.”

Today, Dong Bicheng was sent by Zhou Xinzhu to save Qin Haodong. He said with a stern face, “You said he is a suspect. What is the evidence?”

Pan Shijie was suddenly in a bad mood. Hearing Dong Bicheng’s tone, he was obviously on Qin Haodong’s side. He said, “Director, a man from Japan, who is being treated in the hospital, has been beaten by him. I will go to collect evidence later.”

“Do you think it’s proper to handcuff him without even getting any basic evidence?” Dong Bicheng said, “It’s not a major case. First, let him go, and then hand over the case to the Criminal Police Unit in Dongcheng District. I will punish you of pointing your gun to your colleague easily later.”

“Yes sir!”

In the face of the director of the Public Security Bureau, Pan Shijie naturally could only agree.

At this moment, a voice came from the other side. “Director Dong, you can’t let him go. I have evidence here.”

Dong Bicheng looked in the direction of the voice and saw Zheng Hongda and Sun Jin coming over side by side.

They had been watching in the car. When they saw that Zhou Xinzhu had brought Dong Bicheng here, they knew that Pan Shijie would not be able to take Qin Haodong back anymore, so they got out of the car.

Seeing them, Zhou Xinzhu’s expression changed slightly. Sun Jin’s position in the Sun family was slightly lower, but Zheng Hongda was the third direct descendant of the Zheng family and the grandson of the head of the family. It might be a little difficult to settle today’s matter.

As expected, Dong Bicheng’s tone eased a lot when he saw Zheng Hongda and Sun Jin. He couldn’t afford to offend Zhou Xinzhu, neither could he afford to offend the Sun family and the Zheng family.

“Mr. Zheng, Mr. Sun, why are you also here?”

Zheng Hongda said, “Director Dong, we are also students of Shanghai Medical College. We were at the scene when the case occurred. We saw with our own eyes that Qin Haodong broke a Japanese friend’s calf. As a college student and a good citizen, I certainly have to stand out and testify.”

Sun Jin glanced at Qin Haodong, who remained silent, and said proudly, “Yes, we can testify for this case, so you can’t let him go.”

Zheng Hongda said, “Seeing Captain Nalan’s behavior just now, the relationship between her and the suspect is very unusual. In order to ensure the fairness of the case, Director Dong, I suggest you let Xicheng District’s police handle this case.”

“Well… ”

Dong Bicheng was in a dilemma. He had never thought that he would be sandwiched between three aristocratic families one day. How could he choose?

Zhou Xinzhu took two steps forward and said. “Currently, we have not even seen the victim yet. We can’t arrest him with just your one-sided argument. Isn’t this a bit incongruous?”

Sun Jin said, “I knew you would say that. The patient is being treated in the hospital and will come over soon.”

Zhou Xinzhu said with a sneer, “Mr. Sun, how do you know the situation of the victim so clearly? Is there any connection between you?”

Sun Jin said, “My relationship with the victim has nothing to do with the case. Can’t we be friends?”

Zheng Hongda said to Dong Bicheng, “Director Dong, since the victim is coming soon, please wait for a few minutes. Otherwise, this case won’t be easy to deal with.”

In the face of the three big families who were competing with each other, Dong Bicheng didn’t know how to make a decision directly. He could only say, “Well, we’ll wait. Let’s figure out the case first.”

In the central hospital of Shanghai, Mitsui Ina was brought by Mitsui Jiro in a hurry. Before they entered the clinic, Mitsui Ina’s cell phone rang.

After glancing at the phone number, Mitsui Ina quickly pressed the answer button. Although he grimaced in pain, she still said respectfully, “Master, what can I do for you?”

A cold voice came from the other side of the phone. “You’re not allowed to go out freely during the meeting. Have you forgotten?”

Cold sweat suddenly dripped down from Mitsui Ina’s forehead. “Master, I just wanted to visit my brother at the Medical College.”

The man on the other side of the phone said, “I don’t want to listen to your explanation. Come back right now!”

Mitsui Ina looked at his broken leg and said with embarrassment, “Master, someone broke my leg at the school just now. I’m getting it treated in the hospital.”

“What? Who dares to break your leg?” The person on the other side of the phone said, “Tell me your address.”

Mitsui Ina did not dare to disobey that person’s order in the slightest. He hurriedly sent his position over.

Hanging up the phone, Mitsui Jiro said excitedly, “Big Brother, is the master here?”

Mitsui Ina nodded. Mitsui Jiro said, “The family master will definitely avenge you, Big Brother. I’m sure that guy will be severely punished.”

Mitsui Ina said, “That’s true. The family master is protective of our family members. He will be furious when he sees that I’ve been beaten like this. Maybe he will personally deal with the guy named Qin.”

Mitsui Jiro asked, “Big brother, I heard that the family master has already reached the level of third-grade Saint Ninja, is that true?”

Mitsui Ina said proudly, “Of course. If the family master hadn’t reached the third-grade Saint Ninja Realm, our Yagyuu family wouldn’t have been so glorious today.”

About five minutes later, seven or eight people appeared in front of the emergency room, led by a tall Japanese woman.

She came to the front of Mitsui Ina, looked at his broken leg, and asked, “Tell me, what happened?”

“Master, I went to the Medical College to see my younger brother. I saw someone besmirching Karate. So I came to the ring to compete with him. I didn’t expect that the guy would break my leg.”

Mitsui Ina miserably said, “Master, I’m ashamed, but please uphold justice for me. You must make the guy named Qin Haodong pay the price.”

The Japanese woman was originally calm, but when she heard Qin Haodong’s name, she immediately changed her expression. She asked coolly, “What’s the name of the man who broke your leg?”

“His name is Qin Haodong, and he is a very rude guy…”

Mitsui Ina originally wanted to disparage Qin Haodong, but before he could finish speaking, he felt a pain on his face. He had been slapped!

He was completely stunned and looked at the Japanese woman with a confused look.

The woman was Yagyuu Yukime, the master of the Yagyuu family. When she heard that her subordinate had offended her master, she immediately said with a murderous look, “Go and beg for Mr. Qin’s forgiveness now. Otherwise, the only result for you is death!”

The Mitsui brothers were scared out of their wits. They had never dreamed that this young man had a relationship with their family master, and it looked unusual.

Mitsui Ina said with embarrassment, “Master, Mr. Qin has been taken away by the police.”

“What did you say?” Hearing that Qin Haodong was arrested, Yagyuu Yukime suddenly burst out a strong force, pressuring the Mitsui brothers breathless.

“Tell me… What exactly happened? If you dare to hide anything from me, I’ll immediately eradicate your family!”

The Mitsui family were not direct descendants of the Yagyuu family, but an affiliated family.

Seeing how furious Yagyuu Yukime was, the Mitsui brothers were scared out of their wits. They dared not hide anything from her anymore and told her about the deal between Sun Jin and Mitsui Jiro.

Finally, shivering, Mitsui Jiro said, “Master, we really didn’t know that Mr. Qin and you are friends. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have done it.”

As the master of the Yagyuu family, Yagyuu Yukime was not simple-minded. She immediately understood that this was a trap set up by Sun Qi.

“You two go to the police station now and explain what happened with Mr. Qin. However, no matter what you say, you can’t say that Mr. Qin broke your leg.

“If Mr. Qin is arrested and sent to prison, you two will commit suicide to apologize.”

“Yes, master!”

The Mitsui brothers knew that they had made a great mistake, so they quickly agreed.

At this moment, the phone of Mitsui Jiro rang. It was Sun Jin who called. Sun Jin asked him to take Mitsui Ina to the crime squad in Xicheng District to testify.

Under the murderous eyes of Yagyuu Yukime, Mitsui Ina got into the car with a broken leg and hurried to the crime squad in Xicheng District with Mitsui Jiro.

Seeing them getting out of the car, Sun Jin immediately shouted excitedly, “The victim is coming. Director Dong, look at him. Mr. Mitsui’s leg hasn’t been treated yet and he has come to testify. It shows you how angry he is with this case.”

Zheng Hongda then said, “Director Dong, the victim is a friend from Japan. We must be cautious about this case.”

At this moment, Mitsui Ina got out of the car with the help of Mitsui Jiro and shouted, “My injury has nothing to do with others. I broke it myself.”

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