The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Young Master Zheng Who Ran Around Naked

Chapter 544 Young Master Zheng, Who Ran Around Naked

It was because of this situation that Sun Shengtian issued an order as the family master, forbidding anyone in the family from provoking Qin Haodong.

Yet, his precious grandson thought he was clever and had not only disobeyed the order, but he had even used the strength of officials to capture Qin Haodong. This was a terrible disaster.

Qin Haodong looked at Sun Shengtian, who had a pale face, “Geezer Sun, did you hear? Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

“Son of a bitch!”

Sun Shengtian raised his hand and slapped Sun Jin hard.

Sun Jin staggered from the slap, as he cupped his bruised face and said, “Grandpa, I did it for our Sun family…”

“Rubbish! This is causing trouble for the Sun family!’

Sun Shengtian shouted to the bodyguard behind him, “Sun Jin violated the family rules. Go break his legs, then kick him out of the Sun family. From today onwards, he will have nothing to do with the Sun family!”

“Grandpa, you can’t do this, I’m your grandson!'”

Sun Jin became petrified. Sun Shengtian had actually punished him so severely. At this moment, the family reward and the family master throne no longer had anything to do with him.

At this time, he was completely regretting what he had done. Why did he have to pretend to be smart and provoke this devil!

Sun Shengtian was unmoved as he turned his head and shouted to the bodyguard, “What are you looking at? Hurry up and do it!”

Dong Bicheng was shocked. He thought Qin Haodong had always relied on Zhou Xinzhu, but now it seemed to be more complicated than that. Even the Sun family’s family master was called over by him with just a phone call as if they did not dare to disobey Qin Haodong.

Also, in order to quell Qin Haodong’s anger, Sun Shengtian did not hesitate to break his own grandson’s legs. What on earth did this young man do? How could he have so much influence?

Still, things were now a bit awkward. Although Sun Shengtian was implementing the Sun family laws, they were after all inside the Criminal Police Unit’s territory. When he shouted to break Sun Jin’s legs in front of so many police officers, they all looked at each other, as they did not know whether they should stop the Sun family or not.

They soon had their answer. When they saw Dong Bicheng turn around, pretending not to see or hear anything, the police officers all knew what they had to do. They also turned around, looking away from Sun Jin.

Crack! Crack!

After two crisp sounds were heard, a heart-wrenching scream followed. Sun Jin’s legs were completely broken, and then he was thrown out by the bodyguard.

After taking care of Sun Jin, Sun Shengtian walked up to Qin Haodong and said with his head lowered, “Mr. Qin, I’m very sorry. This was a misunderstanding. Sun Jin did this on his own, it has nothing to do with the Sun family.”

Qin Haodong said faintly, “Let’s leave this matter here. However, I don’t want anything like this to happen again in the future, otherwise, your Sun family will have to bear the consequences.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Qin, something like this will never happen again.”

With that, Sun Shengtian got into the car and left the crime squad with the others. Currently, he was suffocating inside, as his eyes were filled with hatred. The family master of the Sun family had actually been forced to do something like this by a young man.

“Kid, you just wait. I will make you pay for this!”

After everyone from the Sun family had left, Qin Haodong turned to look at Dong Bicheng, “Director Dong, everything is now clear. Captain Pan’s cross-border enforcement was not accidental, he colluded with Sun Jin. How are you going to take care of this?”

Zhou Xinzhu said, “Haodong, don’t worry, Uncle Dong will properly handle it.”

Pan Shijie’s heart sank. These two echoing each other might just end his official career. He could not help but look at Zheng Hongda, hoping that his boss could help.

Nonetheless, he was disappointed to find that Zheng Hongda had ignored him and was admiring the clouds. It did not seem like Zheng Hongda was planning on helping him.

Still, this could not be blamed on Zheng Hongda. The situation was clear, even if he wanted to help, he could not do anything.

Also, Pan Shijie was like a dog in Zheng Hongda’s eyes and nothing more. There was no need to sacrifice too much for a dog.

Dong Bicheng looked at Pan Shijie and said harshly, “As a police officer, you should enforce strict self-discipline and not collude with others to frame a college student. You also violated the rules and cross-border enforcement and used guns in violation of the regulations.

I declare that you will be relieved of your post as captain and dismissed from the police force. You will be dealt with further for violating the law.”

“It’s over!”

Pan Shijie’s eyes turned dark. He was stunned on the spot. He knew that his life was over.

Zheng Hongda shook his head. He was a little disappointed by what happened today, but it did not matter, as he had not lost much.

He started walking towards his car, preparing to leave the Criminal Police Unit. Right at that moment, someone shouted, “Stop. Did I say you can go?”

The one who spoke was naturally Qin Haodong. He would not easily let go of someone who had set him up, even if that person was the Zheng family’s young master.

Zheng Hongda turned around and smiled at Qin Haodong, “Is there something you need?”

Qin Haodong said, “Young Master Zheng, why are you leaving? You can’t be let off this easily.”

Zheng Hongda raised his hands and said, “Qin Haodong, I admit you have skills, but what can you do?

“This matter has nothing to do with me. I didn’t break the law or the family rules. I didn’t even violate the regulations of the Public Security Bureau. I am a good citizen, so why can’t I leave?”

This was why he was confident. Sun Jin had been the one leading this matter, while Zheng Honda had not revealed much, and had only used Pan Shijie as a chess piece.

Moreover, as long as Pan Shijie was not crazy, he definitely would not point out Zheng Honda. Otherwise, he would not be able to continue living in Shanghai in the future.

Qin Haodong said, "You haven’t broken the law yet, but it doesn’t mean you won’t later.”

Zheng Hongda said, “I am a smart person. How could I do something that violates the law and discipline…”

Before he had finished speaking, a look of confusion flashed in his eyes. Then, he rushed forward like a crazy person, grabbed the fire hydrant, and used it to smash Dong Bicheng’s car.


Before anyone could react, Zheng Hongda had smashed Dong Bicheng’s car into pieces.

Dong Bicheng never dreamed that Zheng family’s young master would smash his car. He quickly shouted to his men, “Hurry up and arrest him!”

Zheng Hongda threw the fire hydrant towards the police officers who were rushing towards him. Then, he crazily rushed out of the crime squad. He started to take off his clothes as he was rushing out. After he had run out through the crime squad’s gates, he was completely naked.

This Zheng family’s young master was extremely fit. The seven or eight policemen were not able to catch up to him, as he ran all the way to the bustling city of Shanghai naked.

“He’s crazy. The Zheng family’s young master is crazy…”

Everyone was thinking that in their hearts. No one could understand why Zheng Hongda, who had been talking eloquently a second ago, had suddenly gone crazy and smashed the car that belonged to the chief of the Public Security Bureau. What was he doing? Looking for excitement?

Zhou Xinzhu seemed to have noticed something, as she walked up to Qin Haodong and whispered, “Did you do this?”

Qin Haodong raised his hands, “I’m standing right here. I haven’t done anything.”

He turned and said to Dong Bicheng, "Director Dong, isn’t it against the law for this guy to smash a patrol wagon and run around naked downtown?”

Dong Bicheng did not understand what was happening, but the truth was right in front of him. He could only nod and say, “It is indeed against the law.”

“Then I hope you will handle this according to the law!”

With that, he left the crime squad with Nalan Wuxia and Zhou Xinzhu. After they exited, he said to the two women, “Thank you guys for your help today.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “I still have things to do, so I will leave first.”

With that, she got into the car and soon disappeared into the traffic. There was naturally no need to say too much between her and Qin Haodong, as everything was obvious.

Zhou Xinzhu looked at Qin Haodong playfully, “Even if I hadn’t come today, you would have taken care of this matter right?”

Qin Haodong smiled, “No matter what, you still came, so I have to thank you.”

Zhou Xinzhu said, “Ever since we first met, my impression of you has improved every time, but I have also underestimated you every time. You are really an interesting guy.”

“Don’t get curious about a man so easily, you might quickly fall in love with him.”

Zhou Xinzhu smiled and said, "It’s too late for that. I’m already in love with you.”

“It can’t be helped. I’m just too attractive!”

After they spoke for a bit longer, Zhou Xinzhu said goodbye to Qin Haodong. She told a bodyguard to get a car and then left with the others.

Qin Haodong went into a car, then pulled out his mobile phone and dialed Yagyuu Yukime.

“Are Jiro Mitsui and Mitsui Ina your men?”

With his intelligence, it was easy to guess that the change in these two Japanese people’s attitudes had something to do with Yagyuu Yukime.

“Yes, master. They have offended you. Please punish them. You can even kill them.”

“It’s fine. It’s all in the past.”

As the Mitsui brothers had performed quite well later on, Qin Haodong did not intend to pursue them.

“What is going on? When did you arrive in Shanghai?”

Yagyuu Yukime said, “Huaxia is holding a high-stakes business summit in Shanghai. I came here on behalf of the Yagyuu family to attend this summit. I didn’t report to my master, please punish me.”

“I already told you to call me boss. There is no need to say ‘master’ all the time. Also, you are a free person and not my puppet, there is no need to tell me everything.”

Yagyuu Yukime was silent for a while, then she said, “Boss, can you come and see me? I have something I need to tell you.”

Qin Haodong thought about it and said, “Okay. Send me your address. I will head over now.”

Yagyuu Yukime did not think Qin Haodong would agree as she said excitedly, “Thank you, boss. I will send you the address right now.”

Qin Haodong hung up the phone and arrived at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center by following the address given to him by Yagyuu Yukime.

This was a skyscraper around 50 stories tall. The bottom 10 floors were the Convention and Exhibition Center, which was used for holding all kinds of meetings. The upper 40 floors were five-star hotels, which were generally used by guests attending the exhibition.

After he parked the car, Qin Haodong arrived at the presidential suite on the 30th floor. As soon as he had arrived at the door, Yagyuu Yukime opened the door and bowed to welcome him while wearing traditional Japanese clothing.

"Welcome, boss!”

Yagyuu Yukime placed a pair of slippers in front of Qin Haodong, then took his shoes off and replaced them with the slippers. She was like a little wife waiting for her husband to return home. She did not have the slightest aura of a family master.

Qin Haodong was still somewhat unaccustomed to this Japanese-style treatment. “When did you arrive?” he asked.

Yagyuu Yukime said, “Our delegation arrived in Shanghai yesterday. Originally, I wanted to take care of the matter at hand and then go see the boss. However, I didn’t expect the two bastards would have offended you first.”

Qin Haodong sat on the sofa and asked, “What is this summit you mentioned?”

Yagyuu Yukime said, “Boss, did you not hear about this huge matter? It is the financial summit held by the famous Haodong group in Huaxia. Its standard is very high, the people invited are the most well-known business groups and wealthy groups.”

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