The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 550

Chapter 550 You Snuck In?

Chapter 550 You Snuck In?

“I told you, let me slowly explain.”

Han Zaixing said, “You single-handedly created the Haodong Group, but now that girl Ye Qing is becoming more and more powerful. Many people in the Haodong Group only know about her, the executive president, but do not know that you are the chairman.

“I’m afraid she’ll do something bad to you one day. You’ve already been hurt once. I don’t want to see you sad again, so I sent someone to keep an eye on her.

“But don’t worry, I really don’t have any evil intentions towards you.”

“Don’t drive a wedge between us. Ye Qing is my sister and is like a daughter to me. What’s mine is hers. In the future, I will be giving the group to her.”

Han Zaixing said, “You’re right. You have been treating Ye Qing like your daughter, but you two are not related by blood. She’s not your real daughter, so how could she be true to you? Perhaps one day, she will stab you in the back.”

Chu Xuanyue said, “Han Zaixing, I’m telling you now, putting a wedge between us is useless. If I find out you have sent people to follow Ye Qing again in the future, I won’t forgive you.”

Han Zaixing sighed. He made a sad expression and said, “Xiao Yue, so many years have passed, yet you still can’t see my sincerity towards you?

“I haven’t married all these years, just to wait for the day when you change your mind. I don’t expect anything in this life except to be together with you happily and have a lovely child.

“I know you treat Ye Qing as your daughter, but she is not your real daughter after all. We can have our own child, so why rely on others?”

“Han Zaixing, I have told you many times, it is impossible between us. I only have Brother Zongheng in my heart, so you should give up.”

With that, Chu Xuanyue slammed the door and left. Han Zaixing’s face turned gloomy again and he said with a cold expression, “You don’t know what’s good for you. Sooner or later, you will kneel and beg me!”

At eight in the evening, Qin Haodong and Lin Momo arrived at the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Center on time.

Everyone who came to the banquet was financial magnate with assets worth tens of billions of yuan. The parking lot suddenly became a show of luxury cars, and everywhere there were luxury cars worth tens of millions of yuan. In contrast, Qin Haodong’s Mercedes-Benz SUV looked a little shabby.

After he parked the car, he walked towards the banquet with Lin Momo.

The financial summit was so strict that no matter who it was, they had to be questioned before they could enter. As soon as they had arrived at the entrance, two uniformed security guards stopped them.

“Mister, are you here to attend the banquet?”

The security guard looked at Qin Haodong and felt that he wasn’t someone with a fortune of more than 10 billion yuan.

Qin Haodong nodded, then took out the golden invitation card.

After seeing the invitation, the security guard was shocked. Then, an expression of doubt appeared on his face.

He took the invitation card and examined it carefully. Then, he placed it in the electronic detector next to him for electronic scanning and testing.

The invitations issued by the Haodong Group were specially made. They not only look very beautiful but also contained an electronic chip, which recorded the personal information of the owner.

After a beeping sound, Qin Haodong’s personal information was immediately displayed on the electronic screen.

After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the invitation, the two security guards immediately became respectful. They saluted at Qin Haodong and Lin Momo, and then said, “Welcome, our two VIP guests, to the banquet. Please come inside!”

Qin Haodong did not care about these things. He took back the invitation card, then walked towards the banquet hall with Lin Momo.

There was still half an hour before the banquet officially began, but there was already a lot of noise inside.

For these kinds of business banquets, people who came to attend generally had their own purposes. Most of them wanted to expand their contacts through the banquet and find possible business opportunities that would be beneficial to their own industry. This was also the main reason why Lin Momo wanted to attend the banquet.

Qin Haodong was not good at this kind of communication and was not keen on it either. He let Lin Momo do these things, while he went to pick some of the delicacies he liked and sat in the corner to slowly taste them.

Zhou Xinzhu came to the banquet in a low-cut black evening dress, which immediately attracted the attention and exclamations of countless people. This made her extremely satisfied.

In the past, when attending these banquets, many people would surround her, flatter her, and follow her around. However, it was only because she was the eldest lady of the Zhou family and could bring innumerable wealth to them.

But today was different. She could tell that many people looked at her with pure eyes. It was the purity of a man looking at a woman. They even stared at her towering chest.

Although she disliked the look in their eyes, she was secretly delighted. Her charm increased, as she was no longer the flat-chested woman she used to be.

Occasionally, she would meet one or two women who had mocked her in the past. Surprised, envy and jealousy could be seen in their expressions. She enjoyed this feeling very much. Using an advertisement to describe this, it would be, “being a woman with ample bosom is pretty good!”

At the same time, there was regret in her heart. She knew who had given all of this to her, but that man could not come to the banquet tonight. If only he could be her date tonight.

Recently, whenever she thought of Qin Haodong’s handsome face, there would a burst of fire in her heart, a feeling she had never felt before.

While dealing with the men who chatted with her, she walked slowly into the banquet.

At the center of the venue, two handsome young men were chatting about something while holding wine glasses in their hands. From time to time, a few young ladies and rich wives went up to them in an attempt to chat with them, but they were all refused.

They were Sun Qian from the Sun family and Zheng Hongliang from the Zheng family. They were the main third-generation heirs raised by their families. Today, they had come to the banquet on behalf of their families.

It had to be said that both of them had the qualifications to feel proud. They were both handsome and had graduated from famous universities abroad. They had high status in their families and had taken over part of the management of the industry. They had strong competitiveness for the family master throne.

Sun Qian saw Zhou Xinzhu walking over. He scanned her perfect figure and said in amazement, “Young Master Zheng, I heard that Zhou Xinzhu’s figure had changed from a flat one to a devil-like one. I didn’t believe it, but it seems real now.”

Zheng Hongliang looked at Zhou Xinzhu and nodded. “In the past, it was difficult to pick out anything wrong from this woman’s face, but her figure was too flat and not feminine. It really is different now, even a famous international model cannot compare to her.”

Sun Qian said, “Since she’s here, let’s go over and have a look.”

Zheng Hongliang nodded and walked towards Zhou Xinzhu with Sun Qian. They were the main members of their families and had met numerous times during such occasions in the past, so they knew each other quite well.

Sun Qian displayed a poss that he thought was very stylish and said, “Xinzhu, you look very beautiful tonight. You are the highlight of the entire banquet.”

Zheng Hongliang said, “That’s right. It is said that a girl changes 18 times before reaching womanhood, becoming more and more beautiful. Xinzhu, you didn’t change 18 times, you changed 72 times, and have become a fairy!”

Zhou Xinzhu smiled and said, “I am still me, I haven’t changed much. It is you guys who have changed, becoming better at making a woman happy.”

Sun Qian said, “Xinzhu, the old man allowed you to attend this banquet and represent the Zhou family, which means that you are being raised as the heir of the family.”

Zhou Xinzhu smiled. “It’s just a banquet, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Zheng Hongliang said, “This is different. Don’t you see what kind of banquet this is? It’s a financial summit banquet organized by the Haodong Group. Ordinary people would never be able to attend.”

At this point, there was a look of arrogance on his face. It had to be known that he had made great efforts to get a spot in his family. The fact that he was able to attend the banquet on behalf of the Zheng family was already saying something.

Zhou Xinzhu said, “I don’t have as much as you guys think. I came here to increase my knowledge and learn more from all the bosses.”

Sun Qian glanced greedily at Zhou Xin’s curved figure and quietly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Xinzhu, our Sun family recently opened a top-quality entertainment center. The conditions are good in all aspects. Why don’t we go there to sing and dance when the banquet is over?”

His invitation was very common in high-class banquets, and it had a deep meaning. Usually, it meant having sex after singing and dancing.

“I’m sorry, Young Master Sun, I’m not feeling well these days, so I need to go back and rest after the banquet.”

Zhou Xinzhu impolitely refused Sun Qian’s invitation. The relationship between the Sun family, the Zheng family, and the Zhou family, the three top families, was very delicate. They had a lot of collaboration and competition at the same time. They would always have to keep guard to avoid being swallowed by each other at any time.

The most important thing was she had no good feelings towards the two men in front of her. She even loathed them. Right at that moment, she became stunned as she saw Qin Haodong eating in the corner.

“Sorry young masters, please excuse me for a moment. I saw a very important friend.”

With that, she held the hem of her dress and quickly walked further into the banquet venue.

Sun Qian and Zheng Hongliang’s expressions all darkened. What did she mean? A very important friend? Did it mean that they were not important?

Afterward, when they saw Zhou Xinzhu walking up to Qin Haodong like a cheerful swallow, their expressions changed again.

The person in front of them was the Sun and Zheng families’ common enemy.

“Haodong, you’re here!”

Zhou Xinzhu sat next to Qin Haodong, and her hands naturally clung onto his arm. This kind of affectionate gesture made many men next to them jealous.

Afterward, Zhou Xinzhu seemed to have noticed something and whispered, “Haodong, how did you get in?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “What’s so strange? I walked in through the door.”

Zhou Xinzhu asked, “You received an invitation?”

After Qin Haodong had called, she had tried her best to get an invitation to the financial summit, but she couldn’t get one.

In her view, although Qin Haodong was very capable, he was completely new in Shanghai’s business world. He could not be compared to the Zhou family, let alone get an invitation letter from Ye Qing.

Qin Haodong nodded. “I received one.”

“Impossible!” Zhou Xinzhu asked with surprise, “I thought of many ways to help you but couldn’t get one. How did you receive one?”

Qin Haodong said with a smile, “Last night, Ye Qing came to my house and gave it to me.”

Zhou Xinzhu punched him on the shoulder and said with a smile, “Stop joking. She is the president of the Haodong Group and the No. 2 figure with real power. How could she have given you an invitation?”

Qin Haodong smiled helplessly. These days, no one believed the truth!

Zhou Xinzhu leaned near his ear and whispered, “Did you sneak in?”

Qin Haodong smiled again. He really wasn’t interested in explaining these things.

Zheng Hongliang looked at the intimacy between Zhou Xinzhu and Qin Haodong. His face became more and more gloomy, and he said coldly, “Young Master Sun, I heard that your family has made a lot of movements recently. Your buildings are being renovated, aren’t they?”

Sun Qian’s expression became dark. He was obviously mocking the Sun family for getting destroyed by Qin Haodong!

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