The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 554

Chapter 554 The Most Expensive Hair In History

Chapter 554 The Most Expensive Hair in History

Hearing the bid, the auctioneers wrist shook and nearly dropped the auction hammer on the table.

A million for a hair was outrageous enough. Someone even offered ten million yuan. What was going on?

Looking in the direction of the voice, Maldini Jr. was holding up his number plate and smiling at him.

All the people present were driven insane. The highest auction bid, till now, had appeared. It was not gold, nor silver or an antique jade, but just a strand of hair. Wasnt it crazy?

Looking at the raised number plate in Maldini Jr.s hand, Zheng Hongliang and Sun Qian were so confused that they couldnt use words to describe their mood at the moment.

Ten million yuan for a strand of hair? Was this foreigner crazy? Or he just has too much money?

Of course, Maldini Jr. was not a madman. Instead, he was a very smart businessman. His offer was to thank Qin Haodong for curing his father and sons illness, and his offer was also a very smart investment.

What if Qin Haodong became happy and gave them an elixir, which was absolutely impossible to buy with any amount of money.

Because of this, he did not hesitate to offer ten million yuan.

Zhou Xinzhu glanced at Qin Haodong beside him and his eyes were shining.

"What are you doing?"

Qin Haodong asked warily.

"Im thinking about pulling out your hair. One strand can sell for ten million yuan. Gold is also not worth as much as your hair."


Qin Haodong didnt expect this situation. Ten million yuan was not a small number. Many families in China would never see so much money in their entire lives.

The auctioneer felt that his strength had left him, and he didnt want to see any more nonsense. He raised his hammer again and shouted, "Ten million once, ten million twice "

Then he was going to hit the hammer straight away. In his opinion, no one could offer a higher price.

"I offer a hundred million!"

A voice resounded throughout the hall. It was very clear and pleasant to hear, but it fell like a thunderbolt, which made everyone in the audience feel hot outside but tender inside. They couldnt believe their ears.

It was Ye Qing, the No. 2 figure of Haodong Group and the host of todays summit, who placed the bid.

The reason why she came up with such an idea was to get a hair of Qin Haodong and perform a DNA identification test with Chu Xuanyue.

It is indeed a good idea. She could complete the DNA test without disturbing Qin Haodong. Unexpectedly, such a fierce bidding occurred before she could make a bid, so she directly raised the price to a hundred million yuan.

In order to achieve this goal, let alone a hundred million yuan, even if it was one billion yuan, she would not hesitate to take them out. She would surely get this strand of hair.

Silence! The huge hall fell silent.

It was too much to buy a strand of hair with a hundred million yuan. Dear god!

There was no doubt that Qin Haodongs hair would become the most expensive one in all history, one which has never occurred before and will not occur again.

Zheng Hongliangs smug face turned to a funeral face.

He had taken out a superior lanolin jade bracelet and barely received five million yuan. Qin Haodong had pulled out only one strand of hair and received a hundred million in a flash. He was also a young man in his twenties. The gap between them was too big.

He just wanted to take this opportunity to humiliate Qin Haodong, but now he found himself feeling humiliated. He had lost all his dignity.

It took a long time for people to come back to their senses. The meeting place fell into a clamor again.

"Whats the matter with President Ye? Is she crazy? One hundred million yuan for one strand of hair?"

"I dont know. Maybe she likes that pretty young man and wants to make him happy."

"Whats that Qin Haodong done? How can president Ye value him so much?"

Zhou Xinzhu whispered in Qin Haodongs ear, "Whats the matter? Does President Ye want to keep you as her sweetheart?"

Qin Haodong replied with a wry smile, "If thats so, I would rather she give me these hundred million yuan directly instead of donating it!"

Finally, the auctioneer knocked the hammer, and this hair of Qin Haodong was finally won at the price of one hundred million yuan.

Till the end of the auction, the most expensive auction items did not exceed ten million, let alone a hundred million yuan.

Compared to before the auction, Qin Haodong found that many peoples eyes had changed when they looked at him. They all seemed to have an impulse to pull out his hair.

At the end of the reception, the guests left one after the other. Qin Haodong also said goodbye to Ye Qing, Maldini Jr., Yagyuu Yukime, Kim Junxian, and others, and invited them to attend the opening ceremony of Lins Jewelry the next day.

After they all left, Ye Qing took out the most expensive hair in history and hurried to the hospital. She had already arranged for the doctor on duty to wait for her.

Half an hour later, she hurried back to the hotel with a DNA test report and then called Chu Xuanyue.

From last night till now, Chu Xuanyue had been in a state of extreme hyperactivity. She couldnt sleep at all. When she heard the phone ring, she immediately picked it up.

"Little Qing, how about it? Did you do the DNA test? "

"Its done. I have the results with me now."

Ye Qing also sounded very excited.

Chu Xuanyue asked nervously, "Tell me quickly. Is he my lost son?"

Ye Qing said excitedly, "The tests show that your genes are 99% similar to Qin Haodongs, that is to say, he is your son that was stolen away."

Then Chu Xuanyue cried excitedly over the phone.

"Son. My ill-fated son, I finally found him"

Chu Xuanyue choked with sobs. She and her son had been separated for more than 20 years. Now she finally knew where he was. How could she not be excited?

Ye Qing quietly waited for Chu Xuanyue to vent her emotions. After a long time, she said, "Well, elder sister, dont cry anymore. You should be happy to have found the lost Haodong."

Chu Xuanyue said excitedly, "I must go and see my son. I havent seen him for more than 20 years"

"Sister, dont get too excited. Its not the right time for you to meet him."

Ye Qing, by contrast, was much calmer.

"No. No one can stop me. I have to go and see him, even if I only look at him from afar."

Ye Qing said, "If you went to see him like this, you will surely attract the attention of the Chu family. Are you sure you wont be noticed by the killer of the Chu family? If Haodongs identity is exposed, Im afraid this will be the last time you see him."

Chu Xuanyue cried angrily, "If his men dare to touch my son again, I will fight with him to death. Even if he is my father!"

"Sister, sometimes emotions are useless. Strength decides everything. Even if you want to fight with them, what will you fight with?

"Im the highest cultivator here, but even Im not the equal of the three elder masters of the Chu family. So we must be calm, or we will bring harm to Qin Haodong."

Chu Xuanyue knew that what Ye Qing said was reasonable, so she immediately cried again, "But, I just want to see my son"

"You can meet him, but we have to think of some way to make it a secret."

Chu Xuanyue said, "Qing, you have a way, right? Tell me how to see him safely."

Ye Qing really had an idea. She said, "Its been so many years. The Chu family is still monitoring you, but its a common surveillance and not as strict.

"And Haodong is a doctor. A very good traditional Chinese medicine doctor. He has the title of a Medical Sage in Jiangnan.

"My way is for you pretend to be ill from now on, and then I will invite Qin Haodong to treat you. Then you can meet each other safely."

"Thats a good way." Chu Xuanyue said excitedly, "What disease do I pretend to have?"

Ye Qing said, "Ive also thought about this for you. Just as you are so excited now, no one would believe in other diseases. You can say that because you are so excited and cant sleep, you have bad headaches. See some doctors tomorrow and try to get the news out."

Chu Xuanyue said, "Ok, Ill do what you say. You must bring Haodong to me quickly!"

"Haodong is really excellent. He has his own industry at such a young age. Tomorrow his Lins Jewelry store will open. After opening, Ill ask him if he can go back to the capital with me," said Ye Qing

"Ok, I will wait for you!"

This night was destined to be another sleepless night for Chu Xuanyue. She didnt have to pretend to be sick. Her whole body was in a state of heightened nervousness. She had been sleepless for two consecutive days now, which really gave her a headache.

The strength of the top aristocratic family was unimaginable. The Sun family had mobilized almost all the constructors and designers of Shanghai. Within three days, the building of Lins Jewelry company had been completely fixed. An almost impossible task had been completed.

The next day, when Lins Jewelry company opened, Qin Haodong cut classes once again and came to the company early with Lin Momo.

His own industry was open for business. Naturally, there were many people in his Daddy Security Company that came. Ma Wenzhuo came early with the companys security guards to maintain order.

When the time came, the guests began to show up. The first one to arrive was Ye Qing. Then Maldini Jr., Yagyuu Yukime, and Kim Jihyun all came to the scene.

Half an hour later, other members of the financial summit also arrived to attend the opening ceremony. Except for the Sun and Zheng family, almost all those who had attended the reception yesterday came to take part in the ceremony.

Since last night, Qin Haodong had become the focal point of the whole financial circle of Shanghai. Businessmen chased after profits. These people understood that being friends with Qin Haodong would bring them great benefits.

Lins Jewelry was bustling. In the office opposite Xues Jewelry company, a middle-aged woman in her 50s was looking coldly.

Her name was Yan Shaofen, Xue Zhendis mother and the boss of Xues Jewelry company.

At this time, the door behind her opened and a young man in his 30s came in, followed by four or five people, all dressed rascally.

The young man was Xue Zhendi. He yawned and said in a discontented voice, "Mom, what do you want so early in the morning?"

"Can you drink less wine, stop hitting on women, and do something serious?"

Looking at her son made Yan Shaofen furious. "Your father had you when he was no longer young. He hoped you could revitalize the family and bring honor to the ancestors. Hence, he gave you the name Zhendi.

"He departed early and the whole Xues Jewelry was given to you. But how did you handle it? See what youve done to the company!"

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