The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 555

Chapter 555 Just Want To Do Pole Dancing

Chapter 555 Just Want to do Pole Dancing

"Mom, why are you so angry in the morning?" Xue Zhendi asked indifferently, "Whats wrong with the company? Isnt it great? Its still the biggest jewelry company in Shanghai."

Yan Shaofen said angrily, "Not for long! Dont you see Lins Jewelry opening across the street? If you keep running the company like this, we will close down soon."

Xue Zhendi still didnt care. "Mom, youre being paranoid. How big of a storm can they set off as outsiders? How can they compete with Xues Jewelry?"

"You have the cheek to say that. Five years ago, when your father handed over Xues Jewelry to you, the company value had reached five billion yuan. Now our company is getting worse every year. Last years valuation was only three billion yuan."

The more she said, the angrier she became. She pointed at his nose and cried, "What have you been doing all these years? What kinds of friends are you making?

"Spending all your time drinking and flirting with women, and hanging out with riffraff. Behaving like this, how can you live up to your fathers expectations? How can you carry forward Xues Jewelry?"

"Mom, how can you say that? Im out doing business every day, and Ive made a lot of great friends."

Xue Zhendi said, "Isnt it just a Lins Jewelry? Its no big deal. How can a small outsider compare with our Xues Jewelry?

"Dont worry and leave this matter to me. Ill have them shut down soon."

His words pacified Yan Shaofen a bit, "From now on, bring your thoughts back to improving the business of Xues Jewelry.

"Moreover, your father has diligently and properly educated you. In business, fair competition should be emphasized. Dont always think about doing things out of line."

"I get it, mother. Just leave everything to me. Now go back and take proper rest."

Xue Zhendi said while pushing Yan Shaofen out with a jerky smile.

She sighed. There was only so much she could do. She hoped that her good-for-nothing son could listen to her.

After she left, Xue Zhendi took a look at Lins Jewelry across the street, which had a large crowd. He said to his people, "These outsiders are taking a piece of bread right out of our mouth. We need to teach them a good lesson."

A young man with yellow hair said, "Master Xue, its quite easy to resolve. Youve been out in the world for so many years and you have so many friends. You can shut them down with a lift of your finger."

"I also think so."

Xue Zhendi nodded after some thought and said smugly, "Devil Six, you always have some good ideas. Tell me how to kick Lins Jewelrys ass."

"Its simple," said Devil Six. "You have a wide network of friends in the city. You can find a few friends from the gangs to get rid of them."

Xue Zhendi said, "Good. Im gonna call Black Hawk now."

Yellow hair said, "There are many people under Black Hawk. You can easily have dozens of them out here. Those outsiders would pee their pants in fear."

More and more guests arrived to congratulate Lins Jewelry. Zhou Xinzhu and Zhou Tao also arrived with Dong Bicheng, the head of the Public Security Bureau.

Following them, the gangsters led by Wang Jinlong and Xiong Tiejun, arrived one after another. After Qin Haodong had taken the Daddy Security Company to sweep the Sun family, he had secured a supreme status in Shanghai.

"Boss, were here. We brought a small gift. Just a little token to show our respect to you. Please accept it."

Opening a business was a big event. These people naturally came to fawn on Qin Haodong and sent their own congratulatory gifts.

So a strange scene appeared in Lins Jewelry, where there were financial tycoons with billions of yuan in assets, high-ranking public security director, and gangsters with tattoos all over their bodies, had come together.

Qin Haodong and Lin Momo were busy entertaining guests when a group of small hoodlums came from the opposite side. These people held short knives and steel pipes in their hands and they looked fierce.

The leader was a man with a ferocious face, bare arms, a large black hawk on his chest, and a steel pipe more than a meter long in his hand.

"Who is in charge here? Come out!"

This man was Black Hawk, who was called by Xue Zhendi. He claimed to be the big brother of the underworld. In fact, he was just a small time gangster who couldnt enter the proper criminal world. He was not at same level as Golden Dragon, Xiong Tiejun, and others. He didnt even know who Qin Haodong was.

Qin Haodong frowned. It was a great day for business and he didnt want to have too much trouble. He turned to Huang Jinlong and said, "Go and see whats going on."

Today was the day when the big boss was opening his business. Yet some small gangsters were coming here to ask for trouble. This was a disgrace to these guys. Golden Dragon and Xiong Tiejun were furious and immediately rushed out.

"Black Hawk, do you want to die? How dare you come here to cause trouble!"

Golden Dragon came forward and slapped Black Hawk in the face.

Black Hawk had just received a call from Xue Zhendi, saying that a hick from a small place was competing with Xues Jewelry for business. He asked him to bring some people to disrupt their business. After this he would be paid one million yuan.

He thought it would be easy to bully a nonlocal upstart, but he didnt expect to meet Golden Dragon and Xiong Tiejun here. Compared to these two figures of the Ssangyong Society and the Biker Gang, he was nothing.

After being slapped, Black Hawk showed no temper at all, instead he flatteringly said, "Boss Huang. Boss Xiong. You are here too!"

Xiong Tiejun said, "What are you doing here? Today is my bosss big opening day of his business. Are you looking for trouble here? Are you tired of living?"

Black Hawk cried to himself bitterly. He scolded Xue Zhendis 18 generations of ancestors in his mind. "Didnt you say that the person is a nonlocal upstart without any background?

"Now even the bosses of the Ssangyong Society and the Biker Gang were calling him boss. This is a man of great power. Yet you even hired me disrupt his business. Are you trying to kill me?"

Thinking of this, he said in a hurry, "Youve misunderstood me. Im not here to find trouble. Im only here to congratulate the opening."

Golden Dragon slapped him in the face again and spoke, "Do you think Im a fool? How can you congratulate someone with a steel tube?"

Black Hawk was very clear that if he was believed to be looking for trouble, he would not be able to find a place in the underworld of Shanghai.

He held up the steel pipe in his hand and said, "Boss, you misunderstood me. I came here with this thing, just to have a pole dance."

Xiong Tiejun said, "Bullshit, who the hell would like to see you do pole dancing! Since you are here to congratulate, do you have any gifts?"

"Yes, I do!" Black Hawk quickly threw away the steel tube in his hand and took out all the money in his pocket, then turned back to the gangsters behind him and shouted, "Whoever has money, take it out for me."

These gangsters also knew that they were in big trouble. They quickly threw away their steel pipes and knives and took out all their money. Some even took out the coins in their pockets. At last, they were able to collect forty thousand yuan and handed them all to Xiong Tiejun.

Xue Zhendi and Devil Six were standing on the fifth floor of Xues Jewelry while holding a telescope in their hands, ready to enjoy the scene of Lins Jewelrys opening day being smashed.

Black Hawk soon came with his men, but he didnt do anything. Instead, he took out all the money from his pocket and gave it to the opponent.

Xue Zhendi scolded, "What the hell is Black Hawk doing? I asked him to smash their ceremony. How did he end up with giving money?

"He claims to be my brother yet he cant even help me at critical time. Ill ask him what is going on."

Just as he was about to go downstairs to confront Black Hawk, Devil Six hurriedly grabbed him.

"Young master, you cant go at this time or Lins Jewelry will find out that we are behind the scenes."

Xue Zhendi cried angrily, "What should I do then? I cant just let it go and helplessly watch their business thriving."

"Dont be angry, young master," said Black Hawk. "I guess something must have happened there. But it doesnt matter. Since the gangsters cant do it, well go to the police.

"South City Branch is in charge of this area. You and Zhao Guoyin, the deputy director, are friends. Let him help you. You can say that there are fugitives amongst Lins Jewelry staff. Let him bring all the staff back to the police station for investigation, then he wont be able to start his business."

"This is indeed a good way. Ill call director Zhao now. He will help us for the sake of our relationship."

Xue Zhendi then reached out his cell phone and called a number. A few minutes later, he hung up and looked at Lins Jewelry and smugly said, "Wait and watch, you will close down soon!"

On the side of Lins Jewelry, Qin Haodong had just let Golden Dragon drive away Black Hawk, when, unexpectedly, a dozen uniformed policemen rushed to the place.

Xue Zhendi, who stood in front of the window with a telescope, seeing the policemen arrive excitedly said, "Director Zhao is really my good friend. He came so soon. Ill see what Lins Jewelry will do this time."

Devil Six said with a flattering face, "What else can they do except for shutting down the store? New upstarts even dream to fight you. They are far from your level."

Xue Zhendi smugly said, "Of course. I havent been out in the society for so many years for nothing."

Among these policemen, Zhao Guoyin, deputy director of South City Branch, walked into the crowd and shouted with arrogance, "Who is in charge here?"

Facing these policemen, Qin Haodong naturally didnt let Golden Dragon show up. He answered, "I am. Whats the matter?"

"Er "

Zhao Guoyin has indeed taken benefits from Xue Zhendi in recent years. Now he just wanted to show his power and shut down this place in the name of investigating fugitives. But, taking a glance at the people, he saw Dong Bicheng standing next to Qin Haodong.

As the deputy director of a branch, how could he not know the boss of the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai? He suddenly turned pale with fright and stammered, "Di-director Dong."

He didnt expect to meet the Chief of the Public Security Bureau of Shanghai, and it seemed that he was here to send a congratulatory gift to Qin Haodong. Dong Bicheng had come to personally congratulate this person. The identity of this young man should not be simple.

"This damned Xue Zhendi. Why didnt he make things clear and said that Qin Haodong doesnt have any background? Isnt this digging a hole for me?"

Dong Bicheng glanced at him and asked in a cold voice, "Zhao Guoyin, what are you doing here?"

Seeing the ferocious look of the directors face, Zhao Guoyins cold sweat flowed down his forehead. Suddenly, he came up with an idea said, "Director, this is the jurisdiction of our South City Branch. I heard that an important business opened in the jurisdiction. We wanted to come and see if there was anything we could do. After all, providing services to enterprises is also a part of our work!"

His words were so eloquent, sonorous, and powerful that he even admired himself, "How can I be so smart? My reaction is so fast."

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