The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 557

Chapter 557 Two Swordsmen Of Laoshan Mountain

Chapter 557 Two Swordsmen of Laoshan Mountain

Qin Haodong smiled and said, "Ive practiced a special way to see through others cultivation level. If Im not wrong, you have been in the supreme powers sixth level realm for a long time."

"Youre really amazing. Its the first time Ive seen someone who can see through others cultivation level after so many years!"

Ye Qing looked at him charmingly and opened the jade bottle in her hand. There were three crystal clear black pills in it.

"I have been trapped for a long time. Are these pills useful?"

Qin Haodong said, "Absolutely. One pill can help you break through. Just to be safe, I gave you three pills."

"I forgot that you are a great Medical Sage. Thank you!"

Ye Qing happily placed the small jade bottle in her bag. She had been stuck in that realm for a long time; she finally had the hope to break through. How could she not be happy?

After putting away the Energy-gathering Pill, she said, "Great Medical Sage, I still have one more thing to ask of you."

Qin Haodong said, "Come on, you have taken care of me so much. As long as I can do it, I will try my best."

Ye Qing said, "My sister Chu Xuanyue, the head of the Haodong Group, is ill. None of the doctors in the capital could cured her. Your medical skills are sublime. I want to invite you to go and have a look at her."

"Oh? I see!"

Qin Haodong thought about it and said, "Its not a problem for me to treat her. Can she come here? It will be a little troublesome for me to go to the capital."

Ye Qing said, "My sister is very ill and cannot travel. Besides, the Haodong Group needs to be controlled by one person. Im here now, so its not convenient for her to leave. So, I would need you to go to the capital with me.

In fact, the capital is not too far away from Shanghai. It will take half a day to get there driving. It wouldnt take too long for you to get there."

Qin Haodong hesitated for a moment. Since they met, Ye Qing had been helping him. Since she was asking him for help this time, it was hard for him to refuse. Moreover, if he had a good relationship with the Haodong Group, it would be very helpful for the development of the Lin Group.

Thinking of this, he said, "Ill go with you then, sister, but we cant stay too long in the capital. We have to come back immediately after seeing your sister."

Ye Qing snickered in her heart. "When you meet your mother, Im afraid youll be unwilling to leave."

"No problem. You can leave at any time as long as you treat my sister."

After the discussion, Qin Haodong handed over all the things related to the Lins Jewelry to Lin Momo and said goodbye to Li Meiyu. Then he got in the car with Ye Qing and drove to the capital.

Ye Qings car was an excellent off-road vehicle. She was sitting in the front passenger seat, while Qin Haodong was driving.

In the capital, Han Zaixing put his hands behind his back and said to the butler in front of him, "Hows the situation in Shanghai?"

The butler said, "The situation is very bad. Ever since those two fell into the hands of that witch, almost all of the people we placed in Shanghai have been wiped out."

"I will kill Ye Qing sooner or later." A ferocious look flashed across Han Zaixings face, and then he asked, "Have you inquired about it? Is Chu Xuanyue really sick?"

The butler said, "I dont know the details of her illness, but she did see a lot of doctors. It was said that she was dizzy and couldnt fall asleep for two consecutive days. Now the condition is getting worse. She cant get up.

"I asked the neurosurgeon who has treated her, and the doctor said that Chu Xuanyues neural pathways were overly excited and that she had been in an abnormal state for a long time."

"Then she really is sick." A hint of joy flashed across Han Zaixings face. "Its a good opportunity for us."

The butler was his confidante. He could not help but ask, "Boss, what are you going to do?"

Han Zaixing said, "That girl, Ye Qing, is our stumbling block. If she hadnt put obstacles in my way in the past few years, I would have already brought Chu Xuanyue to my bed.

"This time, Chu Xuanyue is ill, and she will definitely come back from Shanghai to see her. We can arrange for people to kill her on the way.

"Without Ye Qing, Chu Xuanyue would become the meat on my chopping board. I will be able to do whatever I want."

The butler said, "Boss, its easy to kill Ye Qing, but Chu Xuanyue is a member of the Chu family anyway. Will the Chu family retaliate against us?"

Han Zaixing said, "You dont have to worry about that. In the past few years, the relationship between Chu Xuanyue and the Chu family has been bad because of her child. They dont have much contact with each other. As long as I dont kill Chu Xuanyue, the Chu family wont do anything."

"Got it, boss. Ill do it now."

He turned his head and left the room after saying that.

Qin Haodong drove the car and chatted with Ye Qing. Soon they crossed the city limits. He said, "Sister, you are a true martial arts genius. You reached the sixth level of the supreme power realm so quickly."

Ye Qing replied, "I cant say Im a genius. To tell you the truth, my cultivation was not achieved through cultivation."

Qin Haodong thought she was joking. He laughed and said, "You didnt cultivate it? Where did you pick it up?"

Ye Qings expression changed. She sighed and said, "Its a long story. In fact, I had a hard life. When I was young, my parents died and I became an orphan at the age of eight. I was homeless. Later, my sister Chu Xuanyue adopted me."

Qin Haodong said, "Since president Chu adopted you, logically speaking, you should call her mother. Why do you call her sister?"

Ye Qing said, "At first, she said that she was afraid that it would make her feel old, so she asked me to call her sister. Later, I learned that my sister had a son, but she lost him soon after he was born. She was afraid that she would recall the previous pain, so she asked me to call her sister."

"Oh!" Qin Haodong said, "There are too many unpleasant things in the world. Im also an orphan. I still dont know who my parents are."

"My sister is my great benefactor. If she hadnt adopted me, I would either be still wandering on the streets or already dead somewhere else."

Ye Qing sighed again and said, "I met two helpful people in my life. One is my sister, and the other is my master.

"Not long after I was adopted by my sister, I met my master. She was a high-ranking person, whose Buddhist name was Huineng. When she said that I was her fated person, she took me in as her apprentice, and lived with me in the capital for ten years.

"In the past ten years, my master taught me everything she knew. Although my qualifications were not bad, I was barely able to reach the half-step to the supreme power realm at the age of eighteen.

"At this time, my master had foreseen that her life would end. Before she passed away, she used a secret method to pour all her lifes cultivation onto me, so that I could reach the sixth-level of the supreme power realm."

Qin Haodong then understood. No wonder Ye Qing had reached such a high cultivation at such a young age. It turned out that she got it with the help of her master.

Ye Qing continued to say, "Its been ten years since my masters death. However, since my cultivation wasnt obtained through hard work and my foundation was weak, Ive never improved in the past ten years, remaining at my current cultivation level ever since."

Qin Haodong said, "Dont worry, sister. You have completely consolidated your cultivation in the past ten years, and you are only one step away from a breakthrough. As long as you take the Spirit-restoring Pills I gave you, you can take another step forward."

Ye Qing took out the small jade bottle, grabbed one pill and eagerly said, "Can I try it now?"

She had stopped for ten years, and her desire to break through was extremely strong.

Qin Haodong thought for a moment; he concluded that it should not be OK since she would have him as her guardian.

He said, "Okay, sister, dont worry about breaking through. Ill take care of the rest."

After listening to him, Ye Qing laid down her seat and sat down cross-legged. After taking a deep breath, she swallowed the Spirit-restoring Pill and began to break through with all her heart and soul.

Qin Haodong slowed down the car and drove as steadily as possible. This way, they drove forward slowly.

At this time, they were far away from the city, and it was already late. There werent many cars on the road, and no one came to disturb them.

After an hour, Ye Qings momentum was getting stronger, and the Spiritual Qi around her was like a whirlpool, sweeping towards her.

Qin Haodong knew that she was about to break through. He chose a flat place on the side of the road to stop the car and let Ye Qing try her best to break through.

After about another ten minutes, Ye Qing felt a loud bang in her mind, and then the Genuine Qi in her body suddenly soared like a great river running through her body.

She succeeded. She had reached the seventh level of the supreme power realm. She had finally broken through.

After ten years, she had finally crossed the threshold, which made her feel ecstatic.

After all, there was a distinct meaning between her current level and other realms. Going through this threshold was equal to reaching the late-stage of the Gold Core realm, which was much more powerful than the sixth level of the supreme power.

After stabilizing her cultivation, she slowly opened her eyes.

Qin Haodong laughed and said, "Congratulations, sister. Youve finally broken through."

"Brother, I have to thank you. If I didnt have your pills, I dont know how long it would take to make a breakthrough.

"Come here. Let me kiss you to express my gratitude."

She was in a good mood after the breakthrough. She wanted to tease Qin Haodong, making fun of her brother while pretending to kiss to him.

However, Qin Haodong did not dodge at all. He held her in his arms. Before she could react, Qin Haodongs hand flashed with a golden light. He directly split the door of the car into two halves, and then rushed out with her in his arms.

There was a loud noise the moment they rushed out. A cold light chopped the off-road vehicle like a lightning. The sturdy car had actually been cut in half like tofu.

Ye Qing was shocked at first, and then she flew into a rage. She didnt expect that someone would ambush her at this time. Fortunately, she had already made a breakthrough. Otherwise, even if she hadnt been cut by it, she would have died, exploding due to being interrupted during her breakthrough.

She removed herself from Qin Haodongs embrace and looked back angrily. She saw two black shadows standing in the night. One was tall, and the other was small. Each of them was holding a shining silver sword.

"Swordsmen of Laoshan Mountain?"

They were also well-known masters in the martial world. They were husband and wife cultivators. The mans name was Gu Yuqing, and the womans name was Ling Cuicui. Like Ye Qing before, they had reached the sixth level of the supreme power realm.

Gu Yuqing chuckled and said, "Little witch, I didnt think that you would survive my sword. Youre quite capable."

Ling Cuicui said, "But so what? We will fight together. Sooner or later, you will also be the ghost under our swords. Its better to kneel down and accept death, so as to save us some trouble."

Both of them were experienced masters at the sixth level of the supreme power realm, and they had a set of joint attack sword skills. They worked together for many years, so they didnt take Ye Qing seriously at all.

They would have never imagined that just moments before, Ye Qing had successfully broken through to the seventh level of the supreme power realm.

Ye Qing was not a reckless person. She suppressed the anger in her heart and asked coldly, "Who sent you here? Did the Han Family or Han Zaixing himself do this?"

The two swordsmen of Laoshan Mountain had become the elders of the Han family in the capital many years back. Since they were fighting together, it was definitely not accidental.

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