The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 560

Chapter 560 The Reunion Of A Mother And Her Son

Chapter 560 The Reunion of a Mother and Her Son

Just as Chu Xuanyue was about to call for help, Zhang Jingsheng raised his hand to stop her by pressing her acupuncture points. On the other side, Han Zaixing used his palm to chop at the assistants neck, knocking her out.

The two men acted almost at the same time and cooperated with each other flawlessly. It seemed that they had planned it for a long time.

"Han Zaixing, what are you doing?"

Chu Xuanyues eyes were blazing with anger. She didnt expect that her playmate, who grew up with her since childhood, would plot against her.

"Nothing, I just want to give you a surprise." Han Zaixing smiled proudly at Chu Xuanyue, and then turned to Zhang Jingsheng and said, "Take this girl and wait for me outside."

This office was a suite. Inside was the bedroom, while the office was outside. Zhang Jingsheng took the assistant outside and closed the door.

"Now, its only the two of us!"

Han Zaixing had a sinister smile on his face, and his lascivious eyes were constantly looking at Chu Xuanyue.

"Han Zaixing, you b*stard, what the hell are you doing? Let me go!"

"Shut up!"

Han Zaixings face changed instantly. He roared angrily, "How can you blame me? You forced me to do this."

He raised his hand and pointed to the photo of Qin Zongheng, which was on the bedside, shouting angrily, "21 years. The man has disappeared for 21 years. There is no news about him at all. We dont know whether he is dead or alive, but you still remember him every day and miss him.

"Im a living person, standing in front of you and thinking of ways to make you happy every day, but you dont even look at me.

"Since things are like this, then I will treat you just like I would treat a b*tch! Today, I will rape you first, then Ill take over the Haodong Group. See if you can still escape from me after that."

Chu Xuanyue said angrily, "Ive also heard that youre not kind to the Haodong Group. I didnt believe that. It turns out that you werent sincere with me. Your real purpose was to get the Haodong Group."

Han Zaixing smiled grimly and said, "Youre wrong. You were the most beautiful woman in the capital at that time. Although you are a little older now, I dont mind.

"I want you, and I want the Haodong Group. I deserve the beautiful women and the money. As long as I can get the Haodong Group and bring a large amount of money to the Han family, the old man in my family will surely look at me with new eyes. At that time, the family head position will belong to me."

Chu Xuanyue snapped, "Han Zaixing, you are a bastard. If I had known this would happen, I would have listened to Qings words and draw a clear line with you."

"Do you mean the orphan you picked up?" Han Zaixing said with a grim face, "I tell you, from today on, you will never see that girl again. Before I came here, I had already sent someone to kill her."

"What? How dare you send people to assassinate her? Stop now and ask them to come back, or Ill never forgive you!"

Knowing that Ye Qing was going to be assassinated, along with Qin Haodong who was with her, Chu Xuanyue was going crazy.

One of them was her adopted daughter, and the other was her own son. They were the most important people in her life, and none of them could be hurt at all.

She tried her best to struggle, but Zhang Jingshengs cultivation level was higher than hers, and her acupoints had been sealed tightly. No matter how many times she struggled, she couldnt break through his control.

"Yue, I really dont know how you kept fit. You dont have any wrinkles on your face and youre still in such a good shape. No one would believe that youre in your forties."

Han Zaixings greedy eyes swept over Chu Xuanyue again. He said with a licentious smile, "Do you want me to let that girl live? OK, as long as you serve me well, I may let her go when Im happy."

"Bah! Youre dreaming!"

Chu Xuanyue was so angry that her eyes widened with fire.

"B*tch! You dont know whats good for you!" Han Zaixing shouted proudly, "Anyway, youre my meat today. Since you dont want to cooperate, Ill do it myself."

After that, he stretched out his large hairy hand and grabbed Chu Xuanyues chest

Ye Qing and Qin Haodong returned to the Haodong Group. After parking the car, they rushed to Chu Xuanyues room with excitement.

Ye Qing was sure that her sister would be very happy to find her son, who had been missing for more than 20 years. But when they arrived at Chu Xuanyues office, she found that the two bodyguards standing in front of the door were Han Zaixings men.

She immediately had a bad feeling. She said in a cold voice, "What are you doing here?"

The leading bodyguard said, "The boss brought a doctor to see president Chu. No one is allowed to enter."

"Bullsh*t, youre in the Haodong Group building. Why does he get to give orders? Now get out of here!" Ye Qing said and rushed into the room. The two bodyguards were about to stop her, but both of them were knocked down by her.

As soon as she rushed into the room, a sharp wind attacked her from behind. It was Zhang Jingsheng, who was guarding in the room; he waited for her to be distracted to launch a sneak attack.

Ye Qing came to her senses and suddenly struck back.

Zhang Jingsheng was a sixth level supreme power master, while Ye Qings cultivation level was one level higher than his. However, she was unable to use her full strength in a hasty attack. They were evenly matched.

Seeing that Han Zaixing had arranged for such a master to guard the place, Ye Qing had already realized that things were not going well. She shouted to Qin Haodong, "Im going to deal with this old man. Please go and save my sister."

Even if she didnt shout, Qin Haodong also moved, slamming the door of the bedroom.

Han Zaixings right hand was hanging in the air. When he saw someone come in, he was shocked at first, then he angrily said, "Who are you? Who let you in?"

Seeing the situation in front of him, Qin Haodong had already guessed what was going on. He said in a cold voice, "It doesnt matter who I am, the key is that I will teach you a lesson."

"Youre courting death!"

Han Zaixing was also a second level supreme power master. He didnt feel any warriors aura from Qin Haodong, so he wanted to grab Qin Haodongs neck with his hand unscrupulously.

However, as soon as he reached out his hand, he felt a strong force coming toward his chest. His body flew out as if being hit by a bomb, crashing into the bedroom wall.

"Gosh, this kid is a master!"

Han Zaixing had almost spit blood. He had never dreamed that the young mans cultivation was higher than his.

He got up from the ground and shouted fiercely, "Boy, do you know who I am? You dare to hurt me. I am Han Zaixing of the Han family. If you hurt me, there will be no place for you to survive in the whole country in the future"

Since he could not defeat Qin Haodong, he could only use the Han familys name, hoping that he could scare him off.

As a matter of fact, he was disappointed. Before he could finish shouting, he had been slapped in the face!

Qin Haodong would never hold back when dealing with such a vicious man. He slapped Han Zaixing in the face many times in the blink of an eye.

Although the Han family was a major great family in the capital, it was insufficient to frighten him, the Emperor Green Wood.

After he finished, he turned to Chu Xuanyue and said, "How are you? Are you okay?"

At this time, Chu Xuanyues lips moved and tears welled up in her eyes, as if frozen on the spot. Since the first time she saw Qin Haodong, she was sure that he was her lost son.

At this moment, how could she control her emotions? If not for her acupuncture points being controlled, she would have rushed to hold him.

Outside the room, Ye Qing was like an angry leopard. She did not show any mercy when she attacked. There was a big gap between them. After three moves, she crushed Zhang Jingshengs heart.

After dealing with the opponent in front of her, she rushed into the room. Seeing that Chu Xuanyue was safe and sound, she was relieved.

Han Zaixing just got up from the ground. When he saw Ye Qing appear in front of him, he was extremely shocked.

He had dispatched a seventh level supreme power master and two sixth lever supreme power masters with a well-thought-out murder plot. He didnt understand how this woman had come back alive.

"You b*stard! How dare you attack my sister!"

Before he could recover from the shock, Ye Qing hit him heavily on his lower abdomen with her knee. Then she punched and kicked him ceaselessly.

Poor Han Zaixing. He had just been beaten by Qin Haodong; Ye Qings turn came next.

However, he was still the second generation of the Han familys direct descendant and the youngest son of the Han familys master. For the sake of the Haodong Group, Ye Qing finally suppressed the killing intent in her heart and kicked him out of the office.

Han Zaixing knew that he couldnt succeed that day, so he got up from the ground and ran away in panic.

Ye Qing woke up the assistant, and asked someone to dispose of the bodies of Zhang Jingsheng and the other two bodyguards. Finally, she closed the door.

She moved to the bedside and released Chu Xuanyues acupoints.

"My son, my son."

At this time, there was only Qin Haodong in Chu Xuanyues eyes. She had just recovered her ability to move, but she immediately cried and threw herself at him.

Qin Haodong quickly moved his feet to get out of Chu Xuanyues way and said to Ye Qing in surprise, "Does Aunt Chu suffer from a mental disease?"

Ye Qing grabbed Chu Xuanyue and said, "Sister, calm down. Haodong doesnt know anything."

Chu Xuanyue then cried, "Then tell him quickly. Im his mother, and hes my son."

"Dont worry, wait for a moment, Ill say it now." Ye Qing took out the two DNA identifications from her pocket, then she handed them to Qin Haodong. "Take a look."

Qin Haodong was a little confused by the two people. He took the two reports while still bewildered; he was shocked after seeing the results.

No wonder he felt so intimate the moment he laid eyes on Chu Xuanyue. It turned out that she was the mother of his physical body.

When he was born in Qin Haodongs body, he had promised two wishes. One was to revitalize Chinese medicine, and the other was to find his biological parents.

He had been working on revitalizing traditional Chinese medicine, but there was no clue about finding his parents. He didnt expect that he would suddenly find his mother by chance that day, which was also a joy from heaven.

Seeing how stunned he was, Ye Qing said, "In fact, this time, I brought you here not to cure my sisters illness, but to let you reunite with your mother. My sister is your biological mother."

At this moment, Qin Haodong understood why Ye Qing took care of him so much from the beginning. It turned out that they had such a relationship.

"But, when did you make this DNA test? Why did you think about doing it for me?"

Ye Qing pointed to the photo of Qin Zongheng, which was on the bedside, and said, "Since the very first time I saw you, I began to wonder about your identity, so I bought your hair with 100 million yuan in order to make the DNA identification for you and my sister."

Qin Haodong looked at the picture on the bedside. The man was very similar to him. There was also a baby next to the man. It should be him.

Chu Xuanyue said excitedly, "Child, now do you believe that I am your biological mother?"

Qin Haodong integrated the memory of this flesh after his rebirth. He was very excited because of this, but he still asked, "Since you are my biological mother, why did you abandon me?"

This was the question he wanted to ask the most after reviewing the memories of his flesh.

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