The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Compensate Me A Daughter

Chapter 574 Compensate Me A Daughter

After bidding farewell to Qin Haodong, Ouyang Shanshan rushed to the airport under the protection of several members from Daddy Security Company. While Qin Haodong drove to the Zhou family house with the others.

After getting in the car, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Zhou Xinzhu’s number.

The phone rang for a long time before Zhou Xinzhu’s lazy and angry voice sounded from the other end of the line.

“Calling me this early and disturbing my beautiful dream. You are going to pay for it!”

Qin Haodong replied with a smile, “Tell me, what did you dream about? I’ll pay you.”

“I dreamt that I gave birth to a beautiful daughter but she got scared and ran off because of a phone call from you. You must compensate me with a daughter!”

“Um… I can’t afford to pay that.” Qin Haodong said, “I want to see your father. Please arrange it for me.”

“Why do you want to see my father?” Zhou Xinzhu asked curiously.

“I want to talk to him about something important!”

Zhou Xinzhu answered with a smile, “You’re not going to propose to my grandfather, are you? I agree on behalf of my grandfather.”

“Um… I’m not kidding. It’s a really huge issue and it’s urgent. You must arrange it for me as soon as possible. I’ll be at the Zhou family house in half an hour.”

“It’s that urgent?” Hearing that Qin Haodong was serious, Zhou Xinzhu quickly got up and said, “I will go and see grandpa now.”

Half an hour later, when Qin Haodong appeared in front of the gate of the Zhou family’s garden, Zhou Xinzhu was already waiting there.

After seeing him, Zhou Xinzhu hurriedly greeted him and put her hand around his arm as she complained, “What’s so urgent that I didn’t even have the time to wear makeup?”

Qin Haodong answered with a smile, “You were born a beauty so you look beautiful even without makeup.”

“I like hearing that.” Zhou Xinzhu said with a smile, “Are you sure you’re not here to propose?”

“Um… I have something important to discuss with old man Zhou.”

“Is proposing not important? Why don’t you mention it as well…?”

Qin Haodong quickly changed the subject and said, “By the way, even after so long, I still don’t know your old man’s name. What’s your grandfather’s name?”

“My grandfather’s name is Zhou Jielun!”

Qin Haodong softened and said, “I’m not joking around!”

“I’m not kidding either.” Zhou Xinzhu said, “There is nothing strange about this. Grandpa’s name was given by great-grandpa. It has been that for more than 70 years. How old is the celebrity Zhou Jielun? When great-grandpa chose his name, Zhou Jielun’s father was probably not even born.”

“Oh! Okay then. In a minute, I will see which of these two Zhou Jieluns is more handsome!”

While talking and laughing, the two of them entered the Zhou family’s manor.

In an elegant small courtyard, a red faced old man was sitting there making tea. He was Zhou Jielun, the family master of the Zhou family.

“Grandpa, I have brought Haodong.”

Zhou Xinzhu was somewhat restrained in front of the old man. She let go of Qin Haodong’s arm and got him to sit down on a chair. She then reached out and picked up the tea set in front of him before pouring a cup of tea for the old man and Qin Haodong respectively.

“Hello old man Zhou!”

Qin Haodong said hello and then scrutinized the family master of the Zhou family in front of him.

Although the old man was in his seventies, he looked hale and hearty. Even though his face was full of wrinkles, it was still possible to see the handsomeness from when he was young. At least, he was not worse than the celebrity Zhou Jielun.

While he was looking at the old man, the old man was also looking at him. Afterwards, the old man smiled and said, “Not bad. This young man is quite handsome. No wonder Xinzhu is obsessed with you!”

Zhou Xinzhu said with a shy face, “Grandpa, what are you talking about? I didn’t…”

“You girl, why are you embarrassed? Okay, I won’t talk about it.” Grandpa Zhou looked at Qin Haodong and said, “Young man, I want to thank you first. Not only did you help me discipline that useless grandson, you also cured Xinzhu’s illness.

“You know, I have high hopes for Xinzhu, who is the future heir of our Zhou family. So, you have helped us massively.

“Tell me, how do you want me to repay you? If you are here to propose then I will say yes now.”

“Um…” Black lines appeared on Qin Haodong’s forehead. It really was like-grandfather like-granddaughter. A marriage proposal had to be mentioned every three sentences. He lifted the teacup in front of the old man, “Old man, drink your tea.”

“Young man, Xinzhu said that you had some urgent business to see me about. Tell me what is it?”

As he spoke, old man Zhou picked up the teacup and leisurely took a sip.

Qin Haodong replied, “Then I will get straight to the point. I want to join forces with the Zhou family to destroy the Zheng family.”


Old man Zhou had taken a mouthful of tea before and spurted it out before he could swallow it, followed by a violent coughing fit.

Zhou Xinzhu hurried over and took the teacup from his hand and then patted him on the back.

It took a long time for old man Zhou to slowly recover. As the family master of the Zhou family, he was a famous old fox. In the past, he would be calm and composed and would not be influenced by outsiders. But today, he was too shocked by what Qin Haodong had said.

“Little Qin, you’re not joking, are you?”

He gazed at Qin Haodong and asked.

“Of course not. I’m serious, and there’s only one chance. If you miss it then you won’t get the chance again.”

Old man Zhou looked directly at Qin Haodong and said after a long time, “You are indeed a young hero. I know that your Daddy Security Company is very strong and even Sun Shengtian, that old bastard, does not dare to show his face after you beat him.

“But you have only made some small movements before they understood your intentions. Why do you suddenly want to destroy the Zheng family? Give me a reason.”

“Because the Zheng family made a move against me.” Qin Haodong gave a brief account of the killing game that Zheng Hongliang had laid out for him this morning, and then said, “Usually, I am not a bully. However, I won’t be bullied by others and I definitely won’t suffer.

“Since the Zheng family wants me dead then they have to bear my anger. Therefore, I want the Zheng family to be removed from Shanghai.”

Although Qin Haodong had given a very brief recount of the events, old man Zhou and Zhou Xinzhu still understood the frightening effects of being in a life or death situation.

Zhou Xinzhu glanced at him and asked nervously, “How are you? Are you all right?”

Qin Haodong raised his hands and answered with a smile, “As you can see, I’m fine. A little Zheng Hongliang can’t do anything to me.”

Old man Zhou picked up the teacup and took another sip of tea. He looked calm on the surface, but in fact, his heart had already been stirred.

Ever since Qin Haodong had brought his people and fought his way into the Sun family, he had been watching the movements of this young man.

When he learned everything about Qin Haodong, his evaluation of this young man had kept improving. However, he had still underestimated Qin Haodong.

If it were him then he would not have been able to think of any ways to break Zheng Hongliang’s killing game. The result would have been his death. However, the young man who was sitting in front of him was unscathed, which made him admire and revere the young man.

That old man Zheng Yuan had been extremely cunning all his life, but unexpectedly, he had made a serious mistake and provoked such a devil. He would be the harbinger of death for the Zheng family.

Fortunately, he had a smart and beautiful granddaughter who had a good relationship with Qin Haodong. It seemed that Shanghai was about to change. The situation where the top three families had been rivals for so many years was about to change.

After calming down his excitement and thoughts, he placed down the teacup and asked, “Young man, tell me, if our two families cooperate, what do you need our Zhou family to do?”

Qin Haodong said, “I will bring people to wipe out all the warriors in the Zheng family. The rest will be left for you to take care of.”

For a big family, the most important thing was to guard the family’s forces. If their forces were wiped out then they would be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

From this point of view, Qin Haodong would take care of the most difficult part while the easy part was handed over to the Zhou family.

However, this was something that he had to do. Although Daddy Security Company was strong, it still could not be compared to a big family that had been around for many years.

After destroying the Zheng family’s forces, there would still be many things to do, such as taking over the Zheng family’s businesses and settling down the influences from all directions. All of these required a lot of manpower and resources, which was why he wanted to use the strength of the Zhou family and work with them.

Zhou Jielun squinted his eyes and displayed a smile on his face that was like an old fox’s. What Qin Haodong could do was exactly what the Zhou family could not do.

According to this cooperation plan, Qin Haodong was directly giving the Zhou family a big piece of cake. He would definitely not miss such a golden opportunity.

It seemed that the three big families of Shanghai would now become the two big families.

Suppressing his inner excitement, he said, “Young man, according to what you proposed, our Zhou family has actually picked up a big bargain. Why are you doing this? You’re not thinking of using the Zheng family as a betrothal gift for Xinzhu, are you?”


Qin Haodong did not expect the old man to return to this topic again. “Since it’s a cooperation, of course we won’t be giving all the benefits to the Zhou family. We have to distribute it equally.” He said.

Old man Zhou narrowed his eyes and asked, “Tell me, what do you want?”

Qin Haodong said, “I want the Zheng family’s medicine wholesale market, all of their Chinese traditional medicine business, and for the existing Zheng family’s manor to become the new residence of Daddy Security Company.”

After listening to him, the old man Zhou felt his heart skip a beat. It turned out that this young man was also a little fox.

The Zheng family’s most important business was medicine, which accounted for almost half of the Zheng family’s total assets. Add in the manor to that and Qin Haodong would not only not suffer any losses, instead he would be getting some advantages.

However, this cooperation could allow the Zhou family to gain greater benefits. Not only would they receive half of the Zheng family’s business but they would also form a strong relationship with Qin Haodong.

Daddy Security Company could wipe out the Zheng family as well as the Zhou family, so the last point was the most important part.

Old man Zhou said, “Young man, I don’t think that destroying the Zheng family was an idea that you came up with rashly. You seem to have already done enough thinking beforehand, otherwise you wouldn’t be so clear on the Zheng family’s business.”

Qin Haodong said, “I have a Chinese traditional medicine company. If I want to enter Shanghai then I naturally have to pay attention to all of Shanghai’s Chinese traditional medicine companies.

“But if the Zheng family hadn’t come to provoke me then I would have talked to them normally and would not have brought the issue to this stage.”

Old man Zhou said, “Then it’s settled. We, the Zhou family, are willing to cooperate with you!”

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