The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 593

Chapter 593 Two Guardians

Chapter 593 Two Guardians

Getting an order from Nalan Wuxia, the young policeman hurried out to prepare a car.

Qin Haodong said, “Do you need my help?”

“No. I’ll call you when I need you.”

While saying that, Nalan Wuxia grabbed her coat and put it on.

Qin Haodong also knew that he could only help during interrogation, but now, the suspect was nowhere to be seen at all. It would be useless for him to be there. The policemen were the best at solving cases.

He fished out a small jade bottle and stuffed it into Nalan Wuxia’s hand. “These are Energy-gathering Pills I just made. They’re very helpful for improving cultivation.”

“Thank you!”

Nalan Wuxia accepted the bottle and kissed Qin Haodong goodbye. Then, she rushed out in a hurry.

Seeing a few patrol wagons swooshing past him, Qin Haodong also got into his Land Rover Range Rover, driving leisurely out of Criminal Police Unit station.

He had not expected Nalan Wuxia to get busy so quickly, so he arrived much earlier than planned. Therefore, he did not hurry while driving. He was appreciating the night view in Shanghai while driving on the way.

After a while, suddenly a car swooshed past him and was speeding fast forward.

It was a Mercedes-Benz multi-purpose vehicle. There was no license plate on it and thick solar films had been pasted on it. Ordinary people could not see through the car at all, but Qin Haodong could.

When the two cars raced past each other, his sharp eyes and strong Spirit had seen everything clearly inside the car.

Four black-clothe men were sitting in the car. Both the eyes and the auras on them were icy. They did not seem to carry any emotion.

A little girl of three or four years old was on the backseat, seemingly asleep and lying there motionlessly.

Qin Haodong suddenly smelled something fishy. The girl wore long hair, a white dress, and red shoes, which fitted perfectly with the features of the stolen kid.

He cocked one eyebrow. “What luck! I should run into the traffickers Nalan Wuxia has been searching for in vain.

“Since I ran into them, I can’t ignore it because what they do is simply evil.” However, he did not directly catch up with them. Instead, he followed them at a distance.

At the previous moment, he had already seen that the four men in black were all Death Soldiers. Even if he stopped them, he could not get the culprit’s name out of them. He could even fail to keep them alive. At that time, the chance of finding the 18 stolen kids would get slimmer.

Hence, he kept patient and followed them, trying to find their home base and save other kids together.

Because of the Spirit, he kept a distance far enough from the car in front. Those people did not notice them being tailed. After driving around Shanghai downtown for a while, they drove out of the city. In the end, he saw a very big manor.

Qin Haodong could not help feeling a chill. He was very familiar with the house. Several days ago, he had just brought people here to trash it. It was none other than the Sun family’s manor.

“Are those kid traffickers from Sun family? Why do they steal kids as the number one family in the city? One thing is for sure, and that is they didn’t do it for money.”

He chose a place easy to be ignored and hid his car. Then, he got out of it and snuck into the manor.

Eight security guards were guarding the gate, and other places were also heavily guarded. Nevertheless, these were useless in front of Qin Haodong and would not make him any slower.

He jumped over the high wall and directly entered the yard. When his feet landed on the ground, a vague sense of danger rose up inside him.

Qin Haodong hid himself well the dark and asked in his heart, “What’s going on? Who would make me feel instinctively in danger?”

Generally speaking, people with the highest cultivation in the Sun family were Three Friends of the Cold Age, but they were simply in the Second Grade of Supreme Power Realm. Even if they cooperated, they would be no match for him. The danger definitely did not come from them; there must have been other experts.

Thinking of that, he took out an Invisibility Talisman to completely hide his aura and then quickly snuck deeper into the property.

Coming back from the capital, he refined a dozen Invisibility Talismans again. He always brought them with him because they might come in handy some time.

With his improved skills, the new Invisibility Talismans were much more effective than the old ones. They could make sure he should not be discovered within 10 minutes.

There was a small square in the center of the Sun Mansion, about 200 to 300 square meters. When he came here, dozens of men in black had already stood on it.

These people were divided into two groups. One group consisted of Death Soldiers raised by the Sun family, and those from the other group wore clothes with strange patterns and were giving off weird auras. With one look, he could tell they came from some heterodox sect.

However, their cultivation were all greater than that of the Sun family Death Soldiers, all above the Covert Power Realm.

In the middle of the square stood the Sun family master Sun Shengtian and a man completely covered in his black robe. In front of them, there were 20 big iron cages, with a kid in every one of them.

These kids all looked four or five years old. If the little girl Qin Haodong just saw was also counted, there were 20 kids in total, 10 of them boys and the rest girls.

These children sat in the cages asleep. It looked like they had been drugged or something.

Sun Shengtian said to the man in black, “Lord Emissary, we have gotten 20 children. Do you think it’s enough?”

The man’s black robe shook. He nodded satisfactorily, ”

“Thank you, Lord Emissary.” said Sun Shengtian, “But this time we’ve caused quite a stir. We still need to send these kids away as soon as possible.”

The man in black said, “Don’t hurry. According to the arranged time, the man the master sent is about to arrive. Then, he will take these kids away.”

At that moment, Qin Haodong had almost guessed the entire thing. The man in the black robe must have been from some evil sect, Sun family was cooperating with them, and people of the Sun family had stolen these kids to give them to the sect.

The man’s cultivation was in the Third Grade of Supreme Power Realm. If he launched a sneak attack with his Xuan Yuan Sword, he could kill the man on the spot, and then naturally, he would not need to worry about the others.

Nevertheless, for some unknown reason, he still could not get rid of the dangerous feeling inside of him. Therefore, other experts were also hiding nearby.

Because of that, he did not act rashly. When he was hesitating that if he should text Nalan Wuxia, suddenly, an ethereal voice rang in mid-air.

“Sun Shengtian, as the top family in Shanghai, the Sun family should collude with remnants of a heterodox sect to hurt these innocent kids. Today is the day you die.”

After the voice sounded, a nice figure of a woman appeared before Sun Shengtian and the black-robed man.

The woman was clad in spotless white clothes, looking exceptionally conspicuous at night. Her long hair was tied up at the back of her head and she carried a long sword on her back. She looked like a swordswoman from a Wuxia drama, and her holy aura made her resemble a female Bodhisattva as well.

Qin Haodong slightly froze. The woman was none other than the top one campus belle of Shanghai Medical CollegeFeng Wu.

Sun Shengtian was shocked and then shouted. “Who are you?”

Feng Wu said icily, “That doesn’t matter. Your Sun family has aided an evildoer to do evil. From today on, you’ll be expelled from Shanghai.”

“Young girl, how arrogant.” With the black-robed man beside him, Sun Shengtian seemed to feel really confident. He waved at his subordinates nearby. “Kill her!”

Taking the order, those men in black rushed to Feng Wu together wielding their weapons.

“Courting death!”

Feng Wu coldly shouted and just causally waved her sleeve. A forceful energy flow gushed out and those black-clothed Death Soldiers instantly flew out like leaves in a storm. Each one of them had landed on the ground and was vomiting mouthfuls of blood.

“Die, remnants of the evil sect!”

Feng Wu gave a cold shot again, then, as if having wisdom, the long sword on her back clanged and sprang into her hand.

This was a long golden sword, looking somewhat smaller than Xuan Yuan Sword, but their fierce sword light really resembled each other.

Feng Wu jerked her wrist and the sword turned into a golden light to shot to the black-robed man’s chest.

A move from an expert in the Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm would naturally be amazing. After the shot, the surrounding air seemed to have been frozen. Freezing Sword Qi was suffocating people.

The man in the black robe was only in Third Grade of Supreme Power Realm, without the slightest power to resist. He looked like he was about to die.

Just at that moment, a silver light pierced through the night sky like a full moon and flew toward there like a shooting star. It bumped into the golden sword Feng Wu shot out.

With a crisp clang, the full moon warded off the golden sword, saving the black-robed man’s life.

Qin Haodong was sharp-eyed and already saw that the full moon turned out to be a round saber, which had been strangely shaped and also a boomerang. After knocking Feng Wu’s sword away, it flew back. It landed on the hand of a man in his 30s.

“Hahahaha. We just wanted to attract some big shot from Cihang Sword House here, but we didn’t expect to see its young master herself.”

While saying that, the young man reached out to catch the returning saber. His other hand was also holding a same one. It seemed that they were his weapons.

In the meanwhile, beside the young man stood a coquettish woman. She was pretty but way too voluptuous. Her scanty clothes could barely cover her buxom figure. Her sexy eyes seemed to draw souls out of people at any time.

“Dear little Feng Wu, I didn’t expect to see you here. I’m also surprised!”

The woman sounded very coyly and could lead people to fantasize.

After he saw the pair, Qin Haodong’s pupils suddenly contracted. They might seem childish, but actually, they both had reached Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Realm. It was them who brought him a dangerous feeling.

The two had been hiding in the dark. It seemed that they had guessed that someone was coming.

Feng Wu’s expression finally changed a little. Apparently, the appearance of the duo had shocked her. She said, “Bai Ruyi, Zou Changkong, two guardians of Hehuan Sect, what are you doing here?”

Bai Ruyi said cutely, “Dear little Feng Wu, listen to what you said. Sun family is just our Hehuan Sect’s enterprise in the secular world. Why can’t we come?”