The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 595

Chapter 595 Cihang Sword House

Chapter 595 Cihang Sword House

The moment Xuan Yuan Sword showed up, Feng Wu looked as if she had been struck by lightning. She gave up her control over Leimu Sword and just stood there like a statue, muttering to herself, “The divine Xuan Yuan Sword, the divine Xuan Yuan Sword has finally come!”

After Qin Haodong slashed Zou Changkong, he turned around only to see Feng Wu frozen on the spot, so he hurried called. “Don’t stop there. Do it now.”

Then Feng Wu finally collected herself and reached out to draw Leimu Sword back into her hand. The sword clanged and she chopped at the black-robed man.

However, during the time when she got lost in her thoughts, she had already lost the best chance. Then man became a mass of black mist and quickly flowed away. Soon, it vanished in the night sky without a trace.

Feng Wu felt it a pity inside. Her Leimu Sword directly turned to the Hehuan Sect followers beside her. These people had only Covert Power cultivation and were completely powerless in front of an expert in Eighth Grade of Supreme Power Real. In the blink of an eye, they were all eliminated.

Qin Haodong had not been idle either. He acted and knocked those Sun family Death Soldiers all down.

Sun Shengtian had been watching on the side. In their eyes, when the two guardians attacked, the result had been decided. Nevertheless, no one expected that Qin Haodong showed up halfway through and instantly killed the guardians. Moreover, the black-robed man bolted even faster than a rabbit, leaving him alone in this place.

Seeing the dead or injured Hehuan Sect followers and Sun family Death Soldiers on the ground, he flopped to the ground, without the slightest aura of the Sun family master he used to own.

At that time, he knew that there was no chance he could win this anymore and the Sun family was completely doomed.

After finishing all these people, Feng Wu directly came to Qin Haodong and said respectfully, “I bow in respect of the sacred master!”

Qin Haodong was startled. He turned his head around to see but there was no one else in sight so he hurriedly said, “Feng Wu, are you alright? You’ve made a mistake. How can I be some sacred master?”

While saying that, he looked Feng Wu up and down. “She didn’t injure her head just now, but why does she keep talking nonsense?”

Feng Wu said, “Dear sacred master, I did not make a mistake. The person who owns Xuan Yuan Sword is the master of Cihang Sword House.”

Qin Haodong was slightly stunned. After he confirmed that she was not joking, he said, “Feng Wu, do you know this sword?”

Feng Wu said, “Xuan Yuan Sword is the sacred master’s sword. I surely know it. The sacred master’s sword forms a pair with my Leimu Sword. Even though I had mistaken it, Leimu Sword would not have.”

“Well…” Qin Haodong said, “But I simply got it by chance and I’m no sacred master at all.”

Feng Wu said, “The sacred sword has wisdom. Since it accepted you as its master, then you’re the sacred master of Cihang Sword House.”

“I… what is this?”

Just as Qin Haodong was about to inquire, sirens rang. Dozens of patrol wagons rushed in from outside. Then, numerous policemen hopped out of cars to surround here. The leader was none other than Dong Bicheng, the director of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau. Nalan Wuxia and captains of crime squads in other districts of the city followed him.

Dong Bicheng looked at the blood and bodies on the ground and walked to Qin Haodong, asking with a solemn face, “Little Qin, what’s this?”

Before Qin Haodong spoke, Feng Wu fished out a token and presented it in front of Dong Bicheng. “You follow me.”

Seeing the token, Dong Bicheng drastically changed his expression and followed Feng Wu to a quiet place.

Nalan Wuxia walked to Qin Haodong. She looked deeply concerned and asked, “Are you OK?”

Qin Haodong smiled, “I’m OK. You’re really fast.”

It turned out that before he acted, Qin Haodong had texted Nalan Wuxia, telling her that the missing children were at Sun family’s place and she should bring enough people here.

Nalan Wuxia looked at the terrible crime scene and said, “What happened? Why did the Sun family steal so many kids?”

Qin Haodong said, “I heard it’s related to a heterodox sect called Hehuan Sect and the sect had supported Sun family in the secular world. The Sun family helped them do evil. I don’t know about the details but this time, the Sun family is really over.”

At that time, Feng Wu had already informed Dong Bicheng so she came back to say to Qin Haodong, “Director Dong will handle everything here. Let’s go.”

Qin Haodong said goodbye to Nalan Wuxia and then left here with Feng Wu.

After getting into the car, he asked, “Senior Sis, are your injuries serious?”

“Sacred Master, don’t call me that. Just call me Feng Wu,” Feng Wu said respectfully, “They’re all superficial wounds and won’t affect my bones. I just lost some blood and need to handle them somewhere.”

Qin Haodong said, “Go to my place. I’m a doctor and I’ll help you deal with your injuries.”

“Yes, Sacred Master. I can tell you everything meanwhile.”

Qin Haodong said, “Don’t call me that all the time. People will think I’m an old master. You should call me Haodong.”

Feng Wu said in respect, “I do not dare to. Master will punish me if he knows it.”

Qin Haodong shook his head helplessly. “Such a beautiful girl should be so stubborn.” “We’re in a modern age. People will think we’re abnormal if you keep calling me like that. Anyway, you’re my senior in school, so you should call me Haodong.”

Feng Wu hesitated and said, “In front of others, I could call you Haodong, but I’ll call you Sacred Master when there’s no one else around.”

“Suit yourself!”

Qin Haodong really did not how Cihang Sword House brainwashed Feng Wu, but since she insisted, there was nothing he could do about it.

“What token did you show to Dong Bicheng?”

Feng Wu said, “It’s a token from Xuanyuan Pavilion. I’m an elder of Xuanyuan Pavilion. The Pavilion arranged for me to come to Shanghai Medical College this time.

“A few years ago, we’ve detected some traces of devil gates in Shanghai, so they sent me here to verify it. I didn’t expect Sun family to be related to Hehuan Sect.”

“You turn out to be from Xuanyuan Pavilion, and also an elder,” Qin Haodong said jokingly, “I’m also from the Pavilion, but just a visiting elder, even lower than you.”

Feng Wu said, “The master of Xuanyuan Pavilion is the master who taught me kung fu, and you’re the sacred master of Cihang Sword House. In this way, you’re in control of the entire Pavilion…”

“Er… this is too complicated. We’ll get to this later. I’ll make a call first.”

Qin Haodong took out his phone as he said that and called Zhou Jielun.

Back then, it was already midnight. Master Zhou had just fallen asleep and he was woken up by the ringing. However, few people knew this number so if someone called, it meant something big.

He saw the calling number and found it was Qin Haodong’s so he immediately pressed Answer.

“Young lad, it’s so late. Aren’t you supposed to call Xinzhu? Why me?”

Qin Haodong said, “Master, as you have wished, Sun family fell. Hurry up. Wake up all the people in your Zhou family and get ready to grab some good stuff. The earlier you are, the more you’ll get.

“Something so big happened to the Sun family, so it will definitely be expelled from Shanghai. But as the old top family in town, they also have many enterprises, and other forces will definitely divvy them up after their fall.”

Hearing the news, Zhou Jielun sat bolt upright from the bed and shouted. “Really? You’re not joking with me, are you?”

Qin Haodong said, “Master, you’ve said yourself that at this late hour, even if I wanted to crack jokes, I would find a beautiful girl, not you.”

“Great. I didn’t expect to live long enough to see this day.”

Master Zhou nearly jumped in excitement. At that moment, he did not feel sleepy at all. All the time, he had dreamed of becoming the first family in Shanghai.

Unfortunately, in the past, three families had been equal in strength and he could see no hope at all. However, since the arrival of the young man in the city, everything turned into reality. First, the Zheng family was brought down, and now, when the Sun family fell as well, Shanghai belonged to the Zhou family.

Nevertheless, he knew how these became true. Even when he led the top family in city in the future, he would never trifle with Qin Haodong. Otherwise, they would end up like Zheng family and Sun family.

Hanging up, he immediately called the butler in and woke up all the core members in the family to have an emergency meeting. The next early morning, they would frantically devour the large cake, the Sun family.

After the call, Qin Haodong brought Feng Wu to his own room. First, he borrowed a dress from Lin Momo to let Feng Wu change out her blood-stained one, and then he helped her handle the wounds.

Feng Wu had more than 10 cuts on her body, all from Zou Changkong’s boomerang sabers. Luckily, they had only been superficial and did not affect her muscles and bones. After Qin Haodong applied the wound-healing ointment he invented on them, scabs were quickly formed and then peeled off, without even a scar left.

The only awkward part was when he had to attend to the two injuries on her lower abdomen and butt. He was a little embarrassed when doing that, but Feng Wu looked comfortable without the slightest coyness.

After dealing with all the injuries, they took a shower respectively, and then returned to the room.

Feng Wu said, “Sacred Master, can you tell me how you got Xuan Yuan Sword?”


Qin Haodong told her how he got Xuan Yuan Sword and broke the strange seal.

Feng Wu said, “No wonder Cihang Sword House has failed to find any clues about Xuan Yuan Sword during the past thousands of years. It turned out to be trapped. But who trapped Sacred Master’s divine sword?”

“I don’t know about that. The sea was extremely strange, something that I’ve never seen before.”

Qin Haodong said, “Tell me. What’s about Cihang Sword House? How is it related to Xuan Yuan Sword?”

“I’ll tell you how Cihang Sword House first came into being,” Feng Wu said, “the first master of Cihang Sword House was called Dini. People all know that she established the house but they don’t know that it was her teacher Leimu who arranged it.”

“Leimu?” Qin Haodong said, “you mean Emperor Xuan Yuan’s wife?”

Feng Wu nodded. “They all know that Leimu was Emperor Xuan Yuan’s wife. She was virtuous and set a good example for the world, and first weaved with silk from silkworms, but they don’t know that she was also a kung fu master and Emperor Xuan Yuan’s pair cultivation partner.”