The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 598

Chapter 598 Why Window Again?

Chapter 598 Why Window Again?

Feng Wu moved closer and said, “I’m really injured. It was Haodong who treated me.”

Li Meiyu had already believed in Qin Haodong’s words, but she was dissatisfied with the title of first campus belle of Feng Wu, and even more dissatisfied with her appearing in Qin Haodong’s bedroom. She snorted and turned away.

Qin Haodong raised his hand and covered his forehead. He had had enough of this jealous girl. He didn’t know when he would be able to send her away.

Jia Shihan said, “Brother, don’t be angry. Sister Meiyu is mindless.”

“Never mind. I’ll make breakfast for you,” Qin Haodong said as he walked to the kitchen. Jia Shihan smiled politely at Feng Wu and then left.

Li Meiyu’s temper was like a child’s, changing at the drop of a hat. She began to smile again while she was having breakfast, as if the unhappy morning event had never happened.

Jia Shihan, on the other hand, looked a little lonely. She didn’t eat much.

It was the first time for Feng Wu to eat breakfast cooked by Qin Haodong. She couldn’t stop praising it, “It’s delicious. The breakfast you made is really delicious.”

Qin Haodong said, “Thank you.”

Li Meiyu pouted; she was obviously quite dissatisfied with Qin Haodong’s enthusiasm. She reached out to grab a bun, then she took a fierce bite, venting her anger as if the bun were Feng Wu.

Qin Haodong said, “From today on, Feng Wu will be a new family member living with us.”

He had discussed with Feng Wu. After killing two of their inspectors, the Hehuan Sect would not let this matter slide so easily. Feng Wu would move in with them so that they could take care of each other. It would be safer.

After hearing this, everyone put down their bowls and chopsticks to welcome her. Only Li Meiyu snorted and continued to eat the small steamed bun.

After breakfast, Qin Haodong, Nalan Wushuang and the others went to school together. Lin Momo sent the little fellow to the kindergarten and then went to work on her business group.

Soon after, only Jia Shihan was left in the spacious villa. As the others left, the smile on her face slowly disappeared.

Back in her room, she grabbed a pillow next to her and sat on the bed in a daze. She had always stayed at home ever since Ouyang Shanshan had left Shanghai. The times she was lost in a daze were becoming more often.

She didn’t know how long it took, but the phone next to her rang and woke her up.

After glancing at the caller ID, Jia Shihan pressed the answer button. Ouyang Shanshan on the other side of the phone said, “Shihan, what are you doing?”

Jia Shihan said, “Nothing. I was just staring blankly.”

After getting along with each other for a while, not only had their stage interaction become more and more tacit, they also became best friends who could talk about anything in private.

Ouyang Shanshan said, “What’s wrong? It sounds like you’re not in a good mood.”

Jia Shihan said, “No… No…”

“Little girl, how can you deceive me? Although I can’t see you, I know you have something on your mind,” Ouyang Shanshan said with a smile, “Tell me, what made you feel unhappy?”

After a moment of silence, Jia Shihan said, “Sister Shanshan, I don’t know why. I felt very uncomfortable when I saw brother Haodong with another girl recently. I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t control myself.

“This morning, I felt very sad when I saw him coming out of the room with a very beautiful girl. In short, I was very unhappy.”

Hearing this, Ouyang Shanshan said as if she had a conditioned reflex, “Haodong has a new girlfriend?”

Jia Shihan said, “He said this wasn’t the case, that she was a patient, but that sister named Feng Wu was so beautiful that she looked just like a fairy in a painting.”

Ouyang Shanshan said, “Is she more beautiful than you?”

“I think she’s prettier than me.”

Ouyang Shanshan said after a moment of silence, “Shihan, you’re in love with him.”

Jia Shihan’s expression changed greatly, and she said in a panic, “Sister Shanshan, don’t scare me.”

Ouyang Shanshan said, “I’m not trying to scare you. Every woman has the right to pursue love.”

“But… But… Sister Meiyu likes him very much.”

Ouyang Shanshan said, “Shihan, I’m telling you that you have the right to like someone. Haodong has not gotten married yet, and even then, that can’t stop you from liking him.”

“Is that okay?” Jia Shihan said weakly.

“Of course, you can be modest on other things, but not on love.”

Jia Shihan said, “Sister Shanshan, do you also like him?”

Ouyang Shanshan sighed and said, “I did like him, and I bared my love to him, but it’s a pity that he didn’t accept me.”

Jia Shihan said, “Sister Shanshan, you’re a big star and excellent in so many ways. If Brother won’t accept you, he certainly won’t like me either.”

Ouyang Shanshan said, “No one can predict the outcome. Maybe it’s fate that I can’t stay with him. Since you like him, you should try it, or you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

Jia Shihan said faintly, “I don’t know if I love him or not. In short, I’ll be happy as long as he is happy. If he is sad, I’ll be sad too. I’m willing to do anything for him, even dying. It’s a pity that I’m so stupid that I can’t help him with anything.”

Ouyang Shanshan sighed and said, “Little girl, you are in love with him, and you are helplessly trapped. You were unwilling to come to Hong Kong with me. Was it because of him?”

Jia Shihan nodded and said, “I don’t want to leave him. I don’t even want to leave him for a minute. It’s a pity that he’s too busy and doesn’t have time to keep me company.”

Ouyang Shanshan said, “Shihan, you should tell him that you have fallen in love with him.”

“But, I’m so afraid,” Jia Shihan whispered, “He already has so many sisters around him. They are more beautiful and better than me. I can see that all of them like him very much. I can’t compare with them.”

Ouyang Shanshan said, “Shihan, you must be confident. You are also very beautiful, not worse than any of them. You are even better than them. No one can predict the outcome. Love between people is just a kind of feeling. It has nothing to do with any other conditions.”

“Oh!” Jia Shihan answered softly. They chatted for a while and then hung up the phone.

She zoned out again for a while and recalled Ouyang Shanshan’s words from beginning to end. Then she walked to the front of the seven-stringed guqin and played it gently.

The melodious sound reverberated through the entire villa. Endless yearning and love were imbued in the sound. The birds seemed to be moved by this; all of them stopped on the roof and listened carefully.

After a while, Jia Shihan stopped playing and murmured, “What’s going on? I feel that the seal has loosened a lot again.”

In the past few days, she found that the seal in her body was becoming looser, but she did not know what caused it. She wanted to ask her teacher; unfortunately, she was too far away from her.

Qin Haodong had been in school all day. When classes were over, Feng Wu was already waiting for him at the school gate with her suitcase. From that day onwards, she would move to Qin Haodong’s home.

Li Meiyu snorted and turned her face to the other side. She didn’t care about all this. In her eyes, Qin Haodong was the only one.

After returning home, Qin Haodong directly arranged for Feng Wu’s room opposite his, so that they could be closer to each other. After seeing this, Li Meiyu pouted again.

Qin Haodong was too lazy to pay attention to this jealous little girl. He went to Feng Wu’s room and said, “A day has already passed, and there is still no movement from the Hehuan Sect. It’s a bit abnormal.”

Feng Wu said, “The Devil Gate has always acted strangely. We’d better be more careful.”

Qin Haodong asked, “Is there any way to help you quickly reach the ninth level of the supreme power realm?”

“There are no shortcuts when it comes to cultivating…” Feng Wu suddenly blushed as she spoke. “However, according to the records of our Cihang Sword House, dual cultivation can greatly increase the speed of cultivation by…”

Speaking of this, she quickly turned her head to the window, as she seemed to have exhausted all her courage.


Qin Haodong really hadn’t figured out what to do with Feng Wu yet. Besides, Li Meiyu was outside the door. How could she give them a chance to practice dual cultivation?

He changed the subject and said, “Take some rest first. I’ll make dinner for you.”

After dinner, the girls gathered in the living room to watch TV. Qin Haodong was worried about the Hehuan Sect, so he didn’t go out. He returned to his room after taking a bath.

Outside the room, thunder rumbled as the storm was raging. The girls also turned the TV off and went back to their rooms to rest.

Qin Haodong was about to turn off the light when a snow-white figure appeared in front of the window. Then, she jumped in and closed the window again.

He smiled helplessly and said, “Waner, why did you open the window again?”

It was Qi Waner who paid him a visit. She was wearing a white lace nightgown that night. It was really short; her sexy collarbone and smooth skin were exposed, but the bottom barely covered the key parts.

The most terrible thing was that the material of this nightdress was too thin. The skin was partly hidden and partly visible under the light; it was a deadly temptation.

Qi Waner went forward to hold Qin Haodong’s arm and said with a smile, “I’m here to flirt with you, so I have to be careful.”

Feeling the amazing elasticity touching his arms, Qin Haodong suppressed the impulse in his heart and said, “Don’t mess around. What do you want to do?”

“I don’t want to do anything. It’s just that I’m scared out of the thunder. That’s why I came to see you.”

Qi Waner threw herself into his arms and pretended to be shivering.

Qin Haodong said, “You’re a master of Covert Power, why would you be afraid of thunder?”

“It has nothing to do with my cultivation. I’m a girl. It’s natural for me to be fearful.”

Qin Haodong said, “Then why don’t you go to Sister Wushuang’s room?”

When he said this, Qi Waner glared at him and said with a fierce look, “Don’t talk nonsense. I just want to stay with you. What’s wrong with that?”