The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 600

Chapter 600 The Joss Stick Of Breaking Off

Chapter 600 The Joss Stick of Breaking Off

The coquettish woman was only wearing a top that barely covered her breasts and a miniskirt that was barely covering the key parts.

About 80% of her snow-white skin was exposed. It had a magical allure under the psychedelic lighting of the bar.

The two ruffians reached out to grab the coquettish woman with obscene smiles on their faces. They wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

But before their hands could touch the coquettish woman, they heard the sound of bones cracking, and then they flew out like kites without string, knocking down several waiters beside them along the way.

The woman’s action was so fast that no one even saw her move. The two gangsters howled painfully.

After dealing with the two gangsters, the woman swayed her sexy figure and walked toward the man in a flowery shirt.

“Do you know what I hate most? I hate men who bully women.”

The man changed his expression. He didn’t expect this woman to be that powerful. He shouted with a fierce look, “How dare you beat my men. Do you know who I am?”

The woman smiled charmingly and reached out to touch his forehead. “I know. You are a eunuch who serves His Majesty?”

“Nonsense. How can I be a eunuch? I am…”

Before he could finish his words, he suddenly felt a heart-wrenching pain in his lower abdomen.

He didn’t know when the woman’s long leg had moved and attacked the place between his legs; her red high heel had struck his key part.

There was still a charming smile on her face. She said, “From now on, you are a eunuch.”

A lot of people in the bar had been eyeing this coquettish woman in the beginning, but they gave up when they saw her cruel means.

The woman was really too evil and fierce, which made people tremble with fear.

At this time, the man was rolling on the ground with his arms close to his lower abdomen while screaming in a heart wrenching manner.

The woman turned to look at the two gangsters beside Li Meiyu and said, “I’ll count to ten. Take him away as soon as possible, or you will also become eunuchs.”


As soon as the woman uttered a word, the two gangsters rushed over and pulled up their leader. They ran out of the bar like stray dogs.

After dealing with those gangsters, the woman acted as if she had done a trivial thing. She approached Li Meiyu and said, “Little sister, did I scare you?”

Only then did Li Meiyu come to her senses. She was half-asleep as she replied, “I’m fine. Thank you for your help, sister.”

The coquettish woman giggled. “Never mind. We are both women. Women should help each other. What I hate the most is men bullying women.

Men such as the guy just now should be turned into eunuchs.”

After that, she pointed at the bartender by the counter and said, “What are you waiting for? Give us two glasses of wine as soon as possible.”

Only then did the bartender react; he quickly served them two glasses of wine.

“Come, little sister, let’s have a drink together.”

The woman enthusiastically pulled Li Meiyu to sit down with her.

The two extremely beautiful women sitting together immediately became the focus of attention in the bar. However, men would only dare to watch from afar after the incident; no one else dared to provoke this coquettish woman.

The woman took a sip of wine and said, “Little sister, my surname is Bai. You can call me Sister Bai. What’s your name?”

“My name is Li Meiyu. Thank you for helping me just now, sister.”

She had calmed down a lot. That situation had been too dangerous. If it hadn’t been for the help of this woman surnamed Bai, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

This reminded her of the last time she was in danger in a bar. It was Qin Haodong who had saved her that time. She couldn’t help but sigh after thinking of that handsome man.

When she was in Hong Kong, countless men from rich families swarmed around her, but she didn’t like that kind of people. Then she had finally found the person she liked, but unfortunately, he didn’t like her back.

The woman said, “Little sister, you seem to have something on your mind. Can you tell me? Maybe I can help you.”

“No one can help me,” Li Meiyu said as she picked up the glass and drank half of the wine.

Although she didn’t believe that the woman could help her, at this time she had a desire to pour out her feelings for Qin Haodong. Finally, she said, “I like him, but he brought another woman.”

The woman said, “Little sister, you are so beautiful that even I like you a lot. There’s no reason for him not to like you. Is that woman more gorgeous than you?”

Li Meiyu said, “That woman is indeed very beautiful. Her name is Feng Wu, the first campus belle of the Shanghai Medical College.”

A barely perceptible cold light flashed across the coquettish woman’s eyes. She said very casually, “Little sister, he’s just a man. There’s no need to feel so sad for him.”

“But he said he wanted to pursue me. In the end, he didn’t, and actually found another woman…”

Li Meiyu’s eyes were full of tears as she spoke. She was sad, disappointed and had feelings that were difficult to express in words.

The woman pulled out a tissue and handed it to her, saying, “If you really like that man, I can help you.”

Li Meiyu wiped the tears from her eyes and said, “He doesn’t have me in his heart. What can you do?”

“Of course I can help you,” the woman said, “I fell in love with a heartbreaker once, just like it happened to you. I loved him very much, but he left with another woman.”

Li Meiyu couldn’t help but ask curiously, “What happened next?”

“At that time, I was even sadder and more desperate than you, wanting to jump into the river to commit suicide. Later, I was saved by a superior master. He taught me a method that could tie a man’s heart. I tried it and it was really useful.”

Li Meiyu’s eyes lit up and she said, “Really? What should I do?”

The woman grabbed her LV bag, took out a black and a red joss stick from it, and said, “Look at these joss sticks.”

Li Meiyu said in surprise, “Joss sticks. What’s their use?”

The woman took two sticks and said, “This red one is called Predestined Joss Stick, and the black one is called Breaking off Joss Stick.

“If you want to win back the heart of a heartbreaker, you will first cut off the fate between him and that woman with this black joss stick, and then use this red joss stick to renew the fate between you and this man. Then he will only love you for the rest of his life and will never love another woman.”

“Really? Is this thing effective?”

Li Meiyu looked at the two extremely ordinary joss sticks; she was inwardly unconvinced about the things the woman said.

“Sister, I won’t lie to you. I did try this before. Thanks to this I was able to get my husband’s heart.”

The coquettish woman added, “Things must be good and can definitely help you to win back that person’s heart, but I will charge you for these joss sticks. 500,000 yuan for one and 1 million yuan for two.”

Li Meiyu didn’t say anything. She didn’t care about one million yuan. It was less than one month’s pocket money of her. But there were too many scammers, and the woman’s words were so mysterious that she couldn’t believe this.

The woman seemed to see through her thoughts. She said, “Sister, I know that you don’t trust me. You can use this black one first.

“I won’t charge you for the first one. When you separate them, you’ll believe me, and then you can to buy the other joss stick and give me one million yuan.

“What do you think? It’s a good idea, right? You don’t need to be wary of any scams.”

“It’s a deal then. If your method works, I can give you two million yuan.”

Li Meiyu’s eyes sparkled with excitement. The coquettish woman’s move earned her trust.

The coquettish woman said with a charming smile, “Little sister, don’t worry. Many people have already used my joss sticks. I have never failed.”

Li Meiyu asked, “Sister Bai, how do I use this?”

The woman said, “My joss stick is very special and different from the ordinary ones. It is colorless and tasteless after being lit. It doesn’t produce smoke either. It’s easy to conceal and it won’t be discovered.

“When you use it, you need to ask the couple to stay in the same room, then you secretly light this joss stick. As long as they stay in the room for 30 minutes, they will definitely end up hating each other. It would be impossible for them to be together in the future.

But you have to pay attention to one thing when you use it. Quickly leave after lighting it. Don’t get too close, or you will end your fate with him.”

Li Meiyu took the black joss stick and said, “But how can I make them stay in a room?”

The woman spread her hands and said, “You would have to deal with that problem. I can’t help you.”

“All right then.”

Li Meiyu carefully put the joss stick away and said, “If I succeed, how can I contact you? Can you give me your phone number?”

The woman said, “I don’t like to use phones. How about this? I’ll be waiting for you in this bar every night for three days. You can come to see me.”

“Well, thank you, Sister Bai. I’ll be taking my leave.”

Li Meiyu left the bar after saying that. After thinking for a while, she finally came up with an idea. She turned and went into a big shopping mall. She bought more than a dozen sets of women’s clothes. Then she took a taxi and returned to Qin Haodong’s villa.

In the room, Qin Haodong had completed the Double Cultivation Initiation Method. At this time, Qi Waner’s momentum had soared, and she had reached the third level of the supreme power realm.

Feeling the surging Genuine Qi inside her body, Qi Waner said excitedly, “Powerful! It’s so powerful! Let me have a try first.”

After that, she rushed to Qin Haodong. Right then, they heard a rapid knock at the door.

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