The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Hidden Enemies

Chapter 608 Hidden Enemies

At the stern of the boat, a tall and thin black man with small braids said, “We need a piece of evidence to prove our mission’s success. This is the order of the employer. At least, we have to get a piece of her body for DNA identification.”

The blond man smiled and said, “It’s a pity that the young man on the boat is pretty good-looking and has become a scapegoat. It’s really a waste.”

The bald man said, “Damn it, I really don’t understand you. There are so many beautiful women, but you like men.”

While speaking, the speedboat was getting closer, and it had already arrived at the burning remains of the boat.

Through their conversation, Qin Haodong was sure that these people’s target was Li Meiyu, not him.

After being a bodyguard for such a long time, they had always been safe. Now, a powerful mercenary group suddenly appeared. It seemed that the situation had changed.

The speedboat circled around the wreckage. Several people tried their best to search the body, but they did not find anything.

The blond-haired man said, “There’s no one on the boat. They may have been blown into the water, or jumped into the water in advance.”

Black Hawk said, “How is that possible? We launched a sudden attack. Could it be possible that they can predict the future?”

The bald man said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Search right now. These two people are very likely to be in the nearby sea area.”

It seemed that he was the leader of this mercenary group. After saying that, the bald man and the blond man were on alert on the ship with submachine guns. The other three jumped into the water and began to search.

It was inconvenient to use guns in the water. The three people threw their guns on the boat and then took out the daggers on their waists.

Obviously, they had all been professionally trained. Like three big black fish, they dived into the water. Except for the direction of the speedboat, they searched in three other directions.

The blond man and the bald man held the guns in their hands. They stood at the bow and stern of the boat respectively and stared warily at the sea.

The blond man cried, “Boss, if that boy is still alive, give him to me. I haven’t seen such a good-looking guy for a long time.”

His face was full of excitement, and he did not notice that a golden sword had appeared behind his head.

Qin Haodong was lurking nearby. Since the gay fellow dared to have bad intentions toward him, he decided to kill him first.

After a golden light flashed, Xuan Yuan Sword directly penetrated the blond man’s head.

“You have to be careful. Don’t think about these messy things. I feel that there’s something wrong with what happened today…”

The bald man was talking, and suddenly there was a splash behind him. He quickly looked back and saw that the blond man fell into the water, and then the water became red with blood.

“Oh no! Someone’s attacking us!”

The bald man immediately became nervous, carrying the AK in his hands as he inspected his surroundings. However, the sea surface was completely calm. Apart from a few sea birds lightly flying past, he didn’t see anyone else.

“What’s going on? How did he die?”

Even though the bald man had experienced hundreds of battles, he was full of doubts. If the opponent could kill his companion silently, what did the opponent rely on? Was it a silenced pistol or a flying knife?

No matter what, he had to find his opponent. But now, he found nothing. The quiet sea made him feel strange.

“No, it’s dangerous.”

The bald man stuffed his finger into his mouth and whistled loudly, reminding his three companions to come back as soon as possible.

Upon hearing the whistling sound, his companions immediately realized that something serious had happened and quickly returned. However, only Black Hawk and the Asian man came back. The black man with small braids did not come back.

After they boarded, Black Hawk said to the bald man, “Boss, what happened?”

The bald man pointed to the floating body of the blond man and said, “He is dead!”

The Asian man asked in surprise, “How did he die?”

After saying that, he grabbed an AK and stared at the sea. Mercenaries like them had to maintain a high level of vigilance at anytime and anywhere.

The bald man said with a heavy look, “It’s very strange. I didn’t see the enemy at all. All of a sudden, he fell into the sea.”

Black Hawk said, “Barker hasn’t returned yet. Could it be that something bad has happened?”

After that, he also stuffed his fingers into his mouth and whistled loudly. However, the sea was still calm and there was no figure of anyone on it.

“That’s right. Barker must have died as well. We have to be careful.”

After the bald man finished speaking, they stood back to back in a triangle. They held up the AKs in their hands and stared at the sea surface.

But after observing for a long time, the sea was still calm and there was no movement. The wreckage of the speedboat was almost burned and began to slowly sink into the water.

The bald man said, “The opponent is good at killing. Black Eagle, you are responsible for collecting information. Do you have any information on that young man?”

Black Hawk said, “No, the task we received was urgent, and I didn’t think it was necessary to investigate a toy boy at that time. We could just kill him directly.

“Boss, do you think that he is a hidden master?”

The bald man said, “There are only two people on that boat. One of them is our goal, the heir of the Li family in Hong Kong. We are very clear about her information. Apart from her good background, there is nothing special about her.

“Two of our people have been killed quietly. Who else could have done it except for that young man?”

The Asian man said, “Boss, do you think it’s haunted?”

Black Hawk said, “Don’t talk nonsense. We’ve killed countless people over the years. If there were ghosts, we would have met them long ago. How could it be today?”

The Asian man said, “It’s obvious that someone wants to kill us, but now we can’t even see a figure. I don’t think it’s that young man. Where do you think he can hide? Even if he is a fish, he has to come out and take a breath, right?”

Just as he was speaking, the water in front of him suddenly splashed, and a figure slowly floated up.

The Asian man had been on guard all the time. When he saw the situation on the sea surface, he immediately pulled the trigger. The AK in his hand fired, and bullets poured out at the black shadow.

Thud… Thud… Thud…

After the dense gunshots, a black shadow floated to the surface.

They stuck their heads out to take a look. The bald man cried out in surprise, “No, that’s Barker.”

It turned out that the person who had just been shot was that black man with braids.

At that moment, a golden light flashed again from behind the bald man’s head, and like lightning, it hit the back of his head.

Xuan Yuan Sword’s speed was so fast that the bald man did not even have time to scream. He fell directly on the deck with a plop and died.

The Asian man and the black man both had rich emergency experience. They were not in a hurry to see the bald man, but came to their senses. The AKs in their hands once again spat out fire. One shot into the air, and the other shot toward the sea.

After the bullets were shot out, they immediately reloaded, but the sea was still calm. They still did not find the enemy.

They slowly squatted down with a vigilant expression, and the guns in their hands were still pointing around vigilantly.

The Asian man stretched out his foot and kicked the bald man, but there was no response. He was indeed dead.

He turned over the bald man’s body and found a thick blood hole behind his bald head, flowing with blood.

“What’s the cause of this wound? It’s so strange.”

They were all experienced mercenaries, but they couldn’t figure out how the bald man had died. The wound was neither caused by a gunshot nor a knife, and the attack just now had come quietly, so they couldn’t judge at all.

“Let’s go, we can’t stay here any longer,” the Asian man said and started the speedboat.

However, at this time, a golden light flashed in front of his eyes. He felt cold between his eyebrows, and then he lost consciousness.

Black Hawk still did not see anyone, yet, another companion had died.

He could accept his companions being killed by a man, a wolf, or a tiger, but he couldn’t see anything.

The unknown was the most terrible thing. The four companions had died silently. At this time, his heart collapsed.

He picked up the AK in his hand and shot wildly in the air in front of him. Then, he picked up the rocket launcher on the boat and fired two rockets.

But it didn’t work. The breeze was still blowing slowly around him, and the sun was bright, but it was extremely gloomy in his eyes.

Black Hawk waved the rocket launcher in his hand and roared, “Demon, who are you? Come out, I’m not afraid of you!”

At that moment, a golden light flashed and slashed toward him.

Before he could see clearly what it was, the Xuan Yuan Sword cut him and the rocket launcher in half, making them fall into the sea.

The poor famous mercenaries were buried in the sea without seeing their opponent.

After Black Hawk’s death, Qin Haodong floated up from the sea and jumped onto the speedboat. He glanced at the body of the bald man and kicked him into the sea.

Of course, he had no mercy for this kind of person. If he hadn’t reacted quickly enough, he would have been blasted into pieces.

Since they wanted to kill someone else in exchange for commission, then they must prepare to be killed.

After washing the blood off the deck, Qin Haodong started the speedboat and navigated it in the direction of Li Meiyu’s hiding place.

Qin Haodong shouted into the water, “Well, come up. All the problems have been solved.”

Li Meiyu was soaking in the sea with a straw in her mouth. Although breathing was not a problem, it was not comfortable to keep soaking in it like this. Finally, when Qin Haodong appeared, she suddenly floated up from the sea.

She grabbed Qin Haodong’s hand and climbed onto the speedboat. She sat on the deck to rest for a while and said, “Whose ship is this?”

“It’s those killers’ ship.”

“What about the killers?”

“They were fed to the fish,” said Qin Haodong as he started the speedboat and navigated it to the shore.

Li Meiyu asked, “Where did the killers come from? Who on Earth wanted to kill us?”