The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 616

Chapter 616 Roaring Flame Soul Refining Talisman

Chapter 616 Roaring Flame Soul-Refining Talisman

“Be careful, young man!”

Li Dongguo’s face suddenly changed after Master Zha took out his Sword-Cultivating Gourd. The famous Geomantic Omen, master in Southeast, had been killed by it.

The flying sword in this small gourd was much more powerful than bullets. It was so fast that one would be killed before they even noticed it.

After shooting the flying sword, Master Zha looked at Qin Haodong triumphantly as if he were already dead.

This young man was such an idiot. As a warrior, he stood still instead of getting close to his enemy, which was lethal in the process of fighting with a great master like him.

But Qin Haodong was standing still calmly, with a smile on his face. His eyes were fixed on the flying sword the moment it flew out of the gourd.

In fact, it was a small knife rather than a flying sword. The knife, which was made of resentful ghosts, could absorb nutrients in the gourd and kill someone in secret.

It might be fatal to others, but it didn’t mean a thing to him.

Qin Haodong raised his right hand and a golden beam of light came out, swallowing Master Zha’s flying sword.

Xuan Yuan Sword had belonged to Yellow Emperor and the flying knife of resentful ghosts was nothing compared to it. It was crushed in a moment and even the gourd in Master Zha’s hands was blown up.

“What… How dare you destroy my magic treasure!”

Master Zha was stunned. The Sword-Cultivating Gourd was a gift from his master, and he had used it several times and managed to kill his enemies. He didn’t expect that Qin Haodong could defeat him and destroy his treasure in a moment. More importantly, he didn’t even figure out what weapons or tricks Qin was using.

“Rubbish! How dare you call it a magic treasure.” Qin Haodong took back his Xuan Yuan Sword and sneered. “Show me something else.”

“Go to hell! You destroyed my magic treasure and I’ll torture you with hundreds of ghosts!”

Master Zha shouted with great anger. He looked exactly like a ferocious ghost now with his fierce expression. His demeanor of a master had completely disappeared.

He took out a small black bottle and opened it. A wisp of black smoke came out and the temperature of the entire mourning hall seemed to sink in a moment with a gust of evil wind blowing past the room.

There seemed to be numerous ghosts hiding inside the black smoke. They screamed and then came together to become a huge skull. The skull looked fierce with its bloody mouth wide open.

The skull made the cold and creepy mourning hall even more grisly and terrifying.

Li Meiyu, who had never seen such a horrible scene before, trembled with fear and seized Nalan Wushuang by the arm.

Although Li Jianye and Li Yueying worked together with Master Zha, they still looked terrified because it was the first time they saw him use the skull.

Qin Haodongs face also clouded. He said harshly, “How dare you use such insidious methods to kill people!”

There were at least hundreds of souls in the skull, all of which were captured and imprisoned by him. They would never get the opportunity of being reincarnated.

A great master would never do that and Master Zha must be an evil cultivator. He dare not show this evil weapon to others but was forced to use it today to fight against Qin Haodong.

“Go to hell!”

Master Zha used a spell and pointed at Qin Haodong, shouting, “Eat this man!”

The huge skull opened its bloody mouth and rushed toward Qin Haodong with a sharp roar.

It grew bigger and was almost as big as the whole room when it was floating in front of him. Its mouth was big enough to swallow an adult.

The most terrible thing was that there seemed to be an evil ghost in every part of the skull. It was also roaring at Qin Haodong with its bared fangs.

Qin Haodong shook his head and raised his hand. The mirror of Yin-Yang suddenly appeared. He shouted, “Come here!”

The skull roared and then turned into a wisp of black smoke reluctantly, which was then absorbed into the mirror of Yin-Yang.


Master Zha was shocked to find out that his bottle of devil ghosts was destroyed in an instant. But then a greedy look appeared on his face.

Qin Haodong had used the mirror to defeat him before, but he hadn’t seen what it was at that time. Now, he was eager to get this magic treasure after realizing that this was the mirror of Yin-Yang.

Experience told him that the mirror of Yin-Yang was an extraordinary weapon. It might even be a legendary treasure. He couldn’t wait to take it for himself.

Master Zha wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth and said greedily, “Young man, if you give this mirror to me, I’ll let you go and stay away from all the affairs of the Li family. You’re also allowed to marry Li Meiyu and get all the property. What do you think?”

Li Jianye and Li Yueying’s faces suddenly changed. They would definitely go to jail if Master Zha chose to work with Qin Haodong.

Qin Haodong put away the mirror of Yin-Yang and replied with disdain, “You ugly old thing, what are you talking about? This is my precious, and I’ll never give it to you.”

Master Zha was furious. “Do you think you can defeat me with your little precious mirror? I can easily kill you if you piss me off!”

Qin Haodong said, “I don’t have much patience, and let’s just get started. You can choose to get out of here or be killed by me.”

“Haha! Go to hell, you ignorant boy!”

Master Zha shouted with a ferocious look and then took out a golden Taoist Talisman from his pocket.

The talisman looked quite small. It was about two fingers wide and as long as a human palm. It was golden and was engraved with strange flame patterns.

Master Zha took out the talisman and looked solemn. This life-saving magic treasure was given by his teacher Mei Zhanlong, who was known as the best practitioner in Hong Kong. It was called Roaring Flame Soul-refining Talisman.


He made a spell by crossing the index fingers of both his hands. The Roaring Flame Soul-Refining Talisman suddenly floated in the air and burned without the wind. There was only a flame about the size of a fingernail left.

The flame was weird. It looked green and Qin Haodong couldn’t feel its heat.

“Go to hell!”

Master Zha raised his hand and pointed at Qin Haodong. The green flame followed his order and shot straight at Qin.

Qin Haodong slightly frowned. He realized that this was extremely vicious magic. The green flame, which seemed weak, could penetrate one’s mind and destroy their senses.

Other warriors would lose their life and would never be reincarnated with all their souls and spirits burned into ashes. However, Qin Haodong was different.

Since Master Zha was such a vicious practitioner, Qin would let him pay for his foolish decision.

At this thought, Qin Haodong stretched out his hand and the mirror of Yin-Yang appeared once again. It confronted the green light with the Yang side.

The green flame arrived and hit the mirror after a second.

But something strange suddenly happened. The green flame bounced back and dashed at Master Zha’s mind at a faster speed.

Master Zha was waiting for Qin Haodong’s souls to be destroyed after using the Roaring Flame Soul-Refining Talisman. To his great astonishment, the green flame was rushing toward him now!

“Oh, no!”

He clearly knew how powerful the flame was, but it was too late for him to dodge. The green flame penetrated his forehead and disappeared into his mind.

Master Zha stiffened as if he had been immobilized. He fell to the ground on his back after standing still for a moment. All his souls had been burned into ashes and there was nothing left but his physical body.

“Master Zha! Master Zha!”

Li Jianye pushed Master Zha anxiously, only to find that he was dead and there was no sign of life around him.

“Big brother, I’m wrong. Please forgive me this time! It’s all his fault for confusing me! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done anything to you…”

Without the help of Master Zha, Li Jianye yielded and knelt in front of Li Dongguo to ask his pardon.

Li Donghai, who had been standing behind him, followed suit.

“Yes! We’re of the same family and it was Master Zha who has deceived us. Please forgive us this time.”

Li Yueying also knelt with Wu Zixong. They could do nothing but ask for Li Dongguo’s forgiveness.

Still, Li Dongguo just ignored them and turned to Li Meiyu. “Girl, What do you think?”

Li Meiyu said, “Grandpa, Im sorry. But all these people are greedy wolves. They didn’t show any gratitude after receiving all these benefits in the past years. They also tried to kill us and take all the property away.

“Without Haodong, we might have been killed. When they colluded with the wicked man and tried to murder us, they didn’t treat us as family members. They didn’t even give us a chance to lead a normal life.”

Li Dongguo nodded and asked, “Then, what should we do?”

Li Meiyu said with determination, “Call the police! They bribed the bodyguards and tried to kill us this time. Besides, they must have taken a lot of money from the company over the years. We must check their accounts and send them to jail. They will never come out of there again!”

Upon hearing what Li Meiyu had said, Li Jianye and Li Yueying’s faces clouded. All the money they had stolen was enough to sentence them to life imprisonment, regardless of whether they would be convicted for murder.

Li Jianye cried out, “Girl, why are you so cruel? I’m your grandfather’s brother! You can’t do this to me!”

Li Yueying tried to change Meiyu’s mind through emotional appeals. She said miserably, “Meiyu, I’m your grandaunt and you’ve always been my favorite child since you were a kid. Please forgive us and don’t send us to jail. We can give up the right of inheritance and will immediately leave the Li family.”

Li Meiyu glanced at her and said coldly, “Since the moment you tried to kill my grandpa, we’re no longer family members. Besides, the property has nothing to do with you and you have no right of inheritance.”

Then she took out her mobile phone and dialed the police.