The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Iddle Stage Of Gold Core

Chapter 625 Middle-stage of Gold Core

“You ignorant boy, I’ll extract your soul and burn it with Yin Fire for 49 days. You’ll never be reincarnated!”

Yi Chenzi shouted in anger and then took out a small black flag.

The triangular flag was about the size of a human palm. There were no patterns on it and it was jet black in color.

He shook the small flag gently and an invisible force suddenly enveloped Qin Haodong.

It was called the Soul-taking flag, which was an extremely malicious weapon. The flag was even more powerful than the Soul-taking Spell and could absorb people’s souls in a second.

The flag might be destructive to others, but it did not work on Qin Haodong. With his strong Spirit, he hardly felt any difference when attacked by it. A slight shiver passed through his spirit but soon disappeared into thin air.

He took a step forward to protect Nalan Wushuang. Then he said with a mocking smile, “Old faker, it seems that your rubbish doesn’t work at all.”

Yi Chenzi was astonished and could not understand why the Soul-taking flag, which had destroyed so many enemies, did not work this time.

“Boy, be patient. I’ll let you enjoy the bites of hundreds of thousands of ghosts.”

He put away the Soul-taking flag and took out a small black porcelain bottle. He opened it and with a big puff of red smoke, hundreds of ghosts rushed out of the bottle.

Yi Chenzi and Master Zha were disciples of the same master, so their skills were nearly the same. But the ghosts in his bottle were much more powerful than that of Master Zha’s. In an instant, there were ghosts for miles around. They were crying and shouting, making the place a living hell.

The leader among them was a red-robed ghost. It was obviously the king of all these ghosts. It looked fierce and suddenly sprang toward Qin Haodong with a horrible scream.

Qin Haodong frowned and was about to take out his Yin-Yang mirror. But the monk’s staff in Nalan Wushuang’s hands suddenly moved. The 12 golden loops vibrated without the help of any wind, making a sweet sound. Then the entire monk’s staff shone with a golden light.

The golden light was as sharp as a sword. All those ghosts who were crying out, were killed immediately after being exposed to the Buddha’s light.

The monk’s staff killed all the ghosts in a second and Qin Haodong did not even have to raise a finger. Then the golden light disappeared and calm finally returned to the place.

Nalan Wushuang was surprised. She did not expect that the staff in her hands was such a powerful weapon. No wonder Qin Haodong spent so much money on it.

Qin Haodong looked at the monk’s staff and nodded with satisfaction. It was definitely a divine weapon and could release such a bright light by itself. Its power would at least be increased ten times more if controlled by a practitioner.

Yi Chenzi stared at the bottle in his hand and he was almost heartbroken. He had devoted himself to fostering those spirits, but all of them were killed in a second.

At the same time, he realized that the monk’s staff was a precious weapon. Why hadn’t he noticed it in the auction?

“Kid, give me the staff and the snake-head sculpture and I’ll spare your life.”

Qin Haodong glanced at him as if he was an idiot and then sneered, “What’s wrong with you? Why should I give the treasures to you? Do you think I’m an idiot like you?”

“What…” Yi Chenzi said with great anger, “How dare you! I can still kill you even if you have the monk’s staff! Go to hell!”

He raised his hand and more than a dozen talismans suddenly appeared in the air. They burned without fire and then some golden runes emerged. All of them turned into wind blades and swarmed toward Qin Haodong.

It was the Wind-blade Spell made by Yi Chenzi. Each rune could transform into a wind blade and he had used it to kill many great masters.

Qin Haodong glanced at those wind blades and mocked, “How dare you use this rubbish against me!”

Then he pinched his fingers and made an incantation. He pointed at Yi Chenzi and a gust of wind suddenly appeared and swept away all the wind blades.

The wind blades could resist the attack of the sword, but it was no match for Qin Haodong’s strong wind. They disappeared into thin air in a second.

Yi Chenzi’s expression suddenly changed, but he soon realized something and then sneered, “No wonder you’re so arrogant. It turns out that you can use some magic arts. But has your master told you that a master of magic arts must stay away from the warriors?”

“But that’s understandable. After all, no one knows that I’m a master of both magic and martial arts. Go to hell!”

Yi Chenzi suddenly pulled out the sword on his back as he stopped speaking and turned it into a stream of light to cleave Qin Haodong on his head.

The combination of martial arts and magic arts had always been his secret and pride.

Generally speaking, it was already very difficult for a practitioner to make achievements in either of these two fields and most people would find it impossible to combine them together. For example, his junior brother Zha Liang could not do this.

Therefore, Yi Chenzi was very proud and complacent. He believed that Qin Haodong would definitely be killed even though he was good at magic arts.

Qin Haodong glanced at him with a mocking smile. Others might be confused by his appearance, but he had already realized that Yi Chenzi was just a warrior at the Covert Power level. Why was he so confident? How dare he come over and engage in a close battle with him?

Yi Chenzi’s sword dashed forward rapidly and nearly touched Qin Haodong’s forehead. But at this moment, a golden sword pierced through his heart, as it glowed with a golden light. Yi Chenzi could hardly grasp his sword and it fell to the ground.

“What… You’re also a master of both magic and martial arts?”

His eyes were full of fear now. He had always been proud of his combination of both arts, but this young man standing in front of him was also a great master in this field. More importantly, he was obviously more powerful than him. Yi Chenzi believed that he was already at the supreme power level.

How did this young man get such a high cultivation? Who was he? Yi Chenzi finally understood why he did not take him seriously. He was no match for this young man.

Yi Chenzi deeply regretted what he had done. He should not have started a fight with such a strong enemy.

But it was too late for regrets. Qin Haodong put his Xuan Yuan Sword away and Yi Chenzi fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

"Why do you have to be so greedy?”

Qin Haodong sighed and sprinkled the Body Melting Powder on Yi Chenzi’s corpse. The famous master in Hong Kong finally turned into a pinch of ash and disappeared into thin air.

After getting rid of his body, Qin Haodong did not leave this place. Instead, he found a flat space around him and then set up a Concealing Magic Field. Then he made a defensive formation here. He was going to absorb the Upper Level Spirit Stone to reach a higher level of cultivation.

He could not be disturbed in this process. But Mei Zhanlong might come here any minute now and Nalan Wushuang was not strong enough to protect him. That was the reason why he chose to set up a formation and absorb the stone here.

When everything was ready, he activated the Concealing Magic Field. The two of them, together with the car, disappeared as if they had never been at the site.

Qin Haodong took out the snake-head sculpture and untied its sealing formation. There was a shining Upper Level Spirit Stone inside.

Nalan Wushuang was asked to stand nearby to protect him. Qin Haodong held the Spirit Stone to try to reach the middle-stage of Gold Core. Attracted to the Eternal-Life-Obtaining Green Wood, the Spiritual Qi emitted by the stone rushed into his dantian like a rolling tide.

Through the pair cultivation with Feng Wu, he had successfully made the Gold Core in his dantian more shining and rounder. But it could not progress any further due to the limitation of Spiritual Qi.

Now, with the nutrients from the Upper Level Spirit Stone, the Genuine Qi in his body was increasing rapidly. As time went by, the stone in his hand became smaller while the Gold Core in his dantian became bigger and more solid.

Half an hour later, his power and strength suddenly increased with a clicking sound in his mind. He finally reached the middle-stage of Gold Core and had taken a step toward his previous cultivation base.

He slowly opened his eyes and found that the Spirit Stone in his hand had already turned into powder.

Nalan Wushuang was standing anxiously beside him. The moment Qin Haodong woke up, she rushed forward and asked, “How is it? Did you succeed?”

Qin Haodong nodded and said, “Yes. I’m at the sixth level of the Supreme Power Realm.”


Nalan Wushuang said with great joy, “The auction is quite worth it!”

Qin Haodong was also excited. He said, “Of course! We got the snake head sculpture and the monk’s staff. The latter must be a divine weapon.”

Qin Haodong took the monk’s staff and examined it carefully. He did not know the name of this treasure yet.

He still could not find any related information after examining it for a while. Then he turned the Green Wood Genuine Qi into the Qi of Buddhism and passed through it. In an instant, the monk’s staff shone with a golden light and some words appeared in his mind.

After reading the sentences, Qin Haodong realized that the monk’s staff was a Buddhist treasure and it was called the Demon-vanquishing Wand.

In addition to vanquishing demons, the wand could also help practitioners to remove the evil thoughts in their minds. Without the presence of these thoughts, they could practice skills at a better and faster speed.

All the distracting thoughts would disappear if you had the wand during the process of cultivation. It was a top-tier treasure to dispel one’s evil thoughts. The 12 golden bangles could cut off the 12 distracting thoughts in one’s heart. If any inner demons appeared, it would make a sound to get rid of them.

Qin Haodong’s eyes lit up with excitement after learning about the unique functions of the Demon-vanquishing Wand. He failed to pass the Heavenly Test last time because of his inner demons. But he might succeed this time with the help of the wand.

He was both stunned and astonished and Nalan Wushuang asked in surprise, “How is it? Have you figured it out?”

“Yes!” Qin Haodong said excitedly, “It’s called Demon-vanquishing Wand and is a great treasure. It can help you get better results if you hold it while practicing skills.”

“Well, no.” Nalan Wushuang complained, “I don’t want to bring a monk’s staff with me all day long. That’s too weird.”

“Well…” Qin Haodong explained with embarrassment, “It can help you improve your cultivation at a faster rate.”

“Don’t try to fool me with the monk’s stuff.” Nalan Wushuang asked with a stern face, “Wan’er did not hold any monk’s staff and how did she reach the third-level of the Supreme Power Realm overnight?”

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