The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 64

Chapter 64 A Singing Contest

Chapter 64 A Singing Contest

“To tell you the truth. This is against my will, too. Shanshan is the money tree of our company, I would never send her to escort anyone unless I had no other options.”

Liu Huaqiang was telling the truth. He was also a lecher and he had harassed plenty of actress these years, but he had never had any thoughts on Ouyang Shanshan. After all, there were plenty of women in this world, and he didn’t want his money resource to be affected.

Qin Haodong did not say anything. He listened quietly, because he knew the story hadn’t been finished yet.

Liu Huaqiang continued, “I did it this time because someone has taken a fancy on Shanshan, and he specially wants her to serve him. I could not afford to irritate that guy, so I did it because I had no choice. The company would be shut down otherwise.”

Qin Haodong’s face turned cold and said, “What’s your point? Are you saying that you still have to send Ouyang Shanshan there?”

“No, what’s not what I mean!” Liu Huaqiang explained in panic because the company weighed less than his own life. He said, “I’d rather die! But I am afraid the guy will come here and try to take her by force, that way I can’t stop him.”

He said that because he was afraid his life would be endangered once Ouyang Shanshan was taken away.

“Who’s this outlaw you’re speaking of?” Qin Haodong was very curious about the guy acting so boldly in Jinagnan.

Liu Huaqiang hesitated for a moment, and finally said it, “He’s the young master of Nalan Family, Nalan Wufeng. Do you know the Nalan’s, boss? We can’t afford to offend them!”

“Nalan Wufeng?”

Qin Haodong turned back to look at Nalan Wushuang with an intriguing face.

Nalan Wushuang’s face suddenly grew gloomy. She had heard that her cousin making fuss around under the protection of the family. She felt even surprised to run into this on herself today.

At the moment, sound of footsteps came from outside. An arrogant voice was yelling, “Liu whatever your name is! Where’s the woman I asked you to send to me? Do you want your business to go on or not?”

Soon, an arrogant young man came in, with seven or eight bodyguards behind. He was no one else but the young master of Nalan family, Nalan Wufeng.

He was a totally different person from the guy in Nalan Jie’s house day ago. He was so arrogant and it turned out that he was completely pretending to be nice before Nalan Jie.

As he entered the house, he glanced at Ouyang Shanshan. Soon his eyes were caught and other people were ignored.

“Liu Huaqiang, do you want to die? The woman is here! Why did you say that she ran away? That’s contempt to the Nalan family!”

Liu Huaqiang answered with a bitter face, “Master Nalan, it’s not like how you think!”

He looked at Qin Haodong with an embarrassed look because he couldn’t afford to irritate Nalan Wufeng, nor could he afford to irritate this young man.

“I’m asking you for the woman, why are you staring at someone else?”

Nalan Wufeng stared at Liu Huaqiang hard, only to see that his face was swollen. He looked pathetic, and all his bodyguards hiding around were swollen on their face, too.

Finally he felt something wrong. He turned around and saw Qin Haodong and Nalan Wushuang on the other side.

“Cou-cousin!” Nalan Wufeng did not expect to run into Nalan Wushuang here.

He usually ignored other people, but this cousin was the one he couldn’t afford to piss off because her position in the family was much higher than his.

Nalan Wushuang said with a sullen face, “How imposing, cousin. Taking a woman in the name of Nalan? I have to go to grandpa and praise you nicely for this.”

“Don’t… please!” Nalan Wufeng shivered because he feared Nalan Jie the most in the family. His righteous grandpa would snap his leg if he knew he played with celebrities.

“Wushuang, I was making fun of Boss Liu. It’s nothing like that.” After that he turned back to Liu Huaqiang, asked, “Is it? Boss Liu?”

“Ah?” Liu Huaqiang did not expect that the young master of the Nalan family, who couldn’t be more arrogant just now, backed off immediately. He looked confused and didn’t know what was going on. As he realized it, he nodded his head in a hurry and said, “Ye-yes! Master Nalan likes joking with me!”

He couldn’t be happier about this because he didn’t have to get caught up in the dilemma between Nalan Wufeng and Qin Haodong. He was wondering where the young man came from. All his bodyguards were tough guys, and even Nalan Wufeng backed off immediately because of a woman he brought.

Nalan Wushuang’s face looked relieved, and she said, “Cousin. Shanshan and I are sisters now. I’ll never spare you if I know you’re still hitting nasty ideas on her.”

“No! Of course, I won’t! I was joking! If Miss Ouyang and you are good friends, she’ll be my sister, too. I won’t let anyone mess up with her from now on.”

Nalan Wufeng said as he patted on his chest hard with a righteous face. Then he turned back to Liu Huaqiang and said, “Do you hear me? She’s my sister’s good friend. Take good care of her and don’t get her upset, or there will be consequences to suffer.”

Liu Huaqiang looked bitter. He thought to himself that the guy should really be an actor with the acting talent, for he was acting way better than most Oscar winners.

His whole life was now held in Ouyang Shanshan’s tiny hands. He would appreciate it if Ouyang Shanshan did not mess up with him.

After he showed his attitude, Nalan Wufeng said, “Wushuang, it occurs to me that I have things to do, so I have to go first.”

After that, he escaped away with his bodyguards.

Liu Huaqiang took a sigh of relief. He had finally made it through. It looked like Nalan Wufeng would never make troubles for him again.

His resentment against Qin Haodong had disappeared. The guy could easily order around a lady of the Nalan family, and he surely couldn’t afford to offend him.

After all the things were settled, Nalan Wushuang took Qin Haodong to the martial art school they had been talked about.

As Nalan Wushuang had said, the place covered a large area. The office buildings, staff quarters, training grounds, and training equipment were all available. It was a perfect place for the security company.

Seeing that Qin Haodong was also satisfied, Nalan Wushuang signed the contract with the supervisor of the school. From then on, the place belonged to Daddy Security Company.

After the busy day, he drove to the kindergarten in the evening to pick up the little fellow.

He was about to leave when he picked up the little girl. The teacher Wang Jiani said, “Mr. Qin, hold on, I have things to tell you.”

“OK. What is it?” Qin Haodong looked at Wang Jiani.

The girl was pretty enough, and she looked sweet.

Wang Jiani said, “Here’s the thing. Jiangnan City is organizing a singing contest for babies. I think Tang Tang is a good singer. She should take part in it. And no matter what the result is, it will be beneficial for her anyway.”

The little girl held Qin Haodong’s neck and said, “Papa, Tang Tang wants to sing! I want to take part in the contest!”

Qin Haodong said, “OK, I’ll sign up for her!”

From the bottom of his heart, he wanted the little girl to take part in more activities, and grow up happily.

“OK, I’ll have her name registered. Please take her to the Jiangnan City Art Museum for the trial on Sunday morning, and that’s the day after tomorrow, at nine o’clock. I’ll be there, too.”

Qin Haodong thought to himself that the time was passing on really fast, and it was Friday again. He said good-bye to Wang Jiani, then he walked out of the kindergarten with the little girl. At the gate they met Lin Momo who had just arrived.

“Mommy! Mommy! I’m going to take part in the singing contest!”

The little girl said cheerfully.

Qin Haodong told Lin Momo what the girl was going to take part in the singing contest. Lin Momo said, “It’s nice to take part in activities more, and I agree on that. But we’re not going to take rest this weekend, so I won’t be able to take her to the contest then.”

“It doesn’t matter. You do your job. I’ll take her there.” Qin Haodong then asked, “What’s going on recently? Why are you so busy, even on the weekends?”

He was nominally an employee of the Lin’s Group, but so far he had only been there for half a day. Therefore, he knew little about how the group was going on.

Lin Momo took the little girl into the car, then she said to Qin Haodong, “The pillar of Lin’s Group is jewelry. I’ve been busy organizing a large jade raw gemstone exhibition. It’s the first day of the exhibition today. It just started in the morning.”

“The exhibition is the biggest event organized by me after I was appointed as the president. It’s very important to me, so I have to do my best.”

Qin Haodong said, “OK. Just do your job. I’ll take care of our little girl.”

Lin Momo went to work the next morning although it was Saturday. Since the whole group stayed on duty that day, Qin Haodong had no reason to stay at home resting. He had to go to work, too, because he was also a member of the group.

“Papa, mommy! Tang Tang wants to go to work with you, too!” the little girl jumped around and said.

Qin Haodong said, “Jobs are for adults. You’re still young. Just play with Damao and Ermao at home.”

They had several babysitters at home, so he wasn’t worried about the little girl had no people to play with.

The little girl pouted and said nothing more because Lin Momo had never taken her to work.

But Lin Momo was acting abnormally today, and she said, “Let’s bring Tang Tang with us!”

“Aren’t you busy?” Qin Haodong asked in surprise.

“But you will be there!”

“But I’ll be busy, too!”

Qin Haodong assumed that he would have a lot of patients at work today.

“Just take her. You’ll be busier if you don’t take her with you,” Lin Momo said intriguingly.

“Ah?” Qin Haodong didn’t understand her immediately, and he didn’t know what she meant.

“Great, papa, Tang Tang wants to go to work with you.” The little girl held his leg.

“OK, then let’s go!”

Qin Haodong would hate it if he left the little girl alone at home. Now that Lin Momo agreed, he could take her with him.

When they arrived at the building of the Lin’s Group. Qin Haodong and Lin Momo went on different ways. He held the little girl to the infirmary.

Upon his arrival at the door, Zhang Zhijie yelled, “There you are, my savior! Those women are going to knock down the door of the infirmary if you don’t show up!”

After that he looked to the little girl in Qin Haodong’s arms, and asked in amazement, “Bro, where did you steal such a cute kid?”

“Uncle! Tang Tang wasn’t a stolen girl; he’s my papa!”

The little fellow grumbled.

“Is she really your daughter?” Zhang Zhijie asked as he looked at Qin Haodong with disbelief.

“Of course she is.”

Qin Haodong felt it bothered to explain about the little girl, so he answered positively. He checked his desk, on which all kinds of snacks and flowers were piled up.

He asked in surprise, “Brother Zhang. What’s this? Where did these things come from?”

“You’re one to ask… Those beautiful girls in our company got crazy these days, and they came here looking for you every day, bringing you flowers and snacks. Those on the desk were just a part of it. I’ve stuffed much more into the cabinet, or there was no place for more.”

Qin Haodong smiled and he felt surprised, however; since there were people sending him snacks, the little girl could take the advantage.

He sat at the desk with Tang Tang in his arms, and started to eat the food on the desk. At the same time, a woman was asking at the door, “Is Doctor Qin here?”