The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 65

Chapter 65 Good At Playing

Chapter 65 Good at Playing Tricks

A young woman in her mid twenties came in. She was kind of beautiful and had a particularly hot figure.

It could be seen that she was dressed carefully today. Her low-breasted T-shirt and tight jeans highlighted her figure; her breast cleavage was extremely obvious.

After seeing this woman, Zhang Zhijie couldn’t help adjusting his glasses and swallowing briefly.

“Oh, what ails you?” Qin Haodong asked.

The woman had a seductive look before entering the door, but she was instantly dismayed when seeing the little fellow in Qin Haodong’s arms.

Instead of answering Qin Haodong’s question, she asked, “Doctor Qin, who’s this child?”

“My name is Tang tang. This is my father!”

The little fellow said gently as she tore open a bag of beef jerky.

Qin Haodong said, “I can see you as well, though I have to take care of my child. So what ails you?”

“It’s all right. I’m all right all of a sudden.”

The woman turned around and left; Qin Haodong remained perplexed.

Then other women came to the clinic one after another, but at the sight of Qin Haodong holding his child, they all left immediately. Not many people came to really see the doctor. Qin Haodong had a leisurely morning.

Only then did he understand Lin Momo’s intention. She was indeed a president and was very good at playing tricks. She prevented many women from chasing him only by using the little fellow.

At lunchtime, when Qin Haodong took the little fellow into the dining hall, the situation of last time never happened again. He had a peaceful meal with Zhang Zhijie.

After dinner, he took the little fellow to Lin Momo’s office. Before he could say a few words, the door was opened and An Biru came in panting.

Qin Haodong was a little surprised. An Biru was Lin Momo’s assistant. She was always calm and never panicked like that.

“Sister An, what’s wrong?”

Lin Momo frowned slightly. This jade stone exhibition was very important to her. So she arranged An Biru to watch the exhibition all the time. Why did she come back suddenly?

“Boss Lin, some… something happened!” An Biru said in gasps.

“What happened?”

“Our Jadeite Stone Exhibition just opened yesterday. Today, the Feng’s family are holding another Jadeite Stone Exhibition just in front of us.”

Lin Mo’s face sank. For the exhibition, Lin’s Group invested a lot of money and material resources in advertising all over the country. The effect was good, and jadeite businessmen and gambling enthusiasts from all over the country flooded in.

But the Feng’s family held a raw stone exhibition right in front of them, which meant that the Lin’s Group spent money to help them advertise, and they just “sat idle and enjoyed the fruits of others’s labour”?

The most important thing was that the Feng’s Group had always been the biggest rival of the Lin’s Group in the jade market. Now they held another exhibition of raw stone opposite them. It was obvious that they were acting against the Lin’s Group.

An Biru continued: “The worst thing is that the scale of their exhibition is no smaller than ours, and all of their stones are from old pits in Myanmar. They have beaten us in the quality of the raw stone.”

“What? That’s impossible!” Lin Momo stood up and said angrily, “When we went to buy the old pit stones, didn’t the Jade Gang say they would not sell in the whole country this year? Why did they sell them to the Feng family instead?

An Biru said sulkily, “I don’t know. Anyway, now all the guests have gone to the Feng family. If it goes on like this, we won’t even recover the cost after the half a month’s exhibition.”

“Well, let’s go and have a look!”

Lin Momo said and hurried out. An Biru followed her. Qin Haodong thought about it and followed her with the little fellow in his arms. If her woman was in trouble, he should help her.

After getting in the bus, Lin Momo asked, “Why are you here?”

Qin Haodong said, “To check the situation with you. And I have never seen jadeite stones before.”

“Yes! Yes! I also want to see,” The little fellow echoed.

Lin Momo had a heavy heart and said nothing more.

Qin Haodong asked, “You just mentioned the Jade Gang, what is the matter?”

Lin Momo answered, “Raw gemstones are only produced in Myanmar, and the quality of old pit stone is the best. Although there are raw gemstones in other places, the quality is much worse.”

Myanmar’s jade export was totally controlled by the Jade Gang. As a major jade company, the Lin’s Group had to deal with the Jade Gang, and they had been getting along well in recent years.

But at the beginning of this year, the Lin’s Group proposed to import a batch of jade stones of old pit species, and Jade Gang refused, saying that they were not ready to sell old pit stones this year.

“We bought all the jade stones from other places, the quality of which are naturally inferior to that of the old pits.”

Now the Feng’s group took out all the old pit stones to hold the exhibition, and won against the Lin’s group. This showed that the Feng family must have been playing a trick behind it.

An Biru also said indignantly: “It must be so, the Feng family must have used some way to rope in the Jade Gang, and they together schemed against us.”

During the talk, the motorcade arrived at the jade stone exhibition site, which was the Jiangnan Convention and Exhibition Center, specially prepared for the major companies to hold exhibitions.

After getting off the train, Qin Haodong saw that the site was filled with various kinds of jadeite stones, which on the surface did not seem very different from ordinary stones, but he could clearly feel the difference.

A cultivation artist had the keenest sense of Spiritual Qi. As Emperor Green Wood, the Spirit of Qin Haodong was powerful. He knew exactly which raw gemstone had plenty of Spiritual Qi and which one had none.

“Boss Lin, look! The opposite is the exhibition held by the Feng Family,”

An Biru pointed to the opposite exhibition area and said.

Qin Haodong looked in the direction she pointed to, and saw a large number of stones piled up on the opposite side. Their scale was not smaller at all, and the Spiritual Qi of the stones over there was obviously stronger.

What’s the matter? The better the quality, the more abundant Spiritual Qi? Did it mean that jade existed in the stone with Spiritual Qi, and the more abundant the Spiritual Qi, the better the quality of the jade?

Lin Momo was totally different from Qin Haodong. What she saw was the surge of people at the Feng Family’s exhibition, while on her own side there was a lot of money to lose if the exhibition went on like this.

“Boss Lin, what should we do?” An Biru asked.

Lin Momo frowned because she could do nothing about it. All the people who came to the exhibition were experts. The quality of the stones could be seen at a glance. The stones on her side were inferior to the old pit stones in the opposite side. It was too difficult to win people back.

As if he had not sensed Lin Momo’s mood, Qin Haodong pointed to a jade stone and aked, “Is there really jade in it?”

Lin Momo sighed and said patiently, “There is a certain probability of jade being contained in a stone. The reason why the old pit’s raw gemstone are famous is that the probability of containing jade is high.”

“Is there any way to see through these stones and find out which one has jade and which one has no jade?”

“It’s impossible,” Lin Momo said. “No current technology can penetrate the jade stone. Otherwise, there would be no stone gambling.

“Our stone exhibition is to let customers to bet which stone has jade and which not. The so-called ‘Poor or rich, heaven or hell, all is lying in one cut’ refers to the industry of stones gambling.”

An Biru added: “There are some experts who can make inferences based on the appearance of the raw stone, although not 100% accurate, it is much better than to bet on luck.”

Qin Haodong said, “Oh, I’ve always had good luck. How about I try it?”

He wanted to see if his inference was correct. If the intensity of Spiritual Qi was directly related to the quality of the jade, it was not a very different perspective.

Lin Momo said, “Anyway, all the stones are of our group. Whichever you pick you could let the stone-cutter open for you to see.”

Qin Haodong picked a stone with a price of 2,000 and passed it to the stone-cutter, who was idle and bored beside him because there were no guests.

Seeing the business coming, the stone-cutter quickly cut the stone, but there was nothing in it, and 2000 yuan were turned into a pile of waste stones.

“Boy, you lost the bet!” Said the stone-cutter. They don’t care about it, let alone 2,000 yuan, even 20 million yuan could be lost on stone gambling.

Qin Haodong was not depressed. Just as he expected, the stone had no spirit so there was no jade in it.

He then casually chose another stone with slight Spiritual Qi. There was a green jade about the size of an egg inside when it was cut open, and its quality was not very good.

Even so, An Biru said, “Dr. Qin, your luck is really good, for you to score with just two bets. This stone helps you recover your loss.”

Qin Haodong just saw that the price of the stone was 20,000 yuan, that is to say, ordinary jade of egg size could be sold for more than 20,000 yuan. It seemed that these things were really valuable.

“It’s just the beginning. I’m sure I will have more luck.”

During the conversation, he selected another stone with more vivid Spiritual Qi and sent it to the stone-cutter. “Master, you should be careful. I think there must be jade in this stone.”

“Don’t worry, lad. I’m very precise.”

The stone-cutter was really experienced. He quickly polished an area on one side of the stone with a grinding wheel and observed carefully while polishing it.

Suddenly, his face changed and his movements became more careful. Soon he stopped the machine and grabbed a rag to rub the powder off the stone, then he poured some water over it.

Now they could see that the polished area had a strong green tinge, like autumn water, which looked very pure.

“Green, green is out!” An Biru cried out in alarm.

Lin Momo was also surprised. She had become an expert after doing jade business for so many years. The green color of this stone is very close to the ice type. As long as an egg-sized material was contained in the stone, it would be worth more than 1 million yuan.

The stone-cutter said, “Boy, now that you’ve won your bet on this stone, do you want to continue?”

Qin Haodong’s goal had been achieved; the fact had proved his conjecture that the richer the Spiritual Qi of the raw stone, the better the jade in it.

He waved his hand indifferently and said, “I don’t care; I was just tetsing my luck. This stone belongs to president Lin. It’s up to her to decide!”