The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 7

Chapter 7 The Little Girl Fell Ill

Chapter 7 The Little Girl Fell Ill

Lin Momo got out of bed and stretched out her stiff limbs. She felt her body had recovered to the same level as before the injury. Qin Haodong was right. She could actually leave the hospital, so she asked An Biru to sign the discharge papers.

As they got to the gate of the hospital, they saw several limos parked in front of the gate. At the sight of Lin Momo, Zhang Debiao came up to her with a dozen bodyguards. After the incident yesterday, Lin Zhiyuan sent bodyguards to strengthen protections for her daughter.

To Qin Haodongs disappointment, he saw only the bodyguards and no sign of the little girl. Luckily, he just laid the groundwork. In the name of going to Lin Momos house for treatment, he got into the car with Lin Momo; otherwise he could not see his daughter today.

At the gate of the Lins villa, An Biru went back to work, and Qin Haodong followed Lin Momo into the house. As soon as they entered, they saw a mess. Lin Zhiyuan was holding Tang Tang in his arms and rushing to the door in panic. Behind him was a lady doctor in a white coat and a big mask.

The little kid in Lin Zhiyuans arms looked listless and green, devoid the vitality of the day before.

"Dad, whats going on?" Lin Momo hurried to them and asked.

"Have you really recovered, Momo?" Lin Zhiyuan was startled to see his daughter. Then he explained the situation to her, "Tang Tang is sick with a high fever. Im going to take her to the hospital."

"What happened? Tang Tang is always in good health. Why did she suddenly fall ill?"

Lin Momo inquired in an anxious manner.

"She came back from the hospital last night with a fever. Maybe she caught a cold there. Doctor Gao gave her some medicine but it didnt work. Thats why Im going to take her to the hospital," replied Lin Zhiyuan worriedly.

Doctor Gao was their family doctor Gao Yan, who was behind him. Big families like the Lin family had family doctors so that they didnt have to go to the hospital for common ailments.

Gao Yan stepped forward and further explained, "Miss Lin, Ive given Tang Tang the best antipyretics and the most advanced antibiotics, but nothing worked.

"Now Tang Tang has a high fever of 39.5 degrees centigrade. I suspect she is infected with a new virus, which is untreatable in our familys medical conditions. Therefore, we have to send Tang Tang to the hospital for a blood test and make a diagnosis as soon as possible!"

"What? You gave Tang Tang antibiotics? Dont you know that antibiotics are harmful to children?"

Hearing her words, Qin Haodong lost his temper. The little girl was his lifeblood, and he would not allow her to be harmed in any way.

"Are you questioning my medical skills? I treated Tang Tang in advance according to the most advanced treatment in M Country," retorted Gao Yan before she noticed Qin Haodong behind Lin Momo. "Who are you? Do you know anything about medicine? Why question me?" she snarled.

Lin Momo quickly introduced Qin Haodong, "Doctor Gao, this is Qin Haodong, Doctor Qin."

Gao Yan was always arrogant and cold. Noticing that Qin Haodong was only about 20 years old, she gave him the cold shoulder. "Miss Lin, you know my medical skills. Its not just any doctor can question," she stressed scornfully.

At that moment, the droopy little girl heard Qin Haodongs voice and tried to open her eyes. "Doctor Magic, help! I feel so sick. I may die," she cried weakly.

As Lin Momo was the current president of the Lins Group, her injury was highly confidential, and Gao Yan did not know about it.

When the little girl called Qin Haodong Doctor Magic, her expression grew even more disdainful.

"Doctor Magic, how ridiculous! You can only fool kids!"

She didnt speak very loudly, but everyone in the room heard her. Lin Zhiyuans and Lin Momos face flickered, afraid that Qin Haodong would be irritated by her.

Qin Haodong ignored the smug woman and took the little girl from Lin Zhiyuans arms. "Mr. Lin, give Tang Tang to me. Even in the hospital, she could not be cured!"

He had seen that the little girl was not infected with any new virus at all. Actually, it was the evil spirit that Tang Tang caught in the hospital last night that caused her fever. After all, kids were vulnerable to the evil spirit. Her health would be greatly affected if the evil spirit in her body were not removed soon.

"Please, Doctor Qin!" said Lin Zhiyuan politely.

He was now in complete admiration of Qin Haodongs medical skills.

"No, Mr. Lin, Tang Tang is in a very dangerous situation. There is no time to lose. She must be taken to the hospital at once," Gao Yan cried out, trying to stop them.

"Doctor Gao, Doctor Qin is highly skilled in healing. He is sure to cure Tang Tang."

Lin Zhiyuan explained.

By this time, Qin Haodong had put Tang Tang on the couch in the living room, and then took out the needle bag from his clothes.

His cultivation hadnt recovered much yet. If he were in the Foundation Realm, he could have cleaned the evil spirit from the girls body with a simple incantation, but now he had to resort to acupuncture to achieve this effect.

"What? Are you a traditional Chinese doctor?" As soon as Qin Haodong reached for his needle bag, Gao Yan immediately stood between him and Tang Tang, and persuaded Lin Zhiyuan and Lin Momo, "Mr. Lin, Miss Lin, traditional Chinese medicine is a trick. You mustnt believe it. If you allow him to do this, Tang Tang will get worse."

Qin Haodongs face instantly darkened. This woman hadnt given up trying to stop him yet. "You are not qualified to question Chinese medicine. Get out of my way!" he rebuked her coldly.

Lin Momo came up to them and said, "Doctor Gao, you can rest assured that Doctor Qins medical skills are really good."

"Miss Lin, please respect science and dont be blinded by your feelings. Tang Tang is so young, she cant be hurt because of your personal feelings."

In her opinion, Qin Haodong was Lin Momos new boy toy, and that Lin Momo believed this man was quite out of personal considerations, rather than Qin Haodongs medical skills.

How could Lin Momo, a companys overbearing president whose words carried weight, bear to be accused by a small family doctor? Her face fell. "Doctor Gao, I have the right to choose who is going to cure Tang Tang. Please step aside!" she snapped.

"No, Im a family doctor, and its my job to be responsible for my patients. I wont let him touch Tang Tang as long as Im around unless you fire me!"

Gao Yan had been working as a family doctor in the Lin family for more than three years and was respected by Lin Momo and Lin Zhiyuan, which contributed to her pride.

She took it for granted that Lin Momo would choose her between Qin Haodong and her. After all, she was a doctor of medicine who returned from studying in M Country. Both her education and medical skills were very convincing.

"Well, youre fired now!" said Lin Momo, a little crossly.

"Wh- What?"

Gao Yan then realized what a foolish thing she had done. She turned quickly to Lin Zhiyuan, hoping to get a turn from him.

"Doctor Gao, youve been working for this family for several years. Ill give you another chance. Get out of the way or leave," said Lin Zhiyuan, in a warning voice.

Gao Yan was a doctor of medicine returning from studying in M country, but a generous boss like the Lin family was hard to find. Between job and pride, she finally chose the former. Her arrogance suddenly subsided and she quietly stepped aside.

Then Qin Haodong came to the kid. Looking at the silver needles in his hand, Tang Tang asked with fear, "Doctor Magic, are you going to give me needles?"

"Yeah, with just a few needles, Tang Tang will be fine!"

"Doctor Magic, does it hurt?"

"You call uncle Doctor Magic, of course, it doesnt hurt. Only quacks needles hurt!"

"Well, Ill close my eyes and it wont hurt if I dont look."

Tang Tang cleverly closed her eyes and asked again, "Doctor Magic, how long does it take to get the needles?"

"Very soon, why not sing a song for uncle? When you finish, the needle is done!"

Qin Haodong then moved quickly, thrusting the dozen silver needles into Tang Tangs acupuncture points from head to foot.

His technique of acupuncture had reached the acme of perfection. Fed on by his Green Wood Genuine Qi, the little girl felt no pain at all and began to sing with her eyes closed.

"Little bunny darling Open the door "

Tang Tang did not have too much evil spirit in her body, so it was easy to be expelled. It only took two or three minutes for Qin Haodong to remove it out.

When he pulled out these silver needles, the little girl had not finished her nursery rhyme.

"Its over, Tang Tang. You can stop now."

Qin Haodong said as he pinched the little girls chubby cheeks.

"Really? I didnt feel any pain!"

Tang Tang jumped on the couch with excitement. Her face, which had been green only a few minutes before, had returned to its usual pink, and she had come back to live as if she had been charged with electricity.

Lin Zhiyuan walked over to the couch, felt her forehead, and exclaimed with delight, "The fever has remitted. Tang Tang is really not feverish now!"

Although he knew that Qin Haodongs medical skills were amazing, he was not expecting that he could cure Tang Tang so quickly. After all, the little girl was terribly hot in his arms.

"Doctor Magic, you are so great! You cured Tang Tang so soon!" the little girl shouted, jumping on the couch cheerfully.

"Of course, you said uncle is a Magic Doctor," Qin Haodong said with a laugh.

"Doctor Magic, if I ever get sick again, Ill let you treat me. Aunt Gao will be never allowed to treat me again. She gave me several injections. It was very painful, but I was still very sick!"

Gao Yan looked at them, dumbfounded. As she heard Tang Tangs words, she came to her mind and barked, "This is impossible. It must be the medicine I just gave Tang Tang has worked. Traditional Chinese medicine is a fraud, it cannot be so effective."

Qin Haodong turned around, cast a cool glance at Gao Yan, and demanded, "Have you studied traditional Chinese medicine?"

"I was a Ph.D. student in M Country. How could I learn such a fraud?" Gao Yan yelled with a look of disdain.

"Do you know traditional Chinese medical science?"

"Why should I know that kind of thing?"

Qin Haodong took two steps forward, glared at Gao Yan, and argued, "What the hell is wrong with you? You have neither learned traditional Chinese medicine nor know it. In short, you do not even know what it is. Then how could you claim that traditional Chinese medicine is a fraud all the time?"

"It My professor told me. He said traditional Chinese medicine is not scientific at all, it is a superstitious thing left over from the feudal society. It cannot cure diseases at all!"

"Traditional Chinese medicine cant cure disease? Then how was Tang Tang cured?" Qin Haodong grimaced.

A cloud of anger rose within him. There were some people, who knew very little of Chinese medicine, liking to denigrate it rightfully without basis.

"As I told you, Tang Tang must have been cured by me. It has nothing to do with you. Only western medicine is the right way, western medicine therapies are the most scientific."

Qin Haodong sneered, "Since western medicine is so scientific and effective, why doesnt it cure what in your mouth?"

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