The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 98

Chapter 98 A Legendary Masochism

Chapter 98: A Legendary Masochism

Everyone was shocked by what Meng Tie was doing, and all of them panicked. Although Feng Tianda was with Meng Tie all the time, he was also frightened to see so much explosive on Feng Tianda, so he rushed and hid to the side.

Liu Bingzhong was sweaty all over. He was here to support the Feng Family because he believed what Feng Tianda had said, and thought the Lin’s Group was suppressing the Feng’s Group today, however; what was happening now seemed not as simple as he thought. He started his career as a common policeman, thus he was experienced enough to realize that something was wrong.

His face turned pale when thinking about what he just did. If it was really like what Qin Haodong had said, and there were drugs hidden inside those stones, the consequence would be more than he could bear.

Those policemen including Fang Chuanxiong were also nervous. They thought they could accomplish the mission in one strike with so many policemen they had dispatched. What was happening now was completely out of their expectation.

“Everyone, back off! No one get to shoot without my permission!” Fang Chuanxiong now showed his excellent qualifications as a commander. He was in shock but not panicked. He arranged his fellows to retreat further, but not to cancel the encirclement.

Meng Tie burst into arrogant laughter, then he said, “What now? Aren’t you all afraid? I’ll tell you what. I’ve got high-explosive bombs on my waist, and you don’t need to hide, because we’ll all be blown to heaven if I kick this button, no matter how far you escape.”

Fang Chuanxiong said, “You’ll die with us then. That does no good to nobody. Now give me your remote, we can talk.”

Meng Tie laughed again and said, “You trying to fool me like a kid? I’ll have no bargaining chip once I hand it to you.”

“What the hell are you doing?”

Fang Chuanxiong might seem relaxed, but he was quite worried inside. It would be nice if he could solve the case, but only if he could make sure his fellows would be safe, or too much death would make it meaningless.

“I’m a very easy-going person, and I have two requests now. First, get me a helicopter and let my buddies leave; second, give the gigolo boy, Qin Haodong to me. He put my big brother in jail, I have to kill him today.”

That was when Qin Haodong down knew that the bearded young man was Meng Gang’s younger brother. No wonder he looked familiar because the two looked similar.

Fang Chuanxiong’s face looked so gloomy like it was going to rain. What had happened was serious. He pondered for a second and said, “I’m OK with the first one, but we’ll need a while to report it to our supervisor to get authority for helicopter.”

“The second request is an absolute ‘no’, I couldn’t possibly give Brother Qin to you.”

Nalan Wuxia felt relieved when she heard what he said. She would stand out against it immediately as long as Fang Chuanxiong took the second request into consideration.

Qin Haodong nodded in silence. He wasn’t concerned about Meng Tie much, actually, but Fang Chuanxiong seemed like a nice friend.

“You don’t really think I will hit the button, do you?” Meng Tie’s face was distorted. He looked almost insane, and said, “My life’s worthless and I’m OK if I can trade mine with yours. Now give the gigolo boy, or we’ll die together.”

Feng Tianda was the closest to Meng Tie. If the button was hit, Meng Tie would die first and he would be the second.

He was afraid of death all the time. He kept staring the flashing receivers on Meng Tie’s waist and was scared out of himself. He said in a hurry, “We can always negotiate, Brother Meng. Don’t be impulsive.”

Meng Tie said, “There’s nothing to negotiate. My parents died when I was a kid, and my big brother brought me up. Now the gigolo boy puts him in jail. I have to kill him.”

Speaking of that, he yelled to Fang Chuanxiong, “Don’t blame me for being unreasonable. I’ll give you one minute to send the gigolo boy here, or we’ll die together.”

Feng Tianda shouted on the other side, “Just give the gigolo boy to me, or we die together!”

Nalan Wuxia went to Fang Chuanxiong immediately and said, “Chief Fang, Doctor Qin was here to help us. We couldn’t give him away no matter what.”

Wang Jianfeng added, “Yes, Chief Fang. We have to make sure of Doctor Qin’s safety.”

Liu Bingzhong said, “The guy was nuts. What if he really presses the button if we don’t give him what he wants? Too many people will be dead or injured. We’re talking about more than 100 people!”

Nalan Wuxia said, “It’s useless to fear death because it’s already too late. Let’s perish together.”

Wang Jianfeng whispered, “It’s impossible that we give the man away. How about we try snipers?”

The mission this time was very well arranged. He had set snipers on highlands before he came in, in case of emergency.

Fang Chuanxiong shook his head and said, “Snipers won’t work. They could blow up his head but nobody can be sure that he wouldn’t press the button before he dies. That’s too risky.”

Wang Jianfeng said, “Then what should we do? How about we take a risk. His bomb might be fake, and I’ll be the first to arrest him.”

“No, his bomb is true.” Said Qin Haodong. He did have felt a great threat from Meng Tie, so he was sure that the bombs at his waist were real packs.

He said to Fang Chuanxiong and others, “Don’t worry, since he wants me here, I’ll go check.”

After that he turned back and walked to Meng Tie.

Nalan Wuxia grabbed his arms and said, “No, you’ll die for nothing.”

Qin Haodong was so touched by the forcible policewoman. He smiled and said, “Take it easy. He may just need a nice chat with me.”

“That’s impossible. He’ll definitely kill you once you’re there.” Nalan Wuxia said worriedly.

“He’s just a small fish from Burma. He wasn’t even qualified to kill me.” Qin Haodong said as he pushed Nalan Wuxia away and strode toward Meng Tie.

“Big beard, I’m here.” He walked and greeted Meng Tie with a smile, like an old missing friend of his.

“Young man, you put my big brother in jail. I’ll blow up your head today, or I’ll be ashamed of who I am!”

After Meng Tie said with the remote in his left hand. His right hand took out a black pistol from the back waist, then he raised and pointed it to Qin Haodong’s head.

Everyone was tightened up immediately. Qin Haodong was only four or five meters away from Meng Tie. Even gods wouldn’t be able to dodge the bullets within such a short distance.

A trace of excitement flashed in Feng Tianda’s eyes. He hated Qin Haodong so much that he was wishing Meng Tie to pull the trigger right now.

Nalan Wuxia looked at Qin Haodong’s back nervously. Her undulating chest showed how struggling she was inside.

Qin Haodong was still smiling. He kept walking forward and said to Meng Tie with a smile, “Did your mom tell you not to play with guns? Give it to me right now.”

The nervous people around almost dropped their jaws when hearing he saying that. They wondered if he was nuts, because he asked Meng Tie to give him the gun that was pointed at his head.

Fang Chuanxiong and others were also stupefied and wondered what Qin Haodong was doing.

When everyone was thinking wildly about it, what happened next made them stupefied again. Meng Tie handed his gun to Qin Haodong as he ordered.

“Come on. What’s going on?” Wang Jianfeng rubbed his eyes hard and couldn’t believe what he saw.

Feng Tianda was dumbfounded. He thought Qin Haodong was crazy just now, and now he thought Meng Tie was the crazy one.

Nalan Wuxia opened her mouth widely and looked at all that was happening with her widened eyes. She had no idea how Qin Haodong did it. Did he really know the big bearded guy? That was impossible. The hatred Meng Tie had shown was real.

Qin Haodong took over the pistol and said to Meng Tie, “And that remote, give it to me.”

After he said that, Meng Tie gave him the remote like an obedient baby.

Qin Haodong took over the remote and put it on a piece of raw gemstone. Then he smashed it with the pistol.

After he solved the threat of the bomb. He threw the pistol to Nalan Wuxia, and then he grabbed Meng Tie’s beard, slapping loudly and heavily on his face.

“Bastard. Trying to play tough in Huaxia? Pointing the pistol to my head? Trying to get back on me for your brother…”

The onlookers were dumbfounded because the scene was too weird. Meng Tie, who used to be so fierce, handed his pistol and then his remote. Now he was being beaten up like a dog. What a legendary masochism!

Meng Tie woke up from the Mind-manipulating after the violent beat of Qin Haodong. He wanted to resist but there was no more chance.

Fang Chuanxiong was the first to have realized it. He commanded loudly, “Arrest him, now!”

Wang Jianfeng and Nalan Wuxia took the lead and arrested Meng Tie, Meng Tie’s fellows, and those from the Feng’s Group, including Feng Tianda.

Feng Tianda ended up in handcuffs after his strong struggle. He yelled to Liu Bingzhong, “Help! Uncle Liu!”

Liu Bingzhong turned back and walked out of the exhibition site. What happened today was too severe, and he was sure he wouldn’t be able to get away from this, too. His urgent now was to find a way for himself, and Feng Tianda would be the last to consider.

Seeing that both Meng Tie and Feng Tianda be handcuffed, their fellows gave up resisting, too. All of them were taken into the patrol wagon.

Nalan Wuxia walked to Qin Haodong. She looked deeply concerned and asked, “How are you? Are you OK?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “I’m OK. But I didn’t enjoy the slapping because his beards are too thick.”

Nalan Wuxia asked, “How did you do that?”

“What are you talking about? Don’t you know how to slap?”

“That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m asking how you let Meng Tie handed over his pistol and the remote control?”

Qin Haodong didn’t want to tell her about the Mind-manipulating, so he said with his cheeky smile, “I have no idea about that, either. I asked for it and he gave it to me. Maybe it’s because I am too handsome.”

“Save that crap.” Nalan Wuxia didn’t believe it, but she wouldn’t ask any further because she could tell that Qin Haodong didn’t want to say it.

Fang Chuanxiong strode over and took Qin Haodong’s hand. He said excitedly, “Brother Qin. You’ve been a great help today. I don’t know how all this would end if you didn’t deal with Meng Tie.”

Qin Haodong said, “It’s fine. Just a piece of cake.”

He meant what he said. What happened today was nothing difficult for a cultivation artist.

Everything had been settled. The raw gemstone exhibition site of the Feng’s Group had been sealed up. Wang Jianfeng had dispatched technicians here to pick up those fake raw gemstones synthesized by drugs.

Nalan Wuxia stopped Qin Haodong as he was going to leave.

“All problems are solved and you won’t have the time to buy me dinner. Why are you pulling me?”

“Come to the criminal unit and help us interrogate.”

Nalan Wuxia surely wouldn’t let go of Qin Haodong. They’ll be ten times more effective with Qin Haodong there.

Qin Haodong said, “Ma’am. My service was free but you can’t just use it so wantonly.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “It’s OK if you don’t want to go, but you have to tell me the secret about how you let Meng Tie hand over the pistol.”

“Forget it, I will go with you. I’m the kind of citizen who likes to cooperate with the police.”

Qin Haodong went to the criminal unit with Nalan Wuxia. He was here mainly because he wanted to see if Feng Tianda was involved in the drug deal. The Feng’s Group would have to be uprooted if it was involved in drug deals, which would definitely be great news for the Lin’s Group.