The Divine Doctor and Stay-at-home Dad Chapter 99

Chapter 99 The Guest Singer

Chapter 99 The Guest Singer

In the interrogation room of Jiangnan criminal unit. Feng Tianda, who used to be so decent, was cuffed on an iron chair, with Nalan Wuxia and Qin Haodong sitting in front of him.

Qin Haodong smiled at Feng Tianda, and said, “Young master. Here we’re again. It’s been long since we met but we’ve never had a nice chat. Today is a great time for us to catch up.”

“You… Gigolo boy. You’ll end up no good after all you’ve done to me.” Said Feng Tianda. Then he yelled at Nalan Wuxia, “Let go of me! I’m the young master of the Feng Family. You can’t do this to me!”

Nalan Wuxia pounded the table and warned, “Feng Tianda, the Feng Family will be uprooted from Jiangnan if the result showed you’re involved in the case today. Stopping playing that ‘young master’ card!”

Feng Tianda said with a little confusion, “I don’t know what case you are talking about. We’re licensed businessman, and we never go against the law. Meng Tie was from Burma, and I had no idea he had bombs on him.”

Nalan Wuxia said, “Even if Meng Tie had nothing to do with you, but the raw gemstones of the Feng’s Group contained a large amount of drugs, which according to the estimation of our technicians, will be more than 1,000 kilograms of its extracted.”

“Do you have any idea what 1,000 kilograms mean? We’re talking about heroin, not flour. Your family will die 1,000 times for it.”

“What… what? That’s impossible. It must be a witch-hunt set by you and the Lin’s Group. How could the raw gemstones contain drugs?”

Feng Tianda was so scared that he was sweating all over. He stopped being so arrogant because he ain’t no fool. He surely knew what the 1,000 kilograms of drugs Nalan Wuxia said meant in Huaxia.

“That’s nonsense. Why are you still so stubborn? We’re completely impartial in handling the case, and it has nothing to do with the Lin’s Group.” Feng Tianda cried out in fear, “That’s unfair! That’s so unfair to me! My family was too busy doing legal business, why would we have a touch on drugs?”

“It’s fair enough for the Feng’s Group. We’ll make it clear. What’s real will be real. What you have to do now is to cooperate with us to do the investigations.”

“I’ll do it, I’ll do it.” Feng Tianda nodded nonstop.

Nalan Wuxia said, “Then tell us. What’s going on with those raw jade gemstone? Where did the drugs come from?”

Feng Tianda said, “Actually, those stones were not ours in the first place.”

Nalan Wuxia frowned, and she said, “Feng Tianda, you have to be clear that those raw jade gemstones were put in the Feng’s Group, and it’s no use denying it.”

“I’m not denying. You have to listen to me.” Feng Tianda explained nervously, “I admit that those raw jade gemstones were in the exhibition site of the Feng’s Group, but they didn’t belong to us.”

“Three days ago, our business partner, Zhou Tianhu called me. He’s the boss of the Jade Gang. He told me that he had a batch of goods which need to transit shipment. He asked the Feng Family for help and wanted me to cooperate. Once the mission completed, we would get an 80% discount on all the raw jade gemstone we imported from Burma in future.”

“It costs the Feng’s Group a billion to import raw jade gemstones from Burma. We can save a lot if we get an 80% discount. It was not a big deal to lend them the exhibition site for transit, so I agreed.”

“Soon those raw gemstones were transported from Burma to Jiangnan City in two batches, and was stored in the exhibition site of the Feng’s Group. Meng Tie arrived with those stones, and he has been in full charge of the stones. I wasn’t allowed to take part.”

Nalan Wuxia asked, “Have you ever thought about it that there might be something wrong with the stones?”

Feng Tianda said with an innocent face, “It has never come to me. I’ve been in the raw jade gemstone for so many years, and I’ve never heard that someone would hide drugs in it.”

Nalan Wuxia turned stern and said, “Feng Tianda, what a smart way to distance oneself from for the case! Are you saying that the Feng’s Group has nothing to do with the drugs?”

Feng Tianda said, “No, it doesn’t. We’ve been deceived by Zhou Tianhu.”

Nalan Wuxia looked at Qin Haodong when she asked that, because she wasn’t sure if Feng Tianda was telling the truth.

Qin Haodong smiled at Feng Tianda and said, “Young master, aren’t you the brother-in-law of Zhou Tianhu? Will would he set you up?”

Feng Tianda felt so depressed when he thought of his crazy girlfriend Zhou Cuicui and those beautiful girls Qin Haodong had around him. He stared at Qin Haodong and remained silent.

Qin Haodong stopped pushing Feng Tianda, and instead, he applied Mind-bewitching and repeated those question Nalan Wuxia just asked.

He was actually a little disappointed because Feng Tianda gave out the same answer. The guy wasn’t lying, he did have been set up by Zhou Tianhu.

It turned out that the Jade Gang was the background manipulator of the huge drug case. Zhou Tianhu took the chance of the Feng’s Group’s raw jade gemstone exhibition and transported the raw gemstones into Huaxia, and he was looking for opportunities to sell them out.

If that was true, the Feng’s Group might need to take part of the responsibilities, but not so much, at least not enough to destroy it.

Qin Haodong was hoping for a bigger responsibility for Feng Tianda in this case, for the sake of the interests of the Lin’s Group and his personal feeling, but the situation had gone otherwise.

He could definitely manipulate Feng Tianda and made a fake record, thus destroying the Feng Family, but he didn’t want to do it because he was the Emperor Green Wood.

Later, he interrogated Meng Tie and a few other major criminals with Nalan Wuxia. Their answers were almost the same as what Feng Tianda had said.

Although the case didn’t take down the Feng’s Group completely, but it was suspended. Liu Bingzhong lost his job as the Deputy Director. The incidents coming in succession really sapped the Feng Family.

Qin Haodong then left the criminal unit because it was the time for him to go to the finals of the little fellow’s singing contest. He couldn’t possibly miss it.

Lin Momo also took very seriously about the contest tonight. She had canceled all her working schedules, preparing to go to the contest with Qin Haodong and the little fellow. They picked up Wang Jiani and arrived at Jiangnan Art Museum.

When they got off the car, Qin Haodong found in surprising that Wang Hongbing and his family were waiting at the gate “by coincidence”. This time they looked different because he didn’t have many bodyguards around, and instead, a man in big sunglasses and colorful clothes was standing beside him. Qin Haodong checked the man for a while, but he failed to tell it was a man or a woman.

Qin Haodong smiled at Wang Hongbing and asked, “Mr. Wang, what’s this for? Are you welcoming us with your whole family?”

Wang Hongbing glanced at Lin Momo who looked decent and gorgeous, and looked at the little fellow in Qin Haodong’s arms. He couldn’t help envy the perfect family.

He said, “Qin… whatever your name is, I’m here to tell you that my son will be the winner today.”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “Why are you so confident? Have you bribed the judges again?”

“That’s not necessary.” Wang Hongbing pointed to the young man next to him, and said it proudly, “Check out who he is.”

All the onlooker’s attention had been drawn to the young man after he said that. The young man looked proud and took off his sunglasses, revealing his fair face. Wang Jiani’s expression changed drastically when she saw the man’s face.

Qin Haodong didn’t know what was happening, so he asked Wang Hongbing, “What? Are you letting me guess if it’s a she or a he? I’m sorry but I can’t tell.”

The young man’s expression changed and asked, “What are you talking about? I’m definitely a he.”

He said it angrily but in a quite sissy way.

Wang Hongbing said, “Stop pretending. He’s the big star from Jiangnan City, Cao Beibei. I don’t believe that you don’t know him.”

Qin Haodong wasn’t pretending. He didn’t even know Ouyang Shanshan. How could he possibly know Cao Beibei? He turned back to Lin Momo and Wang Jiani, and asked, “Who’s Cao Beibei? Is he famous?”

Lin Momo was too busy to care about the celebrities, but Wang Jiani knew enough about Cao Beibei, so she said, “He’s famous. He was originated in Jiangnan and a few songs of his went viral last year. Now he’s a second-rate singers in Huaxia.”

Qin Haodong nodded slightly. He didn’t mind it at all, because a second-rate star could barely arouse any of his interest.

Wang Hongbing said, “See? Now you’ve seen how powerful the Wangs can be. The Big Star, Cao Beibei, will be my son’s guest singer today. My son will never lose with his assistance.”

“It’s a dog-eat-dog world. I can afford 200,000 yuan to invite the guest singer for my son, while you can not. You might have several bodyguards around, but the winner has to be my son’s no matter how well your daughter sings, because you can’t afford a guest singer.”

Wang Hongbing looked disdainful and walked into the venue with Cao Beibei and others. He thought Qin Haodong could never be his match for the Wang family, though he might have a bodyguard business.

Lin Momo turned back and looked at Qin Haodong, “What does that mean? A guest singer?”

She wasn’t here in the contest last time, so she wasn’t sure of the rules today.

Wang Jiani explained the whole guest singer thing to Qin Haodong, and looked at him worriedly, “Doctor Qin, it’s getting difficult now. Cao Beibei do have a reputation in Jiangnan City which may definitely influence the judgement. It’s possible that Wang Guan might be the winner.”

Qin Haodong seemed he didn’t care at all. He said, “It’s no big deal. It’s just an effeminate man. Tang Tang would never fall to the second position as long as I am here.”

Lin Momo complained, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier about this? The Lin’s Group knows quite a few first-rate star in the country. I could’ve called some here to be the little fellow’s guest singer.”

Wang Jiani said, “Doctor Qin, didn’t you say that you’ll find a guest singer for Tang Tang? Where is he?”

Qin Haodong smiled and said, “No worries, I’ve arranged everything.”

The little fellow asked, “Papa, who’s the guest singer you found for me?”

“It’s a secret. You’ll know it later, and you’ll be surprised.”

Qin Haodong said it as he held the little fellow in his arms and went into the venue.

Soon the contest started. There were ten kids in the contest, and Wang Guan was the ninth to perform. The little fellow was the tenth.

The audiences were very enthusiastic because of the guest singers. The first eight kids all had their own guest singers invited by their parents. The actors were basically professional singers, but they are far less well-known than Cao Beibei.

The audiences screamed when Wang Guan and Cao Beibei went on stage hand in hand. Above all, Cao Beibei was quite welcomed in Jiangnan.

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