The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Book 1 Chapter 1217

Chapter 1217 The Book Deitys Reappearance

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Ahh!! Your Highness, what are you doing? Ah

However, the divine force didnt arrive to rescue the leader, but to destroy his soul instead!

That was murder!

In the meantime, a magnificent divine force surged forth with the murderous desires of a deity, penetrating the Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison and aiming straight at Su Yu!

Not even Su Yu expected a deity to intervene.

Was the Sixth Princess so outrageous and unscrupulous that she dared to expose her own deity?

Upon closer inspection, Su Yu found that the divine force was extremely familiar to him, as though he had seen it somewhere.

Hold on! The owner of this divine energy is Su Yu recalled in bewilderment, and his eyes turned cold abruptly. It is you!! I never expected you to be involved with this!

With a vicious look in Su Yus eyes, he raised a hand and with a wave. The Five Elements Mountain was in his grasp. He sneered, Take this gift from me!


Pitch-black streams of air suddenly began to leak from the belly of the Five Elements Mountain, faintly discernible with no concrete forms.

The ultimate misfortune of the Misfortune Deity, the Deity Perishing Misfortune! Have fun with it!

The black streams of air were wrapped around by the Power of Five Elements by force and stripped from the Five Elements Mountain, sent into a head-on collision with the divine energy.

The black streams of air were dissolved by the divine energy without a sound as if they had no power at all.

However, that was the terrifying part of the Power of Misfortune. Even from so far away, it could silently kill someone by casting misfortune on their belongings.

As the divine energy struck towards him, Su Yu yelled, Evil God!


The Evil Gods figure materialized from Su Yus Soul Dimension. Compared to its last appearance, its body was larger now. Its aura was even more immense than before, near the state of a late-stage Prospective Deity.

After shooting a glance at the divine energy, the Evil God chortled and engulfed it with its dog mouth.

You brat, just had another big fight? The Evil God glanced at the corpses of Prospective Deities all over the place, briefly rolling its eyeballs.

Su Yu replied angrily, Go back to your kennel, Ill give you the extra godly spirits.

How didnt he realize that the Evil God was coveting the godly spirits?

Ha! As the divine emperor who killed the heavens and slaughtered the lands, I have had a lush lifetime of romance with countless female companions. In the end, youre the only one who cares about me.

I have decided that if I ever reach the top again, I will give you whatever you want, including my women. Ill give them all to you!

Your women? Hmm What species are they?

Theyre dogs, of course!

Never mind, keep them for yourself!

Heh, dont go just yet. All my women are renowned beauties in the world of dogs, all of them gorgeous and flirtatious

Having slain two middle-stage Prospective Deities, Su Yu stared coldly at the many early-stage Prospective Deities that were still hopelessly trying to break free from the cage of vines.

Anyone whom Su Yus glance swept across felt an electric shock from terror. They stood motionless in their spots, none of daring to budge.

Everyone stopped to wait for Su Yu to decide their fates.

Whoever wishes to stay alive, open up your hearts and surrender to me! Su Yu said dispassionately.

Not only were the city masters not awkward, but all of them also looked exhilarated.

According to the custom among demons, captives from a war of life and death like them would almost always be punished, deprived of their godly spirits. It was surprising that Su Yu was willing to shelter them.

In the face of death, why wouldnt they surrender to him?

They used to depend on the leader, so why couldnt they depend on this new leader whose power was so strong it was almost nature-defying?

Even if they werent sincerely surrendering, they shouldve at least muddled through the crisis at hand before anything else and sought after opportunities to free themselves in the future.

As his glance swept across them, Su Yu took note of everyones facial expressions. He sneered; how could he tolerate any halfhearted, insincere surrenders?

Indiscernible waves of soul fluctuation were emitted from his eyes. The Imperial Soul Realm was fully activated.

Having opened up their souls, they were all under Su Yus absolute control!

Half an hour later, 90 intact early-stage Prospective Deities bent their knees before Su Yu with wholehearted, genuine respect.

Meeting master, we will obey your commands from now on!

Su Yu smiled, feeling empowered and in control.

These were all Prospective Deities, matchless powerful individuals who dominated the vast, expansive Demonic Dimension, let alone the Great Eastern Alliance.

Now that he had turned them into submissive puppets, the kind of enormous power that Su Yu had gotten hold of could be imagined. If applied aptly, he would be like a tiger that could fly.

At that moment, the anxious inquiries of the city masters sounded outside the sealed cage.

How could they not be worried that the cage had gone silent for some time now?

Su Yu tidied up the scene of battle, keeping away the storage spaces and the godly spirits of the leader and the Master of the Ten Regions.

He also plundered all the resources and godly spirits of other deceased Prospective Deities on the ground, amassing a shocking amount of resources and wealth.

Many among them were beneficial to the creatures of Jiuzhou.

The godly spirits were especially useful for the recovery of God Kylin and the Evil God.

With a move of thoughts, the vines everywhere transformed into luxuriant green vitality and returned to Su Yus body.

That was only because Su Yu had the Heart of Eternity and powerful vitality. Had it been an ordinary person, they could not have supported that massive amount of vines either even if they were proficient in the magical powers of the Mu race.

The city masters who were checking on them noticed that the cage had opened, and they glanced towards it immediately. When they found out that 90 opposing city masters were unscathed, they recoiled quickly with horrified looks on their faces, all geared up for a bloody fight.

The Yu Demon mustve perished!

My Lord! Only Qianjun was familiar with Su Yus scent. She sprinted forward immediately, agitation written all over his face. But she was also shocked and suspicious about the 90 Prospective Deities standing behind Su Yu.

Su Yu said, Dont worry. They have surrendered to me.

Ahh! Qianjun and the city masters inhaled sharp cold breaths. There were so many of them, and all of them had surrendered?

But in retrospect, if it had been them, the only possibility they had was to surrender in the face of a nature-defying killing God like Su Yu!

Qianjun tried to regain his composure. He was stupefied yet excited at the same time. Congratulations my Lord, for acquiring such a useful, massive power!

With 90 strong men of the Demon Master level, added with the remaining 40, that was more than 130 Demon Masters in total!

Any deity under the Ninth Princess jurisdiction would not be able to get hold of that many Demon Masters!

Congratulations, city master! The 40 remaining city masters stepped forth and congratulated him.

Up to this moment, they had been completely convinced and had fully recognized this city master with genuine admiration.

Although he did not have the capabilities of a deity, he was the only one qualified for the position of the Seawatch City master.

Su Yu glanced across them. This had been a complete victory, with all three goals perfectly accomplished.

The first goal was to obliterate the powerful enemies stationed in Seawatch City by the Sixth Princess and remove the latent danger.

The second goal was to eradicate the hidden traitors and stifle the disaster in its cradle!

The third goal was to win the peoples hearts and secure his position as the city master.

This was the very first battle Su Yu had fought since he gained his foothold in the Demonic Dimension, also the most crucial battle of all.

Having cleared the obstacles, now was the time to lay out the major plan!

With his gaze pinned on the 40 Prospective Deities, Su Yu said, Everyone, follow me back to your respective territories and clear off the remnant sinners!

The main power arranged by the Sixth Princess had been destroyed, but other personnel were certainly in charge of intelligence, infiltration and other tasks. They were equally worrisome and should not be ignored.

We abide by your commands, city master! At this moment, none of the city masters dared to defy him again.

Su Yu was willing to accept the surrenders of the opposing army, yet he slaughtered every Demon Master who betrayed him. It seemed that this Lord city master had zero tolerance for traitors.

Besides! Su Yus eyes went cold. Three days ago I commanded all city masters to show up here. Five of them are still on the way, and 14 of them havent moved at all!

Only then did the city masters recall upon hearing that, they couldnt help but feel fortunate inwardly. Luckily they had come without belittling this city master. If they did

Qianjun, send my order, strip the five city masters who are still on the way of their positions and allow the successors in their territories to take the positions! Since they couldnt meet with me, then I dont need them anymore!

Depriving them of their positions as city masters straight away? How cruel! Which Prospective Deity who held the position hadnt traded for it with a lifetime of efforts? Yet they had nothing left overnight!

I have another order. The 14 city masters who have taken no actions will be destroyed individually by the Demon Masters behind me, with Qianjun taking the lead. Dont let a single one live!

What? Kill them all? Wasnt this too heartless?

Even Qianjun was startled for a moment. If they had killed the 14 traitors, were they going to kill those in inaction as well?

Even if they didnt intend to betray me, not obeying the city masters commands must mean that theyre indecisive. What is the point of sparing people who arent loyal to me and Her Highness? Su Yu questioned mercilessly.

The Master of the Ten Regions were right about one thing; having forced her back into her Original Form, it was almost impossible for the Ninth Princesss power to return to its peak state.

After a while, the Jingyu Realm had remained in a weak, vulnerable condition.

The indecisive fence-sitters could turn to the enemies anytime and betray the Jingyu Realm. Instead of guarding against them all the time, it was better to annihilate them.

The last thing that Su Yu wanted was a lack of strong city-masters.

Yes! Qianjuns eyes were filled with determination. Having witnessed todays betrayal by the Master of the Ten Regions, the world had nearly been overturned. They all nearly perished as she banished her kindness.

The rest of the city masters broke out into cold sweats from their foreheads.

Luckily they had Her Highness in their hearts and had arrived in time. Otherwise, they wouldve been dead by now!

Despite looking young, this new city master was decisive and merciless!

Having given the order, the city masters returned one after another. Qianjun also led the Demon Masters who had surrendered and divided themselves into 14 squads, prepared to kill the undecided city masters.

When no one was around, Su Yu called out calmly, Puppy, why dont you come here?


A white-colored furry mass wriggled out from hidden debris and obediently moved towards Su Yus feet.

The look in its eyes as it gazed at Su Yu was different from before.

Behind it, the Agile Demon Master followed with a face full of guilt and shame.

She thought that she was the one who was most concerned with Her Highness safety. In reality, the one who contemplated the most was the Yu Demon who abused the Princess.

She was about to speak when Su Yu cut her off, Keep guarding your Agile Demon City. In such a condition, it was considered a contribution that you did not turn to the enemy with Puppy. You may get up.

The Agile Demon Masters face was flushed red, ashamed yet fully convinced about Su Yu.

Lord city master, please return to the mansion to rest from the great battle just now The Agile Demon Master spoke.

No need for that, Im heading for the Seawatch City to assume personal command now! The city master has perished for many days, and the people had lost their leader. And the Sixth Princess infiltration, it needs to settle down as soon as possible before all prior efforts go to waste.

Su Yu picked up Puppy and left by tearing the Void without even pausing for a second, with the surrendered Demon Masters following behind him.

The Agile Demon Master was startled but kept quiet. She had no idea that a woman in a black dress had silently left her side to catch up with Su Yus pace.

Had she turned against him at the critical moment, what awaited her would be a fatal strike from the Black Phoenix.

Inside a secret chamber in the Sixth Princess mansion were a man and a woman sitting across each other.

The petite and delicate woman looked beautiful and clever. She was the Sixth Princess!

Sitting across her was a middle-aged man with a placid look on his face, looking relaxed and leisurely.

If Su Yu were here, he would have recognized that he was the Book Deity taken into the Demonic Dimension!

They sat around a round plate, through which they could observe the situations at the Agile Territory.

At that moment, pitch-black streams of air burst through the round plate, transcending the distance.

The Book Deity opened his eyes abruptly, his eyes filled with dread. The Deity Perishing Misfortune of the Misfortune Deity? Oh no!

The Book Deity lost his composure; how could he not know about the terrifying impact of the ultimate misfortune? He had never expected to invite such a horrendous misfortune from failing to harm that silver-haired demon!