The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Book 1 Chapter 1327

Chapter 1327 The Unrepentant Book Deity

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Su Yu turned around and looked at Bai Yunfei expressionlessly. "What do you want?"

Bai Yunfei lowered his head to avoid eye contact with Su Yu. Then, he took out a strange stone with blue stripes. It was as large as the palm of a mans hand.

Bai Yunfei said as he held the stone out to Su Yu with both of his hands. "Brother Su, this is a small gift from me. Please accept it!"

Su Yu stared at Bai Yunfei for a short while. Then, he received the stone and put it away quietly. After that, he said, "You are quite sensible!"

He planned to kill Bai Yunfei to get the Blue Sea Divine Crystal in the Ice Sealed River Bottom. When Bai Yunfei offered this stone to him, Su Yu was surprised. In this way, Su Yu could skip the trouble of killing him.

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei was also surprised. It seemed this guy was really going to rob me, he thought. Luckily, I was smart enough to give it to him in advance!

After wiping cold sweat off his forehead, Bai Yunfei said with a smile, "Brother Su, you are extremely powerful. You could even defeat an extraordinary expert like Xue Qingchen within three rounds. I hope you could take care of me in the Ice Sealed River Bottom!"

"Well see!" Su Yu said.

Bai Yunfei was quite happy to hear that. He believed he would be quite safe if he could travel together with a powerful expert like Su Yu.

Compared to Su Yu, the woman he liked was nothing!

Then, Bai Yunfei walked out of the inner court, following Su Yu. Outside the auction house, they met three people.

When they saw Su Yu, they walked up and shouted angrily, "Su Yu, stop! Tell us, how did you get that Supreme Black Card?"

Su Yu glanced at them but said nothing. Then, he continued to walk forward.

"Hey! Su Yu, you are not in the auction house anymore. Nobody can protect you here! Be sensible and just tell us. Otherwise, we wont allow you to leave," Zheng Shaoliang, who didnt like Su Yu from the beginning, said impatiently.

However, he didnt expect that Bai Yunfei, who rushed up, would slap him. Then, Bai Yunfei shouted angrily, "Shut up! Brother Sus black card is none of your business!"

Zheng Shaoliang was puzzled by Bai Yunfeis reaction. He opened his eyes wide in shock and yelled back, "Brother Bai, why did you hit me? I stopped him to express our anger for you!"

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei was even more furious. He rushed up to hit Zheng Shaoliang as he yelled angrily, "Bullsh*t! When did I ask you to interfere on my behalf?"

Zheng Shaoliang shouted indignantly as he fled helter-skelter, "Brother Bai, we have come to an agreement that"

"Stop your nonsense! Just shut up!" Bai Yunfei, who was almost driven crazy by the foolishness of Zheng Shaoliang, yelled frantically.

Finally, Zheng Shaoliang realized something was wrong. Then, he closed his mouth and looked at Su Yus retreating back. He rubbed his face and complained, "I did that for you! Was it really necessary to beat me up like this?"

The other two young men from noble families were also quite frustrated.

The four of them had a good relationship. However, this issue now created estrangement among them.

Bai Yunfei shouted as he stared at his three friends angrily, "You think you have the right to feel offended because of my reaction? I was saving your lives just now! If you continued to provoke him, you would have lost your head!"

Hearing this, Zheng Shaoliang was stunned. "Brother Bai, have you lost your mind? Nobody would dare to stop me from dealing with that hillbilly!"

Bai Yunfei replied with a disdainful smile, "Just now, Xue Qingchen also planned to treat this hillbilly like you just did because he believed nobody could stop him from doing that! Do you know what happened to him?"

"What happened?" His three friends were surprised at his ominous tone. Xue Qingchen was the most powerful expert among their peers.

Bai Yunfei said with a chilly smile, "He was killed! He lost his body, his Celestial Energy Sphere and even his soul!"

"Ah!" Hearing this, the young men were totally dumbfounded.

Zheng Shaoliang said in surprise, "Brother Bai, you are not kidding with us, right? Is Xue Qingchen dead? Who killed him? A deity?"

Bai Yunfei replied with a wry smile, "Who killed him? Heh! Heh! It was the person you had recklessly offended just now."

The young men were stunned and didnt believe their ears.

After a while, Zheng Shaoliang stammered in surprise, "Youyou mean Su Yu killed him?"

Bai Yunfei replied, "Who else could kill Xue Qingchen? Su Yu is an expert who hides his strength!"


His friends didnt expect Su Yu could be so powerful.

"Brother Bai, are you sure about that?" Zheng Shaoliang said as he swallowed with difficulty.

Bai Yunfei said as he pointed at the wounds on his body angrily, "Do you want to know who did that? Su Yu nearly killed me, but he showed his mercy and spared my life in the end! If he wanted to kill me, he could have done so easily. He could kill us all without breaking a sweat!

Then, Bai Yunfei told them what happened in the inner court in detail.

When they were told Su Yu defeated their Brother Bai easily, all of them were shocked.

However, when they found out Su Yu, who didnt move a bit, remained unscathed after being attacked by Xue Qingchen for three times consecutively, and seriously wounded Xue Qingchen and ruined his copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact during a counterattack, all of them were completely stunned. They stood quite still, like three stone sculptures.

"So now you know I was actually protecting you when I slapped you in the face, right?"

Hearing this, Zheng Shaoliang wiped off the cold sweat from his forehead and lowered his head lamely. "Brother Bai, thanks for saving my life! If you were not here, I would have been killed like Xue Qingchen!"

The other two young men also felt their robes had been drenched by sweat trickling down their backs.

If Bai Yunfei hadnt shown up or hadnt stopped them just now, Su Yu would have already killed them.

"But we have offended him, Brother Bai! What should we do now?" Zheng Shaoliang said anxiously.

Bai Yunfei replied, "We should do our best to ease the tension between us and him and even make friends with him! If we have a powerful friend like him, our trip to the Ice Sealed River Bottom will be quite safe."

Hearing this, Zheng Shaoliang and the other young men felt hopeful. Right! This was a rare opportunity!

When Su Yu went back to the mansion of the Shangguan Family, Shangguan Feiyu didnt ask him about the details of the task.

It seemed an Emperor-based Saint Artifact was not enough to draw his attention.

Su Yu took this opportunity to go back to his training room. When he picked up a glass bottle that was as large as a skull, he found that a soul in the bottle was trying to escape from it.

Su Yu looked at the soul coldly as he removed the lid of the glass bottle.

The soul in the bottle glass rolled its beady eyes. Then, it climbed out of the bottle cautiously.

Along with a strand of green light, the soul flew out from the bottle and landed on the ground. Before it could see the one standing in front of it clearly, the soul said in a haste, "Sir, please dont kill me! I know many secrets about the Star River, the two Great Alliances and the Realm of Demons! If we could cooperate, both of us will benefit from our mutual support"

The soul spoke hurriedly without looking up at the one standing in front of it. Then, its voice stopped instantly, and its eyes were full of disbelief.

Su Yu said as he stared at the soul thoughtfully, "Both of us will benefit from our cooperation, right? Heh! Heh! Well, we shall see about that."

Now, the Book Deity didnt know he had been sold during the auction.

He didnt know the one who bought him was his sworn enemy, Su Yu!

"It is a pity that you are not as important as you imagine. Well, your previous owners apparently believed you were not indispensable!" Su Yu said disdainfully.

Thanks to the information he had, any enemies of the Great Eastern Alliance in the Star River would make good use of the Book Deity.

However, in the Ancient God Realm, the Empire of Darkness didnt care about the Star River at all. Therefore, they ruined the body of the Book Deity and even sold his soul, which meant they had no interest in him whatsoever.

After coming to his senses, the Book Deity shouted in surprise, "Su Yu! Am I in the Star River? But no! You came to the Ancient God Realm, right?"

Su Yu replied with a faint smile, "Long time no see. What an unexpected reunion!"

Just at this time, the Book Deity turned around and tried to escape. However, before he could run too far forward, he heard a voice behind his back. "Merciful Ice God!"

Then, the training room was filled with chilly light that could freeze souls.

The soul of the Book Deity, who was trying to run, was frozen and fell to the ground immediately.

Su Yu reached out to grab the frozen soul of the Book Deity. Then, he said disdainfully, "The Book Deity who used to control all the other deities in the Great Eastern Alliance ends up in such a miserable way! How do you feel about it?"

Although the soul of the Book Deity was frozen, it could still speak through the ice. "Everything that happened to me was because of you!"

Su Yu ruined the family of the Book Deity and killed all his kin.

Then, Su Yu drove the Book Deity into the World of Divine Remnant.

After that, the Book Deity was forced to run into the Realm of Demons.

However, Su Yu wouldnt stop hunting him. Su Yu went all the way to the Realm of Demons in pursuit of him!

At last, Su Yu seriously wounded the Book Deity. Then, the Book Deity fled into this lost realm and became a prisoner.

Finally, now the mighty Book Deity ended up as an item in an auction.

Su Yu replied coldly, "Sorry, I dont want to undertake this responsibility! As a deity and a member of the Great Eastern Alliance, you deliberately planned to collude with the Demon Clan so that you could lead the Great Eastern Alliance into a trap. For someone like you, death is mercy! Since you have chosen this path, you should get ready to face the consequences. So dont blame others for what happened to you!"

The Book Deity retorted angrily, "So what? If you try to accomplish something big, you should be ready to make sacrifices!"

Su Yu said as he shook his head, "If you compromise on your loyalties, you lose your sense of right and wrong! Without this, how could you accomplish something important between heaven and earth? You will be wiped off by the Great Path sooner or later!"

When the Fragment of Rules replaced Su Yus heart, Su Yus comprehension about the Great Path became much better than that of an ordinary person.

It would be quite difficult for ordinary people to judge whether the behavior of the Book Deity was right or wrong. However, Su Yu had a distinct feeling that what the Book Deity did was against the Great Path.

Su Yu could always vanquish the Book Deity because the Great Path was planning to kill the Book Deity through the hands of Su Yu.

Therefore, someone in the unseen world arranged the current miserable condition of the Book Deity.

"Great Path? You know nothing about the Great Path! I am proficient in the Book of First Heavens, which helps me to have a perfect understanding of the heaven, the earth, and the Great Path! You are nothing compared to me!" The Book Deity snorted with a disdainful smile.

Su Yu said as he squinted slightly, "The Book of First Heavens? What a coincidence! I know this book as well! My question is, did we both obtain this book from the same person?"

The Book Deity replied disdainfully, "You are the apprentice of that guy. Therefore, it is quite natural that you know of the existence of the Book of First Heavens! After all, Yun Yazi was the one who made this book public in front of the whole world!"

"You are the Book Deity. What is the relationship between you and Yun Yazi?" Su Yu demanded. He had tried to ask this question by the Heaven Pool, but then their conversation was interrupted by the Demonic God of Six Paths.

Now, nobody could interrupt their conversation again!

The Book Deity said with a sinister smile, "Why should I tell you? Hah! Hah! Hah! I thought you were omniscient, right? Come on, keep guessing!"

"If you need some convincing, I can provide that," Su Yu said coldly.

Hearing this, the Book Deity looked up as he laughed arrogantly. "Hah! Hah! Hah! Are you trying to scare me? I wouldnt have survived if I was afraid of the likes of you!"

Then, he turned to Su Yu and said with a sinister smile again, "Maybe if you ask nicely, I will consider telling you. Otherwise, I will never give you the answer!"

Su Yu shook his head as he looked at the Book Deity calmly. "You are so unrepentant! Do you really think I would not be able to make you bend your knees?"