The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Book Chapter 1002

Chapter 1002 The Book Yard Master

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Doubtful, L Chuyi held the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo in her hand and chopped horizontally into the nearest, pitch-black tree.

The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo was impregnable. A smooth welt appeared on the roots of the thousand-feet-tall, dark, gigantic tree.

The Book of Life at the top of the tree lost its foundation and began combusting spontaneously. As it plummeted to the ground, it turned into piles of ashes which were scattered all over the Void.

Shortly after, the entire colossal tree turned into nothingness, leaving behind a massive deep pit which showed that a Tree of Life used to stand tall on this spot.

Is one enough? L Chuyi looked at Su Yu.

Su Yus lips curved into a mysterious smile. How can one be enough!

The five demonic dragons growled as they broke out from Su Yus chest, dancing with madness in the surroundings. When any part of one of the dragons touched the Trees of Life even slightly, the trees and the Books of Life all turned into nothingness. In the blink of an eye, a demonic dragon had obliterated seven to eight Trees of Life.

The five demonic dragons charged simultaneously. Within a short period of time, 40 to 50 hundred-feet-tall Trees of Life were razed to the ground, leaving behind deep pits of various sizes that looked like pockmarks.

L Chuyi was startled. What are you trying to do? Even if these Books of Life serve no purpose for us, isnt it too much to destroy them just like that?

As far as the eighth-grade Almighty L Chuyi was concerned, the life experiences of the past challengers werent exactly meaningful to her. However, to the other challengers, they were treasures that were as valuable as sublimations. Destroying them just like that was no different from severing the opportunities of other challengers.

Su Yu smiled without saying a word. He carried on performing the Nine Dragons Demon Subduing Art, destroying patch after patch of the Trees of Life.

L Chuyi stared at Su Yu for a moment. She had no choice but to believe in him. Not only did they use the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, but all of the golden leaves too, striking in all directions at the same time.


With the incessant sound of breaking, the Trees of Life perished one after another through the wanton behavior of the two of them. If there were any challengers present, they would certainly be gnashing their teeth with rage and fuming with anger upon seeing their deed.


All of a sudden, a mild, faintly visible vibration could be heard. It was barely noticeable and was as if something had crept in soundlessly.

Challengers, is that enough of you? A bleak voice sounded abruptly from the emptiness.

L Chuyi was stunned and scanned her surroundings with solemn eyes. Whos there? Come out!

For a moment, Su Yu didnt seem to have heard anything. Then, without even turning his head, he said, If youre clever enough, dont meddle in the affairs of the Heavenly Knife Region!

The Heavenly Knife Region? L Chuyi was confused. And then clarity streaked across her clear bright eyes.

Since the Books of Life in this place serve no purpose to the Heavenly Knife Region, of course we have to destroy them, otherwise the other challengers will benefit at our expense! L Chuyi remarked coldly. The Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo and golden leaves in her hand fluttered rapidly once again, destroying countless of the Trees of Life.

The desolate voice sounded again, with a tinge of low rage in it. Are all of you challengers greedy and self-centered people? Even if they are of no use to you, youd rather destroy them than letting other challengers benefit from them?

Su Yu paused and glanced at his surroundings with narrowed eyes. Im telling you for the last time! If you dont want to get yourself killed, dont get in the way of the Heavenly Knife Region! The two of us are only the frontline. The rest of the troop are right behind us. If you dont want to die, get lost right now!

The air in all directions froze abruptly. A harsh scent gradually befell the area, carrying with it a murderous, violent aura.


Out of nowhere, a tornado appeared on the large patch of barren lands where the trees had been razed to the ground. Amidst the tornado, a three-inch-long, humongous book of black, white and blue colors was suspended in the Void.

The newcomer wasnt a human, but a bizarre book.

A book? What the hell are you? Su Yu creased his brows, slightly taken aback.

An angry voice sounded from the tri-colored book. Im the guardian of this place! Using the words of you challengers, Im the master of the book yard!!

What! The master of the book yard? Terror and shock covered the faces of Su Yu and L Chuyi. Streaks of panic and fright filled their eyes.

Impossible! The legendary yard master of the book yard never shows itself. No matter how the Books of Life are being abstracted, it wont ever attract the yard master! L Chuyi was extremely surprised.

The tri-colored book disdainfully said, Of course I dont have to show up if youre only abstracting the Books of Life, but youre willfully destroying the Trees of Life right now, affecting the training of other challengers. How could I not show up?

L Chuyi was still skeptical. Then why has no one ever seen your existence?

Whiffs of murderous aura surrounded the tri-colored book. Because I only make an appearance when someone is maliciously destroying the book yard! And all of the people who had been destroying the book yard were detained here by me and got turned into Trees of Life. Now, you tell me why has no one ever seen me?

Because all of the people who had seen it were dead.

Su Yu and L Chuyi felt cold chills cascading down their body. They had actually summoned the yard master of the book yard. It gave them a great sense of danger, which was far worse than that of the flower yard master. The flower yard master was a floral creature after all, who didnt have a heavy desire for killing. But the book yard master had read about the life experiences of countless of challengers. It had seen through worldly matters and became transcendental, freed from the shackles of all emotions. As far as it was concerned, killing was only a matter of mild significance, especially when the victims were dauntless, impetuous evildoers like Su Yu who maliciously destroyed the book yard.

Do you think that the Heavenly Knife Region is the only influence in eternity that has destroyed the book yard to prevent the improvement of others? Havent you thought about why the book yard is still standing after all these years? The yard masters words resonated with contempt.

Indeed, if there were a divine realm like this which could be considered the place of sublimation on the Jiuzhou continent, it could be dominated by powerful influences which claimed it as their own, making it accessible to their own students only. Alternatively, no influence would occupy it at all. It would be reduced to ashes, and the huge influences could put their minds at ease.

However, the book yard had remained intact throughout eternity, which showed just how peculiar it was. And its main peculiar feature was the guardian of the book yard, the yard master, who had been thwarting the destruction brought upon the book yard. Each time it showed itself, there would be a massacre on a grand scale!

L Chuyi retreated slowly, her eyes horrified. Senior brother, looks like weve gotten into trouble!

Su Yu looked afraid as well. Ask help from the faction immediately! No matter how strong the yard master is, it is on its own!

Right away, the two of them turned and ran for their lives.

The yard master said with dispassion, I havent killed for thousands of years. The challengers have forgotten my existence! An intense murderous aura rose high into the sky.

The yard master snorted coldly as it stared in the direction in which Su Yu had run. A space seam formed next to the yard master and it turned around and vanished into it.

Su Yu and L Chuyi hadnt gone a few hundred miles before a seam cracked up in front of them.

Oh no! Space teleportation! L Chuyi exclaimed in shock. She grasped Su Yu and recoiled instantly.


A wave of All Creations Mighty Force penetrated out from the vacant space, almost killing the two of them.

Fight! Once the help from the faction arrives, we can get out of this! Su Yu cried out. He flung his hand and tossed out five writing brushes, each of a different color.

The writing brushes floated in midair, emitting light beams of five variant colors which shrouded a corner of the sky. The light completely encased the cracked part of the Void. The Void vibrated and the tri-colored book was confined by the colorful rays of light and shaken out from the empty seam.

The yard master sounded a little moved through as it said, Such a powerful great confining formation! Even the strong men of All Creations Stage One could be confined for quite some time!

It looked coldly at Su Yu. its murderous desire not dwindled but intensified. You really have come prepared! The challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region!

As a matter of fact, it didnt know that it was encased by the compressed version of the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation. Under Su Yus manipulation, it unleashed less than one-tenth of the power of the compressed version. Confining it perpetually until its death was no big deal. This was one of Su Yus strongest trump cards!

Su Yu turned back to sneer as he ran. Humph, its your life that I want! Just wait until the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region arrive!

I want all of you to die horrible deaths! The yard master was thoroughly enraged, bellowing in fury amidst the confinement of the penta-colored sun rays.

Su Yu kept sneering and ran towards the faraway skies alongside L Chuyi.

He only stopped when they arrived on a mountain.

L Chuyi looked at him with her gorgeous eyes, excitement and agitation on her fair face.

So this is the reason for cutting the trees! L Chuyi exchanged a smile with Su Yu. You recklessly destroyed the forests and attracted the yard master, shifting the blame onto the Heavenly Knife Region!

Theres only one thing that I dont quite understand. How could you be certain that the book yard master would show up because of the destruction to the forests? If it didnt, werent we wasting the precious time we had in which to escape? L Chuyi bright eyes were flickering.

Su Yu flashed a confident smile. Hasnt the book yard master answered that? Theres only one explanation for divine realms like the book yard which havent been occupied or destroyed by people. There must be something guarding the book yard. And judging from the fact that it could guard the yard against genius challengers for eternity, the cultivation of the guardian should at least be on the All Creations level. Its identity could be easily worked out: the yard master of the book yard!

I knew that when I emerged as a destructor, the yard master would surely show up.

L Chuyis eyes were rippling with surprise and awe. Chuyi admires you for your meticulous planning, Master!

Su Yu laughed. Your response wasnt slow either, Miss L. Without L Chuyis cooperation in deceiving the yard master about them having come from the Heavenly Knife Region, it wouldnt have been that easy.

L Chuyis delicate face was flushed red. With her personality, this was the very first time she deceived someone.

Master, have we succeeded just like that? L Chuyi asked. The yard master had been infuriated and had believed that they were challengers from the Heavenly Knife Region. The things that were about to happen were worth anticipation.

But Su Yu shook his head. We are still lacking some essentials. The people of the Heavenly Knife Region arent idiots. They wont be fooled by us easily.

A while later, five space seams appeared at the center of the book yard. Qian Feng and his companions stepped out from the seams.

Their number had reached more than 80. It was a spectacular, major-scale troop movement, and the warriors each gave off an unusually shocking aura.

Su Yuxian! Qian Feng narrowed his eyes and scanned the vicinity. Suddenly something caught his attention, and his gaze fixed on the penta-colored sun rays ahead.

A book of three colors was encased by the rays, restrained to the point at which it was unable to move.

Qian Feng was initially startled, and then his face changed as he marveled inwardly. The Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation! The unique skill of the Five Golden Light Guards of the Central Prefectures King! Impossible! Could they have entered the Glittering Jewel Wonderland as well?

Zhao Lis face was a mixture of shock and doubt. His gaze penetrated the sun rays and fell upon the tri-colored book, and apprehension rose in his heart.

Senior Brother Qian, what is that book? Since it has been sealed and confined by the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation, it must be something powerful.

Qian Feng looked over at the book for a moment, and his pupils gleamed suddenly. Black, white and blue, a tri-colored divine book its the yard master of the book yard! One of the fiercest yard masters! Shock and dread trembled in the depths of his heart.

What? Its the yard master of the book yard? Zhao Li inhaled a cold sharp breath.

As far as they were concerned, the yard master was a dictator they had to look up to, due to the gap between the All Creations and the Almighty.

The faces of the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region changed. They looked fearful and cowardly and did not have the courage to advance further.

Qian Fengs eyes flickered several times. Retreating right now could indeed distance them from the unknown danger. Nonetheless, losing the Book of Yang and being unable to report the completion of mission to Bi Lingtian would also result in awful repercussions.

Staring at the confined yard master, Qian Feng bellowed in a low voice, Dont be afraid, guys. The yard master of the book yard has been confined. We just need to pass through quickly. It shouldnt be a problem.

His words made the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region feel more composed. Gingerly and fearfully, they headed towards the confined yard master, prepared to go around it and continue hunting down Su Yu and L Chuyi.

But in the eyes of the yard master, they were bearing down on it with vicious motives!

Are you the challengers from the Heavenly Knife Region? The yard master stared at them and opened its mouth for the first time.

Qian Feng was instantly alarmed, and the faces of the challengers from the Heavenly Knife Region turned pale with fright as dread and panic kicked in. The yard master had noticed them!

Qian Feng suppressed the disconcertment in his heart, and calmly said, Yes. Dare I ask, do you have any orders for us, Yard Master?

The yard master gave a peal of cold laughter. You people are bold! Why would I give you orders?

What? Qian Feng frowned. The tone of the book yard master didnt sound quite right.

An idea occurred to him. Cupping his fists, Qian Feng queried, Dare I ask, Yard Master, could you have been schemed by some despicable people, who intended to incite disharmony between us?

Upon hearing that, the yard master was slightly stunned. Coldly, it asked, What makes you say that?

Qian Feng thought for a moment, and said, To be honest, Yard Master, we have seized Mo Jidaos Divine Books of Yin Yang, but the Book of Yang has been stolen from us by two people. We have been pursuing them, and they have run straight to the center of the book yard! I suspect that it is a conspiracy to lure us into the depths of the book yard.

The yard master had a look of suspicion. Really? Just now they have claimed themselves to be the students of the Heavenly Knife Region, and were destroying the Trees of Life wantonly. Were they trying to provoke me, and make me take my anger out on you?

The people of the Heavenly Knife Region broke out in a cold sweat when they learned what had happened. No wonder the yard master had treated them with such an attitude! It turned out that they had nearly fallen into Su Yus trap!

The mere thought of being hunted down by an All Creations Old Monster made all of their hairs stand on end, including Qian Feng.

Fortunately, Qian Feng was insightful enough to have predicted what had happened and had resolved the misunderstanding. In the meantime, their hatred for Su Yu had reached a whole new level.

What a malicious scheme!

He nearly got us all killed!

The challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region felt indignant at the injustice and were beyond frustration. Su Yus evil scheme had incited the rage of many.

Yard Master, he is a cunning person with many schemes up his sleeve, dont ever trust him, Qian Feng said with cupped fists and gritted teeth. Repentance filled his heart. If he had known things would turn out like this, he wouldnt have let the Book of Yang be stolen because of his greed for women.

The yard master observed the words and actions of the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region, and slowly said, I understand now.

Coincidentally, the five writing brushes dissipated, and the yard master was emancipated.

As it scanned the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region, the yard master said, It looks like we have the common target for killing!

Qian Feng was inwardly relieved. Rumor had it that whoever came across the yard master of the book yard would die, but some said that it never killed innocents.

We would like to give you a hand in your hunt for this thief, Yard Master! Qian Feng said.

The yard master nodded. Alright, I will break the rules this once and collaborate with you challengers to seize the wicked thief!

Both parties reached a consensus, and things were progressing in a manner opposite to the direction which Su Yu had planned.

All of you move forward and carry my scent with you. If you discover this thief, all you have to do is trigger the scent. I will detect it and come and kill him, the yard master said.

The faces of the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region changed slightly. If they agreed, their whereabouts would always be within the grasp of the yard master. If it attempted to harm them, it would be a breeze. They carefully considered the matter. If the yard master had wanted to harm them, it could have done so now. Why would it go to all that trouble? Feeling nervous and insecure, the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region reluctantly agreed.

Qian Feng put up a courageous front and stepped forward. Ill go first! As he stood before the yard master, Qian Feng was relaxed on the surface, but vigilant and cautious inside.

The yard master radiated a tri-colored splendor which slowly landed on the top of Qian Fengs head.

The yard master nodded in satisfaction. Rest assured, as long as you cooperatewith sincerity, I will reward you once the task is complete

However, its words trailed off! All of a sudden, eight seams opened in the Void, revealing eight silver round balls which besieged the yard master like a bolt from the blue!