The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Book Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195 The Book Gods Surprise

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Finally, as Su Yu had wished, he saw the wonderful sight of the Chaos Beast tearing up souls.

When the sky calmed down, the pungent blood seemed to last and linger in the air.

With the death of the gods from the Land of the Gods and the ruined Cavern World of the God of Doom, the other seven Cavern Worlds were all covered in blood rain.

Seven gods fell at the same time, causing a flood of blood rain to occur. It flooded the earth and caused souls to be extinguished.

Without Su Yu acting, the Cavern Worlds would perish. Even if there were some strong people there, they would have to ask Su Yus permission to escape.

Chaos was circling Su Yu excitedly. Then, the beasts looked up at the array.

Although they are not directly summoned by the formation method, they were used by Su Yu and would be transmitted back to the demon world.

Su Yu touched their heads and said, I hope well see you again.

However, he secretly knew that, in a short time, there would be no chance of ever seeing them again.

The blood of the Glittering Jewel Demonic God was used by Su Yu and about half was long gone. However, he had barely been able to summon the beast. It had only worked because of their close range.

In the future, unless they were face to face again, even the real Demon Emperor might not be able to summon them.

Soon after, the formation light flickered, teleporting the nine Chaos Beasts back to the demon world.

The war was coming to an end, and the Sheng Deity also put her heart down and came to the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring. After studying for a long time to understand the principle of this broken Emperors holy artifact, she took a fiery red bun from her hair. It seemed ordinary and was shaped like a tree branch.

The Sheng Deity held the bun in her hand and nailed it into the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring. An astonishing scene appeared. The holy artifact was forcibly stopped.

Su Yu was shocked to see this. It was quite unusual for the top gods of the Great Eastern Alliance to possess the Holy Artifacts, and it was the first time that he had seen this.

This hairpin was not an aggressive holy artifact, and its ranking amongst all artifacts are rather low. However, when used, its effects were simply powerful.

Can you forcibly interrupt the magic of the holy artifacts? Su Yu was lost in thought.

The Nine Demons God Sealing Ring was removed and the devil crows scattered away. The Alliance Gods who had been caught in it came out bitterly.

Most of their flesh was destroyed and their souls had also suffered varying degrees of damage. Even some of their Great Source Divine Origin had serious problems. If they could hold onto their godly thrones, their divine power would be greatly weakened and they would no longer be as powerful.

Thanks to the Sheng Deity!

Thank you Sheng Deity.

The Sheng Deitys face was frosty, and she stared coldly at them. You should thank the Feather God the most! If it wasnt for him keeping something up his sleeve, your actions would have been enough to make us all perish!

She showed no mercy and did not mince her words. Who said that Su Yu was an ignorant kid, who said that Su Yu was from the Land of the Gods, and who said that he would be tortured after the war? You dont need to be named one by one. All of you come out on your own accord and apologize to the Feather God!

She was really angry, The situation had been going well for her side, yet it was completely destroyed by them and they fell into the trap. If Su Yu had not stayed in retreat for a month and secretly prepared this, no one could have imagined what would have happened instead! The sky could now be sobbing with alliance blood instead!

The gods were reprimanded, and they turned red. They had not been reprimanded for so many years, and now they could not say anything.

Feather God I No Several gods came forward in shame and apologized one by one.

Su Yu interrupted them and waved his hand. The gods dont have to do this. I am only a junior. After all, I failed to resolve the misunderstanding in time.

Upon him saying this, the gods felt even more ashamed.

Su Yu had stayed in retreat for a month; hadnt he been trying to prepare a backup plan after all? On the other hand, they had complained a lot without understanding Su Yus good intentions.

Now, not only did Su Yu not blame them, but he took responsibility himself. His high moral standards made them turn redder, and they were further in awe of him.

Previously, they saw Su Yu as a pretend god. To be honest, it was difficult to develop a sense of identity towards him as being one of their peers.

After all that had just happened, that had changed.

Feather God, I will never say no to anything you ask of the Alliance in the future!

Me too! The salvation of my life today shall be rewarded, and the Feather God is the benefactor to me, the Mountain God!

Feather God, our Cavern Worlds are next to each other. I happen to have a beautiful and well-behaved granddaughter who inherits my traits. Its better for her to marry you. How about marriage between you and me to become a time-honored family?

Well well, weird hawk, youre here trying to dig a hole for others again. Your granddaughter is as fierce as Mother Yasha. My granddaughter is better! Feather God, I wont say anything else, but my granddaughter is all yours to look after in the future.

Hey! Your granddaughter has a crooked mouth and a squint, and you actually dare to compare her with my baby?

Hey! What are you doing?

I speak the truth and you are lying?

You try again?

Try it!

Talk cr*p again and I will hit you!

Cut it out! Cut it out! Ill hit you too!

Su Yu started sweating.

The All-Access Merchant God returned, holding a book. His face was slightly dimmed. The Book Deity is indeed cheating again! He did not go to the battlefield but used a book as an incarnation to deceive the gods of the Land of the Gods.

Hearing this, the arguing gods calmed down and said, This damn Book Deity is really deceitful! To think that he can run away again!

Run away? That may not be so! Su Yu smiled deeply. Lets go! Everyone will watch a good show of killing out of love for me.

On the bookshelf of the Wolf Deitys Mansion, a book floated down and turned into a human.

The person frowned slightly. Unexpectedly, even this was unable to stop Su Yu and the Alliance Gods!

I can no longer stay in the Land of the Gods. Let me enter the demon world first, the Book God said indifferently.

However, he merely finished speaking when out of nowhere, a brutal and cold sneer was audible. The demon world? Perhaps the underworld is more suitable for you!

A black god with a vicious expression appeared.

Rakshasa Deity? I thought youd been killed! Even the usually calm Book Deity was now taken aback!

The Rakshasa Deity sneered and said, You are very disappointed to see me, arent you, Book God!

The Rakshasa Deity opened his shirt to show a nine-color mark on his chest. It was the mark of the nine gods condensed together. With this mark, the nine gods could control the death of the Rakshasa Deity.

They had also tried to use this mark on the God of Doom. Unfortunately, the God of Doom sought to end things his own way.

The Alliance God actually saved your life so you could deal with me? the Book Deity said. He never expected that the Alliance Gods would anticipate this and would control the Rakshasa Deity to do their bidding. Su Yu must be behind this!

With such a watertight arrangement, the Book Deity finally saw Su Yu as an equal opponent who was no less wise than him.

The Book Deity said, Rakshasa Deity, listen to me. I did not intend to use you. If you listen to my instructions, I will be able to dissolve the mark. After all, I am the Book Deity and have mastered all the knowledge in the world. There is nothing that I cannot do!

He did not know whether it was okay for him to say this. Just then, the imprint on Rakshasas chest flickered fiercely, the sign of an impending attack.

The Rakshasa Deity laughed up at the sky, and there was pity and sympathy in the laughter. Book God, Book God, you have no idea what kind of existence you are fighting with! He even anticipates what you will say at this moment. Here! Once you say such a thing, the mark will open immediately! Even if I dont want to die, I will have to die!

What? The Book Deitys expression changed slightly. To think that his own words were actually the key to activate the mark!

This What the hell is Su Yu? Where is he actually from?

Book God, you have done so much wrong to me. I cannot kill Su Yu for revenge, but I can kill you for revenge! The Rakshasa Deitys eyes were blood red. Dont ask me if Id like to be used by Su Yu. I only know that I can at least kill one of my enemies!

Ah! With a roar, the Rakshasa Deity struck.

The Book Deity was known for his wisdom. His strength was not all that high, and it was unlikely for him to be the fourth-ranked Rakshasa Deitys rival.

With a blow, the Book Deity was beaten until he was spitting blood.

He continued to fight, and the Book Deity exploded physically. He was in a state of collapse.

The Book Deitys typically cool and calm demeanor had disappeared.

He had nothing with him but wisdom, and he could use that to defeat his enemies thousands of miles away, but there was no use for it in close combat.

He gritted his teeth and threw out a book, and the pages flew open. Suddenly, there was a dense source of power. It came from the All-Access Merchant God, Sheng Deity, Sword God, and even that of the Daikini.

Although not as powerful as the powers that the deity uses, it contained more than half of the same amount of power. In addition, the sheer number of them was able to block him from the Rakshasa Deity.

Using the many god powers stolen from the treasure house of the Book Deity? Huh! You are only left with this hand to play, I presume! the Rakshasa Deity sneered. He did not care for the obstacles in front of him, breaking them one by one and quickly approaching the Book Deity with every step.

In the end, even the Daikini was shattered by the Rakshasa Deity.

Book Deity, accompany me to hell! the Rakshasa Deity sneered and the nine-color mark on his chest twirled rapidly. The power in Rakshasas body seemed to be ignited and quickly boiled.

The Book Deitys face changed drastically. This was the gods self-explosion. He compressed his divine power to one point and suddenly erupted, forming an unparalleled explosion with great killing power.

Unless his divine power is higher than Rakshasa Deitys, he could not be spared.

The Book Deity was far from being comparable to the Rakshasa Deity in terms of divine power.


God Lights burst through, forming a wave of destructive radiation, sweeping through the Wolf Deitys Cavern World and turning all the creatures along the way into dust.

The entire Wolf Deity Cavern World was drowned in a golden yellow light, and the world that was already on the verge of collapse was completely reduced to ruins.


However, in the ruins of the Wolf Deitys Mansion, a tortured middle-aged man emerged and the surface of his body appeared, one after another, with pieces of broken books.

Every book is a Cavern World.

At the critical moment of the explosion, the Book God destroyed hundreds of books in the Cavern Worlds, only to successfully block the power of self-detonation.

Even so, all the Cavern Worlds he had were close to full destruction. In addition, all the precious secrets stored in them were completely destroyed.

The gloomy look on the Book Deitys face was unprecedented. He had always plotted against others, but today he had been plotted against by a young man in his early twenties till he was utterly spent.

Su Yu! I will kill you! He growled lowly, and the Book Deitys eyes burned with deep hatred.

Oh, Im afraid you wont realize it until your next life.

The nine gods of light flashed at the same time, and the gods of the alliance, with Su Yu in the center, surrounded him in a semicircle, trapping the Book God in the middle.