The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Book Chapter 1293

Chapter 1293 Hunting Down The Book God

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Su Yu said with a deep voice, This is where the Book God is tricky! The Book God became a God through the study of books. He is, in fact, actually a book! Across the entire world, as long as there is a book, he can easily and instantly make an avatar with it. Then, his real body is reborn in a very remote place in the form of another book. This is why, despite us being able to push him into situations which he could not have physically left, he still managed to get out safely.

Unless there was only one book left in the Book Gods family, he could easily escape with a single thought.

This was also the reason why, despite the Sheng Deity standing guard outside the Cavern World, the Book God could escape without anyone detecting it. He then left behind a bait to lure the Sheng Deity into his trap.

Hearing these words, the Sheng Deity was shocked. So, would he never die? There are so many books in the world!

Su Yu shook his head. No! If he could have cast this method at any time, he would not have been hurt and left behind the Divine Doom. If I did not guess wrongly, there would have to be a time limit for the Book God to cast this. Every time he uses this ability, it would take a while before he would be able to do it again!

Su Yus eyes narrowed gradually. He lured you into this trap. This means that his real body must be nearby. Once you are seriously injured, he will immediately appear to deal you a fatal blow! So the Book God who had just replaced his real body with a proxy is nearby. If we can find him before he replaces himself again, it will be easy to kill him!

Hearing this, everyones eyes brightened.

Okay, this thing that is not even comparable to an animal its time to end its life for good! The Sheng Deity almost stepped into the elaborate trap set up by the Book God; she now disliked the man even more.

Lets split up and look for him. He must be in a range that allows him to sense this Cavern world. All of your cultivations are significantly above his, so you will most definitely be able to sense his presence! Su Yu narrowed his eyes, revealing a deep determination. Book God, you will not be able to run this time around, he thought!

Soon after, the First Princes eyes flashed with excitement: Ive found him! Its quite near!

Direction? Su Yu asked.

Towards the East. Did it mean he was heading towards the Great Eastern Alliance?

Su Yu squinted. He said: We are chasing to the west!

The First Prince froze. Go west? His breath is most definitely going towards the east, and it is disappearing fast.

The implication was that the breath of the Book God in the east direction must be the deity, the Book God himself.

Su Yu shook his head and said, I know him very well. The east direction must not be his real self. His replacement time is shorter than I had expected!

However, to be safe, First Prince, go after that breath in the east, and we will search in the west.

The west direction was back towards the Heaven Pool.

The Sheng Deity frowned and said, Even if the breath of the Book God in the east direction is a deliberate smokescreen, why are you so sure that we should head towards Heaven Pool and not to the south or the north?

Su Yu said: Its very simple! You chased him from Heaven Pool all the way here. Only books can be left as substitutes along the way from there to here. There are no books that can be placed in the south or north, so he replaced his real body and fled back to where we came from.

The eyes of the Sheng Deity brightened up with understanding. Su Yu was right and she could not help but praise him: You really are the nemesis of the Book God.

Why not? All the way back since their beginnings in the Great Eastern Alliance, to the Demon Realm and now back here, Su Yu had always been opposing the Book God.

He not only killed this gods entire family but now was threatening the Book Gods own life.


The group divided into two.

The First Prince swiftly went forward and caught up with the spirit of the Book God in the Eastern direction. The result exactly matched Su Yus guess.

A book containing the breath and power of the Book God was placed on a god-bone ship, driven by a small demon tribe, and rushed eastward.

The First Prince immediately notified Su Yu by way of the summoning Jade Pendant. At the same time, he turned back and headed for the west, his face full of admiration. Su Yu is really clever. I think the Book God no longer has a chance to escape.

To the west

Soon, the eyes of the Sixth Princess flickered, and she was the first to discover the breath and power of the Book God: Westward, galloping towards Heaven Pool!

Sure enough, it was so!

After two hours, the Sixth Princess said, The breath and power of the Book God have stopped.

Everyone rushed over and saw that an abandoned book was gradually disappearing.

Its him! The sixth princess stared at Su Yu. Despite everything having been planned well, Su Yu was not fooled by the Book God. Everything turned out exactly as he had said!

Su Yu smiled coldly. Continue chasing him! He can only escape westward.

Half an hour later, the Sixth Princess detected the fluctuation of the Book Gods breath again. He is trying to escape to the south!

Su Yu said, Second Princess, you chase south and force him to replace his real body!

Yes! The Second Princess flew away quickly.

Not long after that, the Second Princess sent a message. She had found the physical body of the Book God, but he fled on the spot and replaced his real body!

Almost at the same time, the Sixth Princess sensed that the breath and power of the Book God reappeared in the western direction: He is going to escape to the north!

Sheng Deity, its your turn to force him to change his physical body.

The Sheng Deity immediately flew away, and sure enough, she also found the gloomy Book God. He was forced to replace his real body and fled once more.

He returned towards the west.

Su Yu sneered: He is a very cunning creature; there are most definitely more than three escape routes left by the Book God! However, it should be coming to an end soon!

The Sixth Princess detected the breath of the Book God again: This time, he fled south once more.

Su Yu said, This time I will rely on you. He had replaced himself several times and the distance between him and us is getting shorter and shorter. He has lost all time to replace his physical body by now.

Half an hour later, the breath of the Book God in the south disappeared. For the last time, he was replaced with a real body using a book prepared in the western direction.

Su Yu was too close to him this time. The Book God did not have enough time to wait for the next replacement of his real body.

Finally, one hour later, next to the Heaven Pool, the Book God could no longer escape.

Even though he had left several books in the north and south, there was no time for him to continue to replace his physical body at this moment.

This was much like Su Yu had speculated; every time he replaced his real body, he needed about two hours before he was able to do it again.

Book God, its over, Su Yu said lightly. Green light flashed around him, and the Tree Goddess appeared.

The Tree Goddess of today had a combat power that was comparable to the All-Access Merchant God. It would be easy for her to kill off the Book God.

The Book God had overstretched himself and his divine powers were diminishing. He was as pale as paper. Enough! Is it not enough for you to force me into this?

Youre not dead, so of course, it is not enough! Su Yu said with a murderous flare.

The Book God sighed in disappointment. With your wisdom, if we join hands, we can govern the entire Xing River. Why should we kill off one another?

Oh, Book God, you and I are clever enough. Dont use this kind of trick on me, Su Yu interrupted him. You cant escape your death today! I will only give you two choices; the first one, I will imprison your soul and torture you forever! The second one, I will give you a swift death, but you have to answer one question.

The Book God did not hesitate to choose the second one, hoping to gain time.

Whats the question? The Book God was looking around and seemed to be thinking about how to get out of this situation.

Su Yu said coldly, I want to know all about your relationship with Yun Yazi!

At the mansion of the Glittering Deity, Su Yu unexpectedly learned that Yun Yazi was actually a Book God!

So, what was the relationship between the Book God and Yun Yazi?