The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Silver Disciple

A gleam of light pierced through the dark blue sky, gradually brightening up the horizon.


Thump, thump

In a mountainous forest behind Xianyu prefecture, a martial arts training institute, there was a thin young man wearing a loose and comfortable martial artist robe. In the lotus position with his tongue against his teeth, he focused all his strength into both his fists and pummeled a huge tree.

His fist technique was delicate and skillful. He put up a strong fighting front with a burning fighting spirit; his fist technique had a certain level of maturity.

The young man was named Su Yu, fourteen years old. Even though he was tall, well refined and handsome, he gave others the impression he was a child.

Below his soft, black hair, he had a pair of vast, glowing eyes that seemed to shine forever like the stars in the sky, displaying a wisdom that did not conform to his age.

Three hours later, the sun rose.

Su Yu then stopped practicing his fists. As he looked at his bloodstained fists, he sighed, "Even though I have trained twice as hard as the others, my progress is not even close to half of what the talented students have achieved."

"I wonder if it is a fortune or a misfortune for me to have come into this unusual world."

Two months ago, the plane that Su Yu was on had an unfortunate accident. When he woke up, he found that he had transcended into a world known as the Shenyue continent.

He later became the student of a certain martial arts training institute on the continent.

It took him two full months before he was able to understand the memories of the body he was in.

In the Shenyue continent, respect and honor was only given to those who practiced martial arts. Not only that, the weak ended up as the prey of the strong. Such was the harsh and cruel reality of the Shenyue continent.

Humans honed their martial arts skills in order to reach the peak of perfection. By doing so, they were then able to transcend to the realm of the divine.

In the Martial Path, there were nine levels. Each level consisted of a total of three layers: the lower tier, the upper tier and the peak.

It was said that by surpassing the nine levels of the Martial Path and going beyond its limit, you would become a god as well as a mythological figure. You would then be known as the Holy King.

The realm of the Holy King was the highest achievement of the Martial Path and hundreds of millions of humans strived to achieve it.

It was rumored that the Holy King was omnipotent, able to move mountains and fill seas, ride the clouds and fly on the mist.

The existence of the Holy King was equivalent to that of a god; just one of them alone was able to change the destiny of a dynasty for the next hundred years.

However, why was the training so difficult in this world?

Being under Xianyu prefecture, Su Yu was the genius of geniuses in the town of Qingshan. At the age of fourteen, he had already achieved Level One Peak of the Martial Path, becoming Qingshans one in a hundred years prodigy.

However, when Su Yu was recruited by a martial arts training institute which put martial arts above everything in the Xianyu prefecture, he realized that his former self knew nothing about the world of martial arts.

The martial arts training institute scouted around the Xianyu prefecture for all the martial arts geniuses, and it only accepted new students once every year.

However, among the geniuses in the martial arts training institute, Su Yu was at the rock bottom.

At the martial arts training institute, the students were split into three categories according to their levels of abilities.

There were core students, geniuses who had achieved demon level in martial arts. When you compared them with the rest of the people in the huge and boundless Xianyu prefecture, every single one of them was the best of the best and had the greatest chance to become the Holy King.

Gold students were outstanding geniuses who were renowned and were the geniuses of geniuses in their cities. The martial arts training institute had given priority to these geniuses to be nurtured and cultivated.

Silver students were geniuses who had potential. In small towns, they were considered gifted and were a cut above the others. By putting a bit more effort into training, they might still have hope.

Su Yu was one of those silver students. He understood that silver students actually had no hope in achieving the upper tier, but it would be a pity for them to give up their martial arts. In addition, even though their martial arts had little or no value, they were reluctant to part with it.

Silver students were not regarded highly. Therefore, the resources that the training institute provided them were very limited. As a result, the possibility of a silver student achieving anything noteworthy was close to zero.

"Su Yu, return to the training institute immediately, Duke Qin wants to meet you!" An urgent voice pierced through the silence of the mountainous forest, following a blue shirted middle-aged man running up the mountain with signs of anxiousness on his face.

Duke Qin? Su Yu was stunned for a moment. How fortunate was it for a commoner like him to have a meeting with Duke Qin?

At that instant an image of someone with a gorgeous look flashed through his mind. As Su Yu started to understand the purpose of the meeting, he sneered.

"What are you still standing there for? How can you show no interest in a meeting with Duke Qin? Follow me!" The impatient blue shirted middle-aged man walked up to Su Yu. Without showing any concern for Su Yus thin body, the middle-aged man grabbed Su Yus shoulders with force and dragged him down the mountain.

Su Yu clenched his teeth together, endured the shoulder pain and did not make any sound.

The man was the training institutes attendant who was in charge of the students daily activities. In Earths terms, he was the Director of Student Affairs.

After drinking half a cup of tea...

In the training institute there was a lounge. The lounge was so luxurious and graceful that it was almost like a dream.

Only core students, the training institutes higher echelon of people, as well as influential officials were allowed access to the lounge. Other than that, the gold and silver students were denied access as they were deemed unworthy.

This was the first time that Su Yu had entered the luxurious lounge. As a poor commoner, he was a bit nervous. However, in front of Su Yu was the world of well-established businesses, five star hotels, presidential suites and luxurious balls. A frequent visitor to the lounge would be serene and also remain indifferent no matter how someone treated him.

In the lounge were three people, a young man and a young lady, as well as a dignified man who gave off the vibes of nobility.

When Su Yu saw the fourteen-year-old young lady, his eyes froze for a moment.

She was a girl who looked as pretty as a fairy, with a face so beautiful it was as though it had been delicately carved. She had an exquisite figure as well as pure white skin, so white it was as if it was the snow of spring. She was dressed in a pure white shirt, making her look as if she was a fox fairy. She was indeed beautiful.

When she looked at Su Yus eyes, her gaze was cold yet complicated.

Beside her stood a sixteen-year-old young man. He was so handsome, mighty and dashing that no words could describe him. In stark contrast to the simple and plain martial artist robe that Su Yu was wearing, the sixteen-year-old young man was wearing a luxurious robe. He looked at Su Yu with contempt, with a dull expression in his eyes, implying a feeling of detest towards Su Yu. Lastly, the dignified and extraordinarily handsome man had a big and tall figure. When he stood still, he gave off an oppressive vibe to the people around him.

"You must be Su Yu, right? Ah, I am the Duke Qin, nice to meet you." Duke Qin was one of the three major Dukes of the Fenglin Empire. At that moment, instead of being arrogant, he kindly invited Su Yu to take a seat with a smile.

Su Yu shook his head halfheartedly, not even moved in the slightest bit.

As they belonged to the upper echelon of the people, they were very self-conscious about their image and reputation since hundreds of millions of eyes were fixated on them.

Just like the politicians on Earth, even though it was as clear as the sky that they were incompatible with one another, when they met they would shake hands and exchange greetings with one another with a smile. However, behind the scenes, they would backstab one another.

"I am Qin Fengs father, and I am here because of the matter between him and Jiang Xueqing." The handsome Duke Qin smiled, "I have heard the story from Feng-er. As Feng-ers father, I would like to apologize to you."

The pain and agony that Su Yu felt in his heart belonged to the remnant of the previous Su Yus soul.

The young lady in front was named Jiang Xueqing. She was a genius who came from Qingshan together with Su Yu. Both of them were recruited as students of the martial arts training institute at the same time.

Both of them grew up as childhood friends and innocent playmates, causing them to develop feelings for one another over time. They were like a golden couple, created by heaven for one another.

However, after entering the martial arts training institute, Jiang Xueqing, who came from the rural town of Qingshan, was shocked by the huge and prosperous world. Eventually, she became intoxicated by the luxurious lifestyle of the world.

With her beautiful looks like a fox fairy, it was difficult to prevent influential youngsters of outstanding talents from pursuing here.

Initially, she was still able to persuade herself to spend her first year with Su Yu.

As she began to understand the harsh reality of the world, she eventually changed herself qualitatively from the nave little girl she was. She knew that it was difficult for Su Yu to have a bright future. If she followed him, she would suffer hardships or even be reduced to a servant.

Finally, the final line of defense in her heart was broken.

Two months ago, she ceased all kinds of contact with Su Yu and became the partner of junior duke Qin Feng, son of Duke Qin.

Although Jiang Xueqing adhered to her duty of being a good girl in the family, her relationship with Qin Feng did not go beyond that of a boy and girl. However, from that time onwards, both of them accompanied one another wherever they went and were inseparable from one another. Eventually they became the couple that everyone was envious of.

As for Su Yu, he became the laughing stock of the martial arts training institute.

Su Yu was deeply shocked. He begged Jiang Xueqing many times to change her mind, and even begged on his knees and lost all his dignity, but was rejected by Jiang Xueqing cold heartedly.

As Su Yu could not withstand the greatest shock of his life, he cast himself into the lake. Coincidentally, the plane that Earths Su Yu was on met with an accident, causing his soul to transfer over to this sad and pitiful weakling.

As Duke Qin watched Su Yu recall his past, he saw that Su Yu could not give up his friendship with Jiang Xueqing. He sighed, "Feng-er is still young and nave. I am willing to compensate you for his mistakes. You can ask for whatever you want. However, as his father, I hope you can give your blessings to Feng-er. He is really serious with Jiang Xueqing."

As Su Yu listened to the words that seemed to come from the bottom of the dukes heart, he shook his head in his mind. This small trick may fool ordinary people, but it was useless against him.

Even after stealing my girlfriend, you still want me to give my blessings? How is this an apology, this is clearly using power to oppress me!

Duke Qin looked as though he was a gentle man, but in reality, he was quick to humiliate those around him.

One might ask, if it were a monarchs woman or an emperors woman that his son had taken a fancy to, as a duke of the Qin dynasty, would he dare to ask the monarch to let Qin Feng have his woman? He wouldnt dare, as he could not afford to offend the monarch. He could only afford to offend commoners like Su Yu!

Su Yu shook his head lightly. He then got up with a desire to leave. For a realistic girl like Jiang Xueqing, he did not harbor any forms of reluctance to leave. Even if Duke Qin did not threaten him, he did not intend to compete for her.

As for the compensation by the duke from the Qin dynasty, even though Su Yu lacked training resources, even though he was poor, even though he had nothing, he still had an indomitable will. He had not been reduced to the point that he had to depend on charity.

If he had accepted the charity of Duke Qin today, he would have lost in this life. He would be unable to lift up his head in front of them.

Jiang Xueqing knew Su Yus personality, stubborn with a refusal to admit defeat. Seeing that Su Yu wanted to leave and refused to give up, she lightly bit her white and shiny teeth, took light and graceful steps, with snowy eyes like the moon in a cold and secluded mountain. "Su Yu! Please respect my decision!"

"Since our relationship has come to this, I will make it completely clear to you, and I hope you will give up." Jiang Xueqings eyes were filled with coldness.

"Qin Feng is a junior duke, and he will become an assistant of the emperor in the future. Unlike a poor village boy like you, he is able to give me wealth and honor. Are you able to give me all of this?"

"Qin Feng is well respected as a core student. When he strives to become the Holy King in the future, standing on top of hundreds of millions of people, he is able to provide me with a sense of security. As a silver student, are you able to give me that?"

"Su Yu, please accept the reality. I do not deny the fact that you were once my love as well as the most dazzling genius in my mind. However, back then I was too young and nave. The real world is cruel, hence I have no other choices!"

The last bit of worry left Jiang Xueqings eyes. Her gaze at Su Yu gradually became distant, as though she was looking at a stranger. She sighed lightly. "Qin Feng is a good person. As long as you promise not to look for me in the future, I will do my best to compensate you. I will give you a few spirit elixir to promote the cultivation of your body. When your abilities have increased, your school life will become much better."

As Jiang Xueqing thought to herself, she took a palm-sized crystal carved statue of a woman from her sleeve.

The crystal carved statue was glittering and translucent, glimmering splendidly with a rich luster.

The most beautiful thing about the statue was that it resembled a girl with ethereal beauty just like a fox fairy. The statue was as beautiful as an angel, to the point that people were mesmerized by it.

The statue had the appearance of a lifelike woman. When compared to its owner Jiang Xueqing, who was holding it, they were similar and only one such statue existed.

"This is the present that you gave me when you pledged your love. Now, I will return it to you. From today on, we will not owe each other anything." Jiang Xueqing heartlessly placed the statue on the hands of Su Yu, then turned around and returned to Qin Fengs side. She stopped looking at Su Yu and instead started to look at the sky, without any regard for Su Yus feelings.