The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1000

Chapter 1000 Seizing Chuyi Back

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The world fell silent as everyone waited for L Chuyis reply.

It could also be said that everyone understood L Chuyis choice, and they were simply giving her time to state her decision.

Jiuzhou knew about her admiration for Gu Taixu. Succumbing to Qian Feng in order to get the Book of Yang for Gu Taixu was a choice that L Chuyi would definitely make.

Purple Cloud Palace, perhaps you people should try to convince her. For Gu Taixus future, and for all of your lives, shed better make up her mind as soon as possible. My patience has its limit, Qian Feng said as he scrutinized the few members of the Purple Cloud Palace. He looked like he had the world at his feet.

The people of the Purple Cloud Palace exchanged glances and remained silent. Their hearts ached at the thought of persuading their beautiful senior sister to surrender victimization, but if they didnt do as they were told they would be facing certain death. Deep in their hearts, they knew what they had to do.

They were only worried that the famed Gu Taixu might take his anger out on them once he learned about it. That made it difficult for them to speak their minds.

But the silence of the people of Purple Cloud Palace was also a form of pressure in disguise. Their failure to give L Chuyi any support was the equivalent of isolating her.

At last, after a long silence, the disturbed look on L Chuyis face subsided. She stared at Qian Feng silently. She had to make her choice,and there was only one choice she could make.

I refuse!

Only when this icy cold, austere refusal sounded in his ears did the upward curve on Qian Fengs lips freeze.

Her unexpected reply made those of the Purple Cloud Palace tense nervously. Chuyi, who was said to have unswerving loyalty to Gu Taixu, had actually made such a choice.

A long moment later, Qian Feng stopped smiling, his face covered in coldness all over again. So this is how you show your faithfulness to Gu Taixu? I thought you were better than that!

L Chuyi replied calmly, I dont have to sacrifice my chastity to help Brother Taixu succeed. I can sacrifice my life. Her placid words resonated with a sturdy strength that shook hearts.

When faced with giving away her chastity or her life, she chose to give up the latter. She was willing to die for Gu Taixu if it meant her chastity could be kept unblemished.

Even her enemies found the sight of L Chuyis beautiful figure glaringly glorious as they gazed at her.


L Chuyi took out a piece of talisman. It was a shade of dark violet and radiated a bizarre spiritual gleam. The sight of it brought expressions of delight and surprise to the tense faces of the people of the Purple Cloud Palace.

Its Senior Brother Gus Ancient Spiritual Body talisman!

Senior Brother Gu really does dearly love Junior Sister L! He forged the talisman even at the cost of wearing out his Ancient Spiritual Body!

L Chuyi squeezed it with two fingers, and the talisman shattered, emitting a violet heavenly splendor that filled the sky. The heavens were full of violet hues, and the Vital Energies of the living creatures froze where it shrouded. This included Qian Feng, whose Vital Energy seemed to have completely frozen in his body. He was no longer able to function at all.

Oh no! Its the magical power of Gu Taixus Ancient Spiritual Body, the Real Spirit Nine Transformations! Qian Fengs face fell. He hadnt expected Gu Taixu to be willing to wear out the purity of his Ancient Spiritual Body by refining an extra talisman.

Apart from Bi Lingtian, no other individuals of the younger generation of the Heavenly Knife Region could counteract the talisman, unless they had reached the state of All Creations! The violet light only served to seal Vital Energy but had no effect on the All Creations Mighty Force.

All of the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region had heard of the mighty power of the Real Spirit Nine Transformations. They would never belittle it.

Quickly, they flew down to the ground while there was still Vital Energy remaining in their bodies. This would prevent them from plummeting from the sky when their ability to fly was lost.

The people of the Purple Cloud Palace also acted fast. Each of the broke a round-shaped treasure, emitting a white jade brilliance that encased their bodies. The white jade brilliance counteracted a huge proportion of the violet light, leaving them with a small part of functional Vital Energy. Even if it wasnt enough to wipe out their opponents, it was more than enough for them to take the opportunity to escape.

All of you, run away! L Chuyi said without turning back to look at them. She still held the talisman in her hand.

The people of the Purple Cloud Palace were overjoyed, but they were stunned for a moment, Senior Sister L, what about you?

I cant leave. You all run first, L Chuyi said.

They felt their hearts tighten. Activating the talisman required Vital Energy to be constantly instilled, so one person had to stay behind.


L Chuyi flipped her sleeve, suspending a book above her palm. The book was radiating with a white brilliance.

Take this book with you. Tell Brother Taixu Chuyi is sorry. L Chuyi raised a hand and tossed the Book of Yang into the air.

The people of the Purple Cloud Palace felt a tugging at their heartstrings. L Chuyi had chosen to stay behind. She was so faithful to Gu Taixu that she wouldnt live a pointless life in this world. After her people escaped with the Book of Yang, L Chuyi would choose to commit suicide.

What they didnt quite understand, was the meaning of L Chuyis final apology. When had L Chuyi ever let Gu Taixu down?

Time waits for no man. The talisman wouldnt last for too long.

The sharp-chinned man nodded and grasped the Book of Yang in his hand. Gazing at L Chuyis back, he said, Alright, I will deliver your message. Just then, his tone changed, and a mocking sneer bloomed at the corners of his lips. But, now isnt the time!


The sharp-chinned man did something beyond everyones expectations. He slammed a palm onto the center of L Chuyis back. Immense palm strength penetrated L Chuyis chest, inflicting severe trauma to her internal organs.

L Chuyi had been fully concentrated on facing the enemy while holding the talisman in her hand. She had no chance of avoiding the unexpected attack from behind.

With a pained whimper, her body was shoved forward like a flying butterfly, and her blood stained the blue sky red.

Zhao Li! You betrayed us!! The rest of the Purple Cloud Palace was utterly shocked as they yelled in rage.

It wasnt a secret that the Heavenly Knife Region had arranged their own students among the factions of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, just as how the Blessed and Heavenly Lands arranged their own elites and strong men in the Heavenly Knife Region. However, it was unbelievable that a third-ranking student from the Purple Cloud Palace like Zhao Li was in fact, a traitor who had deeply concealed their true intentions.

All of a sudden, they understood why the news about them getting hold of the Divine Books of Yin Yang had been leaked so quickly, and why had they failed over and over again to throw the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region off their scent. The undiscovered traitor had been providing information about their specific location the entire time!

L Chuyi had sustained a severe injury. Her meridians had been severed, rendering her unable to operate her Vital Energy. The talisman lost the connection with her Vital Energy and immediately turned dull right away.

The endless violet light in the sky quickly diminished, and the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region who had been suppressed were recovering their control over Vital Energy at a fast rate.

Leave me alone! You all run! L Chuyi knew that her time was up. She yelled at them as she was swept backward.

The people of the Purple Cloud Palace gritted their teeth and ran away before the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region had fully recovered.

Let us find Senior Brother Gu quickly. Only he can save Junior Sister L! However, they knew in their hearts that when Senior Brother Gu returned, it would be too late. Even if Junior Sister L hadnt been killed, she would have been taken by Qian Feng and lost her chastity already.

Someone as flawless and pristine as L Chuyi, who cherished her chastity far more than her life, would most probably kill herself before the enemy even struck.


A line of human figures streaked across the edge of the desolate sky and disappeared without a trace.

When the enormous patch of violet light in the sky dissipated and the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region had recovered their mobility, the people of the Purple Cloud Palace had got away.

Zhao Li touched his sharp, narrow chin and handed over the Book of Yang with a peal of taunting laughter.

Qian Feng operated the Vital Energy in his body and took hold of the Book of Yang. Well done! he praised. Lucky we had you! Upon returning to the Heavenly Knife Region, I will request a reward for your efforts!

Zhao Li said, It is my honor to serve the Region Master. Senior brother, Id like to request some manpower from you and hunt down those fighters. They cant stay alive now that they know my true identity!

Theres no need for that. The Region Master has called a halt to the spy network once the Glittering Jewel Wonderland is over. You have to come back to report on the completion of your mission, sooner or later. Qian Feng took a look at the Book of Yang on his palm.

Then he cast a look at the severely injured L Chuyi, who was sprawled on the ground. A bright scorching light flickered in his eyes as he said, Besides, everything that I want is in my hands now. Does it matter if those crippled little fighters ran away?

Zhao Li glanced at L Chuyi with an expression of pity. She was entirely covered in blood and was on the verge of passing out. She was such a beauty, but she was about to be crushed.

Hehe, Senior Brother Qian, this woman has an aloof personality. Once she awakes, she is most likely to commit suicide. Senior brother, once the chance passes, itll be gone forever. If you want a taste of this dignified beauty, the time is now, Zhao Li said with a smile.

The rest of the Heavenly Knife Region smiled knowingly.

Apart from honing his martial prowess, Qian Feng was only passionate about one thingwomen! Only renowned, outstanding women would capture his attention.

L Chuyi was known as the first female Heaven Rulers of the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, and better still a rare, precious beauty. Qian Feng had been coveting her for a long time.

Picking up L Chuyi, Qian Feng left the crowd with a light leap of his feet and arrived at a flat green rock in a quiet, secluded valley.

With a light flick of his sleeves, he laid L Chuyi was on her back on the ground. Just as Qian Feng was about to admire her tantalizing beautiful figure, a sense of danger crept up on him from behind.

The Power of Space! Qian Fengs face fell dramatically, and he retreated swiftly without another thought. The moment he retreated, a round yellow ball descended from the sky and brutally shattered the green rock and the ground beneath his feet.

Qian Feng felt the cold sweat of terror breaking out. The round ball nearly brushed past his shoulder and brought forth a strong, intense oppression. Qian Feng had a terrifying delusion of being faced with a Mortal Fairy, as though he would be pulverized with just a single touch.

Whos there? He was stunned and frightened, He was frustrated too because someone had ruined his pleasant plan!

He looked up to the sky. A white-haired figure with a silver mask was floating in the Void above his head, holding L Chuyi in his right hand, and withdrawing the dreadful round ball back into his left hand like a feather.

Su Yu looked down at Qian Feng. He stared at the space ring at the tip of his finger, and his eyes glinted with interest.

Su Yu had overheard their entire conversation.

Mo Jidao was a nature-defying starry sky elite of the generation several thousand years ago. He had been the first-ever powerful figure of the Divine Path in the eternity who practiced the Pure Divine Decree to the Peak level. In some ways, he was the predecessor of Su Yu and Gu Taixu. His voyage on the Divine Path had an unimaginable meaning if used as a reference.

It was a pity that Qian Feng still managed to avoid the blow from Su Yu even at his most careless. The commotion that had happened was rather noticeable, and the other strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region were most likely on their way here.

Two fists couldnt fight four hands, let alone when the opposing party consisted of 80 people who possessed a Void-navigating treasure.

Su Yu took hold of L Chuyis palm and instilled Vital Energy into her. This whiff of Vital Energy entered the talisman through her jade-like hand. The dull talisman erupted with dazzling, glorious splendor again and shrouded a corner of the heavens.

Stop it! Qian Feng was in utter shock. However, under the boundless violet light, no one besides the activator could evade the impact.

With his Vital Energy frozen, Qian Feng couldnt operate his magical powers, and couldnt even open his space ring. At the moment, he was naked, unarmed and defenseless.

Su Yus eyes turned cold, and he pounced towards the ground. The five demonic dragons in his body howled as they flew out, growling and aiming straight for Qian Feng.

Even with my Vital Energy sealed, foolish clowns like you still cant rival me! Qian Feng exclaimed and took a deep breath. He clenched his fists, bent his knees and squatted down, as stable as a rock.

When the demonic dragons arrived, he pummeled at two of them with both his fists.

With a muffled rumble of thunder, the two demonic dragons were penetrated by his fists as they were about to strike. They were transformed into virtual shadows that fluttered in the wind.

Su Yus pupils shrank. Not only did this person have top-notch cultivation, but his bodily strength was also extraordinarily powerful. It was only slightly inferior to Yu Liang of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction.

However, Su Yus aim was also excellent.

The moment the demonic dragons dispersed, a remnant shadow lashed out from Su Yus sleeve. It slashed a pitch-black seam in the space, soundlessly slashing across Qian Fengs right palm. His hand was immediately severed, the stump as smooth as a mirror.

When Qian Feng realized what had just happened, an intangible silk thread that had tangled itself around his hand was flying in Su Yus direction.

My space ring! Qian Feng realized Su Yus true intention right away. His face changed, and with a sudden exertion of force on his legs, he leaped a few thousand feet off the ground like a spring.

Very swiftly, he caught up with his hand, grasping it with his remaining hand.

However, right at that moment, a black shape headed straight for him in an extremely rapid and oppressive movement. It was the terrifying round ball!

Qian Fengs face fell drastically. He had no choice but to withdraw his hand in time. He stepped in another direction of the Void, and the round ball missed him by a hairs breadth. The momentum behind his leap was lost and his body began ceaselessly falling free, heading further and further away from Su Yu.


The right palm flew back into Su Yus hand. With a polite smile, Su Yu said, Thanks for the gifts!

Gripping Qian Fengs palm in his left hand and holding the unconscious L Chuyi in his right, Su Yu took flight with the winds.

Ahh!! I want you dead and chopped into a thousand pieces! Qian Feng growled like mad as he stood on the ground and stared as Su Yu ran away.

The beauty that he had been about to relish had been taken away, and even the painstakingly procured Book of Yang of Mo Jidao was stolen too! Qian Feng, who had never once failed or been defeated in his life, felt terribly humiliated!

Even more frustratingly, if Bi Lingtian learned that he had lost the Book of Yang because of his greed for women, he would receive a harsh punishment.

When Su Yu was far away, the violet light dissipated too.

The afflicted strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region rushed to the scene. When they witnessed Qian Feng with one of his hands severed, they looked at each other, at a loss of what to do.

Could that woman have made things difficult suddenly, causing Qian Feng to end up losing even more than he had wished to gain?

Get after them, right now! Qian Fengs face was flushed red as he bellowed in fury and vexation, his Vital Energy roiling in all directions with a force that could topple the mountains and empty the oceans.


With a flash of his figure, he took off in Su Yus direction like a bolt of lightning.

Meanwhile, Su Yu was holding L Chuyi with one hand, and the other was erupting with sparks of fire, burning Qian Fengs right palm to ashes, leaving not even a single drop of essence blood behind, in an effort to ensure that its scent wouldnt be pursued.

Amidst the ashes was a space ring, which had belonged to Qian Feng. Mo Jidaos Book of Yang was right inside it. Holding back the urge to read it right away, Su Yu took L Chuyi into the deeper parts of the jungle.