The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003 Martial Yard Martial Tower

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The Meteor Light Stream Great Formation!

The eight silver-white round balls surrounded the yellow-blue round balls and descended very abruptly, encircling the yard master who hadnt seen it coming at all.

Qian Feng had been close to the yard master so had been within reach. Surprisingly, however, the balls repelled him away, leaving him on the outside. Qian Feng was caught unawares and thought that the yard master was launching its attack. This made him recoil in shock. But in the eyes of the yard master, it seemed like it was a premeditated assault.

You challengers really are untrustworthy! the yard master sneered scornfully, I am the yard master. Do you really think I need help from incapable challengers like you to find a person in the book yard? I was only letting you get close to me to give you a bit of my scent in order to test if you have any ulterior motives and I surmised correctly! You are the accomplices of those two so-called evil thieves.

It is as he told me. Your aim isnt to destroy the book yard, but to capture me, the yard master, in order to open the rumored sixth yard!

The yard master had encountered countless challengers throughout its life and was adept at evil schemes and cunning deceptions. It would not believe Qian Fengs one-sided statement. The yard master had only suggested the collaboration to lure the snake out of its hole and expose their malicious intentions.

Now that it had been ambushed exactly at the moment the two of them came into contact, and Qian Feng was unscathed!Would anyone actually believe that it was only a coincidence?

As he was recoiling, a thought occurred to Qian Feng and the ominous realization struck him. Hurriedly, he explained, Please calm down, Yard Master, we werent the ones who laid the ambush! This must be an entrapment set by the evil thief, and his purpose is to use you in getting rid of us!

He would have been better remaining silent, because right away the yard master said contemptuously, So you challengers actually think that the book yard master is that gullible? If this really is an ambush laid by the evil thief, why werent you embroiled? Arent you their greatest threat?

Qian Feng was rebutted to a point that he became speechless. He was certain that this was exactly what Su Yu had intended. If just Qian Feng was killed, there was still Zhao Li and the tremendous military strength consisting of more than 80 fighters. Su Yus ultimate aim was to use the hand of the yard master to kill them all and enjoy an effortless victory!

But the yard master prided itself upon its experience in dealing with challengers. Being obstinate and self-opinionated, it was very unlikely it would believe Qian Fengs story. Qian Feng had a hopeless feeling of being wronged.

Sensing that the yard master was about to erupt with wrath, Qian Feng yelled, People of the Heavenly Knife Region, while the yard master is still sealed in the formation, retreat immediately and seek help from Senior Brother Bi!

Upon hearing that, the yard master sneered. Are you finally going to tell the truth? You seized the opportunity to arrange the formation to allow stronger challengers to strike! Humph! You will never get away with it!

Qian Feng felt a lump in his throat. He was choking on his own anger. This self-righteous idiot! Its even counting money for the enemy while being sold! But the most abhorrent person in all of this is the silver-masked fellow!

He hated Su Yu to the depths of his bones. Not only had Su Yu alarmed the book yard and used the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region as his scapegoat, but he had even held a trick back, abruptly launching an assault right when they were about to join hands with the yard master. Now the mistrustful yard master was completely enraged!

If Su Yu hadnt reserved this trump card, he would be the one dead by now. However, this vital finishing touch of his had rendered the people of the Heavenly Knife Region speechless and defenseless!

Run away, now! Qian Feng bellowed.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The people of the Heavenly Knife Region dared not hesitate for another second. In horror, they all fled for their lives. None of them had time to think about Su Yu now.

Trapped by the Meteor Light Stream Great Formation, the yard master stared coldly at the strong men of the Heavenly Knife Region as they scampered away. All of you, dont even think of running away! Stay behind and become the Trees of Life!

Open! the yard master screamed, and the All Creations Mighty Force was emitted from all over its body.

The eight silver round balls that confined it froze for a split second before being blown off by the tremor. They vanished into the Void. At the same time, the five writing brushes scattered on the ground were drawn into the Void as well.

The yard master cast an icy stare in the direction of the Void. Ill settle things with the two of you at the very end! Then, it rotated around and disappeared into the Void, hunting down the people of the Heavenly Knife Region.

A great distance away, large patches of space seams were formed in the area where Su Yu was. The eight silver pearls, carrying the Underworld Pearl and the compressed version of the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation, returned to his side.

Before L Chuyi could make out what those five writing brushes were, Su Yu withdrew them.

Things have happened just as expected. Were safe for the time being. As long as we leave the book yard before the yard master returns, well be safe and sound. Su Yus lips formed a small smile.

L Chuyi hadnt been able to see the entire process clearly, but since the oppression from the book yard master had diminished a great deal, she knew Su Yu had achieved his objective.

As she looked into Su Yus eyes, a look of respect appeared on L Chuyis delicate face.

We dont have to leave the book yard. As long as we meet up with Brother Taixu, it wouldnt matter even if the yard master did catch with us! L Chuyi said.

Gu Taixu! A murderous gleam flashed through Su Yus eyes.

Nodding lightly, Su Yu said, Ill escort you there.

With L Chuyis injuries, any random eighth-grade Almighty could cause her life-threatening damage right now. Before she reunited with Gu Taixu, she needed someone by her side.

Alright! L Chuyis heart was grateful. Immediately, she set to detect Gu Taixus location. A moment later, she opened her eyes and pointed at the North. The North, most probably in the direction of the martial yard.Brother Taixu should be at the martial yard.

L Chuyis bright eyes went dull for a second as she mentioned the martial yard.

The martial yard was the site of congregation for the students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. A martial tower was situated there, and it served immense benefits to the enhancement of the challengers from the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. The students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction spent most of their time in the martial tower.

Gu Taixu was most likely near the martial tower too, since he was in the martial yard. Perhaps, he was keeping the enchantress of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction company.

Su Yu did not notice the unusual expression on her face. Looking northwards, he strode across the air and headed in that direction.

Three days later, they had reached the outer periphery of the book yard. There were pitch-dark trees around 200 feet in height as far as the eye could see. Before long, they would reach the border of the book yard.

I sensed Brother Taixus scent already. Hes nearby! A heart-shaking bewitching smile formed on L Chuyis lovely face.

He should be at the martial tower of the martial yard, and there was only one reason he had appeared in this area. He had come to L Chuyis rescue by following her scent, after receiving the aid request from the escaped members of the Purple Cloud Palace. This was the reason L Chuyi was glad, overjoyed even. Gu Taixu still had feelings for her!

Is he here yet? Su Yu looked over at L Chuyi and thought for a moment, before saying, Miss L Chuyi, if Gu Taixu betrays the Purple Cloud Palace one day, what will you do with yourself?

L Chuyis smile disappeared. Surprised, she stared at Su Yu. Why did you ask that?

Su Yu could tell she wasnt pleased because Su Yu had doubted the person whom she loved the most.

Its just an idea, Su Yu said. He felt sorry for her as he looked at L Chuyis unhappy face.

Expressionless, L Chuyi said, My heart only belongs to him. If he betrays the Purple Cloud Palace, I will certainly pursue him, without regretting it for a single second of my life.

Such unwavering faithfulness? Su Yu heaved a silent sigh. He believed in L Chuyis loyalty and intention to always keep her word.

She had already shown her faithful nature. She had chosen to face death, rather than letting Gu Taixu miss out on the Book of Yang and than losing her chastity.

She loved Gu Taixu far more than her own life.

For a moment, Su Yu saw Xia Jingyus silhouette again. There used to be a woman who loved Su Yu more than her own life too.

Take care, Miss L. Well go our separate ways now. Su Yu turned as his feet leaped into the Void and he left, streaking across the sky. Su Yu had now repaid the debt of kindness he owed her, and there were no more ties between them.

Youre leaving? Your Vital Energy isnt recovered yet, so traveling alone is extremely dangerous for you. Why dont you follow me to meet up with Brother Taixu? Hell surely protect you.L Chuyi quickly caught up with him and stopped him.

Su Yu didnt even look back as he advanced away from her. Its for your own good. Please do not mention my name in front of Gu Taixu.

Looking at Su Yus back as he left with staunch resolution and disappeared at the edge of the sky, L Chuyi felt a wave of melancholy washing over her. It was as if a spot in her heart was vacant.

Watery mist brimmed her bright eyes. L Chuyi mumbled under her breath, Im sorry I didnt have the courage to find out if you really were Yinyu. Some answers had long been revealed in the depths of the heart, but the courage to face them had been lost.

Not long after, the space began vibrating.

Gu Taixus tall, handsome figure dashed forth at the speed of lightning.

However, as he approached, the anticipation in L Chuyis eyes crumbled bit by bit.Gu Taixu wasnt alone. Beside him was a delicate beauty clad in a dark green dress, with snowy fair skin and gorgeous features. She was delicate because that face of hers was a rare one. It was as beautiful as a sculpture and surreally enchanting. L Chuyi knew that face. She was the first beauty of the Demon Path, Han Fei.

Han Fei was the first on the Demon Path, an absolute Heaven Ruler, and one of the four starry sky elites of the Jiuzhou continent! In terms of talents, no one in the Jiuzhou continent could rival her, including Gu Taixu!

No matter in what way, L Chuyi was no match for her.

The two of them arrived speedily, stepping on the Floating Clouds of the Nine Heavens.

L Chuyi didnt allow her true emotions to show in her eyes and walked up to them with a delighted look. Brother Taixu, youre here.

Gu Taixu descended. He nodded, and asked right away, Is the Book of Yang in your hands?

L Chuyi felt a piercing pain through her heart. Shouldnt he be most concerned about her safety? It turned out that he hadnt come to rescue her, but to get the Book of Yang.

Shaking her head in bitterness, L Chuyi held back the grief in her heart, and said, The Book of Yang was seized by Qian Feng of the Heavenly Knife Region. Chuyi was useless, I didnt take good care of the Book of Yang.

Looks of disappointment, annoyance, and anger flashed across Gu Taixus face. He was disappointed that the Book of Yang was lost. And he was angered because the Book of Yang was lost by L Chuyi.

Fei-er, were too late. The Book of Yang has been taken away, Gu Taixu turned and said to Han Fei.

Han Fei shook her head like it was nothing. Just find the Heavenly Knife Region and get it back.

She cast a glance at L Chuyi, and queried, Shes your fiancee?

Gu Taixu flashed a smile. It was arranged and matchmade by the faction. As a student, I didnt have a choice about it.

Upon hearing that, L Chuyis heart shuddered, and she looked at Gu Taixu in disbelief. It was true that they had been matchmade by the elders and the people in charge of the faction, but hadnt they been in love before the arrangement? Were all those times when they cared for each other lovingly, arranged by the elders and the people in charge too? She felt as though someone had driven a knife through her heart, and it was dripping with blood.

Han Fei nodded and withdrew her glance as if she had lost interest in L Chuyi. Lets get back to the martial tower. The Heavenly Knife Region will gather there too.

The martial tower this time is rather different from in previous years. I suppose theyll gather at the martial tower once they get the news. By then Ill just ask to have for the Books of Yin Yang for a read.

Gu Taixu said, Sure. Taixu is willing to lend Fei-er a helping hand. But, Fei-er can leave first. There are some matters that I want to remind L Chuyi of, Gu Taixu added.

Han Fei streaked across the sky and headed in the direction of the martial tower without even looking at L Chuyi.

After she left, the smile on Gu Taixus face vanished. With his hands on his back, he gave L Chuyi an indifferent, measuring look, and said, They reported to me that you had been tamed by the Heavenly Knife Region and were badly injured. Can you tell me how you managed to escape? I heard that Qian Feng has been wanting to lay his hands on you!

He was implying that L Chuyi might have traded her chastity for her life. Perhaps she was an unclean woman now.

Sensing Gu Taixus suspicious look, L Chuyi was still afraid that he would misunderstand despite her own disconsolation. Hastily, she explained, Dont get it wrong. I was rescued by someone, and Qian Feng did not get what he wanted. Brother Taixu, you know me. I wont ever lie to you. She almost looked like she was begging him for forgiveness.

Is that so? Gu Taixu grew gentler. He flashed a smile flew down to comfort her. Dont be afraid. Im just worried that you might have been bullied. Im glad that youre fine. By the way, wheres the person who saved you? I havent thanked him for giving you a hand.

Gu Taixus tenderness delighted L Chuyi. She felt as if she had been pardoned. She cherished his affection whole-heartedly, and said, My savior did not reveal his name. He has left on his own. She had not forgotten Su Yus reminder to keep his identity a secret.

Gu Taixu furrowed his brows. Based on his understanding of L Chuyi, she wouldnt lie to him indeed, so he believed that Qian Feng hadnt had his way.

Chuyi, about Han Fei and I, dont take it to heart. Its the factions arrangement that I treat her well. The purpose is to befriend the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction and reap certain benefits from them. My feelings for you have not changed.

L Chuyis charming face was flushed, and a sweet smile as gorgeous as the spring flowers blossomed on her face. Brother Taixu, is that true?

Gu Taixu smiled gently. Of course its true!

He stuck out his arms in an attempt to embrace L Chuyi but was subtly shunned away by L Chuyi. With her head hung low, she said bashfully, Brother Taixu, dont do that.

A streak of frustration flashed through Gu Taixus eyes but he concealed it quickly. He said, Haha, I was being careless. Its inappropriate for Chuyi to have physical contact with the opposite gender before you have completed your practice of the cultivation techniques.

L Chuyis body stiffened imperceptibly for a second. Dont blame yourself, Brother Taixu.

After a moment of thought, Gu Taixus eyes flickered. Chuyi, what stage have you accomplished? When will you be able to complete it?

A streak of frantic fear flashed through L Chuyi when she heard that. Notnot much. Im in the stage two top class. Theres still one more stage to go to the final top class.

You attained the stage two upper class three years ago. Its been three years, and you only managed to progress one level? Gu Taixu questioned with a scowl.

He was keeping his promise to the faction that he hadnt laid his hands on this golden lady L Chuyi. L Chuyi was practicing a set of top-notch cultivation techniques passed down from the Purple Cloud Palace. Its grade was unspecified, but its power was remarkable. Only women who had preserved their virginity could practice it, and they were prohibited from touching the opposite gender during the training. Once the line was crossed, at the very least, ones techniques would regress. For severe cases, the difficulty of training would increase by multiple times, almost as though the prior efforts had been rendered futile.

Due to his fear and respect for the faction, Gu Taixu had refrained the urge to touch her over and over again.

The further my ability progresses, the tougher the training becomes.L Chuyis heart was beating wildly.

Gu Taixu expressed his understanding and did not take it to heart. Train in peace; Im not in a rush.

Yes, L Chuyi replied softly.

Lots of people who have attained their sublimations have gathered at the martial tower at the martial yard. Various influences have learned about it and are heading there too, Gu Taixu said.

You can leave first. Head in that direction first and youll soon catch up with Han Fei. Shell take you there.

L Chuyi asked, How about you, senior brother?

Gu Taixu laughed softly. I have some matters to settle. Ill catch up with you soon.

L Chuyi thought for a moment, before flying off to catch up with Han Fei. Be quick, senior brother.

As he watched L Chuyi leave, Gu Taixu nodded slightly. Then his face darkened, and he stared coldly in the direction in which Su Yu had left.

Hiding his identity after saving L Chuyi, humph! Would I believe that? It turned out that Gu Taixu was concerned about L Chuyis savior!

He couldnt just let go of the matter and needed to verify things himself.

Who believes that a person will actually save someone elses life without asking for a remuneration? There must be something stealthy about it.

Either L Chuyi was lying, or that savior of hers has ulterior motives!

The latter had a higher possibility. Perhaps, he has already owned L Chuyi with his filthy body, without her even knowing it.

As the King of Heaven Rulers of his region, he would never allow anyone to lay a finger on something that belonged to him!