The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1004

Chapter 1004 The Great Oriental Family

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Since leaving L Chuyi, Su Yu had been heading towards the border of the book yard.

With the book yard masters threat still hanging over him, he would never be safe if he stayed in the book yard.

Half a day later, Su Yu had reached the border and he was surrounded by trees that were around a hundred feet tall. Range upon range of steep mountains could be faintly seen from afar.

On top of those mountains were blades of straight, broken swords, and knives. Whiffs of harsh, fierce air echoed in the mountains.

That must be the martial yard, Su Yu muttered to himself.

Of the five great yards, he had traveled through the flower yard and the book yard already. His gains were quite remarkable: from the former, he got the yard master and the Honey of Hundred Flowers; from the latter, he got the Book of Yang of Mo Jidao.

He wanted to find out what specialties the martial yard had in store. His eyes shone, and he strode towards the region of the martial yard. At that moment, he subconsciously turned back to look. A remnant flame was slowly dissipating in the forests, carrying waves of residual scorching heat!

With his spatial magical power, Su Yu could even sense the faint, intangible power of space reverberating.

Whos there? Su Yu was alarmed. Someone had just soundlessly torn through the Void behind him. If it wasnt for his sensitivity to space, he wouldnt have noticed at all.

Could it be the book yard master? Su Yu thought for a moment and then shook his head gently in denial. If it was the yard master, it wouldve attacked already. Theres no need for it to be stealthy.

Su Yus eyes turned solemn. He was being followed by a mysterious person who could navigate the Void. How long had the person been following him? And what was he trying to do?

Feeling cautious, Su Yu headed for the martial yard at a fast pace. Right at that moment, an enormous icy, murderous scent shot forth from afar at an extreme speed.

Su Yu turned back to look, and the expression on his face turned ferocious. Gu Taixu! He hadnt expected Gu Taixu to come after him!

Gu Taixu noticed Su Yus presence from afar too, and his handsome darkened.

He had thought of many people who had possibly saved L Chuyi, but Su Yu was a possibility that he had not considered at all! This person who came from the Zhenlong continent, whom he regarded as some insignificant insect from the past!

In the Heavenly Mysterious Divine Pavilion, L Chuyis behavior towards this insect had been surprising, and it was clear that the insect had inexplicable feelings for L Chuyi too. Gu Taixu had seen all of that with his own eyes.

As he recalled how L Chuyi had deliberately concealed the fact that Su Yu was the one who rescued her, Gu Taixu felt cheated on. Anyone would know what it meant when their own woman kept things about their intimate relationships from them!

So! It! Was! You! Gu Taixu flew towards him, turbulent rage hovering in his eyes.

Su Yu would not have expected that his kind consideration for L Chuyi had caused an even greater misunderstanding on Gu Taixus part.

As he gazed at Gu Taixu, Su Yu strained to hold back his murderous desires. Firstly, he didnt have absolute confidence in his ability to kill Gu Taixu, especially after witnessing Gu Taixus Peak of the Pure Divine Decree. His capacity was profound beyond measure.

Secondly, his Vital Energy hadnt recovered yet, and his combat power wasnt at its best right now.

Thirdly, even if it was, he didnt want to waste his time on a battle right here. He would have a whole lot of opportunities to kill him once they left the Glittering Jewel Wonderland; why rush it now? The Glittering Jewel Wonderland opened once every hundred years, and it wasnt meant for fighting.

Gu Taixu realized that as well. If it were any other challenger, he would have charged and tamed them and strictly interrogated them already. But he knew that Su Yu was a fellow who had killed entities like Xue Di with his own hands, and he possessed unknown, terrifying tactics. He didnt want to fight Su Yu to death at the moment.

After collecting enough sublimations in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland and achieving the All Creations level, he would find it a lot easier to kill Su Yu.

Their lines of sight collided in midair, creating intense sparks. An intense murderous aura surrounded both of them, making the dark trees in the surroundings wither and turn into nothingness.

A boulder located between the two of them crumbled all of a sudden, producing the dull sound of thunder.

I have come to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland this time to search for the last drop of the Ancient Spiritual Beasts blood. Once I succeed, itll be your doomsday! Gu Taixu pointed at Su Yu from a distance as he spoke in a horrific, bloodthirsty voice.

He had long achieved the Peak of the ninth-grade Almighty. If he wished to, it wouldnt be very difficult for him to step up to the All Creations level.

Gu Taixu was suppressing his cultivation because he didnt want to just break through the ordinary All Creations level. Instead, he wished to refine a Nine Fairy Elixir and accomplish the complete Ancient Spiritual Body of the Real Spirit Nine Transformations!

Once successful, he would hardly have another competitor in the state of All Creations. Even Mo Tianxuan, who was known to be the first after the Mortal Fairies, wouldnt necessarily be able to rival him.

By then, on the entire Jiuzhou continent, only a person who was under the protection of the Nine Great Prefectures Kings or the Severed Fairy Cliff Master would be safe from him!

Youll only know whose doomsday it is the moment you close your eyes! Su Yu remarked with indifference.

Both of them revealed their murderous intentions, and they each had the tenacious willpower to bury each other alive.

Right at that moment, a peal of cold laughter came out of nowhere to echo through the Void out of nowhere.

Hahaha, how about the two of you die together? The voice was empty and it reverberated, sounding very mysterious. Who else could it be but the book yard master?

The sound of space being torn apart resonated in the center above their heads and a book shrouded in black, white and blue rays emerged.

The book yard master? Su Yus eyes turned cold. It had been several days, yet the book yard master had still found him with ease.

The Heavenly Knife Region must have suffered a great number of injuries and deaths. Being hunted down by the book yard master for such a long time would have the effect of leaving only a handful of people who managed to escape the book yard.

Gu Taixu placed his hands behind his back and looked over coldly. What are you? Who gives you the right to interrupt when were talking?

The book yard master was totally clueless about Gu Taixus background. Tauntingly, it sneered, Ignorant challenger, how dare you behave recklessly in my territory! I only wanted to take his petty life. Fine, since the slaughter has begun, Ill send you on the road along with him!

When it was done speaking, enormous All Creations Mighty Force pressed down like the heavens, enveloping them.

Upon hearing that, Gu Taixu cast a look at Su Yu and snorted with disdain. Take his petty life? I think youve stayed too long in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, and have become the frog at the bottom of the well!

How dare you threaten to take his life when youre merely a Stage One All Creations? Gu Taixu questioned.

Gu Taixu wasnt flattering Su Yu but was speaking the truth that he had learned. If Su Yu had wanted to kill the book yard master, it would be a piece of cake.

In the meantime, Gu Taixu didnt want to admit that his greatest enemy Su Yu, was just an insignificant character in the eyes of others. If so, wouldnt his mighty reputation be blemished?

The book yard master was stunned. It could vaguely feel Gu Taixus immense strength. As for Su Yu, wasnt he just a little ninth-grade fairy challenger?

Swaying slightly, the book yard master sneered. You challengers still like to pretend to be someone more powerful than yourselves. Do you really think I will be fooled?

Once it finished speaking, the All Creations Mighty Force throughout its body condensed into a humongous virtual shadow a thousand feet in width, which crashed down upon them. Its first target turned out to be Gu Taixu!

Gu Taixu was unruffled, and his eyes were filled with contempt. Youve overestimated yourself!

Nine rays of bright light were emitted from Gu Taixus body. They appeared like nine enormous caverns and the purple light on his right arm was especially bright. Clenching his right fist, the purple light gathered on his hand. With one hand behind his back, he launched his punch skywards.

Boom! Pang!

The giant book appeared to be majestic, but under Gu Taixus fist, it shattered into several halves.

The residual impact of the fist surged towards the book yard master. The tri-colored sun rays blazed around the yard master in an attempt of self-defense.

With a deafening sound, the tri-colored sun rays shattered too. The original form of the book yard master was swept off the ground and flew backward.

Its usual obstinate, arrogant tone was replaced with astonishment. That punchNo, its the nature of your body! The Ancient Nine Spirits Body!! How could it be? How could you have the third-highest-class bloodline? The book yard masters tone was filled with shock and amazement.

Gu Taixu exclaimed scornfully, I thought you were better than that! As he spoke, he lifted his hand for another punch, aiming in the yard masters direction.

With a shrill scream of agony, the book yard master was blown out of the nine heavens. Its original form was damaged and worn as if it had sustained some severe injuries.

Shortly after, Gu Taixu rolled up his huge sleeves and swept the book yard master over. Sneering, he said, Rumor has it that the sixth yard can be opened by gathering all five yard masters! Im unsure if the rest of the yard masters have been seized as well.

Severely injuring the All Creations yard master and capturing it alive had only taken Gu Taixu a fleeting moment. Su Yus heart was filled with dread as he witnessed the entire process. This was only Gu Taixus superficial capacity!

But, right at that moment, Su Yus eyes shone like bolts of lightning as he looked behind Gu Taixu.

A seam appeared in the Void behind him, and a fair, delicate hand stuck out from the seam, grasping the book yard master in Gu Taixus hand.

Gu Taixu grew fierce. Come out!

Holding the book yard master tightly in his right hand, he suddenly exerted a great outward force and grabbed forcefully.

A feminine yell sounded from the seam in the Void.

With a stringent shriek of a phoenix, large masses of flames flew out from the seam.

Su Yu turned to look and fixed his gaze on it. It was a sweet, adorable little girl, who was stepping on a phoenix blazing with flames as she was pulled out of the seam in the Void by Gu Taixu.

The lovely girl was calm in the face of crisis, and orange sparks of fire suddenly surged from her right hand which Gu Taixu held firmly.

Gu Taixu noticed the abnormality on his palm and loosened his grip immediately. Once freed, the lovely girl did a backward somersault and flew out of the space seam on the back of the phoenix.

She stood a thousand feet away from Gu Taixu, staring at the book yard master in his hand from afar.

The lovely girl was only 18 of age. Her skin was smooth and supple, and totally flawless, with delicate, adorable features. She wasnt exactly gorgeous, but pristine and sweet like the little sister of the neighborhood. She would appeal to many.

However, if her power and the phoenix beneath her feet were underestimated because of her harmless appearance, one would be on their way to Hell.

She had the cultivation of the ninth-grade Almighty Peak, but the whiffs of danger she was giving off indicated that her power was greater.

The fire phoenix beneath her feet was an All Creations demonic beast. It was extremely ferocious and could compare to the book yard master.

Gu Taixu cast a look at his scorched palm, in which a piece of crystalline fragment was embedded.

The Grass of Crystallization? Gu Taixu looked somber. He swept his palm with a purple gas, dusting off the Grass of Crystallization before it could reproduce.

As he raised his gaze to meet the young sweet girl, Gu Taixu was solemn. Youre the second eldest daughter, Dongfang Tianfeng?

Dongfang Tianfeng? It was a name that Su Yu was completely unfamiliar with. He had never even heard of it before. But undoubtedly, she was the mysterious person who was following him in secret just now. Her capacity clearly wasnt average, because she had been able to fight Gu Taixu and not be placed in a position of disadvantage.

Su Yu was even more alarmed that a person as haughty as Gu Taixu would be fearful of her.

The young girl rubbed her wrists. Her bright eyes glowering, she complained, Youve just hurt me! Tell me, how are you going to compensate me for it?

Gu Taixu masked his murderous aura. He was not annoyed that she had attacked him, and instead, he flashed a smile. Pardon me for not recognizing you in time, Miss Tianfeng. Its my fault.

Glancing at the book yard master in his hand, Gu Taixu said generously and straightforwardly, Since Miss Tianfeng wants the book yard master, Ill present it to you as a gift, as my compensation to you.

From his words, Gu Taixu was obviously currying favor with this little lady.

Su Yu was surprised. He knew that Gu Taixu wasnt just a student of the Purple Cloud Palace. He was also related to the Central Prefectures King in countless ways, and his status was way beyond the comprehension of commoners.

If a person like him was intentionally flattering the young girl before them, just how powerful could she possibly be?

If only Su Yu knew that Dongfang Tianfeng had come from the Eastern continent, from the prestigious family that had produced two Mortal Fairies, he wouldnt be that surprised. She was a member of the greatest family in the world, the Great Oriental Family!

Moreover, Dongfang Tianfeng was one of the four greatest starry sky elites, so her capacity wouldnt necessarily be weaker than Gu Taixus. Why would Gu Taixu not befriend a person with such noble status and phenomenal talents?

His target wasnt the sixth yard anyway, but the last drop of Real Spirit blood.

Dongfang Tianfeng pouted her mouth and raised her chin, like a proud little peacock. Youre lucky that youre tactful!

Gu Taixu smiled and stepped forward to present the book yard master.

The first step of befriending her could be considered successful.

However, Dongfang Tianfeng did not accept his gift. Instead, she said, I dont want it!

Gu Taixus smile froze, and he asked, Miss Tianfeng, dont you want the book yard master?

No, all I want is the flower yard master. Dongfang Tianfeng cast her bright, clear, lively eyes at Su Yu, grievance sparkling there. The flower yard master was mine in the first place, but you took her away!

In fact, when Su Yu first saw that Gu Taixu was infected with the Grass of Crystallization, Su Yu had realized that Dongfang Tianfeng was the woman from the Great Oriental Family whom the eldest senior brother of the Heavens Craftsmen Faction had mentioned. Could she have been following him all the way from the flower yard?

However, Su Yu had no intention in fawning over Dongfang Tianfeng. He was hoping to keep the flower yard master and unlock the sixth yard, in order to procure sublimations.

My apologies. Your name isnt engraved on the flower yard master, so what gives you the right to claim her? Su Yu questioned her without any facial expression and showed no intention of giving way.

Dongfang Tianfeng was furious. If I hadnt been held back by some matters and was therefore a little late, the flower yard master would have been mine!

Su Yu turned his head and greeted her with cupped fists. Im preoccupied with important matters now.I cant keep you company while you throw a tantrum. If theres nothing else, Id like to excuse myself.

An interested smile danced on Gu Taixus lips as he watched the scene.

How ignorant of him to offend the second eldest daughter of the Great Oriental Family, haha!

Even without Dongfang Tianfeng striking, there are numerous Heaven Rulers of the generation in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland that will fight for her justice, including the three other starry sky elites!

I know, thats why Im exchanging her for the book yard master! Dongfang Tianfeng stuck out her lips at Gu Taixu. What are you waiting for? Send him the book yard master! Ive never met anyone as dense as you!

The upward curve on Gu Taixus lips froze and anger rose in his heart!

Giving away the book yard master which he had captured to Su Yu Just what did Dongfang Tianfeng see him as? A servant whom she could command at will?

And it would be alright if she was giving it to someone else, but that person happened to be Su Yu!

Resentment filled his chest all of a sudden, making him stand unmoving on his spot, unable to move his feet.