The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1005

Chapter 1005 I Cant Hear It

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Didnt you hear what I said? Dongfang Tianfeng asked, seeking to hurry him by making her displeasure evident.

Martial artists like Gu Taixu who tried to curry favor with her were as numerous as the fish in the pond. Why would she be polite to them?

Gu Taixu would never bow his head to Su Yu. He squinted his eyes and said, Miss Tianfeng, I think that you can get the flower yardmaster without losing the book yardmaster.

Do you intend that we should work together to do so? Dongfang Tianfeng asked.

Gu Taixu stared at Su Yu and nodded slowly. He didnt want to fight Su Yu alone, and if he allied with the second eldest daughter of the Great Oriental Family, his chances of victory could rise by up to 80 percent.

The Great Oriental Family wouldnt allow Dongfang Tianfeng to take any risks. She was definitely equipped with powerful treasures for her own defense. With Dongfang Tianfengs power as leverage, getting rid of Su Yu could well be possible.

Dream on!

But all he received was a contemptuous reply from Dongfang Tianfeng.

If I could just take it, why would I be stalking him? Dongfang Tianfeng questioned.

Gu Taixu frowned. Could Dongfang Tianfeng have found out Su Yus greatness already? She seemed fearful of him, to the extent that she even had to seize another yardmaster to exchange.

My Feng-er told me that he has a few dangerous objects with him, and I dont feel the need to take the risk. Dongfang Tianfang caressed the fire phoenix under her feet.

Dangerous objects? Gu Taixu had never suspected otherwise.

Cut down on the nonsense, and hand over the book yardmaster! Dongfang Tianfeng yelled.

The muscles on Gu Taixus face tensed up as he considered matters with a glum expression on his face. His priority now wasnt to win Dongfang Tianfengs heart but to avoid offending her in any way.

Dongfang Tianfeng had always had people fawning over her. His ingratiating efforts wouldnt necessarily please her. However, if he did not flatter her he risked offending her! He couldnt offend Dongfang Tianfeng as Su Yu had done, so all he could do was to swallow his anger.

Maintaining a hold on the book yardmaster, Gu Taixu took two steps forward. Staring at Su Yu, he handed over the book yardmaster, keeping quiet the entire time.

Su Yu stood with his hands behind his back. Half-smiling, he asked, Brother Gu, is this charity youre doing? Although I cant compare to your status in the Blessed and Heavenly Lands, I dont beg for things either.

Miss Tianfeng wishes to exchange the book yardmaster for your flower yardmaster. If you want to avoid trouble, then exchange!

Su Yu pretended to look shocked and surprised. Oh, so youre actually begging me. In that case, Brother Gu, you dont seem to have the right attitude for it.

Vexed, Gu Taixu squinted his eyes. Su Yuxian! Dont ask for a mile just because I gave you an inch!

Su Yu flicked his sleeves and turned. Since Brother Gu finds me rude, is there any room left for discussion?

Standing to one side, Dongfang Tianfeng was anxious. She was glowering at Gu Taixu with her almond-like eyes, a sign that he would be in trouble if he failed to negotiate.

Sensing Dongfang Tianfengs displeasure, Gu Taixus heart sank slightly. Just as expected, it wasnt easy to make a good impression on Dongfang Tianfeng, but she could be offended within seconds. If he had known before what would happen, he would have pretended not to know Dongfang Tianfeng, and he could have avoided such a passive predicament.

Gu Taixu regained his composure after calming himself. He said, Brother Su, Miss Tianfeng wishes to trade the book yardmaster for the flower yardmaster. I sincerely plead you to give away your treasure!

Su Yu did not even turn his head. Dispassionately, he said, Raise your voice, I cant hear it.

Green veins quivered on Gu Taixus forehead. He inhaled deeply and repeated himself in a raised voice. I plead to you to give away your treasure!

Still cant hear it. Su Yu shrugged.

Gu Taixu was hot with murderous desire, as he strained to suppress the urge to turn and just leave. For the last time, he used his Vital Energy to perform sound wave techniques that vibrated the air. I! Plead! You! Brother Su!Did you hear me this time? Gu Taixus face was as dark as the deep waters.

Su Yu collected his thoughts and poked his finger in his ear. Yes, I finally heard you.

Well then, hand over the flower yardmaster! Gu Taixu humphed.

Su Yu spread out his hands. I didnt say I would trade! Goodbye, Brother Gu, see you next time. After waving his hand, Su Yu strode towards the center of the martial yard.

Gu Taixu was exasperated. Youre looking for death!! He had been taunted time and time again, yet had still failed to get the flower yardmaster back. Gu Taixu was finally out of patience.

Useless piece of trash! Dongfang Tianfeng glared at him, her starry eyes full of frustration and rage. Give me the book yardmaster!

Gu Taixu stared back at her coldly, murderous desires flickering stealthily in his heart. If he had absolute confidence, he would have reduced her to ashes by now. He had never been humiliated in such a way in his whole life! Nonetheless, owing to the mighty prestige of the Great Oriental Family, the greatest family in the world, Gu Taixu dared not to lay hands on her. Swallowing his resentment, he presented the book yardmaster with both hands.

Humph! Ill get it myself! Dongfang Tianfeng took hold of the book yardmaster with no attempt to be polite. She threw two grains of precious materials as compensation and took flight.

Gu Taixu stared in the direction in which the two had headed, giving off an intense murderous aura. Once my Nine Fairy Elixir is successfully refined, and I transform into a complete Nine Spirit body, even your Great Oriental Family will have to show me respect! Humph!


Su Yu flew all the way towards the martial yard, looking behind him from time to time. He could still sense that Dongfang Tianfeng hadnt given up pursuing him. This placed Su Yu in a rather awkward position.

With her around, Su Yu didnt have a safe environment to concentrate on consuming the Honey of Hundred Flowers or to practice his cultivation techniques with ten times his usual tendency to comprehension. It seemed like he needed to search for a secure place.

Half a day later, at the border region where Su Yu, Gu Taixu and Dongfang Tianfeng had appeared, a green bronze bull strode out from the seam in the Void, and the surroundings shimmered.

The scent of a Nine Spirits Body? The green bronze bull sniffed the surrounding air, and surprise flashed in its eyes. How could there be a descendant of the third-highest-class race on the Jiuzhou continent?

But it seems like only one spirit has been awakened. Its a deformed body, not enough to bring major disaster! the green bronze bull muttered under its breath, The scent of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction student is here, and it looks like hes not far away! The green bronze bull took a step forward and vanished into the Void.

Another half-day later, Su Yu left the book yard and arrived before range upon range of mountains. There were hundreds of thousands of mountains and each was built from various broken weapons. The broken weapons had a peculiar appearance. Some were colossal and did not seem like weapons used by humans.

Among the mountains of various sizes, many challengers were hectically searching for broken weapons with remnants of spiritual power. The number of challengers Su Yu met along the way far exceeded the combined number of challengers he had met in the flower yard and book yard.

The majority of influences had congregated in the martial yard.

Mo Tianxuan had said that the martial yard was situated in the central area of the five yards, and could be considered the center. It was no wonder many influences would choose to gather here.

And because of that too, once the martial disaster broke out in the martial yard, the number of casualties would be the greatest. Almost 40 percent of the challengers would be eliminated directly.

The disaster of books hasnt befallen, and the disaster of martial arts is yet to arrive Su Yu thought inwardly.

There were three more days till the outbreak of the disaster of books. Unless something changed, he was certain to be inflicted.

The severity of the disasters increased from one to another. The disaster of flowers was the easiest to negotiate, but the disaster of books shouldnt be that simple.

With a tinge of nervousness, Su Yu headed straight for the core region of the martial yard in a stride.

More than half of the Heaven Rulers and strong men were gathered here. People were everywhere. The atmosphere was boisterous.

When Su Yu reached the center, the space seemed to be more crowded and jam-packed. Every mountain top was occupied by a different influence, and flags of all kinds were stuck into the ground.

From afar, hundreds of thousands of flags were fluttering in the wind. It was a rather spectacular sight.

Much to Su Yus astonishment, he discovered the flags of the Red Blood Palace amongst the sea of flags! Finally, after getting past two yards, he had found his own faction mates! He headed there at a fast pace and landed on the mountain where the Red Blood Palace flags were arranged. However, there was not a single soul to be found inside the tents.

Eh? Where are the people? Su Yu was in shock.