The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1006

Chapter 1006 Hundred Storey Tower

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It just wasn’t logical that the people had left without a trace but had left the flags behind.

Right at that moment, a woman’s cry sounded from behind.

“It really is you! Su Yuxian!”

Su Yu turned to look. A middle-aged woman who was in good shape was standing behind Su Yu. She was like an ice statue, staring at him in annoyance and anger.

“Fairy Ling?” Su Yu was surprised. She was the cabinet mistress of the Tianya Auction House and Gongsun Wuxie’s aunt.

Fairy Ling’s pretty face was ice-cold. “It’s been a long while since our last meeting. How are you doing? Your cultivation seems to have improved a lot!”

It had been a long time ago, but Fairy Ling still couldn’t forget her past embarrassment when Yinmu had planted the seeds of lovesickness in her body, and she was subject to Su Yu’s manipulation.

Su Yu smiled awkwardly, and replied in turn, “Fairy Ling, are you here to visit Gongsun Wuxie? How has she been for the past few days? And what about my people from the Red Blood Palace?”

Fairy Ling answered with indifference, “She’s fine; there’s no need to see her. However, your people from the Red Blood Palace aren’t in good condition.”

What? Su Yu had thought that something wasn’t quite right with the Red Blood Palace. He had been correct: something really was going on.

“Where are my people from the Red Blood Palace? What are they up to?” Su Yu asked.

Fairy Ling creased her brows. She was reluctant to answer, but after a moment of thought, she said, “It doesn’t help even if you get to know. They were challenged by the Heavenly Knife Region and are all engaged in a battle right now. It is said that you were the one who stole something from the Heavenly Knife Region, and they are seeking revenge.”

The Heavenly Knife Region? Have they caught up? Su Yu asked, “How many of them are there?” He estimated that most of them should have been killed by the book yardmaster by now.

“Three. Another person also arrived and including him, there are four,” Fairy Ling said.

The first three must be Qian Feng, Zhao Li, and their companion. Who was the other person?

“What’s the state of the battle?” Su Yu asked dispassionately.

Fairy Ling was surprised. “Oh? You don’t seem to be bothered? They are your fellow faction mates.”

They were Su Yu’s faction mates, but there was only a handful of them who truly treated Su Yu as such. Su Yu had not forgotten about the selection during the Fengyun Great Assembly, and how those people from the inner sanctum had wished that he wasn’t qualified to enter. He would also never forget how Mo Tianxuan had transported him to the flower yard, all by himself. Now that the people of the Red Blood Palace had encountered difficulties, why should he rush to their rescue?

“I just want to know if Bing Wuxin, Gongsun Wuxie, and Bai Shanliang are among them,” Su Yu stated succinctly.

Fairy Ling was half-smiling. “Still there are people whom you care about! Gongsun Wuxie doesn’t need your concern: she’s in another yard. Bai Shanliang left early on and is nowhere to be found. Bing Wuxin is the only one among them.”

Su Yu asked, “Where is the battle taking place?”

Fairy Ling pointed far ahead at the central region, which was surrounded by endless mountains. There stood a hundred-story tower the color of black opal. It was built entirely out of a bizarre, exotic kind of metal and gleamed with a pitch-black brilliance.

Countless blades of broken weapons and knives adorned the sky-high tower. Amongst them were broken weapons that were semi-manufactured fairy artifacts!

“That is the martial tower, the most important feature of the martial yard, and the safest place in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland,” Fairy Ling explained. “Apart from challengers, no other living creatures could enter it. The impregnable body of the tower couldn’t be wrecked even if the strongest Mortal Fairies arrive.”

Su Yu asked, “Are you saying that they are inside the tower?”

Fairy Ling shook her head lightly. “The martial tower isn’t opened for entry yet. There’s still half a day to go. It’ll only be opened on the night of full moon!”

“The people of the Red Blood Palace aren’t in the martial tower; they are in the arena set up for the purpose of competing for the martial tower. It is on the other side of the martial tower.”

Su Yu asked, “How’s the battle going then? There are merely three to four people from the Heavenly Knife Region, so the Red Blood Palace must have the upper hand in terms of number. I suppose they are not suffering any loss?”

“Do you think the Red Blood Palace could compare to a regional power? Besides, they have that person holding the fort, but the chief eldest student of your Red Blood Palace, Bing Wuqing, hasn’t even met up with your people. Although there are only four people on the opposing side, the Red Blood Palace has still suffered a great number of casualties. Your beloved fiancee is wounded too.”

Upon hearing that, Su Yu became a little anxious. “Wuxin is wounded?”

Judging from his experience of dealing with the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region, the only one who could pose substantial threat on her was Qian Feng. His power certainly was no weaker than Jinmu’s, so it was inevitable that Bing Wuxin wasn’t a match for him.

“Thanks for filling me in.” Su Yu thanked her with cupped fists and immediately flew to the other side of the martial tower.

Fairy Ling held her tongue. She meant to tell Su Yu that his arrival would be futile. That was the battlefield of Almighty Divine Masterswhat good could a ninth-grade fairy serve? What was the point of rushing there and walking right into the trap?

After a moment of contemplation, Fairy Ling stomped her feet and sighed helplessly. “Fine, I’d better follow, I’ll just act according to the circumstances and rescue him. The young cliff master is going to owe me a debt of gratitude, and it’ll be much easier to bring him back to the Severed Fairy Cliff in the future.” She began her approach in a graceful, nimble manner.

Passing the vast tower, Su Yu saw a colossal mountain artificially flattened on the other side of the tower. The mountain was crammed with crowds of people. In the flattened area were large groups of challengers dressed in blue. They could be recognized as the people of the Red Blood Palace based on their attire.

There were several other challengers clad in clothing of a different color. Among them, Su Yu recognized Qian Feng, Zhao Li, and an eighth-grade Almighty female challenger.

There was another person dressed in white, who was standing outside the arena in a leisurely and carefree manner. He was holding a black-colored book in his hand, reading it in silence as though there was no one else around him. With his celestial temperament, he looked rather otherworldly. It was a pity that his face was concealed by a golden mask, and his true appearance couldn’t be seen.

Su Yu’s pupils constricted slightly. “Bi Lingtian!!” Previously, Jinmu had created a replica of Bi Lingtian with a drop of essence blood, which possessed 70 percent of the real Bi Lingtian’s combat power. Even then, it was still exceptionally terrifying. Even at her peak, Bing Wuxin couldn’t rival him.

Su Yu recognized the person in an instant because of that golden mask. It was Bi Lingtian, the strongest of the younger generation of the Heavenly Knife Region. If Su Yu’s speculation was right, the black book in his hand was the Book of Yin of Mo Jidao!

All of a sudden, Bi Lingtian closed the Book of Yang and raised his gaze to meet Su Yu, as if he had sensed his presence. His emerald eyes looked like a pair of green flowers, extraordinarily dreamy, and extraordinarily…dangerous!

Casting a deep gaze at those emerald eyes, Su Yu glanced at the battle on the arena haphazardly.

Qian Feng was indeed outstanding. He was fighting ten people all at once by himself. Despite being beleaguered by ten individuals, he did not lose his leverage. Instead, he wounded the late-stage Almighty strong men of the Red Blood Palace one after another.

Zhao Li was known as the second strongest warrior of the Purple Cloud Palace. Despite being a traitor, his combat power was astonishing. He was fighting Tianyu and six other eighth-grade Almighty at once, handling it skillfully and easily. Tianyu seemed to be fatigued.

The eighth-grade Almighty female challenger was equally astonishing. She was pinning down Tang Ling and a few dozens of seventh-grade Almighty on her own. Her combat power was incredible.

And this was before Bi Lingtian’s intervened at all! If he did, the Red Blood Palace would be on the losing side, without a doubt.

As Su Yu glanced at the personnel of the Red Blood Palace who were resting at the side, the willowy, elegant figure of a cold beauty entered his line of sight.