The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1007

Chapter 1007 Righteous Indignation

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Her appearance was like a perfect piece of jade. She was absolutely gorgeous and was attracting the attention of many onlookers.

Most of the challengers from other factions who were watching the battle were captivated by her bewitching beauty.

She stood tall at the edge of the arena where the two parties were fighting, holding a cold, long sword in her arms. Her brilliant, crystal clear eyes captured every move in the arena.

Harsh, uncompromising sword energy was being emitted into her surroundings, giving off an oppressive ambiance. Therefore, even though many were astounded by her beauty, no one was daring enough to approach her.


With a leap, Su Yu landed beside Bing Wuxin with all eyes pinned on them.

Bing Wuxin cast a sideways glance at him, a tinge of delight flashing across her enchanting eyes. But she was cool on the surface as she glared at Su Yu. “Why have you only just come?”

Despite her unfriendly tone, the sword aura around her was subdued, allowing Su Yu to get close to her.

“Some accidents happened in the process of transportation. I was far away from you all and so was unable to arrive in time,” Su Yu explained concisely. “Are you not participating because of Bi Lingtian?”

Bing Wuxin shot an extremely cautious stare at Bi Lingtian. “Yes! The precondition of the battle between us is that Bi Lingtian and I are not allowed to take part!” Bi Lingtian’s capacity was profound beyond measure, and if Bing Wuxin put her Ancient Spiritual Body to use, only a few ninth-grade Almighty could possibly resist it. If the two of them were to join the battle, the number of casualties would rise marginally.

“Bi Lingtian’s capacity is most likely above mine, but for some reason, the Heavenly Knife Region has sustained an extremely large number of casualties before arriving at the martial yard. There are only four of them left. Hence, Bi Lingtian took the initiative to suggest him and I did not participate in the battle, probably with the objective of protecting the few challengers from the Heavenly Knife Region.”

When Bing Wuxin spoke, her bright eyes were pinned on Su Yu, unblinking. “They said you stole something from them, and you were the one who caused their great losses. Is that true?”

Su Yu had a deep frown on his face. When he rescued L Chuyi and despoiled the Book of Yang, he hadn’t exposed his identity. And there were only two people at the scene who knew Su Yu’s identity. They were L Chuyi, and Gu Taixu, who had arrived later! Gu Taixu must be the one who leaked the information about Su Yu coming from the Red Blood Palace, inviting trouble for the faction.

Gu Taixu!

Su Yu’s cold glance swept across his surroundings. From afar, he discovered that the challengers from the Purple Cloud Palace were among the spectators as well.

Gu Taixu was standing at the front of the crowd. Beside him was a gloomy L Chuyi. As he looked at Su Yu, the corners of his lips curved upwards. When their gazes collided, a murderous aura erupted in midair.

“Su Yuxian?” Bing Wuxin followed Su Yu’s gaze, and her eyes fell upon Gu Taixu and L Chuyi. Her gaze leaped back and forth and finally fixed upon L Chuyi. Suspicion filled her snowy eyes. “You’re looking at L Chuyi?”

Su Yu withdrew his gaze. “You’re overthinking things! Indeed, I stole something from the Heavenly Knife Region. This incident has occurred because of me.” He stood still at the side of the arena, showing no intention of participating in the fight. His only worry had been Bing Wuxin, and she was fine. Why should he meddle in others’ business?


The soft sound of a book being shut sounded clearly in everyone’s ears despite the clamor and commotion at the scene of the battle. As their gazes followed the soft sound, the arena fell silent.

“Haha…” Gentle, soft laughter sounded out of nowhere. Bi Lingtian stood up slowly, closing the Book of Yang of Mo Jidao with one hand. With a mellow smile, he looked at Su Yu. “Your mates are in danger. Aren’t you going to get involved? Su Yuxian!”

Bi Lingtian’s words made the two parties who were indulged in a heated, intense fight gradually stop. Qian Feng and his teammates gradually withdrew their assaulting poses and retreated to the border of the arena, their eyes as sharp as knife blades.

“Su! Yu! Xian!” Qian Feng’s eyes were reddened as he bellowed Su Yu’s name through gritted teeth, pausing between syllables. The challengers of the Red Blood Palace had finally noticed Su Yu’s arrival, and they were all angry.

“What a useless piece of garbage you are!” Tang Ling was the first to become enraged. He was covered in blood at the moment and was as disheveled as he could ever be. Exasperated, he walked up to Su Yu while growling, “You dragged the faction into this, bringing unexpected calamity upon us. Do you confess to your crime?”

Su Yu shrugged, and said to the smiling Bi Lingtian, “You’ve just seen it for yourself. They’ve never regarded me as a faction mate of theirs.”

His words infuriated the rest of the challengers from the Red Blood Palace.

“Shameless! You inflicted great harm upon your faction peers, and not only did you stand aside without helping, now you’re making cynical remarks!”

“We should have let him fail the Fengyun Great Assembly at all costs. If we had, we wouldn’t be in such a plight right now!”

“I should’ve known this Su Yuxian was a good-for-nothing! He prides himself on his proficiency in the Mu language and behaves willfully! I regret it now!”


Su Yu had a dispassionate look on his face. “Haha, you lot all seem to think you have done me a favor in letting me come to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland! Without me, you would all be dead in the Wonderland by now. Do you really think you get a chance to voice your righteous indignation now?”

Su Yu’s words rendered them speechless and unable to defend themselves.

During the Fengyun Great Assembly, Gu Taixu had run away when the frightening puppet appeared. Without Su Yuxian, all of them would have been buried alive in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm.

“Nonsense! Even without you, the person in charge would’ve saved us!” Tang Ling strode toward him, his rage roiling inside him. His old vengeance hadn’t yet been settled, and now there was another reason for him to seek revenge on this person!

He had been eliminated in the Purple Cloud Secret Realm. In the end, he was allowed entry as a reserved candidate only because there were some vacant quotas.

Su Yu seemed to have finally noticed Tang Ling. Detachedly, he said, “I suppose, for a failure like Senior Brother Tang to come to the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, the person in charge must have intervened in this as well?”

Tang Ling erupted with violent rage as his wound was being revealed. “Go to Hell!”


When Tang Ling was ten feet away from Su Yu, he drew out a broad, enormous sword and moved like a shooting star, striking the sword towards Su Yu’s cranial vault in an attempt to slice Su Yu in half.

Bing Wuxin’s clear eyes flickered with gleams of coldness as she uttered, “Get lost!”

All of a sudden, Tang Ling’s steps faltered and he stumbled as if struck by a lightning bolt. Finally, he staggered and his body tumbled backward, nearly collapsing onto the ground.

A gentle force caught hold of him from behind.

“Junior Sister Bing, we’re simply punishing a junior brother who’s committed wrongdoings. Why did you injure us?” Tianyu walked out slowly from behind Tang Ling with a glum face.

Bing Wuxin’s face was expressionless as she asked, “Punishing? Do you think Su Yuxian could fend off that sword from Tang Ling? If that was only a punishment, how about I do the same to Tang Ling?”

Anyone with common sense could see that Tang Ling was trying to take Su Yu’s life.

After all, Tang Ling was a famed eighth-grade Almighty with outstanding combat power. On the other hand, Su Yuxian was said to be a trivial ninth-grade fairy. Solely in terms of cultivation, the gap between them was insurmountable.

When she was done speaking, Bing Wuxin’s fingertips touched the blade of the sword she was holding, and her eyes gave off sword energy.

Tianyu sneered coldly. “Very well! I have been wanting to have a taste of what Junior Sister Wuqing values so much! Is it just because of an identical face?”

“Tang Ling, I’ll leave Su Yuxian to you!” Tianyu was full of ferocity. “Don’t be gracious, punish as best as you can, for he is an ignorant troublemaker! If he dares retaliate, kill him without a second thought!”

As she spoke, she slapped her hand down and pulled out a pair of huge, golden scissors. It had a dragon head carved on it and a peculiar appearance.

“Su Yuxian, be careful on your own. Give me a moment. I’ll settle it this in three strikes!” Bing Wuxin whisked her fingertips, and the silver sword came out of its sheath, transforming into a long sword that erupted with cold shine as it headed toward Tianyu.