The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Arrogant Till The End

Su Yu turned around and looked. It was Liu Guang!

He was following a short and plump youth, smiling pleasantly.

The short and plump youth was around the same age as Su Yu, but his cultivation base had actually reached Second Level Holy King!

Fourteen years old and Second Level Holy King! Su Yu was shocked!

Li Guang and Xu Rong had trained for a century, only to merely reach Second Level Holy King! Even a genius like Li Konghui was merely half a Holy King at twenty years old.

Restraining his shock, Su Yu looked away. He was wondered how Xianer and Jingyu were doing. With their talents, they were likely taken in by some strong elders as their disciples.

The short and plump youth glanced at Su Yu, "You know him?"

Liu Guang bent over, aligning his height with the short and plump youth, as if he were a servant. Looking at Su Yu, Liu Guang replied disdainfully, "He is a genius from the same island as me. After being tested we found out that he was a Worthless Spirit, and he was abandoned. Not sure how he managed to reach Zhenlong continent, or get into Liuxian faction's recruitment exam."

Hearing that Su Yu was a Worthless Spirit, the short and plump youth lost interest.

For a moment, Liu Guang's eyes turned vicious as he whispered near the youth's ears, "Senior Yuan Hu, he is Li Guang's official disciple!"

Hmm? The short and plump youth's gaze went cold. As he smiled with his fat, small face, he did not look honest or simple. Instead, he looked ruthless and cruel, "Hehe! Interesting!"

His eyes suddenly turned towards Li Konghui, "What relationship do you guys have with him?"

The disciples from Li Family were extremely cold toward Su Yu. They had originally disliked him and therefore did not hesitate to keep their distance from him.

"We are merely strangers," Li Konghui replied carefully.

"Humph! You better be strangers. If you stay around him, I'll make sure all of you won't survive!"

Finally, he sent a cold look toward Su Yu, "You'd better not enter Liuxian Faction. If you come in... you'd better watch out..."

After which, Liu Guang swaggered over, "That was Senior Yuan Hu. The Faction's tenth elder's new disciple. One word from him is all it takes to ground forever!" He snickered, "I almost forgot, this Worthless Spirit body of yours, you don't even have the qualifications to enter the faction. You don't even have the qualifications to be pressured by Senior Yuan Hu! If this was Shenyue island, you might have been able to display your power. But in Zhenlong continent, you are beneath lowly ants! The difference between you and me will only get bigger!"


A wave of vital energy surrounded Liu Guang!

After not seeing him for one month, he had actually achieved a breakthrough into First Level Holy King, becoming a real Holy King!

Su Yu's expression did not change, "The distance between you and me remains the same."

"The Holy King's realm is something a Worthless Spirit like you could never understand. Be nice, we might meet during the sparring match later. I'll show you the prowess of the Holy King's realm!" Liu Guang swaggered away.


Suddenly, a feminine figure appeared above the heads of thousands of people, dropping a hundred flower petals.

A low and faint voice was heard from the female's mouth.

"Hidden among these flower petals are ten petals accompanied by low grade marrow cleansing elixirs. Whoever is able to snatch them, shall own them." The lady flew over, as if a celestial figure, shocking anyone who caught a glance of her.

The crowd became excited.

Aside from the top thirty ranking families, not many of the vassal family clans were able to get ahold of low grade marrow cleansing elixirs.

Even for the genius disciples from the top thirty family clans, it was difficult to obtain marrow cleaning elixirs.

Among the hundred petals before them, there were actually ten of those elixirs! They would all surely do their best to find them!

Su Yu was moved!


Using his extraordinary eyesight, Su Yu looked up and swept his gaze across the hundred flower petals. Although they appeared to be spread out, they may as well have rested at his feet!

Instantly, Su Yu had discovered three low grade marrow cleansing elixirs, tied on the other side of the flower petals!

However, before the flower petals dropped to the ground, there were already half Holy Kings rushing towards the sky, snatching the elixirs in midair!

Half Holy Kings, with their wings made of vital energy, were extremely fast.

Li Konghui's eyes lit up as he rushed toward the sky. He grabbed a flower petal into his hands, but it was empty.

As he secretly sighed at his own unluckiness, a flower petal with a low grade marrow cleaning elixir attached to it suddenly flew past him!

Extremely elated, Li Konghui extended his palm in a bid to grab it.


However, it was at that moment, a sharp gust of wind attacked him from behind!


Li Konghui's internal organs greatly trembled as he spat out a mouthful of blood before flying backward ten meters!

"The elixir is mine!" A fifteen-year-old youth grinned widely.

Li Konghui was enraged. But after seeing the opponent's strength, his face was filled with fear instead!

First Level Holy King! A fifteen-year-old First Level Holy King!

In addition, Li Konghui had identified him as someone from the Hundred Vassal Clans. That was a genius from the ranked third family clan, the Wu family's genius, Wu Pangyun!

Despite his resentment, Li Konghui ultimately did not have the courage to directly confront him. Hence, he turned around and continued to search for the hidden elixirs in the remaining flower petals.

Swoosh, swoosh

A purple light shone beside him.

It maneuvered quickly, ignoring the flower petals beside him as it accurately grabbed three flower petals.

What astonished everyone was that, of all the flower petals grabbed, all had a low grade marrow cleansing elixir attached to them!

Su Yu did not stop as he stuffed them into his clothes. With another sweep of his eyes, he instantly discovered another two low grade marrow cleansing elixir which no one had discovered yet!


Flying over, Su Yu grabbed two more, extremely elated.

While everyone else was still squinting their eyes trying to differentiate which were the petals which had a low grade marrow cleansing elixir attached to it, Su Yu was already picking them out.

In just a moment, he had obtained five low grade marrow cleansing spirit elixirs!

Su Yu's movements attracted significant attention!

"He... he snatched five of them!" Someone cried out in astonishment.

One sentence was enough to arouse the jealousy of the crowd!

Swoosh, swoosh

Many were unable to resist the temptation of the five low grade marrow cleansing elixirs. As such, a small group came flying at Su Yu.

Su Yu smiled coldly, "You guys came at the right time!"


A purple flash left behind its afterimages in the sky as it maneuvered evasively in the crowd, like a shadow.

Su Yu's speed was easily comparable with half a Holy King's!

"Ah! My elixir! He stole it!" A Half Holy King who joined in the encirclement was shocked!

He had obtained one elixir secretively, which he had hidden carefully in his shirt. How had Su Yu realized that?

How would he have known that, with just a glance, Su Yu had seen his actions clearly? How could he have defended himself?

Among all ten low grade marrow cleansing elixirs, six of them had actually been obtained by a single person, causing everyone to be shocked and impressed.

Suddenly, a mysterious scene appeared in the skies. Multiple Half Holy Kings chased after a fourteen-year-old across the clouds.

That fourteen-year-old youth could evade their pursuit and encirclement with much ease as if he was taking a stroll in a park.


Suddenly, a flash of black light appeared beside Su Yu!

A pair of eerily cold, playful eyes looked at Su Yu, "On the account of your having laboriously helped me assemble six low grade marrow cleansing elixirs, I will naturally go easy on you."


A gigantic palm harnessing the power of a First Level Holy King connected with Su Yu's chest!

Such a vicious attack was clearly meant to inflict heavy damageit was the opposite of an "easy" attack!

"The hunt ends!" A faint voice was heard.


The sound of a copper gong, full of spiritual energy, reverberated throughout the entire place. The crowd shuddered.

The vital energy in their bodies dissipated. The various figures who were in midair fumbled, about to fall to the ground.

The Half Holy Kings' faces all changed as they fell to the ground. A few of the First Level Holy Kings managed to glide down safely.

Wu Pangyun gritted his teeth as his palm strike had been forcibly interrupted., "Count yourself lucky!" he snapped viciously, glaring at Su Yu.

Su Yu's remained calm. All the Half Holy Kings and Holy Kings had nervously returned to the ground.

Only Su Yu, as if he had not been affected by the copper gong, could return to the ground with ease, leaving everyone dumbstruck.

Multiple Holy King Level Disciples could not help but look shocked and bewildered.

They were unaware that Su Yu's ability to travel in the air was not from the materialization of his vital energy, but due to a top class light-body cultivation technique.

Even without this mysterious ability, thousands of geniuses were still in shock purely over how many elixirs he had collectedof the ten, Su Yu had collected six!

It was incredible!

The silver hair and purple clothes gave off a strange and mysterious aura, he left a deep impression in everyone's mind.

Liu Guang, who was within the crowd, glared, "You're just as arrogant as ever! Being arrogant in Shenyue continent was no big deal, but to display such arrogance in Zhenlong continent, are you suicidal or just cocky?!"

Su Yu smoothly landed on the ground and stood beside the Li family. He paid no heed to the glares and stares.

The Li family genius juniors all swallowed, looking at the six entire low grade marrow cleansing elixirs.

Su Yu had obtained half a year's worth of the Li family's elixirs all by himself! At that moment, a few of them wanted to fawn over him in hopes of getting an elixir.

To think they had been so cruel and cold toward him! Thinking back, they were immensely regretful, too ashamed to ask for an elixir.

"Your luck is not bad," Li Konghui coldly looked over and commented briefly.

The Li family's disciples discovered that Li Konghui had lost his high and mighty expression; his eyes now held a tinge of jealousy.

They had all witnessed with their own eyes that the low grade marrow cleansing elixir, which should have belonged to Li Konghui, had been snatched away by Wu Pangyun. Yet Su Yu, who he hated the most, had snatched as many as six of them! It was no wonder Li Konghui did not behave like himself.

Su Yu looked over coldly, "Perhaps."

"Arrogant!" Li Konghui lightly snorted. To him, Su Yu's cold reply was no different from a loud brag.


The female who was flying in the air was now floating in midair, as she silently surveyed the crowd.

Her gaze was gentle and warm, stern and virtuous.

Although she was over forty years old, she preserved her dignified look and had an air of gentleness. Her image moved several of the youths.

Su Yu activated his enhanced vision and analyzed her before he gasped.

"Xi! Ruo! Lan!" Su Yu hated Han Zhi for framing Li Guang, causing him to live in solitude for a hundred years.

But his most hated person was Xi Ruolan!

What Xi Ruolan had hurt most was not Li Guang's body, but his heart!

He had endured a hundred bitter years for that woman. In the end, all he had received was her betrayal and fury.

Su Yu's only motive for entering Liuxian Faction was to take her head!

As if she had felt his gaze, Xi Ruolan turned around, extremely calm.

It was as if nothing had happened, as if she had never tried to kill Li Guang.

As her scarlet lips moved, a gentle and melodious voice could be heard, "The first round of examinations has ended."

"What? The examination hasn't started. How is that possible?" Not only were the disciples at a loss, but the accompanying elders were confused as well.

"The first round of examinations is the snatching of elixirs and flower petals. It is supposed to test the competitiveness of the disciples. Every elixir obtained is worth two points, and every flower petal obtained is worth one point. As for the rest of you... you have all failed. Come again after five years," Xi Ruolan said gently.

"What? Snatching of elixirs and flower petals was actually an exam component? They eliminated nine hundred people?" Even the elders were flustered.

Liu Xian Faction's entrance examinations changed yearly, but they were mostly minute changes and were usually well within the expectations of the elders. However, for this year's entrance examinations, the absurd test of snatching elixirs and flower petals had eliminated almost all the applicants!

"You have not even tested their potentials, why disqualify them?" Some elders asked.

Among them, there were too many disciples who had been unable to attain even a single petal. More so, many of the younger disciples who were unable to fly had immediately given up and had watched from the sides with their arms folded! It was too harsh!

Xi Ruolan faintly shook her head, "For this entrance examination, potential is less important. Individual ability and a competitive mindset is the crux of the examination. This is the Faction Master's decision. If you all have any issues with it, you may direct your questions inside the faction."

Although the various elders felt unjust and angry, they remained as quiet as cicadas in late autumn.

Reason with the Faction Master? Who had the audacity to try that? With just his eyes, the Liu Xian Faction's Master could obliterate them completely.

As she looked away, Xi Ruolan announced, "Those with flower petals and elixirs, come out!"


Amongst the one thousand people present, only ninety people stepped forward.

After all, one person could collect more than one flower petal, causing the others to lose their chance.

"The second round of examination is the individual strength competition segment!" Xi Ruolan extended her jade-like fingers, and pointed to Su Yu in the distant!

"You, come out!"

Su Yu's heart was cold. Was she trying to abuse her powers to stop him from entering Liuxian Faction?



Su Yu stepped forward in front of the others.

"The rules of the competition are as follows. One must win ten consecutive challenges, and the opponent that he challenges cannot be weaker than him in cultivation base. Should he be unable to sustain ten matches, he will be disqualified! There is a time limit of two hours! If he wins more than ten matches, the more he wins, the higher the points he will get. This will be added together with the points from the previous round.

"In addition! The person who obtains the most points will receive five additional low grade marrow cleansing elixirs, and we will make an exemption for him to enter the Faction's depository of scriptures!"

Everyone gasped in astonishment!

Just the requirement of needing to win ten people of the same cultivation base was highly difficultand that was without the time limit! Not to mention they have to defeat those of a higher cultivation base. It was virtually impossible to do so!

However, the winner of the round with the most points would receive an extremely shocking reward!

Not mentioning how precious five low grade marrow cleansing elixirs were, Liuxian Faction's depository of scriptures contained many invaluable and precious incomplete lineage cultivation techniques. Those were what the hundred vassal clans wanted. Their family clans did not have such cultivation techniques.

The depository of scriptures was only open to disciples from the inner sanctum who had performed meritorious services for the faction. Such a reward was too good to be true.

In an instant, the ninety geniuses who made it into the second round were all eyeing the prize.

The reward for the person who obtained the most points was too great!

Xi Ruolan daintily nodded, "The challenge starts now. You may choose your opponent freely, and remember only two hours! If you don't complete this task, you will be disqualified!"

Su Yu's expression was cold. To single him out right from the start Was she trying to sabotage his ability to plan ahead? Or, was it so that he would be the first to be disqualified?

Undoubtedly, the participants who were challenged later had an absolute advantage over those before them. After observing the matches, they could tell at a glance which participants with the same cultivation base as them were weaker.

Su Yu was essentially blindly relying on feeling, like using rocks to cross a river. If he was not careful and accidentally challenged the stronger participants with his same cultivation base, he could lose!

Xi Ruolan! I'll show you!

Su Yu extended his finger and pointed in a certain direction in the distance.

The person who was pointed at was a nineteen years old with a whisker beard. Showing his battle intent, he took a step forward and laughed, "You want to challenge me? Hehe, just what I wished for!"

However, Su Yu's finger changed directions. As he swept his finger horizontally across to another direction, he drew an arc in midair.

"Not you!" Su Yu faintly glanced at him.

The expression of the teenager with a whisker beard stiffened,"Isn't this just blatant mocking?"

Xi Ruolan frowned slightly and warned Su Yu, "If you don't decide on your opponent within three counts, you are disqualified! One! Two!"