The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1013

Chapter 1013 Succeeded In Playing The Fool

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Oh, oh, alright. The green bronze bull shimmered all over with green splendor, and the green light shrouding the world dissipated.

The green bronze bull recoiled awkwardly. Since Im not needed for anything here, Ill excuse myself. I wont disturb you outstanding men while you exchange your life experiences.

Hold on! All of a sudden, Han Fei called out to it, her gloomy eyes shooting wisps of iciness.

The green bronze bull looked at Han Fei from a distance, hints of respect and fear hidden in its eyes.

Whats the matter?

Han Fei pointed at Su Yu. You were asking for Su Yuxian of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction?

The green bronze bull was slightly taken aback. Yes! He told myOh, he told those evildoers, little experts of complaints, useless scumbags that tried to defame others, that he is a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction.

Han Fei narrowed her eyes, and looked over at Su Yu with half a smile. Taking advantage of the reputation of my Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, Su Yuxian, I need an explanation!

Both being the renowned, mainstream influences of the continent, a student of the Red Blood Palace impersonating a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction and engaging himself in a fight with students of other influences could be a matter of considerable severity.

At the very least, the matter could be resolved and forgotten if it wasnt pursued any further.

At the most, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction could dispatch emissaries to pay a visit to the Red Blood Palace and conduct an interrogation. As the main culprit, Su Yu wouldnt be able to escape a series of punishments.

And Mo Tianxuan was waiting to get hold of Su Yus weakness like a hungry predator. Su Yu felt ill just thinking of it!

Wait right there! When did I ever tell those idiots that I was a student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction? They were trying to be clever, venerating me as an elite student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction after seeing me perform a set of demonic techniques.

I took advantage of the prestige of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction as a disguise. I never actually said I was a member. Su Yu denied all he could.

However, Han Fei wasnt willing to let go of the matter, now that she had identified Su Yus weak spot. Even if you did tell them you were a member of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, you did not deny it either. You cant get away with things by playing the game of words!

Indeed, Su Yu had the intention of misleading them all. If the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction were to confront the Red Blood Palace, they had the reason and evidence to do so.

What are you going to do about it then? Tell me! Su Yu said. If its about the secret of the origins of the demonic energy, forget it. I believe the faction would rather be rebuked than let you get the demonic energy so easily.

A hint of pity showed on Han Feis face. This person really isnt easily fooled. I thought I could get my hands on the secret by intimidating him, she thought to herself.

Im not interested in the little experts of complaints for the time being, but if I could get a favor from you in exchange, I suppose it wont be a problem? Han Fei asked.

Su Yu raised his brows. What do you want me to do for you?

Han Fei flashed an elegant smile. I havent decided, but it is certainly something within your reach.

After thinking carefully for a while, Su Yu asked, Do I still have a choice?

Haha, Im satisfied. Han Fei smiled. Gracefully, she landed in front of the martial tower, instead of returning to the mountain.

Im leaving too, farewell, everyone. The green bronze bull retreated swiftly, carrying a patch of green brilliance.

After traveling a few hundred miles, the green bronze bull muttered to itself, Holy cr*p! Are the current batch of challengers going to defy nature? Its fine for just a Body of Nine Spirits to be present, yet there was still the heir of the Emerald Eyes, Flowery Pupils. And what about that wicked Lolita?

How did she get her hands on those precious artifacts of those two All Creations Old Monsters of the Great Oriental Family?! Da*n it, those are top-grade fairy artifacts! A random blow from them could send me right back to Hell!

And that little beauty in the black dress, whats the matter with the Sun Reaching Demonic Energy in her body? Was that old thing from the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction so dumb as to implant such a thing as dangerous as a time bomb inside the body of such a young girl?

Enough of them, and holy freaking cr*p, what about that fellow named Su Yuxian? Hes the most freaking terrifying one! Whats the thing with the few godly auras on him? Was he trying to kill me?

Luckily, I used my intelligence and managed to cheat my way out by playing the fool. Da*n it, I nearly fell into the pit of monsters for that bunch of idiots! And I was almost scared to death that one monster was more powerful than the other! I need to take a stroll to calm my nerves, the green bronze bull mumbled fretfully.

At the martial tower, Su Yu was brooding on his own. He had thought that he had become a target of an exceptionally powerful creature and was about to face a tremendous crisis, but the matter was resolved with such ease that it was way beyond his expectations.

After collecting his thoughts, he turned back to look at the Heavenly Knife Region. Su Yu narrowed his eyes.

So much had happened that there really wasnt a need to carry on with the fight.

Even if Han Fei and Dongfang Tianfeng did not lend a hand to the Red Blood Palace, they wouldnt sit back and watch Su Yu being wounded or beaten to death.The Red Blood Palace was in an unassailable position.

Haha, the martial tower is about to be opened. Besides, we no longer need to keep fighting one another. We might as well take a rest and wait for the martial tower to be opened so we can train inside. How about that? Bi Lingtian smiled, but he was speaking to Su Yu, instead of their apparent leader Bing Wuxin.

Bing Wuxin and the people of the Red Blood Palace nodded in agreement, feeling relieved of the cumbersome burden. They had finally escaped the harrowing ordeal.

Who gave you the privilege to call the shots? Picking fights whenever you feel like it, and calling an end to them when you dont? Nonetheless, someone was reluctant to reconcile just yet.

Bi Lingtian was still smiling. What do you mean, Brother Su?

What do I mean? Of course we should fight until both parties are unwilling to carry on! What makes you think there are such fortunate things in the world, fighting on when it benefits the Heavenly Knife Region, and calling a truce once you lose the upper hand? Su Yu sneered.

Upon hearing that, the faces of the people of Red Blood Palace fell.

The students were smiling with bitterness. Its fine if you want to die. Why drag us into it though?

Qian Feng was irritated. Su, you wounded and killed more than half of my people, and were not holding you accountable for that. Yet now you wont let the matter go!

Su Yu retorted, Thats because you lot are idiotic! What has that got to do with me? Right now the Red Blood Palace will decide whether a ceasefire is to be declared!

Dont go overboard now! Qian Feng was enraged.

Su Yu snorted. So what? Im already sympathizing you by only taking it this far. Step forward if youre unconvinced. We can fight one on one!

Fighting the ninth-grade Almighty Peak Qian Feng one on one? This was a rather groundbreaking challenge. Qian Fengs capacity wasnt the greatest under the starry sky, but apart from individuals like Gu Taixu and Bi Lingtian who were the greatest in their respective regions, there were very few who could rival him, let alone defeat him.

Could this Su Yuxian have such immense power?

Qian Feng was exasperated. Fine, let me come and sort things out with you!!

However, as he began to move towards Su Yu, a force prevented him from taking another step.

Eldest senior brother, why dont you let me fight him? Qian Feng questioned.

Staring at Su Yuxian, Bi Lingtian said placidly, Now isnt the time to fight. Dont fall into the trap.

Su Yus power was Bi Lingtians biggest concern.

He was a black horse, an absolute black horse. Before he had finished Tang Ling off in a second, no one even paid him any attention. Hence, information about him was a complete blank. His baseline couldnt be fathomed at all.

Qian Feng wouldnt necessarily triumph if he fought Su Yu.

Before the martial tower was opened, the Red Blood Palace wouldnt mind losing Su Yuxian, because they still had more than 40 students and thus had the numerical advantage.

However, the Heavenly Knife Region couldnt afford to lose Qian Feng. If he was gone, there would only be three of them left, which would further worsen their predicament.

The Red Blood Palace could gamble, but the Heavenly Knife Region could not.

Understanding the crucial point of the matter, Qian Fengs hands clenched into fists of fury. We have been careless to be tricked by Su Yuxian! Otherwise, we wont be in such a passive position!

Bi Lingtian offered his consolation, Dont worry, we have another team of people gathering. They just arent in this region at the moment.

The Heavenly Knife Region was vast and was situated back to back with the Central Prefecture. How could they possibly manage to congregate such a small number of elites only?

Theoretically, they could bring more than all the presentable elites that the Blessed and Heavenly Lands managed to gather combined.

As he looked over at Su Yu, Bi Lingtian smiled and said, In that case, Id like to know what you want in exchange for a ceasefire?

Su Yu lifted two fingers without hesitation. Very simple, two requests. First, get me a copy of Mo Jidaos Book of Yin! Second, I want Tianyu!

Those were the two conditions presented by Su Yu.