The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1016

Chapter 1016 Wrath Of Humans And Gods

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Bing Wuxin watched them with cold, detached eyes. She could grasp the change in the mentality of the inner sanctum students even without careful observation.

From self-abashed to optimistic and proactive, the transformation was extraordinary.

Haha, I really thought you were going to devote your cruel, despicable heart to the Red Blood Palace. It turns out that your intention lies here, in raising the confidence of your fellow peers through such grandiose means. Tsk tsk! Its a pity that this bunch of idiots most likely wont be able to understand it.

Su Yu snapped his fingers. Describing your mighty, brilliant junior brother as cruel and despicable? I feel offended, even if you are my senior sister.

Hehe. Bing Wuxin was amused, and she stared at Su Yu with great interest.


After the commotion, the doors of the martial tower had finally opened.

Seven to eight doors which would only allow one person to enter at a time opened simultaneously.


Several whiffs of turbulent demonic energy divided the crowds and barged through them in a domineering, rude manner.

We are from the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction! Everyone make way! Seven to eight students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, including Han Fei, led the way and strode inside.

In contrast, the students of other factions werent really that eager to enter the martial tower. They had ten more days to go. Waiting a little while didnt matter and there was no need to fight over it. Moreover, once inside, they could only advance but not retreat. Without adequate preparation, it was better not to enter too quickly.

Let us wait for a while and let the people of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction test the waters. The actual capacity of the story masters still remains an uncertainty, Bing Wuxin suggested.

She had always been one who advanced courageously and cleared all obstacles and hurdles in her path with a strike of her sword. Her way of dealing with matters had always been swift and decisive; she was seldom irresolute as she was now. However, as the captain, she had to consider the good of the entire team and not just think about things from her personal point of view. Bing Wuxins greatest concern was how to keep her team safe and away from harm.

Dont wait! Su Yu expressed his objection right away.

Before Bing Wuxin could ask for his thoughts, Su Yu took the lead and dashed for one of the doors.

Keep up with him! Bing Wuxin did not hesitate any longer. The instant Su Yu sprinted for the door, she gave the command decisively.

All of a sudden, all the people of the Red Blood Palace rushed for the martial tower with great urgency.

The quick-witted ones among the waiting challengers detected the unusual movement and also immediately headed for the tower.

However, Han Fei, who already had half of her body inside the martial tower, turned back, and a hint of a cold sneer flashed across her face.


A deafening booming sound erupted from all eight of the doors.

In turned out that the students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction who had entered first were each squeezing a piece of talisman containing the All Creations Mighty Force.

The talismans were not designed to attack others but had an auxiliary effect. It was the effect of the talismans that made the people throw up blood just now!

Gently, the All Creations Mighty Strength attached itself to the openings of the doors, forming an intangible wall that resembled a thin transparent membrane which blended with the martial tower.

The special feature of the martial tower was its unassailability. No external forces could destroy it at all.

The effect of the talismans was to merge the thin membranes condensed from the All Creations Mighty Force into the martial tower through formation, becoming part of the tower. Therefore, the martial tower would automatically identify any assaults that landed on the thin membranes, recognizing them as assaults to the tower. The martial tower would strengthen the thin membranes on its own and enhance the other parts to the same level of toughness.

Even the Mortal Fairies could only lament their own insignificance in front of the sturdiness of the martial tower.

Only the students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction had managed to occupy the martial tower, while the rest of the challengers were rejected outside.

Such ruthlessness, and such an overbearing, egoistic way of doing things that left no chances for others really suited the character of the demonic path, and was the usual style of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction.

Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction! Arent you afraid of karma? The challengers whose numerous attempts to get through the doors had failed fell into a state of madness and anger.

No one had ever expected that this batch of students from the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction would act in such a stealthy and overbearing way!

The whining of weak men! Han Fei snorted contemptuously before turning to disappear into the martial tower where she would begin her training and negotiation of levels inside the martial tower.

But out of the blue, a voice that made her body shudder sounded in her ears.

Quotas for sale, quotas for the martial tower for sale! Fresh new quotas for the martial tower, have a look, authentic quotas for the martial tower! Top-grade legendary cultivation techniques, semi-manufactured fairy artifacts, top-grade talismans, sixth-grade Incredible Elixirs, exchange with anything you have!

Su Yu almost made it into the martial tower by closely following one of the students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. Su Yu acted right at the exact moment the student took out the talisman, severing it with the silk thread in his sleeve and slicing the talisman into halves the second it erupted.

Therefore, even though the talisman still exploded, the explosion wasnt complete, and some errors occurred. An aperture the size of a human was left on the thin membrane, which allowed only one person to pass through.

The thin membrane writhed continuously in a futile attempt to repair the aperture, but each time the aperture began to close up, the silk thread cut it open again, maintaining the opening the size of a human.

With Su Yus assistance, the inner sanctum students of the Red Blood Palace entered one after another. They stood behind Su Yu, feeling puzzled, excited. and fortunate. Their gratitude and admiration for Su Yu had skyrocketed at that moment and was now extremely high, that is until Su Yu began hawking in a raised voice.

Su, what are you doing? An eighth-grade Almighty tried to enter by following the people of the Red Blood Palace, but Su Yu withdrew the silk thread and the opening on the membrane was reduced to half of its prior size.

The Almighty collided headfirst with the membrane and was swept away in a backward somersault before falling flat on his face.

When there was only a narrow seam left on the thin membrane, Su Yu toyed with the silk thread rather leisurely, maintaining the size. Then he began to hawk again unhurriedly. Quotas for the martial tower on sale! Everyone now understood Su Yus intention. He wanted to profit from the misfortune of others by selling the opportunity to enter the martial tower!

The crowd went wild with panic. It was as if they had been struck by lightning.

The students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction were the most stunned of all. They were so angry they were on the verge of coughing up blood. Su Yuxian! Arent you shameless? How could you use the talismans of our Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction to make a profit?

Su Yu replied nonchalantly, You people can do the same! Whos stopping you?

We want to! But we cant!! These talismans were personally refined by the ten great demon elders. We alone cant cut open the thin membranes! Hand over the treasure you used to cut through!

We strictly object to any forms of hogging and embezzlement, and any behaviors that are harmful and opposed to the unification of the Jiuzhou continent! We hereby express our stringent condemnation!

Su Yu was stunned for a moment. What was the matter with these familiar lines?

After recollecting his thoughts, Su Yu waved his hand. Sure, come and get it.

The students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction were dumbfounded. You have to let us pass through first!

Once the thin membranes were activated, they would be totally unbreakable, after all, they were reinforced by the defense of the martial tower.

See, I uphold the principle of mutualism and sincerely suggested a transaction with your faction, but you dont even have the sincerity to pay me a visit for negotiation. I really am powerless about that!

When he finished speaking, Su Yu stood before the entrance of the thin membrane with a solemn and serene look on his face and glanced at the remaining 20,000 challengers outside the scene.

Fat sheepOh, young men, show me your sincerity, and show me your enthusiasm to strive in the martial tower! Just a book of top-grade legendary cultivation techniques, or a semi-manufactured fairy artifact, orThen you can join the big family of the martial tower!

With a book of cultivation techniques, you cant buy a house in the central district of the faction, and you cant buy your beloved goddess. However, you can get your tomorrow, and a future with limitless possibilities in the martial tower!

Fat sheep, what are you still waiting for? In the end, Su Yu wouldnt even keep his decorum anymore.

The forthright, vehement hawking reverberated through the entire scene, shaking the hearts of the people.

Da*n it! Shameless!!

Holy cr*p! This, this is shameless to a point of insanity!

A book of top-grade legendary cultivation techniques, man, I have to sell my kidneys for it!!

All of a sudden, the crowds were agitated and outraged, castigating the vile evildoer.

The scene roused the wrath of both humans and Gods!