The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1017

Chapter 1017 True Intention

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Are you out of your mind? Bing Wuxin was stupefied. She had been under the impression that Su Yu was a mature, steady man with acumen. Such absurd, ridiculous acts were far from what the Su Yuxian she knew would do. She even suspected that Su Yu might have been possessed by some mysterious foreigner.

Su Yu chortled. If Im not, will it be convenient for us?

He really did have some scheme up his sleeve. What are you planning?

Cant you see? Of course, I am trying to win over the many challengers from foreign lands, so that they become allies of the Red Blood Palace! Su Yu stated matter-of-factly.

You shouldve realized by now, the Red Blood Palace is in a position of dominance among the Blessed and Heavenly Lands but our presence has ended up a background in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

Bing Wuxin did not dispute that at all. The measly people of the Heavenly Knife Region could easily suppress the core force of the Red Blood Palace entirely. If the influences of other regions hadnt sustained substantial damage, they would have been several times stronger than the Heavenly Knife Region!

According to Mo Tianxuan, after every disaster will come a phase of sublimation bloom. Do you remember the method of bearing the sublimations and increasing thechances of acquisition? Su Yu asked.

Bing Wuxin nodded intently. Of course I dokilling!

Killing could enhance the probabilities of acquiring sublimations! The probabilities could be raised even higher by killing challengers before the disasters struck!

The disaster of flowers is over, and we will most likely take shelter in the martial tower when the disaster of books hits so no worries there. However, ten days from now, when the martial tower is closed, happens to be the advent of the third disaster, the one of martial arts! Can you imagine whats going to happen when half of the challengers in the entire Wonderland gather here then?

Who doesnt know that? Bing Wuxin looked at the martial tower. The closing time of the martial tower is the day the disaster of martial arts arrives. Regardless of whether its to avoid the disaster or to increase chances of acquiring sublimations,there will be bloodshed on a grand scale, and wars will arise all over the place!

Im afraid the Red Blood Palace wont be able to stay out of it if we are inside the martial tower! Bing Wuxin analyzed. But what does all of it have to do with your deeds? Winning them over? From what I see, youre inviting hatred and animosity instead! With the great value of the martial tower, it may be worth a book of top-grade legendary cultivation techniques or a semi-manufactured fairy artifact, but even if you get those things, youre going to attract hatred for yourself. Afterward, youll be subject to their bitter vengeance which is the complete opposite of your original intention! Bing Wuxin told him.

If Su Yu had been straightforward and closed off the thin membrane, the other challengers would have relented and searched for some other safe places to hide before the disasters of books and martial arts struck.

They would own up to their uselessness for not seizing the key moment to enter and allowing themselves to be tricked by the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. They couldnt blame anyone else for that.

However, Su Yu had rekindled their hopes by leaving a seam. He wouldnt be able to gain any allies by setting the price that insanely high, only enemies.

Haha, those who are willing to trade with legendary cultivation techniques and semi-manufactured fairy artifacts are fools. I dont want such useless, incompetent teammates! Su Yu scoffed. Only the clever ones know what I truly want!

The commotion went on. Hundreds and thousands of challengers were ranting and raving, showing their anger in an aggressive manner. Nonetheless, some were exceptionally calm and composed.

This Su Yuxian is quite interesting. Bi Lingtian was smiling as he strode forward, and the crowds around him parted to make way for him.

With a powerful figure stepping out to handle the matter, the crowds quieted down.

I have to admit that the Red Blood Palace is truly lucky to have you as a student! Bi Lingtian walked up to Su Yu.

Su Yu shrugged nonchalantly. He did not take the compliment to heart. That irritating and relentless woman Mo Tianxuan would never ever admit that.

Also having come from the Central Prefecture, I represent the Heavenly Knife Region and give you the response you desire, Bi Lingtian said.

He flipped his palm and retrieved a Book of the Hearts Oaths, writing down an oath with his blood.

Hereby, the challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region pledge to never lay hands on anyone related to the Red Blood Palace before the disaster of martial arts. Otherwise, we will be hassled by our inner demons.

Bi Lingtians identity and status meant he could represent the entire Heavenly Knife Region. Following his example, the other members of the faction did the same and left their essence blood.

Brother Su, are you satisfied? Bi Lingtian handed over the Book of the Hearts Oaths.

The tumultuous crowds gradually fell silent, finally comprehending Su Yus true intention.

The purpose of hawking was only to sift the brainless idiots. Many people were speechless. Those who had been cursing and damning Su Yu a moment ago were wordless right now, like cannons without fire.

The more aggressively they had cursed, the more foolish they felt.

Su Yu did not accept it the book. He laughing coldly. Overall Im satisfied, but three things have to be amended!

Bi Lingtians eyes shone. Please speak, Brother Su.

Firstly, change lay hands on to any hostile opposing behaviors! Su Yu pointed at the spot that required amendment with a finger.

What if they did not lay hands on them, but struck them with swords, knives, or divine techniques? He had to watch out for a game of words.

Secondly, the time limit must be extended to the entire duration of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland!

If they did not harm them before the disaster of martial arts, they could harm them anyhow after the disaster!

Thirdly, based on my observation, your fellow challengers of the Heavenly Knife Region were more than just the injured ones and the ones before us. I fathom theres still another batch on their way here?

They havent left their essence blood, so the Book of the Hearts Oaths cant restrain them! Hence, add another condition. You lot will take responsibility for any challenger of the Heavenly Knife Region who commits hostile or opposing acts!

Bing Wuxin was amazed. They had nearly been fooled by the Heavenly Knife Region with those seemingly careless loopholes.

Bi Lingtian flashed a bitter smile. He had made those mistakes intentionally, but he hadnt expected to keep Su Yu in the dark completely either.

Sure, but there is a problem. The Heavenly Knife Region will not commit any hostile opposing acts to you, but how about the Red Blood Palace?

His question captivated the attention of many.

They could make a vow to not lay hands on the Red Blood Palace, but what if the Red Blood Palace was the one who found trouble with them first?

As for us, haha, of course we arent restrained at all! Stay away from the students of the Red Blood Palace! If you dont want to die, stay far away! Su Yu was bold and confident as if justice was on his side.

Da*n! Such a domineering attitude! Youre even worse than the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction!

What kind of oath is that? They arent allowed to act with the slightest bit of hostility against the opponents with the inner demons as a hindrance, but the opponents can strike at them without holding back, and even their retaliation can be considered a violation to the oaths!

Even if they could defeat and kill the opponents, they will be tangled up with their inner demons, rendering them powerless of advancing on the Martial Path!

Su Yuxian, isnt it shameless and too much to propose such harsh, demanding conditions?

Seeing the crowds getting agitated again, Su Yu said coldly and solemnly, Too much? Shameless? I only see how Im giving you people an opportunity to enter the martial tower! Great things always come with a price! If you want a chance to enter the martial tower, of course, you have to pay the price! And the price is a risk!

Besides, I can promise that, before the end of the disaster of martial arts, if you people dont provoke us first then the people of the Red Blood Palace wont harm you! As for after the disaster based on the past data, how many of you will actually be left?

Im afraid that before the Red Blood Palace has a chance to strike, you people will have died of all sorts of accidents and tragic fates! As for the number of people who die at the hands of our people, its totally negligible!

Dare I ask, cant you take even such a tiny risk for a chance to enter the martial tower? Su Yu questioned.

If more than half of the challengers could be attracted to enter the martial tower, there must be some astounding gains.

Moreover, this batch of students of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction had done such an unpardonable thing that roused the wrath of all by monopolizing the martial power. This meant that there must be more lucrative prospects in the martial tower this time.

After assessing the pros and cons, they already had an idea as to how they should decide.

After a moment of silence, Bi Lingtian smiled bitterly. If possible, I really dont wish to stand against you, Brother Su.


With a brush of his hand, Bi Lingtian finished amending the conditions on the Book of the Hearts Oaths.

Su Yu accepted it with a smile. Please get inside!

The people of the Heavenly Knife Region entered with sour, unpleasant-looking expressions on their faces.

From now on in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, only the students of the Red Blood Palace could get their hands on them. They would be allowed to harm them, and even to slaughter them. All they could do was run, and they werent even allowed to fight back! It was like leashing themselves with a dog collar!

Grievances filled everybodys heart, and they felt as disgusted as if they had swallowed a fly.

On the contrary, the students of the Red Blood Palace were all beside themselves with joy! This deal was like an ace that enabled them to break the rules endlessly!

The 20,000 challengers at the scene could do no more than run away when being hunted down by the Red Blood Palace. They could not retaliate at all because they had been left with no choice.

From now on, if any of them happened to dig up some kind of treasure, any insignificant worker of the Red Blood Palace could run inside and pout. Regardless of whichever regions these great experts had come from, they would have to leave at once!

What? Youre not leaving?

Great, let me chop you into halves with my sword!

What? Youre fighting back?

Fine, the Book of the Hearts Oaths is here for you!

As long as they didnt run into the remaining 20,000 challengers, the Red Blood Palace could totally dominate the Glittering Jewel Wonderland!

It was such a heavenly ace that they felt like they were dreaming.

As they watched Su Yus back, their admiration and respect for him were almost levitating to the celestial palace in the nine heavens, worshipping him like he was a God.

When she came to understand Su Yus true intention, Bing Wuxin was totally stupefied too.

This ally really was a strong one. It was so strong that it was shackled to them, and they could manipulate it any way they wanted!

This, this isnt forming an alliance, is this? Bing Wuxin said with uncertainty, Its more like leashing them up

No matter how shocked, reluctant, enraged or vexed they were, they did not have another choice.

Besides, Su Yu had promised not to lay hands on them before the disaster of martial arts.

If they got a chance to run away after the disaster, as long as they werent unlucky enough to run into this bunch of cheating jerks, there shouldnt be a big problem.

Fine, Su, youd better not forget this! Im signing too!

I reject you! Su Yu waved his hand.

Why? The rejected one was indignant.

Because you dont have a grateful heart. Im the one who gave you a chance, arent you supposed to at least fake a grateful look?


My name is Wu Longyu from the Southern Sand Island. Brother Su, thank you for giving us a chance to enter the martial tower, we are beyond grateful. This is the Book of the Hearts Oaths, please have a look.

Now this is the right attitude, get inside.

And just like that, the people who had to force a smile despite having been treated unjustly entered the martial tower one after another, as they submitted their Books of the Hearts Oaths.

The only ones who did not were a small minority of low-level challengers who knew better than anyone else that they had no chance of ascending to the higher stories, and found signing the contract not to be worthwhile. They left.

At last, only a familiar crowd of people were left. The Purple Cloud Palace! The students of the Purple Cloud Palace had mixed feelings. Earlier, they had gathered to watch the Red Blood Palace brutally abused by the Heavenly Knife Region, with smiles on their faces. That had only been a little while ago. Now the Red Blood Palace was experiencing a reversal of fortune. No, it wasnt just a reversal of fortune: they were going to prosper and soar into the sky!

They had cheated, using the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction and gaining control over more than half of the challengers!

The Purple Cloud Palace would be lying if they said they werent jealous or envious.

There was another problem to consider. Were they going in, or not?