The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Flower Of The Hundred Vassal Clans

The crowd's laughter slowly subsided, replaced by shock and astonishment.

"You were being serious?" Xi Ruolan asked, her facial expression stiff.

The entire crowd gradually turned silent.

Seeing Su Yu's clear eyes, occasionally flickering with wisdom, he was clearly not someone who messed around. Could it be that he was actually serious?

Su Yu slightly shook his head, "Yes, every word was true!"

A moment of silence ensued before it was broken by chattering elders and the genius disciples from the Hundred Vassal Family Clans.

A few elders secretly assessed Su Yu and exchanged looks, "Such confidence, don't tell me he has the skills to back it up?"

"Whether he is skilled or not has yet to be seen, but his big talk and fiery arrogance are definitely unparalleled."

"Which clan is he from? From the looks of it, it appears he is from the ranked thirtieth Li Family."

Master Li felt slightly bitter as various clans stared at him. Su Yu's big talk indeed did not match his steady and seasoned look.

After pondering for a short while, Master Li, who understood Su Yu's situation, suddenly understood Su Yu's effortsto be protected, he needed to be well-known!

Simultaneously, while he secretly commended his wit and resourcefulness, he was worried about Su Yu.

Tall trees in a forest were bound to be damaged by strong winds. Moreover, with his intentionally high profile, it was inevitable for him to incur the wrath of the majority.

More importantly, did Su Yu possess the strength to fight twenty people alone? Was it too much of a stretch?

Li Konghui and his company also felt the gesticulation of the people, they could not help but be angry! Ever since Su Yu had joined them, they had been harassed. First, they were threatened by Yuan Hu out of the blue for no good reason. Now, the Li Family's reputation had been tarnished.

Li Konghui shot a piercing gaze at Su Yu. He snorted angrily, "Disgraceful!

"As a wild island native, you are insignificant. Did you really think the geniuses from Zhenlong continent are even remotely near your level?" Another member of the Li Family chided angrily.

Xi Ruolan assessed Su Yu from head to toe. After a moment of silence, she nodded her head, "You can fight twenty people simultaneously. But, should you lose, you will be immediately disqualified."

Su Yu coldly nodded his head, "No problem."

Xi Ruolan's jade-like finger pointed and swept across the same group of people, "Among you all, those who are Level Nine Peak Tier and above, step forward!"


Among those who were selected, there were nineteen Level Nine Peak Tier, and one Half Holy King.

The twenty people stepped forward together, their eyes shameful and angry.

One person taking on twenty people, such an unfair fight was unheard of.

The Half Holy King stood with his arms folded, not having any intentions of using his moves.

Twenty people versus one person. There was no honor for the victor to speak of. As a Half Holy King, he felt even less inclined to attack it was just too unfair. "If you wanted to be in the limelight, congratulations, you have gotten what you asked for. Now, you should think about how to deal with our fury!" he said casually.

Su Yu took a step forward, and slowly lowered his hands from behind his back. His expression was as placid as a frozen lake, there wasn't a single ripple of anxiety. "Their raging fury will be obliterated with my fists!" he replied.

"Arrogant! You have a massive ego, don't you? Come on everyone! Let's go together and give him what he's asking for!" A Level Nine Peak Tier attacked angrily.

One after the other, the remaining Level Nine Peak Tier participants attacked.

"Iron Dragon Retreats!"

"Finger Pointing Empire!"

"Soul Snatching Dance!"

Nearly twenty attacks from Level Nine Peak Tier opponents were launched in all kinds of different shapes and directions, each attack extremely colorful.

For a moment, it was like a gorgeous firework display, dazzling and breathtaking.

Su Yu stood in the middle, his gaze calm.


As the onslaught of attacks charged towards Su Yu, his silver hair fluttered in the air. His heart began to emit an astounding amount of cold air.

Dong Dong

Waves of snowflakes shattered into tens of thousands of cold droplets, covering the entire venue.



As the liquid came into contact with the clothes of the participants, it began to solidify into cold ice.

"Not good! Circulate your vital energy to dispel the cold ice!" After all, they were geniuses of Zhenlong continent. They were extremely knowledgeable and therefore were able to effectively identify and deal with Su Yu's attack.

However, should Su Yu will it, all creations on earth would turn into cold ice.

The heavy snowstorm persisted and brewed ceaselessly. Most of the participants spent massive effort just trying to protect themselves from the cold.


Su Yu's purple figure disappeared into thin air. As if taking a stroll in the park, he maneuvered through the crowd with ease.

Those touched by his fingertips immediately solidified into ice sculptures.


Wherever Su Yu passed, the surroundings turned into ice crystals.

Various geniuses wanted to find Su Yu and finish him off quickly. However, they could do nothing about it; there were too many of them and it was impossible to pinpoint Su Yu's location.

In addition, they had no time to plan a cohesive strategy. As such, their formations were an utter mess, causing their advantage in numbers to become a disadvantage!

When a few of them finally attacked Su Yu, more than half of the people were already reduced to ice sculptures.

"There's no impressiveness in relying on your sneaky cultivation techniques. Come and fight us face-to-face!" There were only four Level Nine Peak Tier opponents left. After they looked at each other, they attacked Su Yu together.

Su Yu's vital energy surged as the transparent vital energy was reduced to cold ice, forming a protective layer around him.

Simultaneously, both his fists and legs extended together. Facing four opponents alone, Su Yu attacked and defended simultaneously.


Splitter splatter

Even when faced with four opponents, Su Yu did not seem at a disadvantage at all.

Comparatively, the four opponents who clashed directly with Su Yu were turned into ice.

In the blink of an eye, the four fighters had turned into ice sculptures.

"At last, you are the only one left," Su Yu gazed over nonchalantly.

The last person left was the Half Holy King.

He was a seventeen-year-old teenager with a handsome face and rough facial features. His expression was casual, he seemingly paid no heed to Su Yu's astounding strength.

"A deity level cultivation technique at the mere age of fourteen years old. Your insight is pretty good. Simultaneously wielding freely an ice type cultivation technique... You are adept at group combat. Therefore, it is not beyond reason that you can challenge many at one time. Overall your strength is still acceptable, there are not many Level Nine Peak Tier people who can win against you," The Half Holy King smiled faintly.

Although it was a praise, it was merely "still acceptable."

"My name is Wu Hao, you better remember it," The Half Holy King said casually, a smile on his face.

Su Yu was slightly taken aback for a moment, before he replied courteously, "My name is..."

"Stop, I don't need to know and I don't want to know, either," Wu Hao chuckled as he put down his folded arms, "You are merely the first stepping stone in my examination."

"My only intention in letting you know my name is so that you will remember who defeated you."

Su Yu shut his mouth and faintly nodded his head, "Alright, I understand. Your move."

Wu Hao puckered his face in a smile, "Looks like you already remember my name. Would you like to step down now? A Speck in a Vast Ocean!" Wu Hao raised his finger and pointed at Su Yu in the distance.

The power of nature assembled on Wu Hao's fingertips. It contained the faint breeze of seawater, carrying a deep comprehension of the ocean!

An azure blue speck of light, akin to the raging ocean waves, headed in Su Yu's direction. Facing it, Su Yu appeared to be a speck in a vast ocean, about to be devoured by the raging waves.

"Holy Decree?" Su Yu asked with a faint smile, "Ice and Thunder Feast!" Su Yu raised his finger as a purple and white light fused together on his fingertips.

Purple thunder sparks and white cold ice, a fusion and feast of two natural powers!


It was like a divine light that could destroy anything in the world across space and time!


A white, purplish beam of light tore through the raging ocean waves, directly hitting Wu Hao's chest!



Wu Hao was unable to block in time. He let out a shriek of pain, spewing blood while flying backward. His eyes contained great shock, "You..."

To have actually been defeated after he had used his famous Holy Decree! Moreover, it was an overwhelming defeat!

Su Yu stood with his hands clasped behind his back. With a light gaze, he looked over at Wu Hao, "Your name is Wu Hao? Your name, I have definitely remembered as a decent stepping stone."

Wu Hao's face flushed with embarrassment. He was so ashamed that he wanted to dig a hole and burrow into it!

Amidst the laughter of the crowd, Wu Hao retreated in shame.

The battle had ended in an hour's time, twenty people all defeated!

If there were still any doubts regarding Su Yu's strength, any assumptions that Su Yu had managed to obtained victory by means of trickery with his mysterious ice cultivation technique, then his defeat of Wu Hao with his Holy Decree was enough to prove that Su Yu indeed had the strength to back up his arrogance!

"Who is this person from Li Family? Why had nobody heard of him before?" Among the elders, they exchanged looks of shock.

Li Konghui was Li Family's most outstanding contemporary genius. Yet, when compared to Su Yu, he was significantly outshone.

Based on the fact that the Li Family had brought Su Yu along to partake in the entrance examination, it was apparent that their relationship was not simply superficial. Could it be that he had married a lady from the Li Family?

Should that be the case, there would need to pay attention to Su Yu's battles.

Alternatively, the juniors had transitioned from their original uproar of laughter into cynicism and skepticism, and finally into the current state of reverence and adoration for Su Yu.

The purple-robed figure stood silently in the center of the venue with his hands clasped behind his back.

His handsome facial features coupled with his elegant attitude and noble aura made him stand out from the crowd! It was as if he was like a youthful deity recorded in ancient scrolls who had descended to the mortal world from the celestial realm.

Looking at his astounding skills and exceptional talent, many were left dumbfounded.

Many youths his age and older were deeply ashamed of their own inadequacies.

Alternatively, several maidens had a colorful look in their eyes. One person taking on twenty people simultaneously, such unparalleled valor and strength were deeply moving.

Coupled with an aura of nobility and looks comparable to a celestial being's, many young and innocent girls fell in love for the first time.

"Brother Konghui..." A delicate voice was heard in Li Konghui's ears.

Turning around, Li Konghui saw a sixteen-year-old maiden, smiling as she walked in his direction. She was extremely pretty, petite, and adorable.

Many youngsters' eyes had a look of affection, their gazes fixated on her figure, following her wherever she went.

She was Chen Xueer from the ranked tenth family clan of the Hundred Vassal Clans, and she had a reputation of being the flower of the Hundred Vassal Clans. Her beautiful looks, in addition to her adorably mischievous character, had won the hearts of many youngsters.

"Chen Xueer?" Li Konghui held back his shock at her approach, though he was extremely flattered. Chen Xueer was lively and adorable, but not many guys had the opportunity to get close to her.

Li Konghui also held feelings of affection for her and had tried to make advances several times. However, Chen Xueer was not interested and he, therefore, did not manage to hold many conversations with her.

Seeing that Chen Xueer had come to speak to him on her own accord, and had addressed him as "Brother Konghui," Li Konghui's heart thumped madly.

Upon feeling the envious and furious looks from the surrounding guys, Li Konghui's vanity was greatly satisfied.

As Chen Xueer hopped towards him, a tinge of fragrance could be smelt.

"Heehee, is there a need for Brother Konghui to be so distant? Xueer will do just fine. " Chen Xueer smiled, revealing her two adorable dimples.

Hearing that, Li Konghui's blood rushed to his head and his heart beat uncontrollably. As his face slightly flushed, he briefly opened his lips and stuttered, " Xue er..."

Chen Xueer lightly acknowledged him and her snow-like face blushed, revealing embarrassment in her eyes. Her head slightly lowered, as if she did not dare to look at Li Konghui directly, "Brother Konghui... Can I ask you something?"

Dong, dong

Could it be that... Chen Xueer is in love with me?

Her eyes filled with embarrassment, her blushing facewere those not the signs of a maiden in love?

"You... you may speak your mind." Li Konghui's heart was in his mouth, his face flushed red with embarrassment.

Chen Xueer's embarrassment deepened even further as if she were about to cry. Lowering her head, she said whispered, " Brother Konghui, is that purple-robed gentleman married into your family? If not... is it possible for you to introduce me to him?"


As if his brain had been struck by lightning, Li Konghui's face turned stiff. His rapidly thumping heart was completely frozen. He felt like a bucket of ice water had been poured over it, causing him to stop breathing!

Chen Xueer Her motive for approaching Li Konghui was to actually ask about Su Yu!

That look of embarrassment and the look of a maiden falling in love for the first time was not directed at Li Konghui, but at... Su Yu!

"Xueer... you, you like him..." Li Konghui's mind was blank.

The object of his unrequited love had actually taken a liking to the Su Yu, whom he looked down upon!

He couldn't believe it.

Chen Xueer's face flushed even redder with embarrassment as if she was about to tear up. "No... I... I'm not. I only wish to know him. Brother Konghui, please don't misunderstand," she was abashed.

Although she phrased it that way, how could her facial expressions mean anything else?

Li Konghui appeared as if he had been struck by another bolt of lightning. He was deeply overwhelmed and traumatized. The reality was harsh and cruel!

"My father's impression of him appears... to be good as well. He was the one who asked me to come..." Chen Xueer's voice became softer and softer as she chanced a look at the Chen Family crowd. Her parents were filled with admiration as they assessed Su Yu, who stood silently with his hands clasped behind his back.


It was a miracle that Li Konghui did not vomit blood. Even the parents-in-law have given their approval!