The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1020

Chapter 1020 Story Master Su Yu

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In fact, the so-called Illusory Truth Technique is Su Yu glanced at the surroundings as he began his explanation in a leisurely manner.

Ive had enough of you! Dont provoke me any further! The voice in the empty space sounded enraged.

Su Yu was unafraid because he was backed by the truth. So what if I do? If you truly have the might to suppress me, why did you compromise? You wouldve jumped on me and chopped me into pieces already! I want rewards!

Ayaya! Ive never seen a challenger as shameless as you are!

With a plop, the entire space ruptured like a piece of fabric, cracking into several parts and dissipating like bubbles.

It was replaced by a vast, expansive chamber.

Wasnt this the first story of the martial tower?

At first glance, the first story of the martial tower was crammed with crowds of people who were standing with their eyes closed.

Bing Wuxin, Bi Lingtian, even Han Fei and the rest were among them. All of them had their eyes shut tightly as if they were in a deep trance. They seemed to have entered some kind of environment which they could not awake from, only standing motionless.

However, Su Yu caught a glimpse of something moving out of the corner of his eye.

Dog? A black dog? Su Yu was shocked. Running to and fro all across the chamber was a black dog, and it looked very familiar.

Its you! Su Yu recalled in a daze. It was the black dog that had been able to speak to humans that he had met when they were congregating before the martial tower.

The black dog was merrily running among the crowds of people, its eyes shimmering with green light. Oh my goodness! it yelped. This fellow has ventured up to the 90th level! If he goes further up hes gonna awake by himself!

The green light of the black dog had a palpable hypnotic effect. Many of those whose bodies were swaying and showing signs of awakening instantly re-entered a state of dead stillness when shrouded by the green light.

Su Yu could see it clearly now. This was the power of the Illusory Truth Technique.

As long as the black dog continued uninterrupted, these people would never be able to liberate themselves from that environment in the way that Su Yu has just managed by shattering the space to pieces.

As far as Su Yu was concerned, the noteworthy part was that the person who had ventured up to the 90th story was none other than Han Fei!

Su Yu was inwardly amazed. He possessed the power of time distortion which helped him resist the delusional slowing of time, but how did Han Fei make it?

Su Yu could not sense any Power of Time on her.

The only explanation was that Han Fei had fought her way to the 90th story by hardcore butchering, solely relying upon her capacity! This womans capacity was way too terrifying!

God da*n it! The 93rd story now! Oh no, oh no!! The black dog blabbered in panic.

In just a fleeting moment, Han Fei had made her way to the 93rd level! Once she broke through to the deserted 96th story, she would most likely discover the truth of the hundred-story martial tower as Su Yu had done.

The martial tower had never been opened. They had remained in the first story the entire time.

Stinky brat, what are you still standing there for? Come and give me a hand! This woman is too freaking ferocious! She has downright swallowed all the puppets! The black dog was petrified.

Su Yu replied detachedly, Youre the one in trouble if she wakes up. What does it have to do with me?

The black dog was annoyed. Of course it has nothing to do with you! But the crystal balls at the hundredth story are limited. Once she awakes and comes asking for them, should the crystal balls be given to her or you?

Or should I say, shell kill you in advance? And your death ends all troubles? I remember that she didnt sign that godda*ned agreement with you, did she?

Su Yu brooded for a moment. So far, I still have no idea what rewards can be claimed with the crystal balls. Whether or not I should get into a fight with her for them, Ill have to discuss with her.

Discuss the heck?! The crystal balls of the hundredth story absolutely guarantee a low-grade fairy artifact! You also stand a 50 percent chance of getting a middle-grade fairy artifact, and a ten percent chance of getting a top-grade fairy artifact!

If you have enough fairy artifacts to give them away at will, forget about what I said! The black dog went on a tirade.

Godda*n dog, why didnt you tell me earlier?! Su Yu was surprised.

Semi-manufactured fairy artifacts and fairy artifacts seemed to be distinct by only one word, but there was, in fact, a world of difference between them.

It was like the difference between girlfriend and girl friend. The narrow space between the words of the latter made a whole lot of difference, and was a thousand times more hurtful to a single person!

Su Yu did not really care for semi-manufactured fairy artifacts. The three blades of silver swords on his back were all of the semi-manufactured grade. Fairy artifacts, however, were hard to come by!

How can I help? Su Yu asked.

The black dog said, Simple! Rip off her clothes and teach her a lesson. Disturb her thoughts while she is in the environment so that she can be defeated by the puppet.

Get lost! Su Yu lashed out with his leg and kicked.

Putting aside how it derailed from his principles and ethics, even if he could really bring himself to do so, wouldnt she chop him into a hundred skewers of meat if she awoke to find a fat fleshy worm wriggling on top of her?

How about I become the story master! Su Yu suggested with a smile.

Since the story master wasnt around, it wasnt difficult to replace it with another makeshift story master, was it?

What? You wanna go inside and fight that fierce woman? Im raising both my paws in agreement! The black dog sincerely admired Su Yus selflessness.

Su Yu snorted, Godda*n dog! Its merely an illusory technique to you! You surely have kept record of my image in the martial tower just now.


The black dog laughed dryly, which meant that so youre not stupid.

Give me a drop of your essence blood so I can transform it.

Su Yu contributed a drop of essence blood, which the black dog sucked into its mouth, and a wisp of blood-red flashed across its emerald eyes.

With irresistible force, Han Fei had killed all the story masters on her way to the 95th story.

Jian Wusheng in her teenage years. So she ascended to the 95th story back then. She was remarkable indeed, Han Fei remarked dispassionately, but her tone sounded rather judgmental.

I will make it to all of the stories the past Prefectures Kings had ascended to, and I will even make it to the ones they hadnt! Han Fei said haphazardly, as though continuously venturing all the way to the 95th level was merely like treading on flat ground.

With a move of her thoughts, she was transported to the 96th story, one of the last five stories!

As she opened her clear eyes, the figure that greeted her startled her.

Su Yuxian? A hint of surprise appeared on Han Feis placid face.

She had thought that even if the next story master wasnt Jian Wusheng, it must be some Prefectures King from a bygone era. Now it had turned out to be Su Yuxian!

Why has Su Yuxian become the story master? Han Fei glanced at the surroundings, doubt rising in her heart.

Her Original Form in the outside world kept quivering, showing signs of seeing through the illusory technique and awaking. Once Han Fei realized that she was in a delusional realm, the illusory technique would collapse.

Su Yuxian has passed all hundred stories and has emerged as the new story master, the faded, profound voice of the black dog resonated in the martial tower.

Han Fei scowled in shock.

He has passed all hundred stories? Han Fei was skeptical. If Bi Lingtian had done so, perhaps she wouldnt have been this surprised. But Su Yuxian!

Doubtful, Han Fei scrutinized Su Yu for a moment. Fine, let me test out the techniques of the new story master!

A pitch-dark Sun floated on top of Han Feis head, like a black abyss engulfing everything in the vicinity. The entire space was trembling ceaselessly.

Once the technique was triggered, the absorptive force would be significantly strong. That was why she hadnt been affected by the disturbance of time. She only had to display this single technique and wait quietly for the absorptive force to reach its peak and engulf the puppet.

Su Yu opened his eyes slowly, violet brilliance flickering in his left eye.

Han Fei clearly sensed that the time and space which were previously four times slower had become seven times slower all of a sudden!

The sucking maelstrom was slowed down to an extreme limit, rendering it powerless to rapidly swallow everything in the surroundings.

In the meantime, Su Yu drew out a sword and struck haphazardly.


The black hole was obliterated. Han Fei wanted to ward it off, but the cheating slowing down of time by seven times put her mind and movements in a severe stupor. She watched as the sword pierced through her body.


With a light sound, Han Fei shattered into fragments. But the challenge wasnt over yet!

The devastated black hole coalesced once again, and a fair white arm appeared out of it.

Shortly after, Han Fei appeared before Su Yus eyes again, all clad in a black dress.

This sword contains the power of All Creations. Han Fei was wearing a look of indifference as she appraised her opponent. Su Yuxian is far more powerful than I have imagined. In the future, perhaps he will be eligible to be my training partner.

Once finished speaking, Han Fei raised a hand and slammed. All of a sudden, nine more black Suns appeared in the sky all at once. In addition to the previous one, there were ten of them!!


The ten black Suns erupted with an absolute, unprecedented sucking force. In the blink of an eye, the Su Yuxian puppet was engulfed without a trace.


A crystal and a piece of bone were left on the spot.

Han Fei picked up the items, her red lips curving into a slight smile as she anticipated what lay ahead.

With a shift of her thoughts, she arrived at the 97th story. She was still being greeted with the Su Yuxian puppet.

In the outside world, the black dog was so frenzied that it was cursing non-stop. God da*n it! This fierce woman is definitely cheating! Whats the matter with those ten illegal Suns? Even Stage Three All Creations Old Monsters would have been so terrified they would have p*ssed in their pants!

Da*n, for my meals, Im going to fight you with my life! the black dog said maliciously.

At the 97th story, Han Fei displayed her ten black Suns, and the Su Yuxian puppet vanished in an instant.

At the 98th story, there was a rapid kill.

At the 99th story, there was another rapid kill!

Han Fei had made it all the way to the 100th story.

Interesting. I thought that Id be the first challenger to pass all hundred levels. I never expected youd seize the first position. Staring at Su Yuxian on the vacant arena before her, Han Fei looked regretful.

But then her face broke into a composed smile. However, your footprints will not be left in the martial tower!

Once she conquered the final story, Han Fei would be the story master from the first to the hundredth story.

Nonetheless, the slowing of time in this story was exasperating. It was nearly one-eighth of the time in the outside world. Even a single thought would consume a considerable amount of time, let alone moving.

The only beneficial condition was that the puppet wouldnt initiate the attack before she struck.

However, just as she was mustering her Vital Energy in an attempt to begin the assault, something that petrified her unfolded.

Congratulations on arriving at the final story. I will be your opponent. Su Yu opened his eyes abruptly and casually and slowly drew out a blade of silver sword.

Due to the factor of time slowing, Han Fei found even Su Yus motion of drawing the sword extremely blurred. She only caught sight of a beam of silver light flickering as it was grasped in Su Yus hand.

Waitwait! Han Fei spoke with great difficulty.

Does the rule not state that puppets could only attack passively? Why isnt this making any sense?

As a reward for arriving at the final story, youll be gifted a fair battle. I will initiate the attack, Su Yus voice was empty and lacking all emotion as he drew his sword and pointed it at Han Fei.

Even with Han Feis aloofness, she got rather restless and impatient.

Fair? Where does fairness come into it? He might as well put an end to the slowing of time!!

If it were the previous stories, Han Fei would probably question the rules of the martial tower. However, the last story had never been negotiated by anyone throughout the hundreds and thousands of years, so no level of difficulty would seem unreasonable.

She was only curious about how Su Yu had been able to ascend to the 100th story, and how he managed to defeat the previous story master of the 100th story!

With a puppet that could attack spontaneously, and time slowed by eight times This was even harder than reaching the sky.

Accept this fair strike of sword! Su Yu lashed out with his sword.