The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1022

Chapter 1022 Collaboration Of The Strong

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Despite the enigma about the Illusory Truth Technique, the way to decipher it was rather easy.

As soon as one person who had awoken from the Illusory Truth Technique exposed the truth about being in an illusionary realm, the technique would crumble in the light of facts, and all of the people would be roused from the illusion of the so-called passing of levels.

This is a factitious illusory technique! The hundred-story martial tower does not exist! All of you, wake up right now! Su Yu yelled softly.

Nonetheless, all 20,000 of the challengers remained motionless, showing no trace of having been awakened from the Illusory Truth Technique.

Hahaha, always make a point to take precautions in every situation. How would I not take any precautions against you posing a threat to my Illusory Truth Technique? While you were being selected as the story master, I added another illusory technique to your puppet! Anyone who had come face to face with you will be confined in the illusion!

Thus, there are actually two layers of illusion. Even though the Illusory Truth Technique has been deciphered, they still remain in another illusion! The other illusion cannot be crumbled by words. It will be maintained unless they realize the existence of the illusionary realm. Otherwise, no external forces will be able to destroy it!

Laughing madly, the black dog walked away with wide strides. Goodbye, human! You can stay here and accompany them while they die here at the first storey!

However, right at that moment, a cold, indifferent yet gentle, feminine voice sounded, totally unruffled.

A dog that can speak, interesting.

The black dog froze and looked back abruptly. It was startled!

Among the crowd, a young lady clad in a black dress was sauntering elegantly. There was a pitch-black Sun above her head which was giving off an eerie black light.

The black dogs soul shuddered in fear. It was terrified of the womans ferocity and was befuddled about how the woman had managed to awake from two layers of illusions. Even with the Illusory Truth Technique deciphered, another layer of illusion was still present.

An unknown black dog with malicious intentions. Do you really think I wouldnt keep a trump card? Su Yu smiled serenely and walked up to the black dog.

You performed an illusory technique on my puppet, but you forgot that Han Fei not only saw my puppet, she saw my real self too!

The black dog narrowed its eyes slightly. Youre saying that at the hundredth story, you fought her with your real self and delivered the information without my knowledge?

Right. Su Yu nodded, continuing to approach the dog.

The black dog shook its head. Impossible! I have been keeping a close watch over each of your movements, the look in your eyes, and every word you said. You couldnt have told her about being in the illusion without me knowing!

Su Yu cast a sympathetic look at the black dog. Thats why I keep saying, youre a godda*n dog! A godda*n stupid dog! Who says that a message can only be conveyed through a look, words or actions? My technique was the message itself!

Han Fei smiled serenely. Yes, luckily he reminded me!

From the 96th story to the 99th, he carried the effect of slowing time by three times on his own, while I was fighting him. However, the effect disappeared on its own when I got to the 100th story, so I had to figure out the conflict in it!

If the martial tower has been controlled by a programmed system, how could the same puppet have two distinct forms! The only explanation is that the martial tower doesnt run on the programmed system, but is controlled by someone!

Hence, I woke from the two layers of illusion when failed the challenge. I have been biding my time, waiting to see what you were prepared to do.

Upon hearing that, the black dog fell silent for a long while and then burst out laughing in madness. Do you really think youve won? Dont ever forget, youre still in the martial tower. A single thought of mine can keep all of you trapped in the first story, for the rest of your lives!

When it finished talking, it transformed into a beam of black light stream, sprinting straight for the exit of the martial tower.

Su Yu was smiling placidly. Ive told you, you cant get away.

The instant the black dog scampered to the door, five colorful writing brushes suddenly emerged as if they had been laid in ambush a long time ago. They transformed into a penta-colored light screen, encasing the black dog underneath.

The Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation? Han Fei cast a doubtful look at Su Yu.

Such a powerful formation wasnt a strange thing. The strange part was that this formation originated from the supreme feat of the Five Golden Light Guards. She had never heard of them imparting it to anyone else.

The Five Golden Light Guards belonged to an opposing influence.

A gleam of acumen was hidden in her gorgeous eyes.

When did you lay the formation? The black dog was in utter disbelief at the fact that Su Yu had actually set up an entrapment at the exit! Each and every move he made had clearly been under its surveillance, but now it appeared that the surveillance had led to negligence!

Hehe, Young Lord, didnt Shengge do it well? From the ground beside Su Yu, a mass of pitch-dark ghostly energy rose in spirals and condensed into the form of a human. It was a very adorable little girl with delicate features.

The black dog was taken aback. In a low voice, it asked, Do you actually have space caverns within your body that can accommodate living creatures?

Ordinary spaces werent sufficient to shelter living humans at all. Only the space caverns constructed by Mortal Fairies could contain living humans.

However, the space caverns of Mortal Fairies were usually established at specific nodal points of the space. Ordinary Mortal Fairies werent capable of creating space caverns which could be brought along anywhere like Su Yu had. Only the godly strong men in the myths could create them.

Who commanded you to come? Apparently, the black dog had mistaken Su Yu for having been dispatched by a divine entity behind the scenes.

You dont need to random guess anything. Just stay back obediently! Su Yus eyes turned cold as he pressed down with a hand.

The Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation boomed and rapidly suppressed the black dog.

The black dog bared its fangs and two masses of emerald flames floated out from its emerald eyes, falling onto the penta-colored light screen.

With a sizzling noise, the light screen was scorched by the flames to a point where an enormous hole was formed on it.

Su Yu was stunned. The formation that could suppress a Stage One All Creations Old Monster was broken with ease!

Just as Su Yu was about to draw out the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo, a black Sun materialized in front of the black dog out of nowhere. In the blink of an eye, half of the black dogs body was devoured! It was Han Fei!

However, all of a sudden, blood splattered all over the place. The back half of the black dogs body broke off abruptly. With only the back half of its body left, the black dog escaped through the hole. It ran relentlessly, while its body kept regenerating, speedily recovering to a completed form!

This was a petrifying scene. The so-called repair of body wasnt a fascinating thing to any successful martial artist. Some of them could even recover in a single breath.

Nonetheless, the dog was unscathed even with the front half of its body torn off, including the skull!

It reminded Su Yu of Xue Di right away, the Imperishable Silver Body. Even with the physical body crashed into countless pieces, he could recover in an instant.

The black dog was clearly not feeling too well: its emerald eyes seemed dull and lusterless, its dark dog fur a shade of gray. Apparently, displaying the eerie emerald flames and regenerating on the spot consumed a great deal of energy.

Even with Su Yu and Han Fei working together, they did not manage to seize the black dog. It vanished from the martial tower like a puff of smoke. Meanwhile, the door of the martial tower closed with a rumbling noise.

The fragrant winds came blowing, Han Fei walked up to the stone door with a serene look on her face. She worked with the black Sun in an attempt to break the stone door.

However, it didnt have any effect. The stone door still didnt budge.

It really deserves to be known as the martial tower that could defend against Mortal Fairies. Su Yuxian, Im afraid were trapped here, Han Fei turned back and said. I cant figure it ou. You had a chance to leave, so why did you stay?

One was a starry sky elite, the other was a challenger no one had heard of. Yet right here right now, they were confined together in the same space.

Su Yu shot a look at Han Fei. I stay for a reason. Isnt there a reason that you stayedon purpose, Miss Han?

Han Fei only smiled without saying a word.

As the most outstanding student of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, no one would believe that the faction hadnt given her a couple of life-saving things for times of emergency.

A martial tower wasnt enough to confine Han Fei!

Han Fei walked over to him, and asked nonchalantly, In your opinion, what is the intention of this mysterious story master?

Firstly, it isnt merely the story master of the martial tower! Its identity is far more than that! Secondly, its intrigue is both complicated yet simple at the same time.

Casually, Han Fei said, Oh? Tell me about it.

Is Miss Han trying to test me? I believe you noticed early on.

We have way too little information concerning its ultimate intention, so we cant be certain, but its immediate intention isnt hard to analyze! To harvest our batch of challengers!

Either instigating us to murder each other with the martial disaster as a pretext, or confining us in the martial tower till we die. Theyre just different means to achieve the same outcome! To kill us all, as best as it can! Any way you look at it, our death is beneficial to it! Whereas our being alive is a threat to it!

A smile blossomed on Han Feis face. So we have stayed for the same reason!

Her glance swept across the 20,000 people. Watching them die while being confined in the martial tower would only benefit the conspirator behind the scene, but pose great harm to them.

So we have the same goal,Han Fei remarked softly. She did not mention the crystal ball that could be used to claim fairy artifacts, which was an absolute certainty!

Even for the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, fairy artifacts were precious, hard to come by treasures that safeguarded a faction. Han Fei wouldnt turn a blind eye as the item fell into Su Yus hands. A fight was bound to happen between them.

To decipher the intrigue of the godda*n dog, we have two things to do. First, free everyone from the confinement. Second, stop them from killing each other!

Han Fei calmly said, The first thing isnt hard. The second one is the hard part. The competition system of all eternity will surely make them kill each other brutally after awakening, in an effort to fight for sublimations. Liberating them from the martial tower without stopping them from killing each other will be a waste of energy.

The human mind was resistant to change. How could it be easy to convince 20,000 people that they were in the middle of a conspiracy and persuade them not to kill the others?

After a moment of brooding, Su Yu said, Leave the second thing to me.

You? Han Fei was surprised. But as she thought better of it, she flashed a tender smile. Accidental acts could be the resolution to conspiracies.

Suddenly Han Fei spoke again. Theres another thing we have to deal with.

She pointed at the 20,000 challengers who had their eyes closed. They were still trapped in the illusionary realm and external forces could not wake them.

Im not adept at illusory techniques. Does Miss Han have a way? Su Yus eyes were focused on Bing Wuxin.

Han Feis dainty brows were creased, and she shook her head gently. Although the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction has illusory demonic techniques, we have never delved into them. Im afraid Im rather powerless.

Both of them felt as though they had hit a dead-end.

If they couldnt even wake them from the illusionary realm, how could they possibly rescue them?

Since both you and I cant do a thing, whoever started the trouble should end it. Of course, well have to get that godda*n dog to solve the problem!

Han Fei was born with impressive intelligence, otherwise she wouldnt have become the greatest talent of the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction. We certainly arent going to strike a bargain with it, neither are we begging it, Han Fei said after thinking for a moment. She couldnt figure out Su Yus approach right away, but a bargain surely was out of the game.

The black dog was in a position of absolute advantage. It didnt have to bargain with them.

Beg it? Humph, rest assured, it wont be able to hold back soon and will jump out and remove the illusion by itself! Su Yu snorted.

So confident? Han Fei stared at Su Yu. Unlike her usual indifferent character, she could not help but feel curious about Su Yus enigma.

Ill wait and see. Han Fei had an enchanting smile.

Lets start preparing for the first step! Su Yu said.

Han Fei looked at Su Yu placidly, waiting for Su Yu to tell her the plan.

She earnestly wanted to know how Su Yu was going coerce that black dog to jump out on its own and remove the illusion in which the 20,000 challengers were trapped.