The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1023

Chapter 1023 A Combat Of Wisdom And Courage

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Its very simple. Su Yu gazed at the eight sealed entrances. Just opening the entrances will do!

Han Fei was quick-witted and intelligent. It only took one hint for her to quickly realize Su Yus intention.

I know what to do, Han Fei said calmly. Turbulent demonic energy surged through her body with an intense, overwhelming force. A pitch-black Sun was slowly formed.

The difference between this black Sun and the previous one was that this one was even larger. It shrouded Han Fei at its center, making her seem like the Queen of Bright Suns.

The Mortal Fairy Strength of the martial tower cannot be taken down, but we can build a transboundary tunnel, Han Fei remarked placidly as if she had never thought about how earth-shattering it was to build a transboundary tunnel.

The principle by which the sucking power of my Heavenly Demon Black Sun works is that it connects Jiuzhou and the demonic dimension. Once we activate the tunnel through the Heavenly Demon Black Sun, we can depart Jiuzhou and then return here from the demonic dimension!

By going back and forth once, well be able to get away from the martial tower and then return straight to the outside of the martial tower!

This explained how Han Fei was reborn from the black hole, totally unscathed, after she was chopped into fragments with the sword during the challenge at the hundredth story. She had been hiding in the tunnel that linked the two worlds. Such a nature-defying tactic was truly astonishing.

Han Fei scanned the 20,000 people and said, I can open up the tunnel. The tough part will be transporting all of them out at the same time. I need to support the black hole, and I can only hold it open for two hours. I wont be able to divert my attention. Im afraid it wont be successful if we solely depending on you and that imp.

Su Yu flashed a smile and chortled softly at the emptiness around them. Have you forgotten that I possess a space cavern? It can accommodate 100,000 people, let alone 20,000.

Upon hearing that, Han Fei bright eyes sparkled.

I see. It doesnt matter even if we bring them back while they are trapped in the dreamland. Jiuzhou is a place of innumerable Divine Masters, so removing the illusory technique will be a breeze to them.

Han Fei didnt hesitate any longer. Lets get started right away. Dont let the black dog get the upper hand.

Su Yu nodded and moved swiftly to Bing Wuxins side. He took Bing Wuxin into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl first, and then the inner sanctum students of the Red Blood Palace.

This move was extremely efficacious. After putting them in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, Su Yu and Han Fei returned to the outside of the martial tower. Although it was equivalent to causing all 20,000 of the challengers to fail, it was better than dying in the Glittering Jewel Wonderland.

As Su Yu took them into the Pearl continuously, an intangible vibration suddenly spread around the martial tower.

Eh? Wasnt I sitting with crossed legs and training? Why am I out here?

Why are all of you here?

Impossible, it hasnt been ten days yet! Why were all of us expelled from the martial tower?

At once, more than 20,000 people awoke one after another. They were all stupefied and perplexed. The illusory technique had been removed!

Hints of a smile appeared on Han Feis previously indifferent face. Just like Su Yu had predicted, the black dog had removed the illusory technique by itself.

To wipe us all out, the black dog has finally lost its temper. Standing beside Han Fei, Su Yu released Bing Wuxin and the students of the Red Blood Palace.

As a matter of fact, even though the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl really was a portable cavern, it was far less massive than the black dog had imagined it to be. It could perhaps contain 2,000 people at most. Su Yu had only said it could hold 20,000 to deceive it. However, in an attempt to obliterate the challengers, the black dog lost its cool and fell into the trap, removing the illusory technique on its own.

However, both Su Yu and Han Fei knew that the moment it was removed, it was time for the lavish feast of blood and gore. The black dog intended to trick the 20,000 challengers into killing one another.

Hahaha, foolish and petty challengers! Finally waking up from the illusion I prepared for you all? The black dogs voice reverberated around the martial tower, loud and clear.

The challengers were utterly shocked.

What? That was an illusion?

Impossible! I have received crystal balls and bones, exactly as the elders of the faction informed us!

Does it mean our opportunities end here?

Only a handful of smart, composed people glanced at their surroundings, their faces gradually falling.

Hahaha, you are a bunch of fools! Thinking of your freaking training even in confinement and at the brink of death, how hopelessly foolish you are! The black dog insulted the challengers heartily.

At that moment, most of the challengers finally realized that the circumstances had changed. One after another, they walked up to the doors of the martial tower and tried to open them.

The outcome made them all despair.

Dont worry, ladies and gentlemen. The martial tower will open on its own in seven days time. Do not trust the lies of this black dog! Some rather influential challengers encouraged the people not to act hastily.

Seven days? Humph, I am in charge of the martial tower, so the opening and closing times are totally up to me, I am capable of far more than just confining you here to death! The black dog sneered with contempt.

At the exact same moment, as if in response to the black dogs statement, the eight entrances of the martial tower opened abruptly, and immediately closed again!

This scene finally sent the challengers into a fit of frenzy and panic.

The mysterious being behind the scenes really could manipulate the opening and closing of the martial tower at will! If they were to be detained here for a hundred years, none of them would survive!

If you people dont mind, you can borrow my two-world passage. A dispassionate voice floated into their ears. It turned out that Han Fei was still holding up her Heavenly Demon Black Sun. The eyes of those who knew about the Heavenly Demon Black Sun seemed to be shimmering with hopes of survival.

Hehe, do you people trust this woman from a demon faction? She is on the demonic path and behaves in a radical way. Are you certain you will be heading to Jiuzhou with her, instead of going to the demonic world?

Besides, even if she wants to be kind this time, the Heavenly Demon Black Sun can only last for a while. There are 20,000 of you. How long will it take to transport all of you away?

Upon hearing his words, a commotion broke out among the crowds. In such a desperate time of crisis, everyone was tensed to the extreme, as if they were walking on a tightrope.

Although they knew that the black dog was playing mind games to try and provoke them, what it said happened to be their greatest worry.

Hehe, if you people really wish to live, I can give you a chance. Just as expected, the black dog had revealed its ulterior motive.

Anyone would be able to tell that someone who could decide their fates pointing out a bright path for them was a trick. However, no one was willing to abandon the hope of getting a fluke.

As long as you kill a challenger from another region, I will grant you the privilege to leave the martial tower.

Many of the challengers were frightened by its words. What a malicious tactic! Out of the 20,000 people, only 10,000 could survive. However, this was only the most ideal prospect, in which one person killed another. Such an occurrence was unlikely to take place because there was another condition. The person they killed must be a challenger from a foreign region!

If it was only within the faction, discussion and coordination could be carried out, and there certainly would be some people who would sacrifice themselves voluntarily. This was the most harmonious way and wouldnt give rise to additional problems. The problem lay in killing challengers from foreign regions.

For instance, if Qian Feng from the Heavenly Knife Region killed Bing Wuxin from the Red Blood Palace, would the Red Blood Palace stay quiet and unresponsive about it? No, an intense war between the Red Blood Palace and the Heavenly Knife Region would ensue! By then, the ratio of deaths between the regions wouldnt be one to one anymore. Both sides would most probably lose terribly and even perish in mutual destruction.

The same thing would happen to other influences. By the time the conflict progressed to the middle stage, the casualties would be uneven, and there would be a shuffle of parties who held the position of strength.

Havoc would arise. It would no longer be a battle between two influences, but three, four, or even more than that. Many different influences would be scuffling at close quarters.

The number of casualties would exceed half of the number of challengers. At the end of the day, it would be miraculous if even 5,000 out of 20,000 people remained alive.

Humph, you are our enemy right now. Dont think of tricking us into killing each other! Many challengers were infuriated, feeling like they were being toyed with.

The black dog made no effort to hide. Cheh! You are a bunch of petty insects! So what if I have misled you? Its up to you to choose between life and death! My patience has its limit. In three breaths time, if you dont get into action, I will leave immediately, and all of you will die here in your imprisonment!

All of a sudden, the angry, righteous voices toned down a great deal. The ambiance changed from silent to depressing, from depressing to cautious, and from cautious to precarious.

Even if the challengers knew it was an open conspiracy of the enemy, they were left with no choice.

Furthermore, they had been already been geared up for a fight. Only by killing more challengers would they stand a more chance of gaining sublimations. Now, it was just that the battle had been brought forward by seven days.

Despairing circumstances yielded greed, and greed led to murderous desires. A long-awaited feast of killings soundlessly began.

The weaker challengers grouped together and receded to the edge of the martial tower as if they had met a dreadful enemy. Some challengers who had no intention of joining the kill turned pallid with fear. Some confident challengers slowly bared their sharp, lethal fangs. The massacre hadnt even begun, but the scent of blood was already lingering in the air!

There were 20,000 people involved. It wasnt something that Su Yu and Han Fei could call a halt to. This was a force! An irresistible force!

Deep in the desolation, the black dog was grinning with its hideous, ferocious teeth showing.

I have won! The dog laughed, proud and triumphant.

Su Yu said indifferently, Have you? I dont think you have won!

The black dog tampered with human hearts. It wasnt exactly a judicious tactic, but it served to create a massive uproar. Merely relying upon the power of few could not change a thing.

Words cant stop the bloodthirsty hearts of humans anymore. Only violence can drive out violence and end it all now, Su Yu said. He leaped into the air and stared at the scene below.

His surprising move was like fuel to the fire. The massacre was on the brink of beginning, and the scene was stirring restlessly.

When the people looked up, they were greeted with Su Yuxians face. Half an hour ago, they would have completely ignored this silver-masked challenger. However, the story master Su Yu had appeared out of nowhere and had left an irremovable impression in their minds.

They waited in silence for Su Yu to finish his words. When he finished speaking, the massacre would begin.

I hereby give my command: no one is allowed to strike! Su Yu uttered a sentence that many had expected. However, even the starry sky elite Han Fei couldnt do a thing to stop them, let alone Su Yu, who had only made his first appearance not long ago.

Those who were looking up at him lowered their gazes, their killing desires rising from within. They were snorting coldly inside. Who are you to command us?

Because I, and the Red Blood Palace, can kill all of you! Every last one of you, none will be left out! His loud, clear voice resonated with strength. It was as deafening as the thunder, speaking right to the peoples hearts.

They could not help but shudder, because they had nearly forgotten about one thingthe Book of the Hearts Oaths! To enter the martial tower, all of them, except the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, had signed the Book of Hearts Oaths!

They were prohibited from attacking the Red Blood Palace at all times, but the Red Blood Palace could attack them, and even retaliation would be considered a violation to the oath.

If the elites of the Red Blood Palace were slaughtering other challengers, who would be able to escape in this cramped, crowded martial tower? Once they fought back, the Book of the Hearts Oaths would take action immediately, and inner demons would come to assault the challengers who ignored it.

Putting aside the impact on their future training, having a fit of inner demons during the battle and losing their mind for a moment would lead them onto a fatal path with no hope of salvation!

An icy chill crept into everyones heart.

Hold on! You said that you wont ever lay hands on us before the martial disaster! Are you thinking of going against your own vow? The greatest expert of one of the regions was prepared to harvest challengers and enhance chances, and he was full of excitement. However, Su Yus words hit him like a pail of cold water.