The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1024

Chapter 1024 The Final Mistake

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My vow? Do you have my signature or my mortgage details? Su Yu scoffed.

As the chief student of the faction, arent you afraid that the Red Blood Palace will end up a laughing stock because you broke your promise? Many competent challengers were unconvinced by Su Yus words, and they couldnt hold back their killing desires any longer.

Su Yu nonchalantly replied, My apologies, but I must correct you. Im just an ordinary student from the outside sanctum of the Red Blood Palace. I am not favored by the managers above, and neither am I adored by my fellow peers. Ive always lived an impoverished life as an outcast and have been sweeping the floors of the faction all year. I am a nobody, and I suppose the prestige of the faction wont ever be impacted by a janitor like me.

Jan janitor? Many powerful challengers were shuddering Are you swindling us with your preposterous story?

Idiots! Janitors are the greatest hidden experts of all! Su Yu thought with contempt.

All at once, pairs of eyes filled with astonishment were fixed on the elite students of the Red Blood Palace.

He must be kidding! Judging from how he took the lead earlier, and how he became the story master with his unassailable fighting poses that wiped them all out, Su Yuxian is no doubt their chief student! How could it be wrong?

Whats the matter with being a student of the outside sanctum, and the janitor?!

The elites of the Red Blood Palace were flushed with embarrassment as they realized they were being stared at.

Some female students couldnt help but grumble. Junior Brother Su, its true that youre a student of the outside sanctum, but saying that youre a janitor that sweeps the floors of the Red Blood Palace, and lives a life of poverty and loneliness, is

Hes always causing trouble in the outside sanctum, taking possession of rare beauties like Bing Wuxin, Gongsun Wuxie, and Xuelian, and pummeling the hell out of the inner sanctum elites from time to time. And when he goes outside, hes cool and flashy and wild and rude and domineering all at the same time, frequently claiming major merits, and shakes the region with his fame.

This was the complete opposite of the life of the lonely, poor, floor-sweeping janitor he purports to be!

Junior Sister Bing, can I strike him with my sword? a female student said serenely, holding the hilt of her sword in her hand.

Bing Wuxin shook her head. Of course not! Take my sword too!

In a nutshell, Su Yus identity as a floor-sweeping janitor was so ground-shattering that it made countless jaws drop.

Back to business! Whoever dares to start the fight will be dead at my hands! Su Yu proclaimed. Those who have no intention of joining the kill, come to my left side, and those want to kill, stand on my right!

Su Yus palms were facing the ground, gesturing for them to make their choice.


All 20,000 people stood on his left. There were no exceptions.

It was a joke; who would dare to stand on his right? Regardless of whether they were the weaker ones who seemed to have received amnesty or the stronger ones who were thinking of killing, all of them succumbed to Su Yus tyrannical authority.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

From the emptiness, a round of applause sounded. It was the sound of a pair of dog paws clapping.

Splendid! What an eye-opener! In all eternity, there have been geniuses like you who attempted to stop people from butchering each other, but this is the first time Ive seen someone taking it to this level. The black dog praised him highly.

Su Yu had done well. From tricking and compelling it to remove the illusion on its own at the beginning, to resolving the atmosphere of bloodshed that it devised meticulously. He was discreet with every single step, subtle and ingenious.

Im even suspecting that you predicted youd need this Book of the Hearts Oaths, the black dog said. I believe that even without the opportunity created by the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction, youd still have figured out ways to restrain them.

Su Yu smiled without saying a word. Indeed, he had had this idea before, but it wasnt quite feasible. However, the Supreme Heavenly Demon Faction had presented him with an opportunity.

Just then, the black dog changed the subject abruptly. But do you really think you have won? How can you be certain that I have removed the illusion from every one of you?

What? They were stunned.

It was impossible! All of the students had shown signs of action, and no one seemed to have remained in the illusion.


All of a sudden, a scream of misery broke out!

A male challenger had his chest clobbered to smithereens without warning! The attacker was the female student behind him. Her eyes were dazed and befuddled, and she was holding a bloody, bony claw in her hand.

She was controlled by the illusion to kill! The crowd around her recoiled immediately, shocked and angered at the same time.

The person she had killed was a student from another region.

She killed a challenger from our Heavenly Brilliance Region! Kill her!

Yes, kill her so she wont create more trouble!

The companions of the female challenger drew out their swords. Stop right there! Shes just trapped in the illusion. She didnt kill him intentionally. Just you try laying a finger on her!

A murderer has to compensate with her life. Its even worse if she is still being manipulated; who knows if she wont strike again? Having lost a teammate, the people of the Heavenly Brilliance Region were enraged.

Lets give it a whirl then. Well soon see if you people are daring enough! The opposing side was equally harsh and uncompromising.

All of a sudden, the influences of the two regions were at daggers drawn, hovering at the brink of war.

Su Yu scowled. All of you, stop it!

When he had finished speaking, he hurled the Meteor Light Stream Formation from the air above to enclose the manipulated woman, knocking her out cold.

Scanning the two groups of people with icy eyes, Su Yu said, Foolish! If you fight, youre doing exactly what it wants! Once the war is triggered off, more than just the two groups of you will be embroiled!

Even if it was a fight between two influences, those restless strong men who were still seeking the chance to gain sublimations wouldnt just sit back and relax.

Creating some conflicts in secret and finding their way into the battle was ridiculously easy. Hence, the war could not be started at all.

Protect her. If she awakes, knock her out right away, Su Yu instructed.

Despite their reluctance to surrender to Su Yu, he had imperceptibly become their leader at the moment. Both parties had no choice but to call a truce.

But right at that moment, two consecutive screams of agony broke out. Two women were assaulted by the two male challengers from different regions. They were attacked from behind with swords, their heads completely severed off. Both of them died there and then.

Su Yus face fell. Before the situation could get any worse, he confined those two challengers immediately and knocked them out. He then ordered both parties to remain composed.

However, before they could be consoled, another tragic episode broke out in another corner.

Whenever the manipulated ones make their appearance, do not kill them! Tame them by knocking them out. I will kill anyone who kills another! Su Yu bellowed as he sensed the crisis.

However, such onslaughts kept occurring continuously.

Despite having been forcefully suppressed by Su Yu, feud and animosity had been roused among many influences.

Meanwhile, the scene that had been painstakingly stabilized became perilous all over again. Everyone was alarmed and vigilant, and trust was lost even among brothers and sisters of the same faction. No one knew if the other person was being manipulated.

Conflicts could be suppressed if they only appeared in one place, or even in two or three. But if they began to emerge more frequently, Su Yu wouldnt necessarily be able to hold them back anymore, even with the Book of the Hearts Oaths in his hand.

Hahaha, kiddo, let me see if you have the power to control them all! The black dog laughed coldly in an overwhelming manner. As his peals of laughter echoed, screams of pain and agony erupted ceaselessly.

Su Yu kept himself absolutely calm and composed at the moment. After a moment of contemplation, he said, Send all of the attackers to me now. Upon his order, the comatose attackers were all brought to him.

He took out a drop of the Fountain of Life, which gave off a cool, refreshing scent, awakening them one by one. All of them awoke and realized that everyone else was very alert.

What happened to me? What was going on just now? Was I in a coma?

Those who had awoken remembered nothing about what just took place.

What did you find? Han Fei walked up to him, as she realized the severity of the matter.

Su Yus eyes glimmered as he glanced at the 20,000 challengers. Two things. First, it has limited ability, and can only activate the illusion one by one! From the way the killings happened successively just now, no two incidents took place at the same time, but one after another. This shows that it can only create one attack at a time!

Upon hearing that, Han Fei nodded slowly. Ive thought about that as well.

Then here comes the second thing, and it is the most important of all! Su Yus eyes turned solemn. It is most likely among us!

Han Fei raised her brows. We saw it with our own eyes as the black dog ran out of the martial tower, yet youre saying that its still here? Do you have proof?

Su Yu nodded. Of course I do! Although Im not proficient in illusory techniques, I understand the fundamental principles of illusory techniques. I know they require a medium to be performed! This includes eye contact, or words, or smells! No illusory techniques can ever be performed without a medium! If the black dog is on the outside of the martial tower, how could it perform the techniques with the impregnable, enclosed environment of the martial tower as the barrier?

The second proof, have you forgotten? When it tried to convince the challengers of its ability to control the opening and closing of the martial tower just now, the tower has been opened and closed once? If Im not mistaken, it has taken the opportunity to slip inside secretively!

Han Fei came to the same realization, her gorgeous eyes gleaming with sparks. If so, where do you think it is?

Su Yu glanced around at the challengers. Its one of the 20,000 challengers! It has most probably mastered some kind of fine, subtle disguising technique!

Su Yu had been observing events through his Transparent Eye early on, but his effort had been futile because the disguising technique used was rather superior.

Hahaha, kiddo, you never fail to surprise me! You even noticed this! The amazed exclamation of the black dog resonated from inside the martial tower. Not bad, Ive returned, and I am among you! But, what can you do about me?

There have been 20 cases of feud and hostility, I guess its about to break out, so how much longer can you suppress it? The black dog laughed tauntingly. At the end of the day, Im still the winner. Let all of this be over!

Over? Su Yus lips curved into a mocking smile. I think its only the beginning of a wonderful show!

The black dog was taken aback. You still have a trump card? I dont believe you can resolve the conflict among them for the second time!

There is only one way to resolve all conflicts, and that is to converge all conflicts into one! Su Yu smiled serenely. As the main culprit that started all of these, arent you the best carrier of all conflicts? Once youre dead, there will be no more hatred.

The black dog chuckled scornfully. You have to be able to find me first! I have to admit that your inspecting eye really is awesome. It has the ability to peek into souls.

Its a pity that this is the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, and I can use the elements here to my advantage. You can never find me even with that eye of yours!

You hide it really well, but theres a slight flaw in the perfection. Youve overlooked a very important detail, and that is your fatal mistake! Su Yu stated detachedly.

The black dog narrowed its eyes. Are you trying to intimidate me, and make me show my mistakes? If that really is the case, youve been wasting your effort!

Su Yu looked up and said with indifference, I dont care for tactics like intimidating others! Your mistake has shown!

All of a sudden, intangible vibrations infiltrated the martial tower from the outside. Everyone sensed it!

The black dog was stunned. The 13th day of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland being opened! Today is the day of the outbreak of the book disaster?

Youre right! The disaster of books is your mistake! Su Yu said, Based on my observation of the disaster of flowers, the disasters have no impact on the creatures of the Glittering Jewel Wonderland, and only us challengers will react to them!

Among the 20,000 people, if there is only one person unaffected by the disaster of books, it will be you without a doubt! You have been exposed!