The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1025

Chapter 1025 Three Disasters Befalling At Once

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However, the black dog was fearless in the face of such a threat, and it laughed contemptuously. What a joke! Havent you learned about the precondition of triggering the disaster of books beforehand?

Su Yu indifferently replied, Of course I have. Only those who have flipped through the Books of Life will be afflicted by the disaster of books!

The black dog was taken aback, and it had a sudden feeling of foreboding. Baffled, it said, Are you going to say that all 20,000 of them have been to the book yard, and flipped through the Books of Life? Its impossible! At least half of them have come from other areas and have never been to the book yard

Voices of confusion broke out amongst the crowds as well.

Thats right, Su Yuxian! Ive never been to the book yard, so I cant be a target of the disaster of books!

True, Ive never been there either!

If thats the case, most of us wont be affected by the disaster of books. Well have no way to discern the conspirator behind the scene.

However, the corners of Su Yus mouth twitched, curving into a smile that frightened the black dog.

Indeed, you havent been to the book yard, but who says that just because you havent been to the book yard, you have not read the Book of Life? I have already let each and every one of you read it! Su Yu said.

Su Yu casually stuck out his palms, one to the left and another to the right with both palms facing down. This was the gesture he made when he was separating the people who wanted to kill and the ones who didnt earlier. All of the people had followed his action and come to the left side, which meant no intention of killing.

You have attached the content of the Book of Life to your palm! The black dog was utterly surprised.

Su Yu opened his palm, and a piece of paper the size of a nail could be seen. There were a couple of words on it. This piece of paper was derived from the Book of Life! Based on the rules of the book yard, a person will be a target of the book disaster as long as they have seen the book! It wasnt stated in the rules as to how much content should be read. Hence, based on my understanding, even if you have just read a word, or seen a piece of paper of it, it still counts!

While I was dividing you up just now, everyone looked at my palm when they were choosing sides. They would have seen the paper on my palm even by taking just once glance, Su Yu explained. Now, all of you, accept the advent of the disaster of books! Except for a certain creature of the Wonderland!

Upon hearing his words, everyone was flabbergasted. They had actually read the Book of Life without even realizing! They hadnt even noticed it themselves.

You have come prepared? The black dog inhaled a deep breath. It had lost in the worst possible way.

Su Yu replied placidly, Dealing with old devils like you that never die, of course, I had to keep a trump card.

The black dog asked, What if I hadnt reserved any plans? Were you going to let them be trampled by the disaster of books for no reason?

Su Yu shrugged. So what if they get trampled? If I didnt say a thing, they wouldnt have gotten their heads around the source of the disaster of books, Ive got nothing to lose!

Most people were speechless.

Junior Sister Bing, dont stop me!

Eh! Junior Sister Bing, why are you drawing your sword?

Im going to chop him into pieces!

Oh no! Someone come and help! Restrain Junior Sister Bing!

Hahaha, interesting, this is very interesting! Finally, a competent, presentable challenger after ten thousand years. The black dog was laughing, its laughter resonating with a tinge of loneliness and disappointment.

If you people werent destined to die, I really wouldnt wish to kill you. Its been ten thousand years, I have endured this loneliness for so long, looking after a withered grave with no one to talk to.

Tsk, godda*n dog, youre quite interesting too. If youre willing to leave the evil behind and embrace the good, I dont mind spending a little money on bones every month, Su Yu remarked nonchalantly.

The black dog burst out laughing. Shouldnt you ask the rest of the challengers about that? They must hate me in their bones! Arent you afraid to be forsaken by your dear ones?

Of course I am afraid! That is why I need to pick you out, to answer to the challengers who had sacrificed. Su Yu chuckled coldly. Its almost here!

The intangible vibrations erupted all of a sudden. The disaster of books had arrived! The 20,000 bewildered challengers were shrouded by the disaster and began to curse.

Every person that was subject to the disaster of books had the virtual shadow of a black-colored book above their heads. That was the symptom of being inflicted with the disaster of books. If it was absent, there could be no doubt that the individual was the creature of the Wonderland!

Ahh! He doesnt have it! Cries of shock broke out in the crowds.

Su Yus eyes shone like bolts of lightning. Without saying a word, he raised his hands and arranged the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation to enclose the area.

You wont get away this time! A cold gleam shone in Han Feis eyes. Stepping on two black Suns, she flew over swiftly.

The disaster of books was on the brink of beginning, but there was still a while before it happened for real. The amount of time they had left was adequate to allow them to tame the black dog. After that, they could concentrate on contending with the disaster of books.

The individual encased by the Five Elemental Heaven Extinguishing Formation was a youth in his twenties. He had a rather dark face and an average build. He was the type of person that was indistinguishable from the rest of the crowd. Moreover, there were more than 20,000 people at the scene, and the influences were complicated and intermingled. To all the challengers, everyone else was a stranger except for the companions whom they were familiar with. Hence, no one had noticed the black dog hiding among them.

You have won! The youth opened his pair of emerald eyes and flashed a smile to compliment Su Yu.

Han Fei looked cold and detached. Without saying another sentence, she raised her hand and an incredulously colossal Sun befell on top of the youth. This black Sun was capable was delivering the youth to the demonic dimension, and would let him be torn apart by the people of the demonic dimension.

However, the youth changed his attitude. However, this is only the beginning between us! Youre called Su Yuxian right? Hehe, the game between us has just begun. Enjoy it all you can!

Su Yu frowned, realizing a threat was imminent. Did the black dog still have some tricks up its sleeve?

Youre counting on the time before the disaster of books kicks in to tame me, arent you? But what if you dont have the time? The youth smiled mysteriously.

Su Yus heart skipped a beat. Youre An idea suddenly came into his head.

Thats right! Im the story master of the martial tower, but, Im also the yard master! The yard master of the martial yard!! The youth revealed his ground-shaking alternate identity.

Each of the five great yards had their respective yard masters, whom ordinary people wouldnt get a chance to meet. Nonetheless, the black dog turned out to be a yard master!

As the yard masters, each of us possesses a masterstroke, and my masterstroke is the most unique of all. Its similar to that of the flower yard master, but overrides hers. The youth was smiling calmly.

Su Yus heart thumped wildly. The flower yard master was allocated in the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl by Su Yu. Her masterstroke was very simple: she had the ability to make the disaster of flowers begin earlier than scheduled. She brought the disaster of flowers, that was supposed to arrive after seven days, forward by a day, inflicting great fatality upon the people of the Heavens Craftsmen Region.

As the martial yard master, what was this youths ability?

My masterstroke is to control all disasters!! The youth flashed a small smile, which had hints of mocking in it. Just enjoy it the best you can, I look forward to your upcoming performance if you can survive! Hahahahaha!


All of a sudden, three types of intangible vibrations spread across the entire Wonderland. Among them were vibrations from the book yard and the martial yard. More importantly, even the vibrations from the beast yard, which was half a month away, arrived as well! Su Yu took in a sharp, cold breath. This was the black dogs masterstroke as the yard master of the martial yard: he could control all disasters!

Three types of wave patterns stirred in everyones heart all at once. Furthermore, they were triggered off instantly, without even a moment of stagnation. The disaster of books, which was only supposed to break out in full force some time later, broke out in an instant.

A virtual shadow materialized in front of Su Yu out of nowhere, staring coldly at him. The same happened to everyone else. All of them were faced with a virtual shadow visible only to themselves which was confronting them.

Han Fei was no exception. With her ongoing cultivation technique disrupted, the youth chuckled, shook his sleeve, and turned to leave. Before stepping out of the martial tower, he said tauntingly, Enjoy! Hahaha


All eight entrances of the martial tower opened at the same time. They did not close behind him. Closing them no longer served the purpose of stopping the challengers escaping. Instead, if the doors closed, it would become some sort of shield that kept the disasters from the challengers. Hence, the entrances might as well be left open to welcome in the disasters, which were about to devastate the challengers.

The black dog hadnt initially wanted to take such a course of action because there were 20,000 more challengers besides them. But it was forced into a despairing predicament by Su Yu, and it had no choice but to resort to such means.

Huang Ze? Su Yu stared at the virtual shadow of a stranger before his eyes.

The shadow nodded. I am Huang Ze, the character in the Book of Life which you have read.

When Su Yu first entered the book yard, he had opened and read the Book of Life transformed by Huang Ze without even thinking about it. The book had recorded his entire life in so much depth that even the piles on his buttocks were delineated in detail.

Come on! If you destroy me, you are freed from the disaster of books. If you fail, however, you will replace me and become the new Book of Life, Huang Ze said. With a flip of his hand, he drew a knife.

Su Yu rubbed his chin and did not spring into action right away. May I ask you two questions?

Huang Ze thought for a moment as he kept hold of the knife. You may! I can answer them as long as its something I knew while I was alive. But you only get to ask two questions. After I answer them, the fight has to start, and you dont get to delay it anymore.

First question, what if I havent read one of the Books of Life I have obtained yet? Su Yu caressed his space ring. He hadnt had time to read the Book of Yang of Mo Jidao.

Luckily, Huang Ze had an answer to that. After you pull through the disaster of books, the unread Book of Life will disappear on its own. Even the stone-rubbed version will be no exception!

Su Yu nodded as he listened. Okay, I understand now.

Second question, for individuals like them who have only seen a corner of a paper from your Book of Life, how powerful will the virtual shadow of the disaster that they encounter be?

My power has nothing to do with the amount of content of the book read. Even if they have only seen a word, I will appear with full capacity! The only difference is that, the lesser they have read, the shorter the time I will be present for!

For people like you who have read the whole book, I will continue to exist until you have obliterated me! But for those who have only read a word like them, my time of existence will be no more than one breath, perhaps I wont even get to strike in time.

So thats how it works! Su Yu nodded.

In that case, let the fight begin! Huang Zes eyes grew stern. The knife in his hand turned into a shooting star and moved towards Su Yu.

Unhurriedly, Su Yu took out several round pearls, encasing the shooting star. It was rendered completely immobile.

Before his demise, Huang Ze had been an eighth-grade Almighty. Many people considered him to be very talented, but he was no match for Su Yu. A mere Meteor Light Stream Formation was enough to oppress him.

Huang Ze heaved a sigh. I never expected you to be this great! Ive lost. You may destroy me!

My apologies, you may take a nap first. Su Yu slammed his palm on his head and knocked him out cold before tossing him into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Huang Ze was nonplussed. Hold on, why dont you destroy me? I dont want to nap! I dont like it! Quick, let me out, quick!

The mellifluous, earth-shattering cries reverberated within the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, continuous and never-ending.

Su Yu clapped his hands and, one by one, the rest of them awoke from the disaster of books. Most of the other challengers hadnt even seen Huang Ze clearly before he had receded on his own because the time was up.

The crisis is resolved! Its lucky we have Junior Brother Su. Several young senior sisters fluttered their eyelashes and gathered around Su Yu.

After the series of incidents, Su Yus image in the eyes of the inner sanctum elites had undergone a drastic change. This was particularly due to their battles against Su Yu while he was the story master. His inexplicable strength crumbled the pride of the inner sanctum elites and made them eat the humble pie.

After that, he fought the mysterious antagonist in the dark with his endless wits and impressive intelligence. It had been a bumpy ride, and all of them could not help but worship him!

Even Han Fei, who was a starry sky elite, was only serving as a helper and providing aid from the side, while Su Yu played the core role.

A crisp voice chided them. Dont you have anything else to do? The martial disaster is here! Go and get prepared!.

The senior sisters turned to look at the speaker and quickly looked unimpressed.

Humph, whats she showing off for? She only had an advantage because she was nearer!

Exactly, I heard that she announced the marriage proposal on her own, and that was how she took possession of Junior Brother Su. How cheap!

Whats there to worry? The marriage proposal hasnt been approved by her parents. Junior Brother Su is a young, delicate She is like a mature old cabbage, and we still stand a chance of getting a bite.

What right does Bing Wuxin have to occupy the toilet without sh*tting? Us female elites of the inner sanctum will not bow to her!

Of course, these words were exchanged through telepathy with Vital Energy. They did not have the guts to say them brazenly.

Your disaster of books hasnt ended? Bing Wuxins status as Su Yus fiance allowed her to get rid of the senior sisters with the ulterior motives.

Su Yu pointed at the black book above his head which was still flickering, signifying that the disaster of books was still in progress. Almost done.

Okay. Were fortunate to have you this time. You saved us from the peril. Despite the look of indifference on Bing Wuxins face, there were ripples in her eyes. Who didnt wish their man would become more outstanding day by day?

But Su Yu shook his head. Were far from being safe! The vibrations of the martial disaster are getting more and more intense! Start preparing right away. Each disaster will be stronger the previous, and the danger of the martial disaster is not to be slighted.

After sitting down opposite Bing Wuxin with crossed legs and taking a brief respite, Su Yu sensed the advent of the martial disaster! All of a sudden, the world seemed to pause for a while and tranquillity returned.

The vibrations of the martial disaster subsided on their own.

Whats going on? Wheres the martial disaster? Beside him, Bing Wuxin was looking around in bafflement.

Not only her, but every other challenger who was prepared for the martial disaster was in shock. They engaged in heated discussions.

According to the rules, the time of disappearance of the vibrations will be the official onset of the disaster. Why are the surroundings unchanged?

Yes, is the martial disaster distinguished in any way?

Many people were speechless. They were bewildered by the fact that the mythical devastating martial disaster had vanished by itself.

Based on past records, the martial disaster could wipe out nearly 40 percent of the challengers. It was a disaster with a remarkable impact.

Did the martial disaster end before it could even begin because of the previous unforeseen events? After some discussions, many challengers came to the same seemingly logical conclusion.

Only a small minority of them raised their guard, becoming even more alert. To destroy them, the black dog had called upon three consecutive disasters. How could the martial disaster subside just like that without inflicting any damage? They must have overlooked something!

Su Yu sank into deep thoughts. Suddenly, he seemed to have realized something, and his heart missed a beat.

Is it because Su Yu lifted his gaze. And as he scanned all the challengers at the scene, an incredulous surmise formed in his mind.